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Graves Does Hollywood


It was pretty hot in the Desert. The sun was just rising. Anyway….so, when we last left our friend Graves he had just "borrowed" a Chopper from a couple Harley Davidson followers. Well, he was in this hot desert, the sun coming out from over the horizon behind him. He hadn't changed much since we last left off, except for now he had shoes. Not just any shoes! But cowboy boots!

Well, much to his delight, the desert had only one road to go on to get to good ol' California, which, by some sort of Geographical mistake in existence, was only miles ahead! Graves revved the engine on the chopper a couple times, the engine roaring to life a few times, and did a sort of wheelie move, then sped towards the great state.

Within hours an hour Graves was cruising through the streets of Hollywood. He looked rather awkward wearing a Hawaiian shirt and cowboy boots while riding a chopper through the city streets, well tough titty, he was Graves, hear him roar. Looking around, Graves suddenly brought the chopper screeching to a stop. Cars behind him all screeched to a halt as well, a few crashing sounds announcing the fender benders, which he had caused. A few people behind him began to scream, yell and curse as he moved the chopper over to a sidewalk, which just happened to be a fire lane.

"Excuse me, sir" a near by policeman shouted to Graves. "You can't park here. Sir? You can't park here, you can't park h-…"

Graves had completely ignored the cop, walking past him and waving him away. Graves entered a building through a revolving door, just above the door a large sign read, in big black letters "Closed for the day: Music Video Shooting" but Graves had no intention of staying outside. Inside, it appeared to be some sort of office building. Graves could hear noises coming from the second floor, that would be where the video was being shot. He quickly jogged over to and up the stairs.

At the top there were only two choices. A large set of black double doors, or a Corporate Maze. Graves stood there for a moment, sniffing the air. He jogged over to the double doors, kicking them open and stepping in.

Once inside, he saw all sorts of cameras and lights and other assortments of expensive equipment. In the middle of it wall, Britney Spears was dancing and singing on a desk. She was wearing gray pants and dress shoes, along with a white dress shirt with no sleeves that ended just above her midriff, she also had a black tie on. A large black man came up to Graves, tapping his shoulder. Turning, Graves saw that this man was twice his height and weight easily, not to mention he had a Browning High Power tucked in his belt.

"You can't be in her right now, mister, we're shooting a music video." The Man said. Graves raised one finger to his lips. "I'll be just one minute" he responded then turned, grabbing a light off the ground and sprinting towards the young pop star.

"This is for all the horrible music you made me sit through you redneck slut of a whore!" Graves raved as he sprung into the air, still holding the light. As he came down, he swung the light, the pole connecting with the side of Britney's head and promptly knocking her out cold. More to the point, to the ground. Graves dropped the light and cackled. Though, the advancing security team interrupted his fun.

While any sane person saw armed men approaching them as a bad thing, Graves saw it as more fun. He jumped off the table and booked towards a window. Graves had to dodge a few grabs from the security to make it there, but he got to the window and jumped into it. He went through very easily after he extended his shoulder, shattering the glass and plummeting towards the Earth below. But then something else shattered below him.

When Graves hit the ground, he was there for less than five seconds before a feminine voice ripped through the air and stung his ears with a scream. Graves sat up, his palm pressed against the side of his head, blood dripping from between his fingers "It's okay! The pavement seems to have broken my fall" he sarcastically remarked, realizing he was actually on pavement. "Gravey?" another voice asked, this one male. Graves eyes instantly opened, looking in the direction of the voice "Stiffy?"

Where Graves was looking was a tall man, about 5'11'' in all and looking middle aged. The man was wearing a nice blue suit, and behind him, more high tech looking recording and lighting equipment. Great, another movie set. But Graves grinned at the middle-aged man in front of him and stood, speaking "Nice to see you again, Jon."

"You too, Jimmy." The man responded as Graves stood. "James 'Gravey' Graves. When was it last? The Eighties?" the man asked. "At least" James said then asked "What's happening here?"

"Remember that job I was going after when we last parted ways? Well, Hollywood liked me and gave me a job. Haven't you seen any Jon DeRais movies?" James shook his head in response. "I don't watch movies, remember?" Jon nodded. He was about to say something else before he was interrupted by the whining sound of police sirens. "What'd you do now?" he asked James.

"It's a long story, got a place to hide me? James answered calmly. Jon nodded "Around back, there should be a stack of boxes, there's a hidden door behind it you can hide in." to which James said "Right"

Seconds later James was in the back of the building, entering the hidden room and slamming the door shut. Inside it was just a small room with wooden flooring and walls, there was a small light in the roof dimly lighting the room. James chuckled a bit, then suddenly his eyes turned totally black. His skin turned a shade of light gray, and his clothes disappeared, along with his hair and fingers and toes, His knee's snapped backwards, the opposite way that a persons knee's would behind, his hands became the same color gray as his skin and extended two long finger-like appendages.

