tagIncest/TabooGrandma Gloria Ch. 05

Grandma Gloria Ch. 05


Sunday Morning.

I came to in Gloria's bed at 10.30am. I'd had roughly 4 hours sleep. Gloria was nowhere to be found. I didn't wonder about her disappearance for long though. The smell of cooking bacon wafted up to the bedroom bringing my senses to life. With hunger over taking any thought of what had transpired the night before, I slipped out of Gloria's bed and bunging some shorts on, made my way downstairs.

Gloria had her back to me as she stood in front of the cooker. Spatula in one hand, frying pan in the other. I walked up behind her and slipped my left arm around her waist, whilst my right slipped under her short black robe. She was of course knickerless. As I wormed a finger into her wet pussy and nuzzled her neck she opened her legs and laid her head back. I reached out and switched the cooker off. Pulling her gently away I made my way to the counter. Pushing her forward, I pulled her robe up over her glorious arse. Dropping to my knees I spread her cheeks apart until I could see her most private hole. I felt her tremble as I inserted my tongue and juice escaped onto her inner thigh. I teased her with my tongue as I pushed, one and then two fingers into her sodden cunt. I was erect again. I stood and freeing my erection, I prodded her pussy lips.

"Christ. You want to fuck again. Be careful you might wear me out." she giggled.

Gloria reached behind and grasped my prick. Two short strokes and she pulled me into her.

"Be nasty Bobby.................. Just fuck me hard." she groaned.

And I did. Pulling out and pushing in as hard as I could. Well.... Maybe not that hard. In the back of my mind was still the fact that she was 61 and wouldn't be able to take my on full steam. It didn't take long though, with the moans and wet slurping noises coming from Gloria before I was cumming. Gloria reached down between her legs and squeezed my balls as I shot into her. A few minutes passed before she stood straight, turned around and took my now flaccid cock in her hands. She stroked and teased it until it started to twitch.

"Oh no you don't. I'm in the middle of breakfast. You must be starving. I know I am. Besides, have you forgotten the girls are coming. They'll be here in a couple of hours. And I've still got to tidy up and shower and everything yet."

"No, I hadn't forgotten. And yes, your right. I'm really starving."

30 minutes later, breakfast was over. Gloria went to shower whilst I washed up. I thought about going up to her room. Even if I could just watch her soap up her massive mammeries, I would be satisfied. Not that I wasn't any way. Just one of those things, the more you get, the more you want.

1½ hours later, we both sat down out on the patio, by the pool. Sandra & Mable were due any second and I was looking forward to a lazy afternoon. I'd cleaned the barbeque and got rid of the burnt steaks from yesterday and the charcoals were by the side ready to go in.

Gloria sat to the right of me and look gorgeous in a lime green chiffon blouse which just about covered her braless tits. I could barely keep her eyes of her erotic nipples. With lime green bikini bottoms and strappy heeled sandals, she looked the part. Me, I'm in my usual vest and t-shirt. I got up to pour us a drink. Whiskey and coke for her and a bud for myself. I'd just sat down when the door bell rang.

"Stay there love. I'll get it. Oh, and Bobby, I probably don't need to say this, but don't mention having watched the DVD. If they don't mind I'll expect they'll tell me to put one when they've had a drink. So, mums the word. Or should I say Grandmother's the word."

"Very good Gloria. Don't worry. I wont say a word. You better get the door, sounds like their getting impatient" he replied as the bell went for a third time. He watched her walk across the patio and into the house. I really was taken by her sexuality. Even the way she moved sent my pulse racing. As I sat there, on my own waiting, I could hear the three woman talking and giggling in the house. I wondered what they could be talking about. I was starting to feel self conscious when the door opened and the three of them walked out. It's strange how I used to think that the sexiest girls on earth used to be all around my own age, but as I looked at the women walking towards me, I knew I'd been wrong. These three knew what they were about. My eyes quickly went from one to the other, scanning them all. Sandra wore the tightest t-shirt she could have got on, with no bra, high cut denim shorts and white stiletto sandals. Mable was also braless, with a white blouse that was tied underneath her big tits. She like Gloria wore bikini bottoms, but black, she also wore heels. Three of the best pairs of legs I'd set eyes on. I could feel my cock move around in my shorts.

Gloria stood before me and taking my hand pulled me out of my chair and re-introduced me to them both. I said my 'hello's' and asked if I could get them both a drink as me and Gloria had already started. Tia Maria for Sandra and Vodka and coke for Mable. I went of into the house to fetch them. I watched through the kitchen window as they moved the sun-loungers around. It seemed as if all the loungers were put in a circle. But all pointing to the empty one, which was mine. I groaned to myself. I didn't have a clue how I was supposed to remain calm with all this tit and leg flesh that was being exposed to me. But what choice did I have. I wasn't going to run away. So taking deep breaths, I went back outside. I placed their drinks in front of them and quickly sat down.

