tagIncest/TabooGrandma Gloria Ch. 06

Grandma Gloria Ch. 06


Gloria sat by herself in the kitchen. Bobby had left for work an hour ago. As she sat there sipping on her coffee, she smiled to herself. The past few weeks had been something that had surely passed her wildest expectations. She'd known that she was going to try her best to get her grandson to fuck her. She'd wanted him since she'd seen him at a family function 4 years ago when he'd been 18. He'd looked so gorgeous and hunky. He'd filled out well and was starting to look like the man he was going to be. She remembered even then, she'd felt no shame.

As a young woman, her life had been quite a bit different from what she portrayed now. When it came to sex, she'd been insatiable. She'd had many sexual adventures. Some even now made her toes curl. She'd always been a flirt and tease and enjoyed the looks that men had always sent her way. Her ample breasts ensured that even the most devoted men had always tried to steal glances her way even when they were with their partners. No man had been safe from her ministrations. If she had made her targets cock hard then she'd achieved her goal. It was only when she'd met her future husband Eric that she decided to curb her cravings and settle down. She knew that Eric loved her deeply and attended to her every need except one satisfactory. Her appetite for sex was a lot higher than his had been and at times it had been hard on her. She'd always resisted the temptation to cheat on him. Through everything, he hadn't deserved that. But the urges had never left her body and at times she had found herself so frustrated any number of household appliances had been brought into play. Her sexual appetite seemed to know no bounds. Anything seemed to turn her on. She wasn't sure if that had always been the way or if it was the frustration of being married to Eric that had brought it on. "Poor Eric" she mused, if only he'd been more sexual and of course another inch or two on his cock length, it would have been perfect.

Gloria sat there for a few minutes idly stroking her large nipples when her phone rang. Annoyed that she had to leave the titillation alone she slowly rose to answer it.

"Hello, who's speaking?"

"Hello Gloria, it's Charles, How are you?"

Damn, that's all she needed. Her daughters stuck up husband and Bobby's father on the line.

"Hello Charles, and what do I owe the pleasure?"

"Well, Gloria, I'm going to be in the city all day today and was wondering if it would be ok if I stopped by later to see Bob. He hasn't been home since he started working there and he doesn't call at all. His mother misses him dreadfully and so I wondered if it would be alright if we popped in?"

"Who's we? Is Erica coming with you?"

"No, actually it's James. He's also got stuff to do there today, so we thought we'd travel together. Erica's got some woman's guild meeting otherwise she'd of joined us."

Gloria's interest was peeked.

"Ok, Bobby normally gets in around 5.30pm. But I'm here after 3.30pm today, so come when your available. Look forward to seeing you both.

"Thanks Gloria, Bye."

She replaced the handset and ran her hands over her huge breasts, surprised at how hard her nipples had become. Smiling to herself, her thoughts went back to when Erica had first bought Charles to their home. Eric took to him straight away. His kind of man. Banking and finance was all the pair ever talked about. Gloria's thoughts were much more vivid. She'd found it incredibly hard to remain focused and remember this was her daughters boyfriend. She remembered watching him in the pool, the way his abs were nice and taut, the way they glistened in the water, the way his wet shorts clung to his flaccid cock, which looked to be enormous. She remembered catching him looking at her when he thought she wasn't aware of it. The way his eyes would follow her across the room when ever she stood up. It had become so bad that she'd had to pretend disinterest in him. Her needs were so wanton that she was sorely tempted to seduce him in front of her husband and daughter. Of course, this was a good few years ago now. Since then, they really hadn't had that much to do with each other. Because her and Erica weren't close, it followed that the rest of her family wasn't either. Still, Charles was still a handsome man and thinking about it, so is James. Not quite up to Bobby's standard, but still a good looking man.

Gloria began to wonder if she might somehow be able to turn this to her advantage. There was no denying Bobby had definitely awoken her inhibitions towards her family. Her thoughts went to Charles & James. She'd told them that she would be home by 3.30, she hoped they'd come round not long after. She had all day to prepare herself. Would be interesting to see if she could turn Charles head away from her daughter. Even more if she could do it in front of his son.

