tagIncest/TabooGrandma's Dirty Movies

Grandma's Dirty Movies


"Nice," I sighed as I looked at the little old lady puttering around in the backyard, blissfully unaware that I was watching her so intently, and even if she was aware of my staring I'm fairly sure she had no idea what thoughts were going through her favorite grandson's head.

It was a warm day, and the little blonde had decided to take off the shirt she was wearing and had tied it around her waist. The wardrobe change was an improvement, because the tank top she was wearing showed off her incredible assets so much better than the loose shirt had.

"What a pair of tits!" I said to the empty kitchen as I stared at the massive mammaries wiggling around under the pink tank-top, barely contained by the bra she was wearing.

"Too hot for a bra, Grandma. Think how much more comfortable you would be without it," I suggested to myself, and the mention of the word Grandma excited me, even though I knew how perverted it was for me to be mentally undressing my mother's mother like I was.

It was also sick to think that I knew what size bra my grandmother wore, which happened to be a 32D, a tribute to her petite frame as well as her large bosom. You didn't see that size in many of the J.C. Penney catalogues I spent my wonder years drooling over, and neither did you hear the word "bosom" much anymore either.

It was a word that I remember my mom using once when she was talking to Grandma about some dress she wanted to by, and when Grandma told her she should buy it I recall my Mom saying she would if she had Grandma's bosom. I guess Mom didn't get the tit genes passed down to her, because she's flat-chested.

Not Grandma though. Her tits seem to get bigger all the time, and now in the yard those babies looked amazing, especially when you looked at the petite frame they were attached to. Grandma's legs were slender and her butt was small, she had no wait and her arms were lean and supple, but oh man, those breasts!

I was supposed to be helping my grandmother get ready for summer by putting the screens in the windows, but I figured I deserved a break, and what better way was there to pass the time than checking out my grandmother.

Grandma had been picking up around the back yard, gathering up the things that had blown back there during the winter, and when she looked up and saw me she smiled and waved to me.

"Hi Grandma," I mouthed to her as I returned the wave with my left hand, since my right one was occupied.

I nodded as Grandma wiped the sweat off her brow with the back of her hand, dramatically indicating that it was warm out there. It's hot in here too Grandma, I wanted to say as I looked at the glistening moistness of her underarm and the faint peach fuzz that coated the pale hollow, and I suddenly became aware that I needed to stop pulling on my cock through my shorts or else something nasty was going to happen.

"Back to work," I said, ending my conversation with myself and grabbing the next screen.

This was a ritual that I had been doing for a number of years, since Grandpa passed away. Each spring I would come out and help my grandmother get the old farmhouse ready for summer. Putting in screen windows, taking the storm windows out and bringing her patio furniture out from the shed - things like that.

Come fall I would do the opposite to get her set for the long cold winter. I didn't mind doing it for a number of reasons, not the least of which was the fact that I loved her, but I admit that there was a sexual attraction that I first attributed to typical teenage lust.

I'm almost 19, so I still qualify as a teenager, but I'm no kid. Strangely enough, I'm not that interested in girls my age. Older women always turned me on, and maybe it's because they seem to be attracted to me. I've got a baby face, with dimples and long blonde hair that people say makes me look like the kid that played Dennis the Menace on an old TV show.

I'm Jordan Wilson...

My name is Jordan Wilson, and will be attending our local Community College in the fall. Nothing remarkable about me academically, and as far as sports go, my only accomplishment is riding the bench on the soccer team. I'm 5'8" and about 135 pounds soaking wet, so while I guess I'm considered attractive looking, with one exception I'm rather nondescript.

I do fairly well with the opposite sex, although I could do a lot better if I wanted to. The thing is, I find myself more attracted to older women, and as far as I'm concerned, if they are attractive, there's no such thing as too old.

There's something about getting your cheek patted and being fussed over that really excited me. I know that it really bugs some guys when older folks do that to them, but not me. I love the attention and the physical contact.

I have a friend who was all excited a while ago because he had gotten hold of some X-rated movies. He stayed over at my place and we watched them in the bedroom at a low volume. One of them was about this woman who ended up fucking her son, and even though I knew they were actors the idea was exciting.

