tagIncest/TabooGrandma was a Teacher

Grandma was a Teacher


I've been living with grandma, on my mother's side, for nearly 2 years now, trying to find my way in the world. Finishing high school late, at 18, I shied away from going to college like my mom wanted. She was, like my dad, a teacher. She had told me that going to college would've make my dad, who had passed away, very proud of me. I hated studying and mom and I argued so much about it that I decided to visit grandma for a while. Grandma and I got along real well, hence my extended stay.

Grandma lived outside a small town in South Carolina. I made friends fast, male and female, the same age or older, but I did not have an official steady girlfriend. There was a small group of us consisting of three boys and two girls and we spent our time playing pool, going to the movies and drinking ourselves silly. There was not a lot to do in a small town in South Carolina.

Now grandma was a bit of a boozer too and it was not unusual to arrive home late in the evening to find her sleeping like a dead person in her recliner. I would pick her up, tote her to her bedroom, plop her on the bed and cover her up. She never seemed to have a hang over the next day, acting perky as always.

As most young men my age, not married and without a steady girlfriend that was willing to put out, I masturbated often. And, to be honest, I had yet to have my first piece of pussy. So, I masturbated almost every night before going to sleep. I used a sock to get catch my semen. One time grandma made a comment about one of my sock being stiff and stuck together. Afterwards, I made certain to pull the area apart after drying before putting the socks in the hamper. Did she know?

I had driven nearly 500 miles round-trip for a job interview. I didn't get the job and on the way home I had a rather major fender-bender that required my car to be towed to a near-by repair shop, leaving me stranded until one of my friends could come get me. It required an overnight stay in a motel. I had to make a call to mom for extra funds and, as usual, she raked me over the coals for not doing as she had asked about going college.

I arrived back at grandma's small house depressed about not getting the job and my smashed car. The word had spread quickly of the car fiasco, complements of the friend I had called to pick me up. Grandma informed me that there had been many calls asking if I had been hurt. One girl, Judy, grandma informed me, had actually come by to get firsthand any information that grandma had.

"That's a hell of a girlfriend you got there, Alan!" Grandma said, visibly upset with the girl's visit. "She didn't like my small house! She asked really nosy questions like why you had come to live with me. I had to follow her around the house like she was some goddamn government official. I suppose, seeing that this house only has one bedroom, with one bed, she actually had the nerve to ask if we slept in the same bed."

"Calm down, grandma!" I inserted into her rant, trying to calm her down a bit. "And she is just one of the gang. Judy is not my girlfriend.

"I opened the door to the back room and showed her that you had a bed in there. She thought it was a door to a basement. The bitch made a comment about how small it was and could I not find a little something better for you. I was close to knocking her ass down!"

"Grandma, it's 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Had you been drinking already?" I queried.

"Just a little, I guess." She confessed. "I had to have something to calm me down.

"Well, like mom always says, if you 're going to be accused of something you just might as well be doing it."

"What the hell does that mean!" Grandma inquired, her face quenched up. "You mean that bitch implying that we slept in the same bed? I thought you were comfortable in that bed? You said you were?"

"I am, grandma." I replied. "What are you planning for supper? That sounds good. I'm going to take a shower."

Grandma made my favorite dinner, hamburger steak, rice, dark gravy and fresh biscuits. She made the best sweet iced tea in the county.

I suspected that grandma was still sipping the Bourbon.

She ate very little, being old, I supposed, she was 63, a slim, light woman of probably 120lbs, and now, she seemed to be pushing her food around with her fork, while I ate like I was starved to death.

"Why would that girl, Judy? Is that her name?" Grandma asked, after taking a drink of her dark colored water.

"Yes." I answered.

"Why would Judy even suggest that we were sleeping in the same bed?" She continued her inquiry. "That would imply that we were......you know....having relations."

"Well, I suppose, it could be because she has seen her father come out of her older sister's bedroom in the wee hours of morning on several times. Maybe she was trying to figure out if it was a common occurrence in the world."

Grandma sat looking at me with a blank stare on her face and her mouth partially open.

"Judy's father is screwing her older sister?" Grandma finally managed to utter.

"Hey! I am only repeating what I have been told by Judy." I offered.