Gloria came down the stairs at 3.15pm. She'd taken tremendous care of herself. She'd given herself a real work over. The hair had been done, make-up applied, she looked and smelt delicious. She wore a summer dress meant for someone much younger. Very short and flimsy. She knew that if they looked they wouldn't fail to see that she wasn't wearing a bra and the skimpiest of thong. The thought of maybe being alone with two men made her mature pussy throb and leak juice down her thighs.

Gloria sat at the breakfast bar and painted her long manicured nails a deep red. She had a strange feeling that she wouldn't be waiting long. A gut-feeling told her that her door bell would be ringing in approximately 5 minutes. She couldn't believe how horny she was, especially after all the cock Bobby had given her these past few weeks. She hadn't had as much cock since before she was married.

Sure enough, at the given time, she heard a car pull up the driveway. A quick glance told her it was her son-in-law Charles's Jag. Gloria watched them both exit the car and after locking it, they both made their way towards the door. She liked what she saw, but wasn't sure if that was because they really were hunks or if it was because she was so cock hungry. An imperceptible shrug and quick dismissal, she quickly smoothed her dress over her more than ample bosom , stepped into a pair of white strappy sandals and went to open the door.

" Hello Charles, been a long time. How are you?"

Charles and James both stood at the door open mouthed. Gloria waited patiently for what seemed like 2 minutes, but couldn't of been more then seconds. She smiled to herself, this was going to be easier than she thought. After all, they were men and even at 61 she knew she was still one-hell of a woman. Her eyes flitted between the pair and she took in the looks they were both giving her. Charles as she remembered was still a breast man, while James was drooling over her naked shapely thighs.

"Well come in. You both look like you've been struck dumb. What's wrong with you? Did you forget what I looked like or were you expecting someone else?"

"Oh I'm sorry Gloria" Charles said as both men coughed to try and hide their embarrassment. "I don't know what I expected. I know we haven't seen each other for quite sometime and I suppose I just didn't expect you to look the way you do. And by the way, you look absolutely stunning."

"Why thank you Charles, that's so kind of you. And James how good to see you too. Now come in and we'll have something to drink and wait for Bobby to come home."

"Sounds good to me." replied James as he followed Gloria up the passage into the kitchen. He couldn't take his eyes away from the way her short dress swished to and fro in front of him, sometimes revealing so much thigh he was finding it hard to remember that this was his grandmother. What shocked him most though, was when he'd looked to his father out of guilt, he was actually staring too. They followed her into the kitchen and watched trying to make small talk as she made their coffees.

Charles was absolutely stunned as he watched Gloria move around the room. He was having flash-backs to when he first started dating her daughter Erica. He'd been stunned then too. He remembered then how sensuous she was. How she'd completely overwhelmed him. He remembered how he hadn't been able, for a long time, to have sex with his wife without Gloria coming into his mind. It had taken him a good long time to exorcise her from his dreams.

James sat with his own thoughts. He had never been that close to his Grandmother. That he supposed was down to his mother, but all the same, he'd never seen her like this. He couldn't get the thought of 'if she wasn't my Grandma' out of his head. He lazily scanned her body from the white 3" sandals, up her slim legs, over her surprising flatish stomach, up to her enormous braless breasts. He carried on to her face and was shocked to find her watching him with a small smile across her lovely face. James very quickly blushed and his eyes shot to the floor between them.

"Lets take our coffees into the front room" said Gloria, totally aware that both men were ogling her every move.

"Please take the sofa both of you and tell me what you've been up to."

Whilst Charles and James took their seats, Gloria intentionally sat in a armchair opposite. She crossed her shapely legs and was aware that both men's eyes were drawn to her bare thighs. She was also aware that in the position she was in, James had a pretty clear view of the bottom of her butt cheek.

Charles was doing most of the talking and even while she held his attention, he couldn't stop his eyes wandering to her luscious tits and huge nipples that were almost poking through her flimsy dress.

James was doing his best to remain cool, not very successfully. Gloria wasn't helping. Every so often she would run her long painted nails along the underneath of her thigh, and occasionally opening her legs so that he would get a quick glimpse of her black thong. It hadn't gone unnoticed that James had picked up a news-paper and with the pretence of reading had had to cover an obvious bulge in his jeans. Gloria could feel her pussy becoming really moist as the teasing continued.

