tagIncest/TabooGrandpa's Best Girl

Grandpa's Best Girl


Ch 1

My grandchildren, Adam and Teresa, came to live with me after their parents died. I promised I’d look after them just like their parents would have, and I did my best. I guess Adam thought I was too strict. He dropped out of high school his senior year and moved out. I kept Teresa and made her promise two things: to graduate from high school and to stay a virgin until she got married.

I chaperoned her dates until she was eighteen. After that, I did what her mother would have done and waited up for Teresa to come home. Then I caught her in the driveway with her date’s hand up her skirt. After run him off, Teresa and I had a long talk. The talk ended with me informing Teresa that I was going to check her before she went to bed. Teresa wasn’t sure what I meant. After explain what I had in mind she didn’t seem to mind this after date inspection. It was almost like she expected it. She hiked her skirt and dropped her panties. I probed her very wet pussy with a finger and found her hymen still intact. As I pulled out, Teresa grabbed my wrist and moved my fingers up to her hard clit. “ touch me there, too. Grandpa,” she said.

My daughter and I had been intimate before she got married and for a few year more. I honestly believe she would have wanted me to masturbate Teresa just like she would have done herself. I began rubbing Teresa’s clit up and down, side to side, in slow circles. She seemed to enjoy it. She bent at the knees and rocked her hips. After a few minutes her knees gave out and she tumbled back onto the Lay-Z-Boy, her legs spread wide, one hand on her pussy furiously rubbing while she kneaded a breast through her blouse with the other. She came with a squeal, legs quivering and her eyes shut tight.

I hadn’t realized until just then how much she looked like her mother. Teresa lay there, breasts heaving as she gulped in air. I stood over her almost as out of breath as she was. She looked up at me with a smile and rubbed the bulge of my cock. “I’d like to feel that inside me,” she said.

“Oh, baby,” I breathed.

Teresa was busy unbuttoning and unzipping my pants as she spoke. “Please, Grandpa, put your cock into me.” she pulled down my pants. She sat up and grabbed my underwear. “Put it up my butt, Grandpa.” she pulled my underwear down, freeing my cock in her face. “after all, it isn’t really fucking, is it?” then she kissed the tip of my cock.

Her mother and I used the same argument back when I first got inside her bottom. It was like history repeating itself. Teresa looked up at me with her wet lips pressed against my cock. Her eyes begged me. “No, baby,” I laced my fingers behind her head and pushed my cock between her lips and into her willing mouth. “not quite, but almost as good.”

I fucked my granddaughter’s mouth until my cock was spit wet all over. Then I stepped out of my pants as shifted on the chair with her knees in the seat and her ass out. Her asshole puckered a bit, then opened slightly as she relaxed,. I set my cock against the tight ring and pushed. Teresa’s anus sucked my cock in as I thrust my cock into her bowels. She shook her ass from side to side and together we worked my cock in to the hilt.

After a few strokes we hit our stride. Teresa clenched down on the in-stroke, almost skinning my cock with her tight hold, then relaxed as I pulled out. I kept a death grip on her side as I steadily fucked her butt. Teresa reached under and played with her pussy, moaning as we drove on. I could feel her asshole spasm and I knew she was having another orgasm. A half a dozen quick strokes later and I was there, too, pumping a load of sperm into my granddaughter’s ass.

Ch 2 We cuddled together on the couch afterwards, half-dressed and sweaty. Teresa confessed that she had found her mother’s letters, the ones I had written while my daughter was away at college. Teresa knew about our relationship all along and had been hoping to have one with me, too. I confessed everything to her about her mother, her uncle and her aunts in our younger days. Teresa accepted it well. So that’s how it went for about a month. Teresa moved into my bed full-time. I’d stay up and wait for Teresa to come home. She’d get her inspection. We’d butt screw. After the month, Teresa asked me if I wanted to know about her dates. She had such a mischievous look in her eyes that I couldn’t refuse.

I agreed to have all the lights out and stay hidden the next time. She would bring her fellow into the living room and then I could watch her “take care” of him. When the door opened, I heard Teresa shush him and together they tiptoed into the living room.

It was too dark to see more than shadows against shadows. I wished I’d left a lamp on. I could hear cloth sounds, and kissing, and the springs of the couch rhythmically as they began ass screwing. I was naked. My own cock was hard and throbbing in anticipation when I heard the young man pick up speed. He tried to stifle himself, but I clearly heard him whisper, “I’m coming! Sis, I’m coming!” It was Adam, Teresa’s brother.

I shielded my eyes and hit the wall switch. The ceiling light caught the two lovebirds going at it doggie-style on the couch. They squinted against the unexpected glare. Adam’s cock was wilting with the shock and he backpedaled away blindly. I ignored hi for the moment. I grabbed Teresa by the waist, flipped her over onto her back, got between her legs, slammed my cock into her pussy before she could say a word.

I felt her maidenhead give way as I took my granddaughter’s virginity…the same way I’d taken her mother’s years before.

Teresa just stared down at where our bodies connected, mouth agape, eyes big and round and watering a little. She froze like that for a few moments. Then she gasped in a breath and moaned, “OH Grandpa, fuck me!” She threw her arms and legs around me. Her nipples were hot and hard against my chest. Her nails scratched my back as she clawed me in passion. I had no control, no finesse. I didn’t even care that this was my grandbaby’s first time and I should be gentle. I just pounded my cock in and out like a piston, not thinking, moving on pure animal instinct. Her pussy clutched my cock like a wet velvet glove. Teresa moaned into my neck louder and louder until she went silent, her body trembling as she slammed her hips into me. My orgasm hit me like a wave and unleashed a flood deep inside her pussy. I dropped onto her body, and lay there, weak, my heart pounding in my ears. When I finally got up, Adam swiftly moved to replaced me between his sister’s legs.

if you have any ideals as to what should happen next feel free to email me, thanks

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