Granny Comes to Town


She walked over to Granny, who had been watching all this with interest. She pirouetted in front of her, sticking her backside pertly back, into Granny's face then bending forward to give her an eyeful of her boobs.

"Not bad are they?" Granny nodded. Bonny leant forward and took out the gag. Granny gasped for air but didn't speak. "Want to see more?" She nodded again. Bonny sidled up to her and pushed her crotch into Granny's face, riding her as I had been forced to do earlier. Bonny turned to me smiling. "Her tongue is going like mad, so I think she is enjoying this." She slipped down her panties, leaving the suspenders and stockings. It was quite a sight and my own cock, which had softened rather while we were talking, started to spring up again. Bonny beckoned me over and grabbing my cock held it in front of Granny's face. She desperately tried to stick out her tongue and reach it and I realised that although we had been ignoring her for several minutes and she had been tied like that for at least twenty, she was getting as horny as anything.

I went behind her and tried to pull down her panties. I couldn't because she was held against the table, so I pulled them aside and pushed my fingers into her. She was really wet and I could feel her whole cunt was swollen with arousal. I pulled out my fingers, they were wet and I held them up for Bonny to see. She leaned forward and licked them, then bent down and pushed her tongue into Granny's mouth.

"Can you taste that?" she said, "that's your own juices." Bonny reached down to her own pussy and fingering herself came up with wet fingers again. She slipped them into Granny's mouth, and she sucked eagerly. "That's me this time." Bonny licked her own fingers again, then slipped them back into her, playing with herself only inches from Granny's face, then grinding her pussy into Granny's mouth.

I was still working at the other end, feeling her arousal grow. She was getting much more than she expected, but seemed to be enjoying it nevertheless. I took my fingers out of her wet pussy and moved to her anus, slipping each wet finger in, one at a time. With my other hand I renewed my attentions to her cunt, each hand working independently, but as I could feel bringing her closer and closer to coming. Suddenly it hit, her body going into spasms as the waves of the orgasm passed through her, but she couldn't move. Bonny had her pussy jammed tight into Granny's mouth now, relentlessly grinding away. She didn't need to be gagged, because her tongue was deep inside Bonny's own swollen cunt. I watched as her orgasm passed, then as Bonny herself came, thrusting herself into Granny's face, time and again.

Bonny stepped back but I kept working at Granny's cunt, I could feel her coming up again, so just before she came I slipped my own achingly hard cock deep into her anus, ramming hard as she came. Just as she peaked I came myself, pumping what seemed like gallons into her, tearing at her without restraint. I collapsed forward, still deep inside her, still pushing feebly.

After a minute or so I stood up, a little shamefaced at having used her so hard. I collapsed on the bed, leaving her tied, with Bonny beside me. She kissed me full on the lips saying, "That was fun. I really enjoyed that." She rolled me back on the bed and sat astride my face. "Wait" I said. I turned round so that my head was at the foot of the bed, hanging over. Bonny straddled me, holding my head up with one hand pushing it fiercely into her dripping cunt. We were only about a foot in front of Granny's face and she could see as my tongue licked and probed at Bonny, flicking at her clit, letting her drip into my mouth and drinking her in. Bonny was on a roll now, coming several times, each one slightly more intense than the last. After what seemed like forever, my neck was aching but it seemed that Bonny was at last sated. She gently released my head and allowed me to sit up. My face was slick with her wetness. I wiped my mouth with my hand then held it out to Granny. She eagerly licked it clean, sucking desperately on each finger. I collapsed backwards on the bed, my cock still slightly hard and lying across my thigh. Bonny knelt in front of Granny. "Do you want to be fucked again?" Granny nodded. Bonny unfastened her legs first, then her arms. As she was released she slipped back but Bonny caught her and helped her to the bed, stretching her out starlike, then quickly tying her again.