"Where is the mother? Is she dead are stupid?" Grandma continued, asking questions I had no answers to.

"She's alive and well. She served us lunch the other day. Early in the morning, she is probably sleeping, but maybe she knows, maybe she doesn't. I have no idea, grandma. Judy is a bit daffy, I'll admit."

I continued to shovel in the food, getting seconds, while grandma pushed her food with her fork and sipped the obvious Bourbon, mixed in the water."

"Well, let's just say it is happening?" Grandma continued. "How do you feel about something like that?"

"That's a hard question to answer." I offered. "You have to ask, did Judy's sister seduce father? Did he force himself on his daughter? Does the mother know? If so, she's allowing it to continue. If not, we might hear of a gunshot victim one day. It's all speculation, grandma."

Another drink of water!

"You didn't answer the question." She said. "How do you view incest?"

"There are a lot of reasons against. But, I guess, the most important thing is if the two parties are happy with the situation.

"Judy is a pretty enough girl, I suppose." Grandma speculated. "Is her sister a pretty girl?"

"Gail? Not all that pretty." I answered. "But, I wouldn't kick her out of bed! She has a great body."

In another drink of water!

"What you said the other day; if you are going to be accused of something, you might as well be doing it." Grandma said. "I've heard that before. I now remember your mother used that phrase when your father was screwing around on her. She used it as an excuse to screw around on him. A good defense, I suppose, but a big disaster in either case! In repeating that mantra, you were basically saying, if Judy accused or implied that we were sharing the same bed, then we should do it."

"I was just being funny, grandma!" I offered.

Grandma stood and began clearing the table. She seemed a bit wobbly and I suggested that she go sit down and read the paper or watched TV.

"I've got a great body, you know!" She threw out, as she unsteadily walked out of the kitchen. "I'm not all that pretty either! But I've got a great body!"

The next morning I walked into the kitchen to a mild surprise.

Grandma stood at the sink wearing a knee length white nightgown. Her white panties were quite visible underneath.

The whole time I had spent living with grandma I had never seen much of her body. She wore jeans a lot, with a cotton shirt, and at night she usually wore long, pants pajamas.

I pondered, why the change, but I had to admit grandma a nice set of legs.

I remembered her saying she had a great body, and as I watched her move around the kitchen, I had a difficult time keeping my eyes off of her. I felt a slight bulge in my crotch.

I wolfed down my breakfast as I had another job interview, borrowing grandma's car.

"I'm meeting up with the gang after I go to the interview." I said, as I prepared to leave. "I'll be home by supper."

"Find out more about Judy's sister and her father." Grandma shouted after me as I opened the door to leave. "It's quite intriguing."

That night at supper, grandma was disappointed when I told her I had no more information concerning the incestuous goings-on in Judy's house.

After supper, grandma informed me that she was going to take a bath and then join me to watch TV.

Again, I found it odd when grandma showed up in her knee length nightgown. It was very obvious that she had no bra on. As we very seldom watched TV with a light on, try as I might, I could not determine if she wore panties or what color they might be.

"It's been so hot in the house of late," She stated, after making her straight Bourbon over ice, and taking her usual seat in her recliner. "I'm wondering if I should not call the air-conditioning man. What do you think, Alan?"

"It seems comfortable enough." I answered, shrugging my shoulders.

Grandma rarely used the reclining feature of the chair. She could not drink laying back. Instead, she used an Ottoman that matched the chair, both in leather.

For the three hours that we watched TV, I replenished grandma's drink three times, four in all. Needless to say, she was quite inebriated when she fell asleep in the chair. She sat with the outside edges of her feet on the outside edges of the Ottoman, her knees high and her nightgown having dropped, are been pushed, between her legs.

"Grandma, are you a wake?" I inquired, not in a low voice but with a rather high volume.

Grandma was out like the proverbial light! I sat studying her through 15 minutes of the news program that came on at 11 o'clock. Her breast clearly outlined by the thin material of the nightgown and the fact that I had not determined whether she had panties on, are not, kept me glued to my seat studying her. Soon, the panties, or, no panties became the focus of my thought. I wanted desperately to find out. But do I dare! Whether they were there are not, it was a win-win situation, if I dared to take the chance to find out.

