Grains of Sand


That area is the only one that hurts when it's waxed. So when I jumped a couple of times as Carlos asked if I was all right.

"It's just that it's a little tender, that's all," I told him as he continued. He had almost finished when he asked if I wanted my bikini area waxed? Wendy always did it, but I wasn't too sure.

"Sure go ahead, but be gentle," I told him.

The hot wax felt great but he wasn't pulling the skin tight enough before ripping the hair off.

"Here let me help you pull it tight," I said as I pulled my pussy lips to one side or the other.

After ten more minutes he was done and started putting on the lotion and getting off the extra wax. The lotion went everywhere and I do mean everywhere. Carlos was rubbing my inner thighs and would reach up under my thong to rub lotion onto my outer lips and slipping every once in a while to my inside ones as well. When he touch my clit I jumped the first time but the second and third time I just looked at him.

"I need to make sure I got all the hairs," Carlos said as he inspected first my lower legs before moving up. He would pluck a hair or two but basically he'd done a great job. When he got to my bikini area he said that there were still a lot of hairs left.

"Lisa just slip your thong to one side so I can get the stragglers."

He did both sides again with his face about three inches from my crotch. I could hear him breathing hard as he did his final inspection and started in again with the lotion.

The next time he touched my clit I looked at him and spread my legs a little wider, giving him the full view.

"Maybe Carlos we can work out a deal on payment?' I said now playing with my own clit.

As I said, I thought he was gay, how in the hell did I know he wasn't. I thought if I just gave him a little show he'd knock off a few bucks. It surprised the hell out of me when he went over and locked the door.

"I think we can work out some type of arrangement," he said removing his shorts.

He wasn't long but was thick. He was rubbing lotion all over his dick as he walked in between my legs.

"Now let's see if we can work something in," Carlos said as he started rubbing lotion over my pussy and fingering me with two fingers. "Going to have to open you up a lot more than this if you're going to take my meat," he said as he put in an additional finger.

"I thought you were gay?" I exclaimed.

"You and everyone else. How many women do you think would let a straight guy wax their pussy? Not many," he said now breathing a bit harder as he noticed I'd started stroking him. Your husband can't be too large or you haven't been fuck lately," he said, as he now was finger fucking me with four fingers. You're just about ready he said as he put the head against my opening and pushed in.

"Oh God," I cried out as I held my hand over my mouth. "Go slow or you'll rip me in half."

"The first time is always the hardest. You'll get use to it after a while," he told me as he buried his dick completely into my pussy.

I hung on for dear life as he slammed into me over and over again. I'd never been so full and stretched as I started to climax. It was fucking wonderful but far from over as Carlos flipped me over in his chair.

"I like it from behind, this way I can go as deep as I want without your legs getting in the way," he told me as her moved me around.

We fucked for the next fifteen minutes before I climaxed again and Carlos shot his seed deep inside of me.

"Shit," I said trying to cleanup with a little wet rag. "How much did you drop inside me," I said as it continued to ooze out.

"It's been a couple of weeks, so it was a couple of loads. Sorry," he said putting on his pants. Same time next month?" he inquired as he looked at his schedule book.

"Of course," I replied. This way I get a free waxing and a little of what I'm not getting at home," she said/typed in with a ha ha. "If Rick and his little dick could just see me now," she finished with.

"I'll tell Wendy I'll be doing you from now on."

We both looked at each other and laughed out loud at what Carlos had said.


My heart was still beating but my hard on was long gone. "This is a joke right?" I said to myself. "She's just fanaticizing along with everyone else," I said closing my computer down. "That's it, it has to be. Lisa would never do anything like that. Hell, after eight years, I'd know. Wouldn't I?"

That night I wanted to confront her and get it out into the open. I walked in and she just threw her arms around me and gave me a huge kiss.

"I missed you so much today," she said kissing me. "I even made your favorite for dinner. Maybe later, after the kids are in bed, we can play a little," she said licking my bottom lips. "Now keep the kids busy so I can finish dinner, that is if you want dessert tonight?"

I played with kids outside until dinner was ready. We all washed up, had an excellent meal and watched movies until bedtime. I helped give them baths and then helped cleanup the bathroom after our water fight.

