tagIncest/TabooGranny Pat Cums A'Calling Ch. 01

Granny Pat Cums A'Calling Ch. 01


Pete shook his head watching his grandmother, Liz, and her older sister, Pat, drinking the night away during a visit by Pat to Liz's summer home by the sea. The two old gals could pound down the wine, Pete thought to himself, with his grandmother, 62, less able to hold it the way Pat could. The curly-haired, pretty gray-haired woman would be 70 in a couple of weeks and was the noted boozer in the family, easily taking down a couple of bottles of wine a night, appearing none the worse for wear.

Pete's grandmother Liz was another story. The 19-year-old college student was also visiting his grandmother and was a kind young man, making dinner for the pair of divorced women and pouring their drinks long into the night as they sat on the moonlit side deck, chatting, laughing and getting more hammered by the minute.

Pete noticed how bad his grandmother was getting and insisted on taking her upstairs to bed, helping the groggy woman to her feet and escorting her into the house, Pat laughing behind them.

"Oh, Liz, my kid sister, never could handle her booze!" she roared, watching them go. "You're a good kid, Pete, such a sweetheart."

Pete sighed and dragged his barely awake grandma up the stairs and plunked her into bed, covering her in a blanket and sitting beside her. Liz had left the TV on, so Pete just laid down next to her in his baggy running shorts and t-shirt and flipped through the channels until he found something he liked. Soon, his eyes grew heavy and he thought about going downstairs to his room but he was too comfortable and dozed off, hearing Pat banging around the kitchen, presumably pouring herself a nightcap, as if she needed it.

The washer and dryer for the house were in the bathroom of Liz's huge master bedroom, where Pat had started some of her laundry a couple hours ago. Now the sexy older woman, after slipping into a tiny, mid-thigh nightgown cut low in front to expose much of her ample, wrinkled cleavage, tromped upstairs to get the wet clothes into the dryer, figuring to get a jump on things.

She rounded the stairs at the top and through the French doors leading to the bedroom and stopped dead in her tracks as she walked by the bed, looking casually to her left. There Pete lay snoozing away, Liz a lump under the blankets facing the other way and snoring in her drunken slumber. What caught her eye was Pete's massive, stiff cock sticking down the leg of his running shorts, thick and veiny, a good eight-inches long and round as Pat's bony old wrist!

She slowly walked around the side of the bed, staring at that giant dick, easily the biggest she'd seen in years, if not ever, and stood, just watching it. Pete had slipped off his t-shirt on this warm night, and his muscular young belly and chest glistened with a sexy sheen of perspiration. Pat stood, staring, transfixed by the sight. She wasn't sure how long she stood there, unsure of if she should just turn around and walk away, but then Pete stirred, twisting in his sleep, his shorts riding up exposing even more of his enormous cock.

Pat looked into his blinking eyes as he woke, groggy and not sure what she was doing there.

"Oh, hi, Aunt Pat," he yawned.

"I was, uh, just going to do some wash, Pete," she said softly, not wanting to wake her sister.

"Oh, OK, go ahead, I just put Grandma to bed and must've fallen asleep," he said stretching, and then his eyes shot downward when he felt a cool breeze on his dick. "Oh shit!"

He made a frantic effort to cover up, pulling a corner of the sheet over his cock as Pat looked, smiling.

"It's OK, honey, it's OK," she said soothingly. "You young ones...always ready, I guess! Don't be embarrassed, honestly, I....I...."

They stared into each other's eyes for a moment and then Pat found herself kneeling slowly by the bed, her face inches from Pete's astonished one. She smiled and bent to kiss him on the lips, gently, lovingly, one hand cradling his head, the other resting on his sexy chest, tracing down with her nails, making him shudder, more so as she moved his hand aside and cupped that giant cock under the sheet.

"Now then, Pete," she hissed, kissing his lips, parting them with her tongue and darting it inside as she slowly moved her hand up and down his long, hard cock, making him moan. "We shouldn't let a young man go wanting...."

"Are...are you sure?" he asked, wide-eyed and fully awake now, casting a quick look at his snoring grandmother.

