tagSci-Fi & FantasyGreat One's Touch

Great One's Touch


She sat on the floor of a forgotten warehouse, letting the cool night breeze blow over her naked form. Her dark brown hair fluttered in the moving air and her nipples were sticking out slightly but not from arousal, only from the cold. The sulfur she had used to cast her protective circle burned at her nose, but she ignored it. Her eyes were closed, her breathing deep and steady. She focused on the insubstantial pool of magical power that she possessed, taking a small piece of it and drawing it to her, expanding it, increasing it and drawing more. Ultimate power would soon be hers and hers alone. She was the only one who trafficked with the Great Old Ones and kept her sanity. Tonight would be her greatest challenge, as she would seek out R'lyeh itself. She would find Him Himself.

She mentally searched for the barriers between worlds, finding it easily and slowly moving her mind around, seeking the soft spot in the fabric, easily pushing it aside and beginning her journey through the stars. She passed the planets, asteroids and comets, waving to the sentient gas clouds and solar dwarves as she passed. She sensed the next impediment approaching and began drawing more power.

A giant disc that swirled with colors stood before her, each color requiring a different spell to bypass. If she failed, she would be sent back to her body. She wasn't going to fail. She never did. She flung spell after spell at the wheel, watching as each color slowly faded until none remained, allowing her passage into the Great Unknown.

She stepped through the portal and felt the 'ground' give out from underneath her, the cosmic wind rushing through her hair as she fell. She slammed into the rough-hewn stone floor and felt the air rush from her lungs. Slowly she stood, feeling the incredible weight that came with the nearness of an Old One. She forced herself to look up against the pressure of its presence. When she finally looked up and up, her eyes focusing on the immense form in front of her, she saw she was looking at the Great Cthulhu Himself. She had come to R'lyeh.

She walked toward Him (the Great Old Ones had no gender but she couldn't help but think of Cthulhu as masculine) as upright as she could, her shoulders hunching against the absolute power flowing off of the Great One. Once in front of Him, she kneeled, her knees giving thanks to not be holding her upright. She lowered her head and fed the last remaining portion of her power to Him, hoping for even the tiniest fraction of His attention. If she was very very lucky, He might return a portion of His power with her and she would be the greatest, most powerful witch ever.

As she prostrated herself, hoping against hope for His notice, she felt the merest brush of His mind across hers and she screamed as the force of even the smallest portion of His notice threatened to crush her mind. She lowered herself prostrate on the ground, trying to move away from the power that he wielded, even though it was the tiniest sliver. She was so overwhelmed by the overwhelming presence that she never noticed the touch of one of His great tentacles touch the back of her head. More power flowed than her psyche could handle and her scream followed her into the ebon void of unconsciousness.


She awoke to find herself on her side, laying on the floor, her face pressing into the cold concrete. She pushed herself up to her elbow, her whole body shaking. Her skin was damp with perspiration, her hair clinging to her forehead. She absentmindedly brushed it away with trembling fingers. Her mouth was dry and her tongue stuck to the roof of her mouth. She forced herself to her feet and stumbled toward what passed as an office. She had left her robe and water in there.

She downed two cups of water quickly and then slowly sipped the third one. Grabbing her robe from the rickety chair, she pulled it over her shoulders and shivered, mostly from the cold, but also the exertion of the trip to R'lyeh. As she reached for her cup again, she suddenly cried out as a stabbing pain shot through her stomach. She could feel something moving around inside her.

She staggered toward the bathroom, feeling something creeping around inside her. Her arms and legs, her abdomen and her spine. She had the feeling that something was trying to squirm into her brain. She made it to the sink and hacked up more mucus than she had ever seen before. Looking in the mirror, she opened her mouth and saw...something...snaking up the back of her throat. She felt them working their way along her back, fusing with her spinal cord, tapping into brain and working into her muscles.

Her right arm jerked up, small slithering things moving around under her skin. The arm moved clumsily against her will, the thing inside her not having gained fine motor skills yet. Her fingers followed the line of her hair, moving slowly to the back of her head. She could feel the bare spot where Great Cthulhu had blessed her with the touch of His tentacle. Her fingers brushed it and her body went into convulsions as if she had touched directly into the pleasure center of her brain. Her body shuddered and her pussy exploded, splashing her juices onto her legs as she collapsed onto the floor as her legs gave out.

The touch continued, as did her orgasm, which just kept going and going. Her brain was over stimulated and she felt the blackness covering her again. This time, her mind fought, trying to maintain her ecstasy a much as her body craved cessation. She didn't know how much more she could take, pushing one full minute of indescribably intense orgasm. Finally, her mind gave out and she slipped into unconsciousness again, this time followed by moans.