The lovemaking and I do mean lovemaking was as good as it had ever been. We both got our fill as we fell asleep in each other's arms.

However, I did plug in my computer again just to see if she went on the chat line again tonight. But after that session, she'd probably sleep like a baby through the night. I did anyway.

I got up at my normal time, showered and even helped get the kids ready for school. I kissed my wife goodbye and drove to work knowing everything I'd seen the day before was bullshit.

I was in a great mood all morning. I got a ton of work done and was almost caught up for the week when lunchtime hit. I usually eat at my desk and today was no exception.

Just for kicks I booted up my laptop, signed on and logged into Lisa's computer. She didn't sign on last night, but she was on right now. There were about four people chatting away as I ate my sandwich, drank my coffee and watched everyone ramble on.

CSS22 told everyone about how she'd cheated on her husband before she went home two nights ago. That her new lover had fucked her ragged but was a bit larger than her husband.

"I make sure I check the size first. It takes me about five days to get back to normal after having a really big one because that's the surest way to get caught. Hell, what are you going to say when your husband can't feel the walls of your cunt?" she told everyone logged on the site. "Honey it was just a cucumber. Like he'd believe that," she told everyone.

"Try an ice bath," my wife piped in. "It maybe a little cold but after ten minutes your pussy will shrink almost back to normal. I can guarantee you it works. I've taken some long and thick ones that would have made a horse jealous and after a ice bath or two, presto I'm a virgin again," she wrote.

The more I read, the more doubts I began to have. This was way beyond the fantasies of a bored, married, white woman, as she sometimes called herself. I wasn't sure about anything anymore.

For the next two weeks I plugged in my computer every night and got more than one surprise when I'd review what she or her other buddies had written the previous night.

If I believed what she wrote, she was fucking our neighbor Rob, two doors down, when I went out of town on seminars and an out of town salesman from her work once a month along with the husband of a friend of hers who had an open marriage. All in all, in two weeks she'd laid claim to have fucked at least five guys including Carlos in the last two months.

I started pulling back from her. Hell, I couldn't stand the thought of her even touching me anymore. The final straw was on Monday morning.

I didn't even want to crank up my computer any more. It seemed to be getting worse by the day. Hammer was logged on along with Mark and two other handles, I couldn't tell if they were men or women.

"I was so wicked this weekend, I don't think I can even stand myself," my wife Lisa wrote. "I went to my waxing this last Saturday and ending up getting another Carlos special. We were shooting the shit afterwards when he asked if I'd ever brought my husband home a cream pie."

"No way I'd ever do that to my husband," she told the group. "Besides he'd know something was different and then what the hell would I do?" she tried to explain.

"Not a whole one," Carlos told her. "Just a little taste. You know, just the essence. I'm told that there's no greater turn on for a woman to know that her husband is lapping up what was left behind from one of her lovers," he told me.

I lost it all. Sandwich, coffee and the donut I had this morning. You see, when she came home from her waxing Saturday she had to show me what a good job they'd done. One thing led to another and we ended up screwing in bed, not before I'd gone down on her for about twenty minutes.

"The bitch, the fucking bitch," I yelled out before realizing where I was. "I'd been so horny that I couldn't tell you if she was even on the rag. I just got her off twice and then laid the meat to her. We didn't make love, we fucked."

"I tried to remember if she was any looser but like I said, I just couldn't remember. But that was the last straw. No more," I said to myself.

I know what you're thinking. Did I talk to her or even confront her? Nope. I got macho stupid and did what a lot of other idiots before me have done; I contacted a lawyer and started the paperwork.

We'd probably end up selling the house and splitting everything else down the middle. I'd never get custody of the kids so I resolved myself to get the best deal I could. I just wanted to get as far away from that bitch Lisa as I could.

The only thing I wanted before I left was a little revenge. I wasn't going to hurt her, but I wanted something that had been denied me all these years. Her round tight ass.

Saturday night, after the kids had gone to sleep, I brought out a couple of bottles of my wife's favorite wine. I didn't care if she was sober or drunk; her ass would be mine tonight.

After she was totally drunk I told her I'd give her a good back rub with massage oil. She slurred something back to me as I undressed her and laid her on the bed.

