tagIncest/TabooGrandma’s Helping Hand

Grandma’s Helping Hand


Erica looked out the window of her house by the beach at the sad teenage girl walking toward it.

"Poor thing," she said. "Hope everything's OK."

The poor thing was Erica's sexy teen granddaughter, Amy, a willowy, beautiful blonde who often visited her grandmother, taking in the beach and carrying on with local boys. Erica, equally beautiful for a woman her age, loved all her grandchildren equally, and was the one they'd turn to during difficult times.

Erica, 65, was the perfect grandmother, always there when needed, the quintessential doting granny, fresh cookies and big hugs always at the ready. She was also drop-dead gorgeous, a stately five-foot-nine and very athletic 135 pounds, with silvery silky hair hanging to her shoulders, loving big brown eyes and trim figure, with the slightest of paunches around her middle, the usual sags and wrinkles of a woman her age looking anything but usual. She had long, strong legs, slightly flabby arms, and a smooth blanket of tanned, freckled skin over all.

She looked at herself in the mirror as Amy trudged up the steps, thinking what she could do to help her beloved granddaughter. She smiled, a slight pucker of wrinkles around her mouth, looking into the cleavage of her short, floral summery dress, her sexy neck creased with somewhat saggy flesh, wrinkles that folded down to her beautiful, 34C tits.

She knew what she could do. What she always did.

"Amy, what's wrong?" she said, opening the door to let the pretty girl in, watching her sexy body walk by covered in a flimsy white cover up over a flimsier tiny white bikini.

"Jimmy," Amy sighed, walking to the couch and flopping on it, depression on her pretty face. "Again, he gets me all worked up and..."

Erica waited, though she knew the answer and then offered it.

"He leaves you wanting? Gets you all hot and bothered, probably gets himself off and then you're on your own?" she said with a gentle smile. "Typical boy, typical boy..."

"Grandma, you're so smart!" Amy gushed. "Yeah, same old story..."

Erica smiled, sitting next to Amy on the couch to her right, putting an arm around her and hugging her close, stroking her sad face with the other hand. They sat in silence for a moment, Amy snuggling closer, her slim legs folded up and over her grandma's.

"Uh, Grandma....I was just...well...you know..." she said shyly.

"Of course, honey, of course!" Erica laughed, pulling away from Amy and framing her pretty face in her bony old hands, kissing her firmly on the lips, teasing her with a tickle of tongue. "You know I will!"

"Goodie!" Amy squealed, twisting to lay her head on Erica's welcoming lap, licking her lips and looking up at those old tits inches away. "Can I nurse on you while you do it?"

Erica smiled a "don't be silly dear" smile and reached behind her neck to untie the string holding her top up, pulling it down to let her magnificent old tits spill out, Amy's eyes bulging widely as they did. For a gal her age, she had smashing boobs, thick brown nipples already erect, a delicate patchwork of sexy blue veins beneath milky white smooth skin offsetting the deep tan above them.

"Suckle me, honey," she sighed, leaning forward to let her left titty graze Amy's searching mouth, moaning as she found it, clamping her lips to the meat and sucking that big nipple deep inside. "And let grandma give you a hand..."

She reached down with her left hand to Amy's splayed thighs, caressing the super smooth flesh, kneading her youthful muscles and then tickling her way inside the tiny bikini bottom, marveling at the moistness already forming between succulent lips.

Amy's body fluttered under her grandmother's practiced fingers, thighs spreading wider, moans filling the room along with the slurping sound of her gorging herself on Erica's milky titty.

"That's it, honey, that's it," Erica cooed, eyes closed, enjoying the girl's hungry mouth on her boob.

She ran a finger up and down Amy's oily slit, getting her wetter, then pressing on her engorged clit, feeling Amy writhe beneath it. She fingered it harder, pressing more firmly, knowing exactly what her gorgeous granddaughter liked best. Then she scissored the clit between her index and middle finger, feeling Amy's body tremble more as she did, the finger squeezing and then rubbing up and down, the clit growing bigger and wetter.

