tagIncest/TabooGrandpa Initiates Granddaughter Ch. 2

Grandpa Initiates Granddaughter Ch. 2


The next day, Carissa was up early to help Grandma weed the garden. The rays of the morning sun pierced the coolness, promising a hot afternoon. Both women wore shorts, although Carissa's were much shorter and tighter than her Grandmother's. Grandma also wore a long-sleeved blouse and bonnet to protect her skin from the sun, while Carissa wore a strapless knit top with elastic around the top and bottom to hold it in place. One of her goals for the summer was to get a tan, and now was a good time to start.

Grandpa had looked at her attire with appreciation during breakfast, and when Grandma went back to their bedroom for her bonnet, he'd taken the opportunity to pull Carissa's top down below her breasts and fondle them until Grandma's approaching footsteps ended their game. She didn't seem to notice Carissa's flushed face and stiff nipples, or how her husband made a point of keeping his back to her until the women went outside. Carissa noticed that Grandpa had rubbed his penis against her, and that it seemed to be sticking out, but she didn't know why. She'd seen Grandpa's penis numerous times. He always had let her watch him pee, and many times when Grandma was gone, they'd showered together, then waited a while to put their pajamas on. Carissa had happy memories of reading books, playing board games, and watching tv with grandpa while they were naked.

Carissa and Grandma worked in the garden for a couple of hours, only quitting when the heat got to be too much for the older woman. Grandma headed to the house to cool down, and said she would be doing some laundry, then starting lunch.

"Carissa, why don't you go down to the barn and help grandpa. I think he's cleaning out the hay mow. Tell him lunch will be ready at 11:30."

Carissa happily headed off to the barn, and breathed a sigh of relief when she entered the cool shadowy interior of the big old building. She could hear grandpa's pitchfork scraping the floor above her as he piled up the old hay and readied the loft for the new crop. She quickly climbed the ladder to the mow.

"Need any help, Grandpa?" she asked, knowing what the answer would be.

"I sure do," he answered, "and especially pretty help like you! It's so warm up here, why don't we slip off our clothes," he suggested. Carissa smiled and agreed, hoping that he would touch her some more, especially how he had the night before. Grandpa had told her that special feeling he'd given her was called an orgasm, and she wanted another one! They shed their clothes, with Carissa watching closely when grandpa took off his boots and slipped out of his jeans and shirt. She hadn't really realized before that her grandpa had a pretty nice body for an older guy. She supposed all the farm work kept him lean and muscular. She found herself staring at his cock. It was long and thick, hanging well down his thighs, and surrounded by thick graying curly hair. His testicles appeared full and heavy, just like Carissa remembered from past summers. She felt herself getting that feeling in her tummy just from looking at him.

"You haven't seen Grandpa's cock for a long time have you, baby girl?" he queried. "You just look all you want. I like having you look at me, just like I enjoy seeing your sweet body."

"Oh Grandpa," she said breathlessly. "Can I feel it?"

He motioned her forward, and breathed raggedly as she took his cock in both her hands, exploring the weight and length of it. He felt himself hardening as her small soft hands fondled him as if trying to memorize the shape of his penis and size of his balls.

"It's getting hard, Grandpa." She said with curiosity. "Why?"

"It's just like when your pussy gets wet," he explained. "It feels really good when you touch me, but instead of getting wet, my cock gets hard. If you rub it long enough, it will get wet too. Stuff called semen or cum will squirt out of the slit on the end. That happens when I have an orgasm, like what I gave you last night."

"I love you so much, Grandpa," Carissa whispered. "I want to make you have an orgasm."

Grandpa moaned softly and led her to a pile of soft hay, then pulled her down next to him. He guided her hands, showing her how he liked to be touched. She wrapped both her little hands around his erection, pumping them up and down along his shaft as she straddled his thighs. He squeezed her tits, toying with her puffy, pink nipples, tugging at them and rolling them between his fingers as she rubbed his prick. The combination of her hands on his cock, the feel of her tits, and the vision of her naked body straddling his legs brought on his orgasm rapidly. After only a few minutes, he came with a deep groan, his thick squirts of semen landing on Carissa's chest and breasts.

As he was recovering, he realized that his baby girl was still flushed and aroused, rubbing her pussy against his thigh, and he quickly pulled her up so she was straddling his chest.

"I'm going to kiss your pussy this time, baby," he instructed. "I can make you come this way too."

She was so hot and wet that she readily agreed, and scooted herself forward so her sweet pussy was pressed against her grandpa's mouth. She whimpered softly when she felt his tongue probe between her cunt lips, and pushed her hips down, forcing him mouth deeper between her lips. He licked and sucked like a starving man, and in a short time her young body was writhing in orgasm. He held firmly to her hips, keeping his mouth at the opening of her vagina and sucking out her sweet juice as she came.

They lay on the soft hay pile for a while, recuperating from their encounter, then Carissa helped Grandpa finish cleaning up the hay loft before they headed to the house for lunch.

"After we eat, I know Grandma will take a nap," Grandpa speculated. "We'll have time for some more loving."

"I hope so, Grandpa." Carissa said with a shy smile. She felt her pussy swell in anticipation.

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