tagIncest/TabooGrandpa and Molly Pt. 05

Grandpa and Molly Pt. 05


This story involves a fictional relationship between a 61 year old grandfather and his 18 year old granddaughter. If this topic offends you, please go no further.

Grandpa Ed and little Molly have been both acting like school kids whenever Grandma Ethel goes to bingo. Molly wanted a girl friend to visit her out in Ed and Ethel's Maine sanctuary, a friend that Molly had told Ed was crazier than she was.


Chapter 1. Behind the barn.

I brought the wheelbarrow full of stones out from behind the barn to the side of the house, where my wife Ethel was using them for the border of a flower bed. When I got there with the stones, Ethel stood up, wiped her brow and tells me that she's going in to lie down.

"Whew!" Ethel brayed. "The heat's taking a lot out of me. Just leave the stones there and I'll finish it later. I'm going to take a nap."

"Fine," I said while watching her waddle into the house and thus giving me a break from being her pack horse, so I went back behind the barn to straighten up the mess I had left behind.

As soon as I got back there, I felt the urge to pee. This was typical these days with me, but I would be damned if I was going all the way back inside to do it, so I stepped back away from the barn and near what I affectionately call my pissing tree and unzipped my work pants.

"Hi Grandpa!" What are you doing?" I heard Molly chirp happily, having just come from around the corner of the barn just in time to see me fidling around in my pants. "Grandpa, are you playing with yourself?"

"No dear," I said as I turned away and put everything back in place. "I just have to relieve myself.

"Huh? Oh, you mean you have to pee?" Molly asked. "I wanna watch! I never saw a man do that before."

"Molly, that's not the kind of thing..." I started to explain, but Molly was already by my side, hanging on my shoulder and waiting.

"You gotta take your thing out Grandpa," Molly explained to me with a giggle, and I rolled my eyes at her before reluctantly reaching back inside my trousers and pulling out my member.

"Yeah! My favorite toy!" Molly cheered as my tool came into view, and I had to chuckle as I stood there waiting patiently with Molly for the operation to begin.

"What's wrong Grandpa?" Molly asked as we stared at my limp pecker hanging there doing nothing but getting a breath of fresh air.

"Not used to an audience," I muttered as I wiggled and stretched it a bit, hoping to encourage things along while taking a peek over my shoulder to watch out for Ethel.

"Can I help?" Molly offered, and reached down and grabbed it in her little paw.

While this began to achieve an unneeded response, it didn't have any immediate results.

"C'mon Mr. Big Dick," Molly pleaded. "I want to watch you tinkle. Maybe if I sing to him it will help."

Molly began stroking my cock while singing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider", her fingers rubbing the glans and just underneath. When she got to the part about the rain washing the spider out, I felt relief was on the way, as could Molly.

"Hooray!" Molly cheered, as a few squirts of urine came out, followed by a steady stream that became a torrent. Molly was waving my cock around trying to write her name when the stream tapered down, finally fading to a dribble.

"That was fun Grandpa," Molly said. "Now what do I do?"

"Shake it a little bit so that you get all the loose moisture off of it."

"Like this Grandpa?" Molly asked, shaking and wiggling it all around.

That wasn't what I had in mind, but since I was on the verge of getting an erection and it felt so good I let her go on shaking. And shaking.

"When you started to pee I could feel it rushing through your cock, just like it did when I felt you about to cum," Molly said. "Ooooh, your cock is hard now Grandpa."

I looked down and saw her little fist clenched around the shaft, jerking up and down, and I began to sense that was what Molly had in mind all along.

"Feels good, doesn't it Grandpa?" Molly asked. "I'm pretending that this is my dick."

Molly stood behind me and jacked me off, peeking around my side to watch from time to time.

"Grandma showed me her tits," Molly said quietly.

"WHAT?" I barked too loudly. "Uh, what do you mean?"

"Well, I had just gotten out of the shower and went into my room, and Grandma Ethel came in to put some sheets in that spare closet," Molly explained. "I didn't bother covering up or anything, 'cause we're both girls. She asked me if I check my breasts for lumps, and when I told her no, she came over to me and showed me how."

"What the hell," I muttered, picturing Ethel groping Molly's little titties like some old bull dyke. Besides, Molly's breasts were so small that if there was anything wrong it would be easy to see, and I would have noticed myself.

"Yeah, it was real educational," Molly went on. "She felt all around my boobies, and checked my nipples, and felt under my arms too. Then she took her top off and wanted me to help examine her so I knew what to do. Boy, Ethel's breasts are really big, aren't they Grandpa? They're as big as my friend Angie's are, except Angie's are really firm."