"So tell me Bobby, how long are you here for." asked Sandra.

"About four months at the moment. Depends on how the work goes on. Could be longer. It normally works that way. Sometimes these contract go on a bit longer than they should." I replied.

As I finished talking to Sandra, I turned to Mable and I noticed that she'd undone two buttons on her blouse. So now, not only could I see her hard nipples through the material, I could see so much cleavage it seemed to be a waste of time her even wearing it. I looked around at all of them and felt as if I was being set up. I wasn't sure, but something told me that they were going to have me no matter what. Because I wasn't sure, I didn't know how to proceed. If they'd have walked in and said, "Bob, Gloria's told us about the nasty sex you two have had and we want some of the same." I'd of known where I stood, but nothing I've found in life is that simple. I had no choice but to play their game. To be fair, Gloria hadn't done anything yet. She just sat there looking good. They all looked good, but I suppose I was a bit biased as we'd fucked. A lot.

"Bobby, it's so hot out here, would you mind if us girls went topless. It seems such a waste of this glorious sunshine to be wearing clothes." Mable asked.

My mouth went instantly dry and then watered. I swallowed, twice before I answered.

"O..o..o of course. don't mind me." I said as I picked up my sun glasses to hide behind. I leant back and got comfortable a I watched Sandra and Mable slip out of their tops. What a sight to behold. Two pairs of magnificent breasts were before my eyes. I'm sure they knew I was watching. No. not watching, I was staring.

"I really don't think that you should be teasing Bobby like this, you'll get him in an awful state. It's not fair on him." responded Gloria. Although I did notice she was shifting around in her chair quite a lot.

"Don't be a spoil sort Gloria. Come on. Take of that blouse. Bobby doesn't mind, do you Bobby." gave Sandra.

"No, honest Gloria, I really don't mind." I replied, full of sincerity.

Gloria gave me a knowing smile and slipped of her blouse. What a sexy sight. Three pairs of huge breasts were right in front of me. Mable had been watching me closely, and didn't fail the growing erection in my shorts.

"Oh look girls. Bobby's getting a little stiffie."

Before Gloria could stop herself, she came to my defence.

"It's definitely not little. I.........I... mean, I shouldn't think its little." she quickly amended. Too late. Mable jumped straight in.

"I knew it. that's why you were in such a hurry to come home last night. You wanted to fuck your own grandson, didn't you? Don't you lie to us Gloria. We know what a horny bitch you can be. So come on spit it out."

"Too late for that. If I know her, she swallowed the lot." said Sandra.

By now I'm a deep cherry red. I sat there not knowing what to say or do. I looked to Gloria, but she looked every where but at me.

"Their silence speaks louder than any words, don't you think Sandra."

"Your telling me. Well if it's alright for her to get some. I'm bloody having some too."

With that she stood up and walked towards me. With my knees bent you couldn't really see anything, but it was obvious why I was sat in that position. She grabbed a hold of my ankles and pulled them down.

"Wow........ Mable. Look at the size of this package."

Mable was quick to her feet and reached us as Sandra touched the large lump in my shorts. I watched as long red painted nails ran along my stiff cock.

"Mmmmmmmm, get it out Sandra. Let's have a look at him."

Mable's tits were inches from my face. I was mesmerised by her solid nipples pointing right me. A quick glance in Gloria's direction saw her caressing her pussy through her bikini bottoms. This, I assumed, must have been one of her ultimate turn-ons. Not only had she screwed the cock they were releasing, but she'd also sucked both pussy's that I was pretty sure I was going to be fucking any minute now.

Sandra held my throbbing cock in her slender fingers, gently squeezing. Mable was breathing heavily and was gently running her nails up my torso. I couldn't believe how horny I was, especially after yesterday and this morning.

"Come on Gloria. We don't mind sharing with you. We're pretty sure he's seen as much of you as we have. Stop playing with you own pussy and get over here and let Bobby do it."

Gloria stood up, took her blouse off and came towards us. I was so excited. Pre-cum steadily oozed out of me, running over Sandra's slow pumping fist.

"Move over Baby, I want a good taste of him." Mable said as she nudged Sandra away.

Before I knew it, my solid tool was hitting the back of her throat. Drool escaped the side of her mouth and dripped onto my balls. Her left hand stroked my balls.

"Mmmmm, what a lovely.... Stiff.......prick... Gloria, your so selfish. Try to keep this beautiful cock all to yourself" she continued to give me head only bested by Gloria. "Christ ladies. This is driving me fucking nuts." I panted. And it was. Mable's head was going up and down and felt like she was trying to suck the cum straight out of my sac. Sandra was running her nails over my thighs and fingering Gloria with the other hand. Gloria had bent over me and her massive breasts were pushed into my face.