"If you'll both excuse me, I'll be back in just a moment.".

Gloria jumped up and made her way to the stairs. She could feel both men's eyes on her body as she walked away from them and as far as they could see as she climbed up them. Her pussy was becoming saturated with her juices. She had no idea what to do next. Closing herself in the bathroom she sat herself down on the toilet and immediately ran her hands up the insides of her thighs. Both forefingers touched her thong which was gradually disappearing inside her fleshy lips. With a gasp she moved her hands away. She needed to think this through.

The fact that she wanted to be doubled was never in any doubt. It was even occurring to her now that if it was timed right and she was able to work it, Bobby would come home and catch them all and the sight might make him join in. The thought of three big hard cocks was nearly enough to send her over the edge. In her younger days Gloria had been doubled many times. The idea that it could be happening again shortly was leaving her breathless.

But how. She didn't think for one minute that Charles and James were some form of sexual deviant father and son double act. She didn't suppose they even spoke about such things as sex, or at least the kind of sex she was hoping to happen. What she was sure of, was that both men were downstairs, sat on her sofa with big hard-ons. She really had no idea of how to continue. The only thing that she could come up with was to carry on as if they were two strangers and see what developed. With that in mind, Gloria hiked up her little dress and pulled her thong down. with a wad of tissue, she dabbed her wet pussy lips.

Gloria made her way back down the stairs, pleased to notice that both men were so totally transfixed watching her walk down, that neither were aware the other was watching.

She sat back down, letting her dress ride right to the top of her thighs, not bothering to attempt to lower it, she started with the small talk again. James still sat with the paper on his lap trying desperately to hide a throbbing cock. Charles, although older and more experienced, was also trying his hardest to meet her eyes while talking and keep them off her huge stiff nipples that were forcing the flimsy material of her dress out. Very slowly, as if she wasn't aware she let her legs open and exposed her neatly trimmed pussy.

James immediately broke out in a sweat across his brow, Charles started to remove his tie. He too was feeling the heat.

"Please... make yourselves more comfortable. It is rather hot in here. I don't like coldness. I always have the heat up high. I have to wear too many clothes. Can I get you something else to drink or eat?"

Without waiting for an answer, Gloria stood and went over to the low coffee table and bent down to lift their cups. As she did, her huge tits swung forward so that both men were able to see more cleavage than they'd ever seen in their lives. She noticed with a smile that both men had bent forward as if to be helpful but Gloria knew what they were doing.

"Would you mind moving that table further into the room so that I can reach it as well from the chair I'm in?"

In the kitchen Gloria put the kettle on and lent against the worktop. Her breathing was becoming ragged. She was so horny. She wanted fucking badly. A part of her thought it might be safer to wait till her and Bobby were alone later. But on the other hand, she really wanted to be abused. Especially by two men. And if it was possible, by three. Her hand crept up under her hem and lightly caressed her dripping pussy. It was no good, she would just have to jump in feet first and be blatant. Coffee made, she placed them on a tray and walked back into the front room.

The first thing she noticed was that they were talking quietly amongst themselves. Which they both stopped doing as soon as her stiletto heels were heard on the parquet flooring. Walking between them and the table, Gloria bent from the waist and slowly put the tray down. She heard a audible gasp as her dress rose up revealing her long legs and moist pussy to both of them. Gloria stayed in that position for a short while, making out she was sorting the cups out.

This was too much for one of them. She felt a hand gently caress her bum cheek and then another one ran slowly up the inside of her thighs. Her pussy immediately let out a bubble of cum which the hand between her legs rubbed into her quim and arse.

Gloria turned round and was pleased to see that both of them were doing the manipulating. James had discarded the paper and she could see his throbbing erection. Charles was sitting right on the edge of the seat so that he was really close and could smell her juicing cunt. She surreptitiously looked at the wall clock noticing that it was 4.45pm. This gave her approximately 45 minutes until Bobby came home. She was sure they'd still be having good dirty sex when he walked in. The rest would be up to him.