"Grandma Ethel's nipples are big too, and then she had me check for lumps under her arms," Molly went on, and I leaned against the tree as the surge roared through my groin. "You should shave Grandma Ethel's armpits like you do mine, because hers are really hairy. They're hairier than yours are, Grandpa."

My knees buckled as jets of my seed spurted out onto the ground, and Molly pumped and milked me with all of her might until I pulled her hand off.

"Wow, that was fun," Molly said as she looked at the back of her hand and licked the string of semen from her knuckles. "We'll have some more fun tomorrow night Grandpa. You know what tomorrow night is? BINGO!" she squealed as she ran around the barn and back to the house.

Chapter 2. Midnight conversations with... Ethel!

That night I woke up for one of my runs to the bathroom, and avoided Molly's room like the plague, needing to save my energy up for later on. When I returned to bed Ethel rolled out and went herself, and when she came back she was in the mood for talk.

"Are you awake, Ed?" Ethel asked, and I grunted a response that I hoped she would take as a no, but I was wrong.

"I need to talk to you about Molly," Ethel said, and my heart skipped several beats.

"What about Molly?" I asked groggily, realizing after a moment that if she had found out, or even suspected what was going on, she would have been screaming instead of whispering.

"I think we should take her to the doctor and have her looked at," Ethel announced. "I think there's something wrong with her."

"Nothing wrong with her," I grunted. "She's a healthy young woman."

"Well, I happened to see her while she was getting dressed, and I couldn't believe my eyes!" Ethel said.

"Oh that's right," I said. "Molly said something about you two checking each other for lumps or something."

"She did?" Ethel asked in a shocked voice, before rambling onward. "Well, the girl has no bosom! She's as flat as a boy!"

"So what?" I said while rolling away from Ethel. "Breasts come in all sizes."

"It's just not right," Ethel said. "There's something wrong with the child. What man would want to be with a girl built like that?"

I was tempted to tell the old battle axe exactly what kind of a man would want to be with a girl like that, but I bit my tongue as she babbled on.

"If you feel like that, then say something to Renee or Todd," I suggested. "It's her parents' business, not yours. Besides, I'm sure she goes to the doctor every year."

"It's just not right," Etel sniffed. "It's not fair that the girl has to go through life looking like that, because she's so cute otherwise."

Eventually I tuned Ethel out and was able to fall asleep, resisting the urge to tell the old crow what I thought of her opinions. Better to get some rest and save my energy for later.

Chapter 3. Molly gets the good word.

"Ed told me you wanted your friend Angie to come visit you for a few days," Ethel said to Molly as we ate dinner Tuesday night. "I wasn't sure about that, but you've been such a good girl so far this summer that I've decided she could come up for the weekend."

"That's really great, Grandma Ethel!" Molly chirped. "Thank you so much, both of you."

I nodded as I tried to picture this girl in my mind while I toyed with my mashed potatoes, and squirmed with anticipation at the thought of what we would be doing.

Ethel eventually left for bingo, and I hopped up the stairs to Molly's room. Molly jumped into my arms the minute I entered the room, hugging me and kissing me wildly.

"Oh, this is going to be so great, Grandpa Ed," Molly exclaimed.

As we were celebrating, and my cock began to stiffen in my trousers, it just occurred to me that Ethel had told Molly to invite Angie this weekend.

"Wait!, I cautioned Molly. "This weekend is no good. Ethel will be around all weekend!"

"Oh poop!" Molly said.

"Wait a minute," I decided while calling an audible. "We'll tell Ethel that she couldn't come up until Monday. Make up something - anything. Better to beg forgiveness than ask permission. Remember that in the future."

"Okay Grandpa Ed!" Molly chirped while running out the door and down the hall. "We can call Angie and tell her."

"What about... you know - us?" I yelled down to Molly, who soon came back up with the phone receiver in hand.

"We can do both at once," Molly said with a smile.

Chapter 4. Phone sex, sort of.

Moments later, Molly and I were both stark naked. Molly was on her back with those shapely and petite legs spread wide, while I had my head between those soft thighs, lapping away at that sweet pussy while Molly called Angie.

"Ang? Molly!" she yelled into the phone, and it was a good thing she was loud because my ears were blocked at the time, and that gave me the opportunity to hear half of an interesting conversation.