"She's always slept like the dead, especially when she's been drinking," Pat smiled, turning her head to offer Pete's hungry mouth the thick sexy wrinkles of her granny neck, which the boy lapped and licked at like a hungry dog on a bone. "And yes, I'm sure....mmmm, that's so nice, lick Aunt Pat's neck, that SO turns me on!"

She brushed away the sheet and tugged down Pete's shorts with one hand as the young stud continued to lavish Pat's neck with suckling adoration, then reaching into her top to pull it down and twist her huge, thick brown nipples, massaging and caressing the thickly wrinkled saggy boobs as Pat jerked his cock harder and harder, looking down and marveling at its size, its heat, its constant leaking of precum that soon coated her bony fingers, squishing sounds filling the quiet air. She lifted that hand away from his cock, Pete groaning at its absence, but continuing to lick Pat's neck and then down to suckle her nearly 70-year-old tits, devouring them in his sucking young mouth.

Pat smiled and brought her hand to her lips, licking some off and then rubbing the rest on her tits, pulling them from Pete's anxious mouth to do it, the boy groaning as he saw the slimy glistening fluid on them, and then pulling them back into his mouth to suckle clean. Pat smiled, resuming her slow, steady handjob, watching Pete's huge young balls bounce against his thighs.

She bent her head down, her tits pulling from Pete's mouth, and lapped and then nibbled at his hard nipples, sucking them, running her tongue over the brown nubs, Pete moaning louder now, arching his hips into his aunt's creative hand, the fingers encircling the hard meat, stroking up and down, and twisting top to bottom, handling his cock the way no woman ever had.

She licked down his rocky belly and fisted his cock toward her mouth, smiling as he gasped the second she popped the slimy head into her suckling lips. She mewed animal sounds now, squatting, her thighs tight together and pressing her furry cunt and engorged clit as she blew him like a pro, corkscrewing her bony hand up and down, slipping his dick wetly in and out of his mouth.

"Oh, Auntie!" he moaned louder still.

She giggled to herself and with her free hand pulled off her soaked white panties, lifting them up to the side and showing Pete. She popped her mouth of his cock.

"Can't have you making noise, son," she growled dominantly, balling the wet material and rubbing it over his nose, Pete inhaling madly, before she stuffed the soggy panty into his mouth. "That should keep you quiet while I suck the cum out of this gorgeous young dick!"

Pete's world was now a swirl of sight, feel, sound and smell as the musky funk of Pat's pussy permeating his existence while she blew him, stroking his cock rapidly now, blasting the length in and out of her mouth, taking him balls deep and stopping occasionally to lap those bloated orbs with her tongue, the full shaft down her growling throat. Pete's balls knotted and he couldn't hold back, moaning around the smelly panty in his mouth and blasting the biggest load of his young life into the wrinkled, sexy mouth of his elderly aunt.

Pat came the second the first scorching jet of boy cream filled her mouth, swallowing frantically to keep up, feeling five, six and seven full-out blasts of jism fill her face and then leak out the corners of her mouth. She kept stroking him, pulling it out and taking the rest on her wrinkled cheeks and lips and pointed the remaining shots between her heaving, saggy tits, coating the wrinkled meat of them. Her own orgasm kept her jerking his young dick long after he'd finished cumming, until he giggled and wriggled free of her grasp. Pat sat back smiling and then leaned up and over the sated young man, those big, cum-streaked titties hanging in his face which he hungrily cupped in his hands and lapped clean of his jism after pulling Pat's aromatic panty from his mouth.

"Soooooooooooooooo good...," she cooed, holding his head, offering her those soaking wet tits. "Sooooooooooooooooo good...."

She finally broke free, standing and smiling at the exhausted lad, sweaty in his grandmother's bed. They both looked at her, snoring away. Pat slowly lifted the hem of her nightie, up over her wrinkled but firm, sexy old thighs, revealing a matted sweaty patch of thick gray pubic hair, the glistening lips within.

"I think we better take this downstairs, Pete," she hissed, curling a finger at the boy and then turning to walk away, her saggy old white ass flexing as she walked. "Come with me..."

Pete slavishly obeyed, his eyes never leaving that sexy old ass, walking downstairs with his sexy Auntie Pat for a night that would get even better.

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