Gloria slowly got down on her knees and ran her hands up the thighs of them both, not quite touching either ones hard cock. Looking up into their eyes, she gave a little tremor of excitement and what she assumed to be fear. Both men stared at her like they wanted to devour her. If she wasn't careful she was going to lose control of the situation. She knew what she had to do.

Gloria quickly ran her hands back up their thighs, scraping her long painted nails as she did. Her tongue did an involuntary lick of her lips as she grasped two thick meaty cocks. This was more than a pleasant surprise. She hadn't thought about sizes, but here were two well hung hard cocks that she was more than willing to use. Charles's cock was enormous. It had been a good long time since she'd had one this big. She gave a little tremor. Another look at the clock revealed it was 5.05pm

Gloria scratched Charles's cock head through his trousers and felt it lurch and a wet patch appeared. When she tore away her eyes from it and looked to James's bulge, he already had a wet spot.

The scent from her pussy was strong, even she could smell it. She released both their erections and reaching up pulled the straps down from her dress revealing her glorious orbs to them. That finally brought them out of their stunned enjoyment. As one, they both lunged for a tit each. Gloria knelt between them, head back enjoying them savouring her mammeries. Each chewing a large nipple each. Gloria's hands came up and lifted both giant orbs so that they had easy access to every inch of them. After a short time she was able to leave them to it as they grasped them themselves. Instead she placed her hands behind their heads and pulled them into her.

" That's it, suck on my big tits......... uuummmm............. I know you've always wanted to do this Charles..... I've always wanted you to do it........ Now's your chance............... give Gloria what she wants....... Harder James....... Bite my nipple.............. that's it baby." It was now 5.10pm

Gloria could feel Charles pulling away from her so she took her hand away and he stood, a quick look at his son and began to open his zipper. Gloria pushed her hand inside even before he'd finished pulling it down. Once inside she felt the longest thickest cock she'd had for a long time. Pre-cum was oozing out of the eye and making the whole of his cock sticky. Ripping his belt open with her other hand, she released him.

James had stopped sucking on Gloria's nipple and was watching her manipulate his father's stiff cock. Even he was shocked by the size of his manhood and he was no weenie. The sight of Gloria's slim fingers wrapped around that huge knob caused him to have a mild form of jealousy. He soon had his jeans off and his boxers were soon to follow. Gloria's hand quickly grasped his tool and she pulled both their foreskins back until she bought two purple helmets into view. Both men were so busy watching her fingers they missed her again glancing at the wall clock. It was now 5.20pm.

Gloria stood to remove her dress completely. Soon she was stood before them totally naked except her stiletto heels. Both men gasped as they gazed upon her. Neither could believe how built and perfect she was. This 61 year old woman was sex on legs and both men wanted her as much as they'd wanted any woman in their lives. They both made to get up.

" No!!......... Don't move..... I want to suck your cocks."

Gloria knew that Bobby would be coming through that door any minute now. And she wanted his first sight to be his grandma, on her knees, her naked arse in the air, with his father and brother's cocks in her hands as she suck one of them off. With any luck, once he'd seen that, he would get his own stiff cock out and stuff it into her gaping pussy hole.

Getting back to her knees, she held both cocks at their bases and leaning over she rubbed them with her tits. When they were both covered with pre-cum, she sensuously massaged it in, knowing how much men loved to watch this part. As she watched their cocks twitch, she knew she couldn't wait any longer. They were both going to cum prematurely soon and she didn't want that. Although she had been known in her younger days to cause men a few mishaps in jeans or shorts. Gloria had always loved being a cocktease, but that's another story.

Gloria grasped both cocks, she slowly lowered her head until Charles's helmet touched her lips. Her tongue darted out and she licked off a bubble of pre-cum that she'd squeezed out. She could feel his member throbbing in her hand, her mouth watered as she thought about the next couple of hours. Her lips parted and she engulfed his cock until it hit her throat. Squeezing James gently in her right hand, she bobbed her wet mouth up and down Charles's throbbing member. Both men were totally hooked now, she knew there was no way that they'd be able to pull away when Bobby walked through the door, even if they'd wanted to.

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