Grandma's Secret Ch. 01


"God help me but I am in love with you Paul and I know you can't love me back, not like I do." She moved my head up so we were facing each other. "But for now, for this moment, I love you completely. And if you could do the same, even if it's for a few hours, you'd make an old, lonely lady very happy."

I thrust ever so slowly and gently inside her. I thought for a moment and then looked her straight in the face. "Look at me Lynnie. You know how you walk past me in the morning and don't say hello, and every morning I say hello to you anyway?"

She laughed softly.

"I do that because I love you and I understand you. You know how you yell at me and roll your eyes when I do things wrong? I never get upset because I know you. I know your heart, Lynnie."

Tears formed in her eyes.

"You know how I watch you, silently? No, you don't because you have no idea how beautiful you really are. I love your personality, I love when you bitch at me, I love everything about you. I always have. I may be young but these last few months I've become a student of life...a student of yours because much of it you've taught me without even realising it."

"Please, Paul, don't say things you don't mean. You'll break my heart."

"I mean it all and I would never break your heart."

I paused a few seconds but continued slowly moving us together.

"I can't resist you", I said, kissing her gently on the lips. "I will never be able to resist you. I've thought of this so many times and I never imagined it happening. I am so attracted to you! God, you're so beautiful!" I laughed.

"Well, I certainly never knew it! You never acted like it. Not to me, anyway."

"What am I going to say? Well, Lynnie, when we finish cleaning out the barn, what say we go roll in the hay?"

"Paul you have no idea. Had you said something like that to me a week, a month ago? Trust me, you'd have had your answer!"

We moved slowly together, her hips moving in a subtle but deliberate manner. She was one sexy woman, 20 years before the term MILF was coined. I took mental note of her curtains and carpet and realized they were an exact match, a fact I filed away knowing that every time I look her in the face I'll think of licking her fluffy and sweet, slippery and very hairy bush.

"Lynnie, can I, you know?"

"Come inside me? Yes, you can come inside me. No more babies for me."

We began kissing again and I was so excited that within a minute I had my release, the sweet release where fantasy met reality, pleasure met danger, and love wrapped it all together in a warm blanket. We nuzzled into each others necks, kissing and loving each other.

"If I live to be 100 years old I'll remember this moment as if it were yesterday", she said. "I simply can't tell you what it means to me to be...for you to be so nice to me."

"Well if this is your idea of being nice to you, then I would very much like to be nice to you all the time!" I said. "Can I be nice to you in about an hour?"

Relaxed and sated we fell asleep, the warm crackle of the fire providing more than sufficient sedative to lull us both away.


I awoke to what what most men would consider a dream, a warm mouth enveloping me as a thick furry slit dangled an inch above my nose. Lynnie had stirred before me and was delivering slow oral love. I had fallen asleep on my back and she had positioned herself above me, her spongy cleft mere inches above my face. I extended my tongue, caressed her hips and motioned her to allow me once again to feast on her delicious flesh. She was a bit shorter than I am so when we 69'd I had a clear, straight-on view of her vagina and her wrinkly little rosebud. Each of us showered oral attention on the other as soft, smoky moans of pleasure rose through the air. I watched her tight buns and lower back flex as she moved up and down, licking and sucking me deep into her mouth.

"You taste wonderful", I managed between licks, swiping my tongue over every exposed portion of her tender skin.

"Mmmmmm, you feel so good in my mouth", she said. "And that tongue makes me shake."

Lynnie could feel me tense and encouraged me to finish in her mouth. She returned and ratcheted up her attention and in no time I was coating her mouth with a thick load.

"Hard for me to come this way but I'm glad you did!", she said as she lay back on the bed. "This is better for me. Do you mind finishing me off?"

Without a word, open mouthed, I latched onto her left nipple and caressed her slippery pussy lips with my right hand. I darted back and forth between her supple breasts, and Lynnie loved the attention. I kissed my way up to her neck and then made my way back down between her legs. A musty scent, heavy with sex, greeted me as I nudged her hips up and rested her legs on my shoulders.

"Ooo, yeah, you know what a woman likes don't you?" she said with a smile, locking her thighs against my jaw. In this position I had excellent leverage to press gently but firmly against her clit and could easily outline and spread her outer labia with my nose. She went wild. Lynnie grabbed my hair and pulled hard and in no time my mouth was filled with her delicious juice, my head locked into place as she desired, forcing my tongue into specific areas and patterns. I loved how she took control of me in this way and it made me feel good to please her.

Again, immediately after she came she wanted my lips against hers.

"I love you Paul. I love you so much."

"I love you Lynnie. I always will."

After kissing and holding each other for a few minutes, she spoke.

"It will be hard for me to stop this when we get back to the farm."

"Who says we have to stop it?"

"Paul, you can't be serious. I am known as your grandmother. People generally speaking are not OK with people fucking their grandkids."

"You're not really my grandmother, Lynnie. Wait a minute, that's not what I meant."

"I know, I know", she said dismissively. "I know what you mean. But, still...this has to remain our secret place Paul. I know I would not be comfortable being with you like this back at the farm."

"What if we fall in love with each other?"

"Oh, Paul", she smiled. "I already am in love with you. That's the problem. I take a while to make up my mind but I'm such a romantic at heart that it's very hard for me to see around reality and logistics." She laughed. "This is more or less what happened with Tuck, only reversed. When I met him he was 50 and I was 30. Do you remember that our birthday was the same day?"