I soaked her and my dick with oil. I dripped it down the crack of her ass and fingered both her pussy and ass. I had two fingers in each hole, as I made sure she was well lubed up.

I started with her pussy first as I rammed my dick in as fast and as hard as I could which took her by surprise. I lifted her ass off the bed as I pounded her pussy for all it was worth. It was then that I realized that I'd better take her ass now or I'd have nothing left.

"I put the head of my cock at her anal opening and with my thumb I pushed in. When the head pushed through the anal ring I started shagging her virgin ass.

"I should have done this a long time ago," I said to myself as I gave her everything I had. I was far from being well endowed. I was five and a half inches stiff and my dick fit perfectly into her rectum.

I then started to wonder if any of the other guys had had her ass. She had mentioned that Rob had reamed her and used a finger or two, but never really mentioned about any real ass play.

Lisa was now more than a little vocal as she told me to slow down a little and to play with her clit.

"Don't worry, I'm almost done," I told her as I continued fucking her with a vengeance.

I felt my first load shoot out like a bullet out of a gun. The next two weren't quite as intense, but they felt just as wonderful as I continued to bang away.

"Ass fucking would be high on my list from now," I said to myself as I started to shrink and finally fall out of her ass. I let Lisa fall forward onto her pillows.

"She was so drunk that she probably doesn't realize what just happened to her, but she will in the morning," I smiled to myself as I went to the bathroom and cleaned off my dick. I had considered shoving it into her mouth but thought better of it. That would be too low even for a cheating slut.

Lisa had already passed out and was dead to the world by the time I got back. I threw a cover over her and went to sleep without plugging in my laptop for the first time in almost three months. I slept through the night like a baby.

I made sure I was gone before she got out of bed. I felt a little bad for what I'd done the previous night but those thoughts only lasted a few minutes as I remembered why I'd done it.

"Did you get me drunk and fuck my ass last night?" Lisa yelled at me as I walked through the door after work.

"Yeah, so?" I replied.

"My ass hurt like a son of a bitch all day. I had to sit on a pillow at my desk," she shouted back at me."

What was the phrase she'd written when Carlos had taken her with his big cock?

"Don't worry babes, you'll get use to it," I told her with a smile grabbing a beer from the refrigerator.

"The hell I will," she spit back at me. "I hope you enjoyed it, because that's the last time you're ever getting in there," she said stomping out of the room.

"Want to bet?" I said quietly to myself.

Lisa was on the rag through dinner and when we went to bed that night. I tried to get a little but she said it would be a cold day in hell before I got anything from her as she turned her back on me in bed.

Was I pissed? Yes. But I had expected it the way it had gone with us over the last month, but I did want to fuck her one more time, for old times sake. I was still planning on playing my trump card tomorrow morning regardless.

I grabbed my laptop and headed out the next morning just after 6:30. I got to work, grabbed a cup of coffee and turned on my computer.

"This was the last time I'm going to have to worry about what Lisa writes at night any more," I said to myself.

It was the normal shit as always. Lisa wrote that her husband had gotten her drunk and had fucked her in the ass.

"If he wasn't so small, I might have enjoyed it," she wrote for the entire world to see.

Lisa was on line when the man handed her the envelope and told her she'd been served. She tried to call me at work but was told I'd taken the day off. I had a dozen messages on my phone but I'd turned it off fully knowing she'd now want to talk to me.

The little note I'd attached with the paperwork said it all.

Dear Slutpuppy

If you were so damn unhappy being married to me why

the hell didn't you just tell me so I could have left. I just hope all the extra cock you got was worth it. Say hi to Carlos, Mark, Hammer, CSS22 and the rest of the gang. By the time you read this, I'll be explaining to Rob's wife what a bunch of cheats we both married. I'll get the rest of my clothes later this week and tell the kids I'll call them tomorrow.

Your small dicked soon to be ex-husband

"Oh fuck!" is all Lisa could say as she read the note and looked at all the attached paperwork.

At that very moment I was showing Fran, Lisa's story about how she and Rob had snuck up stairs to the bathroom to fuck at the last BBQ. She went into such detail that even though it turned my stomach, I still got a bit hard.