"Guess what I'm doing?" Molly began. "I'm getting my pussy eaten, and you wanna know who's doing it? MY GRANDPA ED!"

Nothing like the stark honesty of youth to bring home exactly what I was doing to the light of day, I thought to myself. Strangely enough, it shocked me but did not disturb me greatly, and it did not affect my tongue spinning around Molly's clit, or deter me from having my nose inside her as well, inhaling the sweet scent of her sex.

"Yeah!" Molly continued. "Grandpa is so cool! He shaved my pussy last week. Is it still smooth Grandpa?"

I grunted an affirmative response, as my cheeks felt nothing but smooth skin around her raised mound.

"You gotta come up and visit me Angie," Molly proclaimed,. "Come up next Monday and stay a couple days with me. You gotta let my Grandpa fuck you. I told him you would let him fuck you in the ass. He's HUGE! Oh man!" Molly screamed as she began to cum, and my nose and mouth got squirted while she squirmed on the bed and howled into the phone.

"Oh... wait...I'm back," Molly said panting as she started talking again. "Yeah - I just came. Grandpa eats pussy as good as you do. Now I think he wants to fuck me, that right Grandpa Ed?"

Apparently Molly must have gotten that impression because I had gotten up on my knees, my throbbing erection no longer content with grinding into the bedding, and wanted in. I whispered to Molly to hang up, but she smiled and shook her head.

"Grandpa's gonna put his cock inside me now," Molly revealed. "You wanna stay on the line? Thought so."

I shook my head but began rubbing the crown of my cock up and down her slippery slit anyway, teasing both of us while Molly babbled on the phone.

"Oh - the tip of it is inside me now. Oooooh, the head - Oh!" Molly yelped as the bulb penerated her. "Easy Grandpa Ed. That's nice. Be gentle Grandpa. He fucked me so good a couple weeks ago, but it hurt me inside, even though I wanted it. Yes, I told you he's big. Way bigger than Billy. Ow, it hurts but it hurts good. Got most of it in. What? Okay, here!"

Molly reached up and tried to hand me the phone, but I couldn't hold myself up with one hand with my other fist wrapped around the shaft of my cock, so Molly jammed it into my neck, where I held it in place with my head.

"Uh, hello?" I asked.

"Grandpa, what the hell are you doing to that little girl?" a sassy voice screamed into my ear. "Got your cock in that sweet pussy huh?"


"Bet that's a tight little snatch for you if you're as big as Molly says," Angie snapped.

"Tight," I grunted while looking down at Molly who was thrusting her hips up to meet mine.

"You oughta fuck her in the ass," Angie said. "She let you do that yet?"


"Chicken shit little twat," Angie snapped. "What a baby. I'll let you fuck me in the ass next week. I'll bet you like it that way, don't ya?"

"Don't know - never," I managed.

"Tough to talk and fuck at the same time Grandpa?" Angie asked. "Put Molly back on."

I montioned for Molly to take the phone, and she obliged.

"Getting good Angie," Molly said. Here - listen."

Molly set the phone on the bed next to her and began making loud noises, screaming at me with vulgarities meant for the phone audience, and while the phone bill might be tough to explain, I was beyond caring at that point.

I rolled Molly over and stuck it in from behind, a position we both liked because I was able to penerate her even deeper. Molly was chirping away as I thrust into her, and I was grunting loudly as well, the thought of being listened to stimulating me as well.

When we came a few minutes later, my sweaty body crouched over Molly's as my seed erupted into her, we were both screaming at the top of our lungs.

In a minute Molly picked the phone back up, and I fell off to her side as she told Angie how good it was. Molly then handed me the phone once more.

"Hey Grandpa, that was insane," Angie hooted into my ear. "I practically had my fist up my cunt when you two were cumming. Damn, I can't wait to get up there next week!"

"Uh - look forward to seeing you," I offered in response, not knowing what else to say to that.

"Better save up your energy Grandpa," Angie said. "I'm a little tougher to please than Molly. Think you're gonna be up to it?"

"I... hope so."

As I gave the phone back to Molly, who wrapped up the arrangements with Angie, I wasn't sure how I felt about this other young lady. She was certainly brash and vulgar, and I didn't like her calling me Grandpa. Still and all, after having Molly describe her to me, I wanted her. Just as badly as I wanted Molly.

Chapter 5. Angie arrives.

I had been at the store when Angie first arrived that following Monday, and when I saw the beat up old Toyota parked at the side of the house my heart lept with excitement. I grabbed the grocery bag and walked around to the back of the house, looking in the kitchen for signs of Molly's friend but seeing only Ethel.

