tagIncest/TabooGrandma's Pool

Grandma's Pool


The summer had peaked on that particular day. It was hot, there was not a single cloud in the sky and it was the longest day of the year. I had the pool to myself, and I was making the most of it trying to keep cool. Grandma came out of the back door with two glasses of orange juice on a tray. She placed the tray on the small wooden table between the deck chairs we had at the poolside.

"Mind if your old Grandma joins you for a swim?" she asked when the tray was out of her hands.

"Sure," I replied. After all it was her pool.

"Help me in then lad," she said as she walked towards the poolside. "I can't be bothered to walk round the other side to the steps."

I swam to the edge to offer a hand. Grandma was 58, but looked damn good in he one piece suit. It wasn't an old fashioned type of swimsuit that you expect old folks to wear, but it did make me wonder what she would look like in a bikini. I suddenly realised what I'd been thinking. I dunked my head under the surface of the pool to clear my thoughts. Grandma was now sitting on the edge of the pool with her legs hanging over the side and her feet in the water. As I came up for air my head was just at the height where the first thing I saw, as water dripped from my eyes, was Grandma's legs slightly apart and her swimsuit outlining her lips. I was immediately hard. I took my eyes away, but they just fixed themselves on the plunging cleavage the swimsuit had created.

"You going to come and give me a hand then Jack?" asked Grandma.

I didn't know what to do. My own Grandma had given me a painfully hard erection and I couldn't just swim away. As slowly as I possibly could I made my way to where Grandma was sitting. The pool wasn't too deep at that point, but I had to stay crouched down to disguise my throbbing member. Grandma leant forward and put her hands on my shoulders.

"Help me down then Jack," She ordered. I put my arms around her waist and lifted her into the pool. As Grandma lowered into the pool I felt her brushing against my bulging trunks. "Oh my," she said when her feet touched the bottom, "who have you been thinking about?" What could I say? I could hardly tell her that her own Grandmadson had got a huge boner over his Grandma.

Suddenly her hand reached out and grabbed my trunks, tightly clutching my dick at the same time.

"Were you thinking about me Jack, your own Grandma?" All I could do was nod. Grandma smiled. "I'm glad I can have that effect on a young man," and with that she tugged at the tie of my trunks. As they loosened her hand slipped inside and her fingers circled around my now aching cock. "But I am your Grandma," said she as she released her grip and turned and pulled herself out of the pool. She twisted round and sat at the edge again, feet dangling into the cool water. I was still in total shock and I stood in the pool with my mouth ajar and my cock poking out of the top of my trunks.

Grandma ran a hand over her vaginal mound and said, "its not just the pool that's got me wet."

"Huh," was the only response I could manage.

Grandma pulled her swimsuit to one side exposing her cunt to me. It was covered in a tidy mound of pubic hair, tinged with a hint of grey.

"Come here Jack," she instructed, and I did as I was bid. "Would you do your Grandma a favour and eat me? I really need you to taste me Jack."

With no hesitation I put my hands on the inside of Grandmas thighs and pushed her legs further apart. I ran my tongue up her legs and gently traced the outline of her lips. Slowly I parted the lips and my tongue began to explore my Grandmas pussy. Grandma had her hands on my head pulling me into her as I probed deeper, licking and lapping at her mature juices.

"Ooooh yeah baby, tongue fuck your Grandma. Eat me." I was hungrily slurping up all she had to offer and I suddenly felt her hips spasm and her hands pulled hard at my hair as she came in my mouth, over my tongue and I felt it running down my chin.

Grandma pulled her feet from the water and stood. She slipped her swimsuit from her shoulders and pushed it down to her ankles. Her tits were large, though sagging slightly. Without a word she turned her back on me and wandered naked into the house. As quick as I could, I pulled myself out of the pool and ran after her. As I entered the back door I saw Grandma sitting on the couch. She beckoned for me to join her. I sat next to her and she tugged down my trunks exposing my erection. A smile spread across her face and she moved from the couch to her knees in front of me. Her touch was sublime as her fingers circled my knob for the second time that day. Grandma's tongue ran up and down my shaft before she took the head in her mouth. She lowered her head down taking all of me in her mouth. Her left hand cupped my balls as her mouth bobbed up and down over my dick.

As Grandma removed my dick from her mouth, she continued to stroke my member.

"Let Grandma taste your cum baby," she said. "Cum in Granny's mouth." That was it. My cock exploded, shooting a long stream of cum into Grandma's face and hair. Quickly, she took me back in her mouth and sucked me hard, swallowing all I had to give.

"Mmmmmm baby. My grandson tastes like his father." Suddenly I had images of my Dad fucking my Gran running through my mind. My cock was getting hard again.

"You get as hard as quick as your old man too," said Grandma, as she straddled me and angled my cock deep into her pussy. I groaned in ecstasy, leaning forward and squeezing and sucking on Grandma's mammaries as she rode me. I lay back and watched my Grandmother riding my cock, tits bouncing. Then she slowed.

"Fuck your granny up the ass Jack." She stood from me then knelt with her arms on the couch. I knelt behind her and wet a finger. Gently I inserted it into my Grandma's anus. I also plunged my cock back into her cunt and worked her ass and pussy in tandem.

"Yeah, fuck Grandma, fuck her hard. So fucking good to your old gran. I love your cock in me Jack." I was moaning as I fucked my Gran. I took my finger out of her ass and quickly replaced it with my cock.

"Cum in Grandma's ass Jack. Fill your granny's ass with your beautiful cum." With a final scream I shot off a huge, hot, steaming load deep inside my grandmother's anus.

We licked and sucked and fucked each other all afternoon until I had to go home.

When I got home I told my dad I knew about him and his mother. I also told him of my exploits that day. The next time I went to visit Grandma, dad came too.....but that's a different story.

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