"That bastard, I never even saw it coming," Fran shouted. "Wait until that son of a bitch comes home tonight, he's dead meat. What are you doing with Lisa?" Fran asked.

"She was served this morning, and I'm going home right now to pack a few things," I replied. "I'm sorry I had to be the one to tell you, but I thought you'd want to know," I said giving her a hug before I left.

I had packed enough clothes for the week and was just about ready to leave the house Lisa pulled in the driveway.

"Shit." I wasn't ready to face her right now. "Oh well, I guess now's as good a time as any," I said dropping my bags.

"Rick, it's not what you think," she yelled as she ran through the door. "Just please tell me you haven't talked to Fran yet?" she asked hoping she'd be in time.

"Told her fifteen minutes ago," I replied.

"Come with me," Lisa said as she ran out the door heading over to Rob and Fran's house.

"Fran will eat her alive," I said to myself as I jogged trying to catch up to her.

Lisa had already rung the bell by the time I hit the driveway. Fran's first reaction was to haul off and slap Lisa across the face. Lisa got up and started to tell Fran that Rob and her had done nothing. It had all been a stupid story she'd written.

"Look at my description of Rob, is it correct?" she asked.

Fran started to read what Rick had given to her and a smile came over her face.

"I wish," is all she said. "Sorry about the slap, you want any ice?"

"No. I just wanted to make sure I got to you before Rob got home."

"I'm glad you did. I was going to take his head off at the neck but now I just might do something else with his eight inch throbbing member," she said with a laugh.

"We'll talk later. Just make sure Rob doesn't see it. Ok?"

"Not a chance," Fran told her.

"Home. Now!" Lisa said grabbing my hand.

Confused yes. Pissed off yes. But I'd let her have her say.

"How long have you been spying on me?" she shouted as we walked through the front door.

"A couple of months. What does that have to do with anything?" I asked.

"Plenty! How did you get my password and handle?" she asked.

"A computer geek from work helped me. Why do you care what I think anyway?" I asked. "You're getting enough cock without worrying about my little one," I said sarcastically.

"I guess I deserved that shot, but not the rest of it. Rick I'm not fucking anyone! Do you hear me? No one!" she shouted at me.

"I guess I was wrong about Rob, but how about everyone else?"

"Listen to me Rick. It was just my fantasies. That's all. I'm not cheating on you. You have to believe me," she said in an angry tone. "We're going to have a rough enough time with you invading my privacy without you thinking that I'm sleeping with every Tom, Dick and Harry." She told me with her hands on her hip.

"Lisa, I don't know what to believe anymore. I thought I knew you but I guess I don't. Even if they were fantasies, which I'm not sure I believe just yet, there is a lot of underlying issues in them I didn't care for,"

"Rick, you don't understand."

"Lisa, but I think I do. I know I'm not hung but I thought I always got the job done until lately. I know you like when I give you oral sex, but lately that's all you've really wanted from me. You've written about big cocks so much lately and in such great detail, I don't know if I can believe you when you tell me it was all a fantasy of yours," I told a stunned Lisa.

"The way you described being stretched and all the feelings you were having at the time, I'm sorry I just don't buy it. So Lisa, do I believe you? Not really. What will it take for me to believe you? I haven't a clue. But for now, I just want to get the hell away from you so I can think about what I want to do next."

With that I left.

I stayed at a Holiday Inn close to where I worked and had a quiet meal in my room. I was going to get plowed but thought, "What the hell would that get me." I was angry, confused and most of all, I wanted answers.

"She didn't cry, say she was sorry or even ask me not to go," I said to myself as I thought back to our brief meeting earlier today. She was more concerned about me invading her privacy than anything else. As I said, I guess I didn't know her as well as I thought.

Thank God work was busy Thursday. It was month end and everything had to be updated by days end. I had just finished my last stack of invoices when Lisa e-mailed me.

"Are you done sulking like a little boy and coming home tonight?"

"Sulking. Little boy. Lisa sure had a funny way of apologizing," I said reading on.

"If not, please let me know so I can send your clothes to where ever you're at."

"She really is a cold hearted bitch isn't she," I said not believing what she had written.

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