tagIncest/TabooGrandpa was "The Assman" Ch. 04

Grandpa was "The Assman" Ch. 04


Grandpa Ted's vacation with his son and his family continues, and now Cathy's grandfather is faced with another dilemma, as she has made it clear that she wants something more than just her Grandpa's tongue inside of her.


Chapter One: Easy for you to say.

"Just relax, Grandpa," Cathy said softly as she dutifully squeezed the trigger on my toy, the Ejaculator 3000. "We have all night."

"I know honey," I agreed, and what I wanted to explain to her was that not only was I a 67 year old man who, after having three orgasms in the last 3 nights, was starting to feel his age for the first time in a while, but I was having some moral issues that were probably part of my problem.

For some perverse reason, I was having trouble with the fact that after having had no problem making Cathy quite happy with my tongue as I explored her pussy and ass, the immorality of actually penetrating my granddaughter with my cock had left me, in a word, limp.

We had managed to wedge my semi-turgid cock into the latex sleeve of the suction device, but had made little progress since then. Cathy was not fazed in the least however, and was intent on getting me hard enough to fuck her.

"Not in the bottom," I had told her in no uncertain terms.

There was no way that I could ever get hard enough to get into that tiny asshole of Cathy's, and the thought of me trying to stuff my fat dick into an anus that was way tighter than her grandmother's had been would only lead us to frustration. Even her Grandma, with her anus much more expansive than Cathy's, used to have some trouble taking me in the ass, and that was back in the days when my erections were much more like blue steel than they were now.

Her pussy was another story though. After licking that furry, sweet-smelling pussy, I was sure that I could get it hard enough to get in that juicy honeypot, as long as I could get my mind around the fact that the pussy in question was my granddaughter's.

"Here Grandpa," Cathy said, maneuvering around so that she was sitting almost on my face. "See anything you like? See anything you want to lick while I get you hard?"


Chapter Two: Choices.

Indeed I did see something - two things to be precise. The juicy over-sized labia, with the sparse thicket of golden brown hairs surrounding it, was tempting, but faced with a choice, my tongue had a distinct preference. One that I made clear as I reached up and guided her plump bottom down on my face.

"Ooh Grandpa!" I hear Cathy moan faintly as my tongue burrowed into the puckered ring, the faint circle of hairs around the knot tickling my face as I licked her ravenously. "Feels so good. Your cock. Getting hard!"

I could feel that, as Cathy's continued pumping, along with the treat I was lapping at, were doing the trick. Soon I could feel my cock getting squeezed my plastic sleeve of the pump, and as Cathy hit the release at broke the vacuum, she was already yanking it off of my cock and spinning her body around.

She had my cock in her fist and was squatting over it before slowly moving down on my cock.

"Oh. So fucking big," Cathy hissed, and while she might have said it profanely, she was accurate.

I could feel my cock tearing through her tender opening, spreading her tight pussy like it may not have been stretched before. My hands went up to grab her apple-sized breasts, for her support and for my pleasure, and as those tiny nipples poked into my palms she impaled herself onto my cock with a barely muffled squeal.

Cathy came fast, less than a minute after I had entered her, she was writhing as she rode me hard, and I had to fight not to come myself when that already tight pussy clenched my manhood savagely.

"Still hard," Cathy gasped as she slowly wiggled her pudgy frame on my crotch, and I nodded.

"When you get tired, let me know," I told her, and after another minute she rolled over onto her back.

I was on top of her as fast as my 67 year old bones could manage, and there was no chance that I was going to lose my hard-on now. With it in my fist, I impaled Cathy once again, and from this angle she seemed just as tight. A few slow strokes in and out, and we got into a rhythm.

Cathy was holding onto my upper arms with what felt like iron fingers, her grip tight as I began to thrust into her harder and faster. Cathy's face was flushed and shiny with sweat, some of it mine I suspect, as I began to sweat profusely all over her.

She was cumming again in a few minutes, and as I watched the orgasm begin to wash over her, I began to pound into her harder and faster. By the time she came, I was humping her like a jackhammer.

I wasn't 67 anymore. For a few brief moments I was Cathy's age, and after Cathy came, and the legs that she had wrapped around my butt fell off to the bedding in exhaustion, I kept going.

It would be great to say that it lasted hours, but of course it didn't. While it lasted though, I felt like the young animal that had ravaged her grandmother back in our youth. Soon Cathy was limp beneath me, weakly submitting to my feral lust, and when I could hold back no longer, I came.

I know I came inside of her at first until I panicked and pulled my cock out and rubbed it along her labia, finishing by cumming on her belly before my orgasm finally stopped rattling my bones.

"Oh Grandpa," Cathy said as she looked up at me with glazed eyes. "That was the best."

I nodded before falling of to the side, exhausted beyond description, and it took me the better part of a half hour before I could manage to get to my feet. Cathy, it must be said, was still on her back, legs akimbo with my cum drying on her belly and bush.

"Should have cum inside of me," Cathy whispered.

"Are you on the pill?" I asked, but Cathy shook her head, maybe thinking that at my advanced age I was shooting blanks.

I got back into my pajamas and picked up my Ejaculator 3000 before kissing Cathy good night and heading back downstairs, stopping at the bathroom for a groin bath and a leak before going into my bedroom.


Chapter Three: I guess my heart is strong.

That was what I was thinking a moment later, after I eased into the guest room where I had been sleeping. I sensed something, but before I could turn on the night light, I heard the voice.

"Dad?" came the voice from the semi-darkness.

I dropped my Ejaculator 3000 at the sound of the voice that belonged to my daughter-in-law Beth, and as my eyes adjusted to the dimness of the room, I saw her sitting on the edge of my bed, hands folded on her lap.

"Beth?" I said in a voice that reflected my shock and confusion.

"Close the door, Dad," Beth said, and I nodded, having to nudge the pieces of my toy out of the way as I did.

"Sit down Dad," Beth said. "We have to talk."

"Sure," I said in a voice that sounded anything but that. "What's wrong?"

"I saw you," Beth said. "I saw what you did to Cathy."


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