Bonny sat astride her face and I watched as Granny's tongue shot out, trying to taste her. Bonny laughed and pulled just out of reach, then knelt, fingering herself just above Granny's face. It didn't take long before she came again, then again, each time letting her wetness drip across Granny's face, before putting her slick wet fingers into her mouth to let her suck them clean.

Watching this performance had got me hard again. Bonny saw me swelling up and dragged me by the cock to hold it above Granny's face, before working me over with her mouth and tongue only inches above her face. As Bonny dragged me deep into her throat, I felt Granny suck one of my balls into her own mouth. She was still game for more it seemed. I was near to bursting in Bonny's mouth, but before I could, Bonny pulled away then squeezed my cock head hard to soften me and stop me coming.

"Save it for our friend," she said. She looked down at Granny, stroking her check lovingly, with one hand while grasping a nipple hard in the other, twisting it slightly. Granny bucked in the constraints, her lips parted, breathing hard.

"How do you want it next? In the mouth, anal or in your cunt?"

"Everything" said Granny. "I have a dildo in my bag."

Bonny's eyes widened. "You are a game girl aren't you?" She went over and pulled from the bag a large shiny black dildo. It was at least two inches longer than me, with a greater girth too. She brought it back and held it in front of Granny's eyes. "You take that inside you," she said wonderingly.

Granny nodded. Bonny looked over at me, then without hesitation started to feed the huge rubber cock into herself. It went deep and deeper and then bottomed out with an inch to go. "You take all of this?" she said.

"Not that way," said Granny. Bonny's eyes really popped now. "This I must see. " She quickly released Granny's legs, then swung them up to expose her firm arse cheeks. She withdrew the dildo from herself, it was slick with her own juices, so without hesitation she started feeing it into Granny's soft anal cavity, itself still wet from my earlier fucking of her. Slowly it disappeared, until amazingly it all went in to the hilt. Granny shuddered with pleasure as Bonny released her legs.

"Its up to you now Freeman, see if you can compete with that." I crouched over Granny, lifting her legs up and over my shoulders, exposing the black dildo deep in her arse. My cock was now rock hard and already drooling in anticipation of what was to come. Bonny parted her pussy lips and guided me in. I could feel her tight around me, the unusual firmness caused by the dildo pressing against the entire length of my shaft as I thrust deeper. I wasn't in any mood to hang around now, so I pushed hard, banging deeply into her again and again. I made no effort to bring her to orgasm, just pushed and thrust and hammered brutally at her. Despite that I could feel her pushing back and as we got our timing into sync, I was slamming at her like a hammer on an anvil. I came very quickly. It seemed to go on forever, turning me inside out. I don't normally shout when I'm coming but this time I found myself doing it, not coherently, just animal grunting and roaring as I hammered at her, until I found myself spent, with nothing left to give and fell back.

Bonny didn't pause, leaping forward to bury her face between Granny's legs, sucking out all that I had planted there it seems while Granny buried her face in Bonny's own sweet soft cunt. The two of them raged at each other for a few minutes more, Bonny grinding herself into Granny as she sucked deeply, their two bodies bumping and shaking for several minutes before both came simultaneously in a huge orgasm.

Bonny fell away and I finally released Granny from her bonds. "I'm sorry if I was too hard on you" I said rather shamefacedly, "but Bonny was unexpected and I rather got carried away."

She looked at me, saying nothing, then broke into a huge smile. "It was fucking fantastic," she said. "Can we do it again?"

We did too. She moved to the town and bought a big house on the proceeds of the land sales. The three of us met up from time to time and we abused her in similar ways each time. I mentioned this 'special treatment' to Mrs Major once, without mentioning names and she insisted on similar. In the end we had quite a network of women of a certain age who enjoyed the idea of losing control while being fucked within an inch of their lives. It was fun but exhausting. I couldn't keep up so Bonny recruited Young Joe. Of course she never took him to Granny's house and Granny never knew about him. It was all very discreet.

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