"Man, no offense but I would do your Mom in a second," Todd said while we watched this big titted woman suck on her son's cock. "You ever think about that?"

"No," I lied, and I felt uncomfortable about talking about this with Todd, for a reason I will get to shortly.

"You should just show her your cock," Todd suggested. "Yours is as big as that dude's is. Maybe bigger."

Truth be told, I had "accidentally" exposed myself to my mother a couple of times, and while she did a double-take the first time, she did not attack me or anything, and actually seemed a bit scared of it.

What made me uncomfortable about this talk of fucking our mothers was not because I would have loved to have screwed my Mom. The problem was that the woman that took my virginity was HIS mother, and what brought it on was showing Mrs. Baylor my cock.

It was unintentional, at least at my end. I was swimming at Todd's house and was changing into my swimwear. The door popped open and there I was with my cock flopping around while I stepped into my trunks.

Betty Baylor did more than a double take. She just stood and stared at me until I got my trunks up, and then she called my house the next day, asking me if I could come over to help her do something.

She was all over me the moment I stepped inside, and me telling her that I was a virgin only seemed to inflame her. I was probably pretty bad at first, but by the time I staggered out the door hours later I was considerably better. Maybe it was because she was a divorcee, or maybe she just had a thing for big cocks. Either way was fine by me.

What that did was to make me feel a little creepy about talking to Todd about stuff like this. He would probably freak out if he ever found out that I screwed his mother. I think it might bother me if the situation was reversed, even though I consider myself enlightened in that regard.

After seeing Betty Baylor's reaction to seeing my stuff, I learned a couple of things. One thing was that I'm very well-endowed. That wasn't really news to me, since I had noticed the looks I got from the guys in the locker room. I guess what makes me look even bigger is that the rest of me is so scrawny. Put my 9" on a big guy and it wouldn't seem all that out of the ordinary.

The second thing I learned was that seeing Todd's mother's reaction turned me on. I'm not what you would call an extrovert by any means, but I have to admit that I enjoyed the looks I would get from other people, even guys, although I don't go that way. It's not like anybody ever oohed and aahed over my grades or goal scoring ability.

As the day went on...

The last room that I put the screen in was my grandmother's bedroom, and she was in there with me, helping keep the curtains out of my way as I removed the storm windows. Grandma still smelled nice to me as we worked in close quarters, and I did my best not to stare at her chest while working around her.

"Where would I be without my Jordan?" Grandma said, as I finished up, giving me a pat on the rear as I walked past her.

"New TV?" I asked when I saw what looked like a new set on the stand in the corner.

"I splurged a little," Grandma said of the small flat screen set, and when I looked to see what brand it was I noticed that there was a VCR hooked up to it.

"What's this?" I asked when I saw a couple of video tapes on the shelf below.

"Oh nothing nothing," Grandma huffed, talking them out of my hands and easing me out of the room while she blushed.

"Grandma!" I said, enjoying the look on her face as her pink face turned red.

"Your grandfather's things!" she said, dismissing what I had seen as being her husband's.

I let her usher me out, but when she took a shower after dinner I snuck back into her room to make sure what I had seen was not a hallucination.

Sure enough, there were a half dozen VHS there, and all of them were porn tapes. The titles of two of them nearly floored me. The one was called "Taboo 2", which must have been a sequel to the movie that Todd had shown me.

The second one was called "Mature Women and Their Boy Toys", and as I looked at the matronly women on the box cover with their young studs I couldn't help but notice that the box was empty. The tape was inside the VCR.

My Grandma is a great cook and she has a knack with flowers and things, but she's a lousy liar. I knew she was bullshitting me when she tried to pin the existence of the porn on my grandfather, but actually seeing the tape inside the VCR gave me an instant hard-on.

I wanted to go into the bathroom, strip down and get in the shower with my grandmother. I wanted to tell her that I thought it was so hot that she watched dirty movies - porn with older women getting fucked my young dudes - and wanted to show her that her little Jordan wasn't really little any more.

I didn't though, and chose to wait. The night was young.


The evening brought with it thunderstorms, and that always freaked my Grandma out. It started when I was taking a shower myself, and I finished up when I heard her scurrying around out in the hall, warning me about how dangerous it was supposed to be in the shower during a storm.