James was no longer human. He was about seven feet tall now, gray skin and black eyes with no nose. His feet had the same appendages as his hands did, and he had no eyebrows. Two thing gray flaps of skin hung over the back of his head like a cloth. His inhuman eyes dared to the door as it opened.

Jon stepped in, shutting the door behind him as he did so. "It took some fast thinking but I got the cops convinced you ran the oth-….the hell are you doing!?" he exclaimed when he saw James. James responded only by a series of clicking noises with his throat. "I don't care if you needed to heal, you have any idea how much trouble you would be in if the Mother Brain knew you were reverting on Earth? Honestly...." Jon said, acting rather normal about all of this.

James once more took a few minutes to turn human in appearance again. "So the cops are gone?" James asked. "Yes." Jon answered "And there's someone I want you to meet, Jimmy, she's right up your alley"

"My alley?"

"Yes, your alley"

James shrugged a bit and followed Jon as he exited the room. The apparently alien duo crossed the building back to the filming set area. People were doing various jobs or taking a break by now, two people in the middle were reading scripts. One was on a box, a girl, a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes, the ones you only find in Hollywood. Jon went to the two in the middle, motioning for the man near the girl to leave, then waving James over, to which he promptly did.

"James, I'd like you to meet the actress in my movie, and a great friend, Tara Reid. Tara, this is my old friend Jimmy Graves, we've known eachother since we were both ankle biters back in the Sixties." Jon introduced the two, Tara sliding off the box and grabbing James hand. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Graves." Tara said. James lightly kissed the back of Tara's hand. "The pleasure is all mine. And please call me James, or Jimmy. I hate formalities." James responded in a polite manner. Tara nodded, Jon had walked off by this time, leaving the two to talk, which they did for a few hours, taking out time for Tara to shoot a few scenes.

By Ten O' Clock that night, the two were best friends. They hit it right off, telling eachother about their lives[James obviously neglecting to mention to her he wasn't human], and things of that sort. Now the two were outside the set, sitting on the hood of a car and talking. "So, what's it like being almost thirty-five and unemployed and not married?" Tara had asked. James smirked a bit at her question "Well, fun most of the time, but lonely. What's it like being almost twenty-six and a recently almost married actress?"

Tara smiled at James. "Hectic, most of the time, but lonely." She mocked him. There was a long moment of silence before James broke it. "Wanna go see a movie or something?" he asked anxiously. She shook he head at him "No thank you."

James looked away. This wasn't going to stop him, he was Graves! He looked at her again with an evil grin on his face. "Wanna make one?" his mischievous tone kicking in. The only response to this was a kiss from Tara.

James simply took the kiss from her, his tongue sliding into her mouth as his hands danced down the sides of her body. He kicked his boots off into the night, as did she with her shoes, her hands moving to unbutton James shirt. When she was done she slide it off his body onto the hood of the car, exposing his well-ripped body. James own hands unbuttoned and unzipped Tara's pants, sliding them down and exposing her legs to the night, along with her black thong. Tara slid off her own shirt and tossed it onto the ground, her perky breasts bouncing out, her pink nipples instantly coming erect at the cool night air.

One of James hands cupped her breast, his thumb massaging her nipple. Tara moaned at this, and removed her only undergarment. James had removed his own pants by now, and his erect cock was pressing against Tara's bare crotch. Tara grabbed his penis, sliding it into her awaiting sex. "Oh god…." she moaned out as he entered her.

James hips began to thrust into hers, Tara letting out a few more moans as he did so. "Harder" she moaned more, James obeying when his hips went into her harder. Within moments Tara was clutching James shoulders, screaming as she orgasmed, her fluids dripping out onto the car along with James. Tara rolled off of James onto the hood next to him, breathing heavily, their bodies glistening with sweat.

She took a minute or two to catch her breath before sliding off the car hood. She was delighted to see James was still hard from their recents actions. She quickly took his cock into her mouth, her head bobbing up and down as she sucked him. Her tongue moved around his penis as she sucked, James giving moans of approval up above. Again James orgasmed, his cum shooting out of his cock and into her mouth, dripping out when Tara didn't swallow it.

When James sat up, Tara watched as he got off the hood of the car and pulled her over, pushing her onto the hood with her ass open for assault. Which it was, she knew when she felt his cock at her ass cheeks. She bit her lip a bit as he rammed his cock into her ass, not ever having been fucked this way. It felt good eventually, and she began to moan. "Fuck, harder, harder! Fuck! Oh god fuck me harder! HARDER! OH GOD!!" her screams echoed through the night as she felt him cum into her ass.

Tara climbed onto the hood once more, sliding her pants on. James was beside her once again, looking down at her with a grin as she sat up. "James, I know we've only known each other a day. But, I love you"

Put your tray tables in the up right and locked positions, assume crash positions, strap on life vests. Nothing in this universe or the next could have prepared James for that. All the cash and riches in the world wouldn't have, not all the power or immortality. To all this, James could only say:


[Second story, first one about a celebrity. Keep the feed back coming, give and opinions, advice or criticisms you like, you won't hurt my feelings]

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