"Molly's friend is here," Ethel said with a roll of her eyes as I entered the kitchen.

"That's nice," I said casually while putting the milk in the fridge.

"Horrible!" Ethel hissed at me. "No wonder they try to keep her away from Molly. She looks like a vampire."

"Just stuff kids do these days to annoy the old-timers," I told Ethel, and I went upstairs to say hello to our company.

When I reached Molly's room the door was ajar, and so I peeked in. There sitting on the bed, was Angie, Molly's friend, and I had to admit she looked a little scary.

Jet black hair cut so short it was like a crew cut, and a lot of eye makeup that did give her a ghoulish appearance of sorts. Angie was wearing jeans and a green army jacket that gave no hints regarding this incredible body she was suppposed to have. As I was checking her out, Angie looked up and saw me in the doorway.

"Hey Grandpa Ed!" Angie said loudly, and I waved and smiled at the brash young woman.

"Hello Angie," I said softly. "You don't have to call me Grandpa Ed. Ed will do fine."

"I like Grandpa Ed better," Angie announced.

"Isn't she pretty?" Molly asked with a smile.

"Oh yes, very much so," I agreed. "You two have fun now."

I pulled the door closed behind me and headed down to my bedroom, shaking my head at the crazy situation I was in, a situation that got crazier when I felt someone grab me from behind and direct me into the bathroom. Angie.

Angie nudged me into the bathroom and put the hook in the eye to secure the door before leaping into my arms. I could taste the cigarette she must have had earlier as her tongue forced its way into my mouth.

"Like tits grandpa?" Angie asked as she reached down and grabbed my hands, bringing them up the outside of her shirt, where they found a pair of breasts that felt gigantic. I groaned as I hefted them through the fabric, while Angie felt around my trousers.

"Holy shit Grandpa!" Angie said as her hand found my cock, which was rapidly energizing down the inside of my thigh.

Angie pulled me over and sat on the toilet seat before me, unzipping my fly and pulling my cock out, yanking on it violently several times to the sounds of my moans of delight.

"Molly wasn't kidding man, this is one big dick," Angie said before bringing it to her mouth.

I looked down as the head of my cock disappeared inside Angie's mouth, and her lips hungrily slid down the shaft, trying to take it all in. No shy young thing was she, for Angie was obviously an experienced cocksucker, and her fist was churning on the base of my cock while her full lips rode up and down the rest of me.

"Arrrgh!" I groaned while I reached over to the wall for support with one hand, and running my other hand through her short slick hair, and at this rate I was about to cum any second.

Just then a noise came from the door, as an attempt was made to open it followed by the startled voice on the other side. Ethel.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" Ethel exclaimed in shock.

"Uh, sorry Grandma Ethel!" Angie said after taking my cock out of her throat. "Be right out."

Angie reached back and flushed the toilet, and stood up and went over to the sink and washed her hands. I had few options. The little window in the shower would have been an impossible exit even if it wasn't on the second floor. Angie smiled at me as she washed her hands, and shrugged her shoulders.

"Better think fast Grandpa Ed," Angie whispered in my ear, and I did the only thing I could think of doing, which was to hop in the shower and pull the curtain closed behind me. Maybe Ethel had gone downstairs and I could duck out after Angie left. Please.

"Sorry Grandma Ethel," Angie said very loudly for my benefit.

"Oh that's okay dear," Ethel said. "Guess I'm not used to having so many people around to use the facilities."

I held my breath as I heard Ethel close the door behind herself, trying not to make the slightest sound as I heard her fiddling with her clothes before plopping down on the bowl. Could she hear my heart beating? My breathing? Just pee and flee, I prayed as sweat poured down my face.

No such luck, as an explosive eruption came from the other side of the curtain, and Ethel let loose with what sounded like one of the most prolific shits in the history of crapping. Another ear-splitting belch of air followed, and the splashing sounds that followed almost made my explode myself, only in laughter.

I was biting my lip as Ethel continued to let loose with the most vile audio display imaginable. Looking down, my cock was still hanging out, but all thoughts of cumming were long gone, as it had shriveled up from terror. How I wanted to just let my laughter go, and it was only fear that kept me choking it back.

"Rock of Ages..." Ethel began first singing, and then humming, and now I was doubled over, tears joining the sweat rolling down my face. The stench was wafting in and surrounding me, and of course the old crow had neglected to turn on the fan, so now I was holding my nose while biting my lip.

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