Grandma thought everything was lethal when there was lightning around - telephones, appliances - everything was a potential danger in her mind. If I wasn't there I suspected she would have gotten into the closet and hidden like she often did, so I hurried up and dried off, got my pajamas on and joined her in the living room.

Grandma was huddled at the end of the couch, clutching the top of her robe together with one hand as she stared at the TV, which was turned on but was showing nothing but static.

"The cable went out," Grandma said. "Don't touch it."

"The storm is passing over," I said, noting the faint rumblings of the thunder that was heading east. "Funny how somebody who has no problem picking up snakes or slapping a band-aid on a cut that should get a couple of stitches, gets so shook up over thunder and lightning."

"You sound like your father now," Grandma said, shaking her head and smiling. "Darn cable."

"We could watch a movie," I suggested.

"Okay," Grandma said. "I could make us some popcorn. You pick us out something you want to watch."

"Be careful that storm doesn't come back while you're near the microwave," I kidded as she went into the kitchen.

After she left the room, I hurried into her bedroom and grabbed the movie I wanted to see. After getting back into the living room, I popped the tape into the VCR, stopping it just before it started to play, and then positioned myself near the little rack that held a couple of dozen VHS tapes - NOT the kind that were in the bedroom but good old family fare - and waited for Grandma to return with the popcorn.

"Have you ever seen "Fried Green Tomatoes", Jordan?" Grandma asked as he eased back into the couch with the bowls of piping hot Pop Secret.

"I was thinking of something more along the line of this," I suggested while coming over to join Grandma on the couch, holding up the box that "Taboo 2" had been in before I put in the the VCR.

"Jordan!" Grandma said sternly. "Why I didn't throw those things out before I'll never know."

"Grandma," I said while easing down next to her. "You're the world's worst tale teller."

"What do you mean?"

"Those movies weren't Grandpa's," I said with a chuckle. "Grandpa's ticker wouldn't have made it past the opening credits. It's nothing to be ashamed of, you know. Still being interested in sex, I mean."

Grandma was shell-shocked, and her weathered hands were shaking as she held onto the popcorn bowl tightly.

"Heck, you ought to go down to that senior citizen center in town," I said. "Get hooked up with one of the other eligible widowed folks.'

"Bunch of old fossils," Grandma scoffed, getting a little feisty at the thought of hanging around with a bunch of folks as old as she was.

"Just because there's snow on the roof doesn't mean there's no fire in the furnace," I suggested. "Heck, you could even go out to that club out on Route 28 and try to meet somebody."

"Get laughed at, more likely," Grandma mused. "Not too many men there looking for a 64 year old woman."

"You don't look 64, Grandma," I said. "I'm not saying that because you're my grandmother either."

It was true, because she could easily pass for ten years younger, even with the silver mixed in with her golden locks.

"You've got an amazing body too," I said. "For any age."

The look my grandmother gave me suggested that I might be treading into dangerous ground, but the more I thought about it, maybe I wasn't the spider stalking the fly. What if Grandma had put those tapes there for me to see? Who was playing who, anyway?

"Where did you get the tapes, Grandma? Did you go to an adult bookstore or something?"

"Ordered them by mail," she mumbled while looking at the popcorn. "I could never face anybody buying them."

"You should have gotten them on DVD. Picture's better. You can pick up a DVD player for next to nothing these days," I opined.

"Never be able to hook up one of those contraptions," Grandma concluded. "Now that you know about these dirty movies, Jordan, please promise me something."


"If something ever happens to me, please make sure nobody - you know - sees those things here."

"I promise," I assured her, trying not to chuckle at the thought of Mom finding Grandma's porn stash scaring her more than death itself. "Now how about the movie?"


As I hit the play button, I tried to imagine how many 18 going-on 19 year old guys were watching a porn movie with their grandmothers at that exact moment? I reached into the bowl for some munchies, patting Grandma's hand on the way.

"This is positively evil," Grandma said as I fast-forwarded through the coming attractions.

"Maybe," I replied. "It's better than watching it alone though, isn't it?"

What did Grandma do when she watched the porn in bed, I wondered? Did she play with herself? Did she have a dildo? A vibrator? I kicked myself for not looking in her night table drawer, imaging what my reaction would have been in seeing a big black dildo.