Again, I posed the question in a much louder volume. Again, she did not utter a sound.

Moving from my usual seat in the center of the sofa, I scooted to the left end of the sofa. Slowly and carefully, I reached between her legs. With forefinger and thumb, I lifted the nightgown up with a protracted movement and breath

I sucked in a huge amount of air as I came face-to-face, so to speak, with my first real pussy. The TV provided enough light for me to see Grandma's lightly furred mound and pussy.

My crotch was quite tight and now I had another dilemma facing me. It took some delicate movements and positioning on my part, but I soon had the nightgown situated so as not to obstruct the view of Grandma's privates. Alternating my focus from her sleeping face to her pussy, I unzipped my jeans and released my firm erection.

A quick new plan materialized. I slipped carefully around the coffee table, into the kitchen, and retrieved a small flashlight.

Switching on the flashlight, bringing the small beam of light up from the floor, I eliminated her pussy.

I was awestruck with the magnificent feminine treasure before me. Grandma's thighs were milky white in contrast to the cocoa color of her pussy.

Again, it took some slow and delicate movements and positioning, but I soon had the flashlight, hands off, and positioned to keep her pussy illuminated while I pumped my cock.

And pump my cock I did! I was on my knees, one foot and half a leg sticking through the legs of the coffee table, being very careful not to touch or move the Ottoman. I did not have enough information to fantasize about my cock pumping into her pussy, but I was infatuated just being able to look at it in all of its glory.

It took about three minutes. That's all! I shot my load all over the side of the Ottoman, with a little on the carpet.

I was afraid to waste anymore time. Tucking in and zipping up, I carefully maneuvered around the furniture, to the kitchen, retrieving a wet cloth to clean up. I collected the glasses, sitting them in the kitchen sink and replaced the flashlight.

Carefully, almost home free, I replaced grandma's nightgown where I had found it.

I sat on the sofa for a few minutes to gather my senses and then turned off the TV. I lifted grandma and carried her to her bedroom and plopped her on her bed. Covering her up, I showered and went to bed myself.

I slept late the next morning and found my breakfast waiting for me. Grandma left a note saying she had gone to the store and the gas station.

I made a call to one of my friends to pick me up. I did not see Grandma until suppertime.

"I woke up this morning with my nightgown up around my belly button." Grandma stated, as we ate supper. "You didn't have anything to do with that, did you?"

She had a teasing smile on her face and in her tone, but still, I had to struggle to keep the "deer in the headlights" look off my face.

"I could tell as I carried you to bed that you were a bit more undressed than usual." I offered. "But I left you decent and covered up, as always."

"You LEFT me decent? Good safe context! Your mother taught you well! " She continued with the same smile and teasing tone. "But, not taking advantage of a tanked-up old lady!" She added. "Is to be commended!"

"You're not old, Grandma." I said, and then added. "You've heard the saying, to tempt a thief is as bad as being one?"


Two days later as we were eating supper I brought Grandma up to date, as Judy had confronted her sister.

"It would seem that Judy's sister, Gail, wanted her father to pay for college tuition. There was no doubt in Judy's mind that her father could afford it. Apparently, he wanted boys and got girls and he had always been hard on them." Continuing, after I took a bite of food. "He didn't want to help her. Gail confessed to Judy that she had seduced their father. Now, she's blackmailing him for college tuition."

"But, she's continuing to put out?" Grandma queried.

"Well, that seems to be the thick of the pudding! According to Judy, Gail had figured that a one-time thing would be enough. But, daddy is not having any of that! Apparently, according to Judy, Gail is frightened that should everything come to light her mother would believe that she, Gail, seduced her father. Which would be the truth, I suppose."

"You can't write this stuff!" Grandma chirped.

"Let me ask you a question, Alan." Grandma said. "Your group consists of three boys and two girls. Is anybody screwing anybody?"

"As far as I know, "I tried to reply, choking on my tea. "Nobody is screwing anyone within the group. But hell, how would I really know?"

"You haven't made a move on Judy?" She queried.

"Neither one of the girls interest me." I answered, feeling uneasy and hoping my lack of experience would not show through. "They're naïve about life."

I felt her staring at me.