"Mmmm, that feels so nice, you suckling my old titty!" Erica moaned, clenching her meaty old thighs together, feeling her own orgasm build beneath the back of Amy's head. "Suck harder!"

Amy groaned, obeying her grandmother, opening her mouth wider to take in more fleshy boob, her tongue lavishing that thick nipple. She reached up with her hands, cupping them around the whole tit and massaging the thick, white flesh, milking it down with her fingers, trying to ingest the whole of it in her eager young mouth.

"Oh, God, Amy, you suckle Grandma's tits SO well!" Erica hissed, now slipping her middle finger into Amy's hot, tight, soaking cunt while drubbing the clit with her educated thumb, feeling the girl writhe uncontrollably as she manipulated it. "Don't forget this one!"

She used her free hand to cup her sexy right tit in her bony fingers, twisting it toward Amy's mouth. The girl let go the left tit she was nursing.

"Oh, GOD, Grandma, you're the best," she groaned, eyes wide open to take in the sight of that wrinkled tit at her mouth before embracing it with her lips. "...the best..."

"I know, I know," Erica giggled, looking down at the youngster suckling her tit with mad abandon, her young hands cupping that one now, massaging the thick flesh and forcing it into her mouth.

Moments later, as Erica's thumb dribbled her granddaughter's thick clit, the girl came hard, screaming with pleasure, clamping her thighs around Erica's plunging hand, her mouth popping off Erica's tit as the girl half sat up, grinding herself into that hand, eyes closed, lips open, hunching over into Erica's sinewy forearm flexing with tendons as she worked her granddaughter to a thunderous orgasm. She came long and hard and when she finally calmed down, twisted toward Erica, throwing her arms around her neck and madly kissing her wrinkled, smiling face, licking the puckered cheeks and mouth, and working down to suckled the slight wattle of her sexy neck.

"Oh, Grandma, that was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good," Amy moaned, now burying her face in Erica's tits, smothering them with kisses, licking between them, tasting the salty sweat there from the sexy session and finally suckling each nipple one by one as she lay in Erica's comforting embrace.

They sat, hugging, quietly as Amy nursed at her grandmother's tits, suckling noises comforting both of them. Then Amy giggled, kissing her way down Erica's belly and slowly running her hand up her grandmother's muscular old calves and then between those fleshy thighs.

"I think I need to help YOU now, Grandma," Amy growled, pulling those thighs apart and hiking up the dress to reveal Erica's thick gray bush, lips pouting out from the fur.

"Well," Erica giggled. "I guess so, but you don't have to, you know..."

"My pleasure," Amy moaned, plunging her fingers inside her grandmother's hungry, hairy cunt and resting her face at the top to lance out her long tongue, parting the matted bush and ticking her clit. "My pleasure..."

Erica moaned, tensing, arching her back as her beautiful young granddaughter lapped slavishly at her cunt, working four fingers inside the sopping wet hole, plunging them in and out, that tongue rapidly flashing over her clit. Erica was close to orgasm anyway, just from fingering Amy, so within a minute of Amy's expert ministration of her old pussy, the elderly woman screamed and came hard on her granddaughter's fingers, drowning out the squishy, wet sounds of Amy's madly working hand. She came hard on it, her own hands tweaking her fat nipples, pushing them both up toward her face to suckle on her own, feeling her juices jet out of her hairy pussy and coat Amy's entire hand to the wrist. She quieted, trembling, and pulled that hand out to work it over her tits, coating her nipples and the creamy white flesh, which Amy then leaned up to hungrily gobble off, slurping the cummy fluids eagerly.

"It's good we can give each other a helping hand, huh Grandma?" Amy giggled, sitting up to caress her pretty grandmother's face and pull her close for a deep, tongue thrashing kiss.

"Always," Erica laughed, hugging her appreciative granddaughter close, pulling her face into her warm, heaving cleavage. "That's what family is for!"

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