"Here we go," I said.


Grandma was breathing loudly, still gripping the popcorn that she seemed to have lost interest in eating, so I took the bowl from her and set it on the coffee table.

"Have you seen the first Taboo movie?" I asked, and when Grandma nodded yes I told her that I had seen it as well.

"The woman that plays the mother - she's really hot looking."

"Kay Parker," Grandma said softly as she watched the screen intently.

"She's got big breasts," I opined.

"She certainly does," Grandma agreed.

"Are yours as big as hers?" I asked, looking over at Grandma who clutched her robe together.

"Heavens no, Jordan," Grandma said.

"I'll bet they are," I said, glancing back at the screen where a butch looking blonde was giving the busty brunette a massage. "When I saw that first movie I imagined you playing that part."


"Would you show me?"

"Jordan, I'm an old woman. I don't look anything like these ladies," Grandma said.

"I'll show you mine," I said, knowing how silly that sounded but not caring. "I'll show you mine and then you can show me yours. I want to see your breasts."

Grandma shook her head no briskly, but when I took her hand and brought it toward my lap she offered little resistance.

"These movies - this filth," Grandma said. "They make you think such dirty thoughts."

"I know Grandma," I agreed. "Bit it isn't the movie that caused this though. It's you."

"No!" Grandma said after I brought her hand inside the fly of my pajamas and pressed her wrinkled fingers onto my rock-hard cock.

She jerked her hand away from the hot flesh, but I held onto her hand as I undid the snap of the pajama bottoms, and the clicking sound made Grandma look in that direction.

"OMIGOD!" Grandma practically shouted when she saw my erection swing out from underneath the fabric, and she quickly turned her face to the wall in an effort to keep from looking at it.

"What's the matter, Grandma?" I asked, squeezing her little hand tight. "Don't you like it?"

"This is wrong," she said, her eyes watery and her chin quivering.

"No it isn't," I insisted. "I love you. Look at my cock. Look how excited you've made me."

I kept hold of my grandmother's hand and kept looking at her trying not to look, and I knew then that this was what Grandma wanted to happen. Maybe as badly as I did.

"Don't be afraid, Grandma," I said as she finally looked down at my crotch. "I want you to look at me. Don't you like my stuff?"

"You're - you're like the boy in the movie," Grandma finally said, looking dazed. "You're so very well developed. How can this be?"

"I dunno, Grandma," I said, bringing her hand over to it again. "Just stroke it for me. That's it."

"Can't get my hand around it," Grandma said, almost apologizing as her pale little fingers strained to get halfway around my manhood, and a large bead of pre-cum appeared at the puckered tip of my dick. "You're such a little boy, Jordan. How can you have such a large penis?"

"I'm not a boy anymore Grandma. I'm a man. I don't know how it got so big. Maybe it's because I play with it a lot. I jerk off a lot thinking about you, Grandma. Do you know that? I do. Just stroke it for me. That's it."

I had my hand over hers, and the trembling of her fingers only made me more aroused. If her grip was any tighter I would have cum right away, but even given her light touch, just seeing her hand on my cock, with the Grandmother's ring we had given her sparkling with all the colors of our stones, was bringing me to the brink of orgasm.

"Yes - yes," I gasped, having let go of her hand and enjoying seeing hers slide up and down the shaft all by itself.

That pale weathered hand - the fingers that had pinched my cheek - powdered my bottom - were rubbing the taut skin of my cock like I had always dreamed, and I was squirming, sliding down on the couch as my orgasm teetered on the brink for what seemed like forever, until finally...

"AWWW!!!" I screamed, as another hand slid down between my legs and grabbed my balls, squeezing and kneading them while bringing me over the edge.

I might have been speaking in tongues for all I know, because when I started cumming it felt like that time I stuck a fork in the electrical outlet out in Grandma's kitchen many years ago. My body tingled from the tips of my toes right on up to the top of my head, and I came. And came. And came.

I looked like Old Faithful, as jets of seed erupted out of my cock, flying a foot or so in the air before plopping down all over me, and by the time I finished cumming my Grandma's hands and wrists were dripping with ropes of my spunk.

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