"Christ Mable, save some for the rest of us." Sandra complained. Gloria leant over and kissed Sandra. I watched as their tongues did a little dance outside of their mouths before they really started sucking face. This was about all I needed, I started bucking my hips wildly.

"Girls, I think he's about to spurt." Mable mouthed as she pulled her head off my cock, squeezing the base tightly so that I couldn't cum. I raised my head to find all the women crowded around my desperately needing to cum cock.

"Not like this" I panted. "Get on the floor and put you heads together. I want to make sure you all get some."

This of course had nothing to do with that. It was just my own perverse gratification. I wanted to see these three older ladies covered in my spunk. They were quick to move and get down on the grass. I went over and stood amongst them. They all started stroking my legs, caressing me.

"Cum for us baby....... Give us all your juice." I cant tell you who said that, my eyes were tightly shut and my right hand was pumping for all it worth.

"Get ready girls, here it comes." I felt my sac go haywire and then tight, my cock grew in my hand and jism flew out of me and straight into Mable's mouth. This was quickly followed by the next one which landed on Sandra's chin. I moved slightly and crouched down. I wanted to make sure Gloria had more than her fair share. Her eyes were open as she watched me painfully bend my cock into her mouth and let the third spurt, which by now had become more of a dribble, into her moth. Her hand came up and squeezed my shrinking ball bag, trying to milk as much as she could out of me. She "Hmmmmm and Ahhhhed" as she swallowed and it was an exciting thing to watch. All three were licking my cum from each others faces and swallowing.

"Come on. Lets get inside. I don't know about you two, but I want some of that cock inside me. I hope you've got a good deal left." Sandra said as she took my hand and practically dragged me towards the door. I could hear Gloria and Mable tottering behind us. She pulled me into the front room and pushed me onto the sofa. She got down between my legs and quickly stuffed my softening cock into her mouth. Gloria and Mable shut the blinds so we would have no surprise visitors. They then came and sat beside me. Their hands were everywhere. Rubbing my thighs and torso like women possessed. Mable sat upright and fed me one of her large nipples which I greedily chewed on. I was at a lost as to how I was supposed to keep three mature women content. This sort of thing didn't happen everyday to me so I wasn't going to kick it into touch. I resolved to do my best.

Sandra was making some disgusting slurping noises as she chew my now stiff cock. Mable and Gloria were talking filthy to me as they nibbled an ear each.

"Mable, take care of this while I slip out of these shorts." breathed Sandra. Gloria lowered her head and kissed me. Her tongue screamed around my mouth, leaving me breathless. Mable wanked my cock as Sandra bent over and lowered her shorts. It was no surprise to find her with no knickers on.

"Out the way Mable, I want him inside me."

As soon as Mable moved, Sandra straddled me and I could feel my thick cock slid into a sopping pussy. There was no gentleness. Sandra wanted fucking and wanted it bad. Her huge breasts were smothering my face as she went crazy on my dick.

I felt something that I'd never experienced before. Someone's tongue was licking around my balls as I screwed Sandra. As Gloria was kissing me, it could only have been Mable. Gloria stood and removed her bikini bottoms. I noticed a bit later on how all three had left their heels on. I came to realise that as mature women, they knew what men liked and how to please them. And because of this they got what they needed. This was sex of what dreams are made of, unlike anything I'd had before yesterday. I knew then I never be content with younger girls my own age.

Sandra came really quickly, hurling a torrent of abuse,

"Oh yes... fucking hell.......... you've a great cock bobby.. Oh yes.. I'm cumming all over your hard thick dick.... Fuck my pussy...... harder..... Aaaaaaaaagggggggghhhhhhhhhh."

Gloria, shocked by what was coming out of Sandra's mouth quickly covered it with her own in a full on tongue fucking kiss. As I watched this it sent me over the edge and I came for the third time that day. I was to cum a few more times yet. Of that I was certain.

I have never been used or in fact abused that much before in my life. Mable had her turn as Gloria and Sandra licked my balls and I did Gloria from behind again on the sofa. I was so spent by the time that they'd finished with me, not only was I firing blanks, I couldn't even rise to the occasion anymore. It felt like it was two days later, but in fact it was 4 hours when Mable and Sandra donned their big coats and made their way home. Thanking me for the use of my young cock and were sorry that they'd spoiled Gloria's fun for the night. I don't think they were sincere though. Nor did Gloria. "Come on honey. I think we could both do with a good long shower and some rest." as she walked towards the stairs. Her naked arse swaying before my eyes.

It was only when we got halfway up the stairs when Gloria stopped and said,

"Christ, we never had the BBQ." laughing, she said "They must have been hungry."

To be continued..........

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