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Grateful Slave


He was already laying in bed naked when I entered the room. A candle was lit and the faint sound of the ocean could be heard in the background. He had been waiting for me; and luckily, I was right on time. My master dislikes tardiness. It would have resulted in severe punishment. "You got here quickly; I am glad to see you are not late. I wouldn't want to have to mark that pretty little ass."

"Yes, master." I said no more. It was not my place to speak unless he gives me permission. Aside from the pain of discipline, I want to please him. After all he was my master; I am his most willing and grateful slave. Ironically, just hearing the hint of punishment makes my pussy juices flow even more. Thinking of him already had me wet and the thought of him beating my ass makes me cream.

"Get over here, slave, and take those fucking clothes off. I want to see my baby naked. I want to see that sweet pussy." As I was undressing, he grabbed me by the back of my hair and pulled me to the bed. I still had my panties on --a black sheer thong, which I know he loves. "Where do you belong, whore? Where does my whore belong?"

"On my knees ready to serve you however you say master." I whispered. It was the only acceptable reply and I knew it. "That's a good little slut. Now show me how much you love serving your master. Suck my cock."

"Oh yes master. Thank you master."

It was what I came here for. Never before in my life had sucking a man's cock been so pleasurable for me. But then never before had I been a slave for any man. This was the role I had been born to; this was my destiny. I started slowly. He was lying on his back now; a slight smile on his face and his eyes were dark with desire. He has trained me well over our time together and I knew just how to please him.

Ever on my knees, I crawled down to the bottom of the bed all the while running the tips of my fingers up his arm and across his shoulders. I stopped briefly to wet my fingers with cunt juice and gently tracing the outline of his nipples with the wetness. Then I licked it off. As I got to the bottom of the bed, I moved between his legs, still tracing my fingers down the sides of his body until I reached his feet. A good slave belongs on her knees at her master's feet and I was where I belonged. An anticipatory sigh escaped my lips. Then, silently, I started massaging one foot then the other, paying careful attention to each toe, every line and hill and valley on his feet. I followed my hands with my tongue, never taking my eyes off his face so he could see how much I enjoyed it. .

As I worked my way up his legs with my mouth, I watched his big beautiful cock grow. The sight of it made me moan. He picked up on my anticipation; it matched his own. "I said suck my cock, slut. I want to feel that pretty mouth of yours on me." I eagerly complied with his order. Easing the red engorged head between my lips, I ran my tongue over the top of the head around to the back, pulling it out to lovingly rub it on my face. How I loved the taste, the look, the feel and the smell of that cock. Snaking my tongue in and out of my mouth, I softly licked the shaft as it was rubbing my cheeks. He grabbed his cock in one of his hands and my hair with his other hand and started slapping me in the face with his cock. "Is this what you want, slut? You want this cock in your mouth, don't you, slut."

"Yes, master."

"How do you ask, you little cocksucking whore?"

"Please, master. please let me suck your cock. I live for it." I begged him and almost came as he shoved it in my mouth. I was vigorously sucking it, then I slowed the rhythm down to a slow, sensuous pace. Each stroke of my mouth brought more of his hard cock into my mouth. Suddenly, he grabbed me by the back of my head. "Suck it. I want to feel my cock on the back of your throat." His cock was so big it gagged me being shoved so abruptly down my throat. And I almost came! Actually, the force of all that dick in my mouth soaked my pussy. I was creaming and peeing at the same time and I left wet spots on the bed. "That's it, suck my cock like a good little whore, because that is what you are aren't you? My good little whore who knows how to please her master."

Just as I thought I would explode for the want of him, he smiled. "Get up here, whore. Let me feel my pussy, let me feel how wet you are for me. That's my pussy isn't it. whore? Get up here and ride your daddy."

"Oh yes, master. Thank you master!"

I almost came as I mounted him but I knew better. My master likes to feel me ride him slow so he can feel every drop and every inch of my - his - pussy. So I endure the agony of wanting to come and not giving in to the need. I transfer my energy into pleasing him and I get a more intense pleasure in return. I ride slowly in time with the faint sounds of the ocean heard in the background and watch his face flickering in candle light. While sucking his cock, I heard nothing but his breath, I was aware of nothing but my service to him. It is such a turn on, the rest of the world fades away. Now, once again, it gradually returns as I concentrate on what I know he wants of me and not of my wants. As I serve him, he fulfills me. I ride him slowly and fell the bush at the base of that magnificent cock rubbing ever so slightly against my pussy lips. This sensation and the fullness of him inside me starts to overtake me again. I rock slightly forward with the up stroke and backward with the down stroke and he knows what is happening inside me. "You want to come, don't you, slut? Does my little slave want to come?"

"Oh yes, master; please may I come? I NEED to come", I beg; and then I add before I forget myself and my place, "but only if it is what you want, master; I live to serve you and my pleasure comes from pleasing you."

"Go ahead baby, come for daddy.... and I'll come with you." Heaven erupts inside me as I feel his jism flow into me and I explode with each spasm of his cock. As I have learned to please, so am I pleased. I can't even catch my breath. Another spasm of pleasure overcomes me, then another, then another. Each jerk of his cock brings another wave of orgasm. I am rising up inside myself with each wave and just when I think I can take no more, I drift down again like a feather, always in his arms, surrounded by his arms and safe. I have never know such pleasure, such love, or such trust before. I am his slave and I shall always be. I have no choice, nor do I want one.

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