She awoke again on the concrete floor, her legs sticking together from the flow of all of her juices. She felt stronger than before but couldn't feel her...visitor...moving inside her. She was aware, though, of something inside her mind, seeing through her eyes and hearing through her ears, using her skin to feel. She shoved her way up off of the floor and grabbed the skin, using it to anchor herself. Once she was standing, she looked in the mirror and screamed again. Looking back at her was the visage of the Great Old One who had touched her, Cthulhu Himself.

His skin was a pale green color, His eyes red as rubies. The tentacles of His face moved randomly as if He was distracted. His eyes bored into her and with no words spoken, she understood. The Great One wanted to witness life as a human being, since He had helped create them eons upon eons ago. She was to be his carrier, the thing inside her the smallest portion of His being, fused with her to record everything she did and transmit it back to Him. Her reward was the spot on the back of her head. One touch would give her the ultimate in sexual pleasure that she craved. "Cthulhu fhtagn," she whispered quietly and He was gone. She walked back to the office, her body feeling more powerful than before. She grabbed her backpack and started walking home, the alien being lending her its strength, making the trip go more quickly.

When she returned home, she barely looked at her answering machine, absentmindedly pushing the button to hear the two messages. One was from her mother and the other from her boyfriend. She pretty much ignored them both and went to her bedroom, dropping her bag and her robe on the way and turned left, heading into the bathroom to take a shower.

As she let the warm spray run over her body, she was more aware of the thing behind her skin taking in everything about the water as it beat on her. After a moment, it receded, leaving her alone again. She washed her dried fluids from her body with slightly sensitive hands, as the thing shifted its attention to the soap, analyzing it, storing the information. It did the same with the toothbrush and the toothpaste. When she started to wash her hair, she felt the tingling between her legs, even though she was washing the top instead of the spot in the back. She rinsed and immediately went into a shuddering orgasm as the hot water hit the raw patch repeatedly. She dropped to her knees and shook, crying out, trying valiantly to protect her head from the falling water. She fell toward the back end of the tub, pulling her head away and under her body.

From now on, she would have to be more conscious of the spot on the back of her head. The smallest touch sent shudders through her body. She grabbed a handful of hair on top of her head and pulled, the tingling increasing. She worked her hand back and forth, finding herself at the edge of pleasure and the thing inside her moving it's presence everywhere at once, trying to record everything. She mentally shrugged and gave herself to the ecstasy, moving her fingers to rub her clit in time to the hair pulling, screaming as she shook more violently than before, now in charge of her own pleasure. She gave herself multiple orgasms, her body releasing almost constantly. Finally, her hand slipped from her hair and she lay on the floor of the tub, random muscles still firing.

Eventually, she climbed out of the shower and dried off, her body exhausted, her mind shutting down, but the alien presence wouldn't quit. She stood in her bedroom, feeling like death warmed over. Instead of climbing into bed, she went to the living room and sat on the couch, turning on the TV and changing to cable news. Let the thing absorb all it wanted. Somewhere along the line, it watched with her eyes while her mind went to sleep.


The next morning, her mind was woken up by a hand on her shoulder and someone saying her name. She blinked a couple of times, her eyes feeling tired, the light in the room seeming too bright. She asked him to turn it off and he did, obviously concerned for her health. She felt disconnected from the real world, her brain processing slowly as it tried to handle all of the information her visitor was absorbing. She shook her head and felt the thing using her eyes to observe her boyfriend, this being the first human that it had actually seen.

Once she had assured him she was fine, he sat next to her on the couch, obviously noticing her lack of clothing. Seizing the moment, she grabbed his neck and pulled him into a deep kiss, tongues wrestling. He followed her lead and grabbed her neck, making her moan loudly into his mouth as the pressure from his hand pushed indirectly on her sensitive spot. He didn't know what he had done, but she had liked it, so he kept doing it. After several minutes of just kissing and him grabbing her neck, she cried out into his mouth and orgasmed right there on the couch, surprising him to no end. Sure, he had given her orgasms before, but never just from kissing. He didn't have time to think about it, though, as she kissed him savagely and then leaned back, pulling him to her, watching as he rapidly pulled off his clothes and molded himself to her.

She grabbed his shaft and stroked him rapidly, every sense she had bordering on overload. She pulled him into her wetness, groaning as she felt the sensations stronger than ever. He stroked into her, hard, about five times before she came again, digging her nails into his back and screaming. Over and over again she released, adding to the wet spot on the couch with each orgasm. He gritted his teeth and rode each wave, finally reaching the peak himself. As he mumbled his intentions, she yelled at him to pull her hair. He did so and they crest together, him groaning loudly and her screaming again, every nerve in her body stretched to the limit of her endurance.

After they had finished their orgasms, he moved to lay behind her, wrapping his arm around her waist. She bit her bottom lip and turned in his arm to face him. When she looked into his eyes, she told him everything, including meeting the Great Cthulhu, His touch, the visitor inside her and the spot on the back of her head. He just smiled at her and said that he would help her give it all the experience it could handle.

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