"Oh, sure! How could I forget those awesome summertime birthday parties?"

Tuck and Lynnie were both born on June 29 and every year they had a big party a week before the 4th of July. It was a chance for a summertime reunion because so many people were on vacation for the 4th of July. It was a tradition for 20 years.

"Well, that's how we met."

"I thought you met at the farm."

"Actually, we met at a restaurant. By chance, a small group of Tuck's friends and my friends had taken us to the same place for our 50th and 30th birthday parties. Lilly had recently died and he didn't want a big party that year. Naturally, with both of us having parties at the same place, on the same was an interesting coincidence, so we started talking. It turned out that I needed a job and he needed a farm hand. I had taken several veterinary courses at college and also had some experience working on a few horse farms growing up, so he hired me a few weeks later."

"Wow, that's not how most people remember it."

"People remember what they want to Paul", she smiled wryly. "Anyway, after about 6 months I told him that I was in love with him and I wanted him to feel the same way about me. He was so surprised he sort of laughed and walked away. The next day I went up to him and held him still and kissed him. I told him again that I was in love with him, and that time he didn't laugh or walk away! Yada yada yada...we got married."

"Wow you are so cool", I said.

"I loved Tuck so much. I wanted him so badly to be my husband and he was so good to me. I was good to him too. We had 20 years together of pure, true love. I never so much as looked at another man while we were married even though he was much older. I loved him so much I was blind to everyone but him."

"You meant the world to him, Lynnie. When you walked into a room, it was as if everyone else just faded into the background. He loved Lilly, no doubt. But you, Lynnie? You were the love of his life. You were it."

"Yes, I was. I worked at it. I did little things for him. I'd put love notes where I knew he would find them. As he got older I'd get up extra early to do a chore I knew he dreaded or hadn't the strength to do any more. Of course he would curse at me for doing dangerous things by myself but I never left any doubt in his mind how much I loved him."

"Like the tiniest stream, love can sculpt mountains. It changes everything, doesn't it?"

"I suppose it does. Now you're changing me again. Must be something in the DNA of you Tucker men."

We fell asleep again, this time for the night, and decided to get some skiing in the next morning. We hit the slopes by 8:00 and around 11:00 I told her that I was ready for a lunchtime snack. She got the hint and in 15 minutes we were back in each others' arms in the cabin.

It was so hot, so was like nothing I'd ever experienced. I was immersed in her love to the extent that I could feel it, I could literally feel her love for me. We were back on the bed making love and she whispered in my ear. "If you only knew what this means to me. If you only knew what you mean to me."

"I know", I said. "I know."

Softly she whispered, "I am covering you with me". She nuzzled into my neck. "Covering you with my love. Covering you...inside me you are so wonderful."

I buried myself inside Lynnie and came to rest. I kissed her neck and rocked gently inside her. "I can never be without you", I said.

"And you can have me, I am yours. But this has to be our secret, my love", she said.

I paused and thought for a moment what to say and I found the words.

"Then we will make it a secret worth keeping."


For the next few months the reaction to our illicit affair was quite positive. The farm hands were happy about the extra hours they were getting during the week, I had renewed interest and vigor in my work, and Lynnie became more youthful and vibrant than ever. Men don't really notice such things but it is an absolute certainty that women do, and they know exactly what is going on. Lynnie's friends noticed and it wasn't long before they started asking questions.

Roberta wasn't the first to ask but she was Lynnie's best friend and was by far the most persistent...and direct.

"So who is he?" Roberta asked.

"Who?" Lynn responded nervously.

"Oh, come off it, Lynn. I've known you for 25 years. You're in sex mode, so who is he?"

"Sex mode? There is no 'mode', Roberta!" Lynn laughed nervously.

Roberta managed through a derisive frown, "The 'I'm getting as much as I can stand' mode."

Lynn's responsorial laugh gave it away. She was a terrible, terrible liar. "Roberta!" Lynn said in a coarse whisper. "I can't believe you just said that!"

"OK, maybe that was a brash, but let's face it, Lynn, you can't fool me. If you need to keep it from me I understand. A woman has to have her secrets."

Lynn smiled. "OK, OK, I don't want to lie to you Roberta. You are my best friend. I can only tell you that he's a bit younger than I am."

"A-ha!" Roberta snorted triumphantly. "I KNEW it! Well, I'm happy for you honey." She gave Lynnie a big hug. "I know what you've been through."

"Yes, you do", Lynnie said, tears forming in her eyes. "You, more than anyone else. You were there when we met and you helped me bury him. I miss him so much, Roberta. And now, in a way I feel bad for finding someone new."

"Oh, honey. Tuck wants you to be happy.."

Lynnie and Roberta both cried a little as Roberta consoled her friend. There is no solace like that which love provides, and in Paul's arms and Roberta's breast, Lynnie found comfort and peace. Roberta knew nothing of Lynn's forbidden affair and Lynn was terrified of how Roberta might react, yet she wanted so badly to share this part of her life with her best friend. The risk was simply too great, she reasoned. Roberta had reacted in the past to things in unpredictable ways, and this was certainly a situation that did not lend itself to unhinged response. Lynn knew that, in the worst possible scenario, this could cost her everything...her family, her farm...her life.

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