"I would think that's what a 19-year-old young man would look for in a girl. You have a chance to teach her. Help her grow up. You don't necessarily have to want to marry her. Usually, it's what's between her legs that is of interest."

"They just act so young and immature." I answered. "Especially, Judy."

"You're a virgin, aren't you?" She challenged, looking at me with an "I can't believe it" look on her face. "I thought you boys from the North were ahead of the curve on such thing?"

"I know about such things!" I defended. "I've read books, there's magazines and movies."

Then, I realized, I had pretty much answered her question.

I stared at plate of food.. I felt humiliated!

She stood and began to clear the table.

"There's nothing to be ashamed of, Alan." She offered. "You are mature, I suppose. You don't act like a virgin. It's kind of endearing, really!

Why don't you go take a shower? I think we can both get cleaned up before the movie comes on."

I was happy to depart.

Just before 8 o'clock, Grandma joined me in front of the TV. I had her Bourbon over ice waiting for her.

She was dressed, as she had been two nights earlier making me feel extra uneasy.

I wore gray, cotton sleeping shorts and a blue T-shirt.

The house was dark except for the light from the TV.

"Alan, you'll have to forgive me, but I am really curious and I need a yes or no answer. Two nights ago when I was passed out in this chair, you had no inclination to see what was under my nightgown?" She queried.

"That would not have been proper." I replied. "You're my grandmother."

"You sat in the kitchen the other day and told me you thought incest would be okay if the two parties involved were happy with the situation?" She continued, causing me to shift uneasily in my seat, unwilling to meet her gaze. "Well, I decided that I would be happy with such a situation. I did everything except serve my ass up on a silver platter for you. At your age, you're horny as hell! If you are a virgin, you are doubly horny as hell! I could be offended. Do you need a written invitation? I am still a fair looking woman. Look at me, dammit! Look me in the eye and tell me you didn't take a peek?"

I could not believe we were having such a discussion. I couldn't believe my grandmother had confessed to sexually setting me up! But, her confession gave me the confidence I needed.

"All right! Yes. I looked." I confessed. "I couldn't help myself! I knelt right there in front of that chair and jerked off, looking at your pussy with a flashlight. And, you're telling me you expected and wanted me to look under your nightgown?"

"Come with me, child!" She commanded, standing, taking a big swig of her Bourbon and heading for the back of the house.

I followed her through the darkened house as she led me to her bedroom. We remained in the dark, but I knew well how her bedroom was laid out.

"Take your close off, Alan." She instructed. "Whenever we are in my bedroom call me by my name. I'm going to be more than your grandmother in this room. I'm going to be your teacher. Now, come sit down next to me on the bed. This side."

I sat down on the bed to her left and she immediately, but tenderly, grasp my erection and began stroking it slowly. I was too dumbfounded to say anything. It was too good to even want to.

"It's time that you learned a thing or two about the opposite sex." She continued. "We are going to kill two birds with one stone. You're going to learn and I'm going to enjoy teaching you. Are you happy with that scenario?"

"Yes, Eddie." I replied. "Quite happy!"

As two nights ago, I lasted about three minutes. I moaned my elation as my cock erupted and spewed cum all over grandma's arm and hand. I only gave one long moan as I came.

"I hope that was as good for you, sugar, as it was for me?" She said lovingly.

"Very good, Eddie!" I replied.

"I figured you were going to be quick. But don't you worry, in a few minutes your cock will be good and hard again and you won't be so quick to come. You'll be more apt to last a little longer."

My eyes had adjusted to the darkness and I followed her silhouette as she retrieved tissues out of the box on the bed table. She wiped the semen off of her hand and arm, putting her hand to her nose and inhaling softly. She told me to position myself straight down on the bed. I was mesmerized by it all and I thought I could feel my heart pounding as I watched her silhouette remove the nightgown. She scrambled over me, taking position on my left.

"I want you to begin kissing me on the lips and around my face and neck." She instructed. "Let your hands explore. When you find something you like, don't hesitate to linger and play with it. If you find something you'd like to put your lips to, do that too."

Grandma, before retirement, had been a teacher too, apparently, a very good one. I followed her advice to the letter and began exploring every nook and cranny of her torso with my hands and lips.

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