tagInterracial LoveGreece Ch. 04

Greece Ch. 04


This story is going somewhere... I promise. lol


Basil was waiting at the door for us to arrive. Leora gave him a nod and squeezed past him to the door.


"Hey, what's up?" What is he doing here? And how long has he been here?

"You want to go for a walk with me?" He motioned towards the water. Where? In the freakin' ocean? He must have seen the quizzical look on my face. "On the beach." He smirked.

"Only if you tell me what the hell is going on with you." I was just going to be blunt with him. The mixed signals are giving me a headache and games are for children. He looked at me blankly. Like I was the one with the problems. "What was that the other day!" I practically shouted.

"I'll talk while we're walking." Taking my hand the same as he did last time we headed towards the beach.

"Are you mad at me?" He asked softly.

"No, just confused. One minute you like me the next minute you can't get away from me quick enough." His grip on my hand got tighter.

"Yeah, about that... I'm sorry for the way I acted." We stopped walking. "I think we should just be friends."

"Friends?" Well damn. I couldn't' believe it! This is the second time he has left me feeling stupid. The only reason I didn't storm off is because I didn't want to look childish.

"It's complicated. But I like talking to you. We have fun together right? Why change that?" Putting his hands around my waist he pulled me in for a hug. "Is that ok?" He whispered in my ear.

"Sure." I muttered. I don't want to just be friends. I was sure we had a connection. He didn't feel the same way, to him I was just friend material. Not a girlfriend and not even worthy enough to be a potential fuck buddy. I could still change his mind. I could make him want me. ~*~*~*~

I made my way back to the house. Getting there I discovered I was completely alone. It was an odd feeling, I felt like I should wait outside or something. So I did, just out of respect. I took a seat in the chair out front and pulled out my phone. Might as well call Sean.

"You killed Marsellus!" I yelled in the phone. I didn't even bother to say hello.

"Who the hell is Marsellus? I ain't kill nobody!" He yelled back.

"Marsellus! My fish!"

"Oh! Ha, that fish had a name?" Wow, what a dick.

"This is the part where you apologize asshole."

"Yeah well I flushed him, he was starting to smell. I bought you a new one though. You can name him Marsellus II or better yet you can call him Jules." I had to thank him for that even though I wouldn't need a new one if he hadn't killed him.

"You homesick yet?" Sean knew me too well. I missed my family but mostly him. Of all the other people that would put me down he always helped me keep my head up. Always telling me I could do better.

"Yeah. I miss you guys a lot. Plus I could really go for some American food right now." A cheese burger and curly fries sound delicious right now.

"You must not have seen the Ramen noodles I shoved in your suitcase before you left." My face lit up! I couldn't have been happier. Screw respect, I'm going in the house and making some freakin' noodles. With Sean still on the phone I made my way in the house with the key Galen had given me and started making Ramen.

"How's Marvin?" At fifteen years old Marvin was my favorite little brother. We adopted him just 3 years ago. He was a small fifteen and was constantly being picked on but I had his back.

"Chris and the boys were giving him a hard time. But I got them in check. Don't worry the kid is fine." I always worried about Marvin. He was fragile and I didn't want the other kids getting in this head. Yeah I know, I can't protect him forever. "Luis is on some other shit though, you should try to talk to him." Luis was the trouble maker. We were hoping it was just a phase but now it looks pretty permanent.

"There's no talking to that kid. He is going to do whatever he wants when he wants. I'm tired of trying." It's an awful thing to say. You should never give up on a child but hell it's not my job, I'm his sister not his mother.

"Well Meko and Sam said they miss you. And we sent you a package but I don't know when it's going to get there so be looking out for it."


That Ramen hit the spot! I lay on the couch to close my eyes just for a minute and next thing I know it morning. I must be getting old, Ramen never had that effect on me before. Sitting up I noticed Galen and Basil at the table eating breakfast. How long have they been there? Seriously someone could have woke me up, this couch was uncomfortable.

"Morning sweetheart" Galen said softly.

"Good morning" I yawned and stretched. I know my hair was a mess of curls but I was too tired to care. Basil gave me a nod since his mouth was full of food.

"You should go get ready. You start your first day at the café in an hour." Galen informed me. "Basil is going to walk you there, so hurry up." That meant I had to look cute. I was going to change Basils' mind about me. Leora was still sleeping so I tip-toed through her room to grab a change of clothes and headed for a quick shower.

The walk to the café was mostly silent. We made small talk while Basil kept squeezing my hand and stealing glances at me. Now, riddle me this: if we are just friends then why are we holding hands? Friends don't hold hands! Although I can't say I don't like it. I want to just cut my brain off and stop overanalyzing things. When we arrived outside the café I gave him a smile and tried to make a dash for the door. My attempt was foiled when Basil pulled me back in for a hug.

"I can walk you home when you're done."

"Uh, no that's ok. But I'll see you later alright?" I just wanted to be away from him. He keeps giving me the wrong impression.

The café was empty when I walked in. I wasn't sure where to go so I just made my way to the kitchen area. There were pots and pans everywhere and immediately I started washing them. Why not now? They'd have to get washed sometime today and I'd probably be the one assigned to do it. I started scrubbing a giant pot that looked like it had been soaking overnight, the grit came off with ease. I felt the warmth of two arms wrapping around me. I freaked out and started swinging hoping to hit whatever was touching me.

"Whoa calm down tiger!" Andrew held his arms up protecting his face.

"Shit, sorry! Don't sneak up on me like that!" He almost gave me a heart attack. Scanning him up and down I was staring at him as if this were the first time I'd seen him. His shirtless body was quite a sight. The Greek Gods were probably jealous of me just for getting a look.

"Leo didn't tell me you would be working here." Andrew jumped up on the counter next to me.

"Well I am. So what should I start doing?" I scanned the room trying to find something to look at other than his body.

"Hmm..." He smirked. "You can be a waiter. The customers like to see a pretty face." He winked and handed me an apron. This was going to be a long day.

My shift didn't go too bad. The people were friendly enough and my only problem was the language barrier that seemed to come up every other table. You know when you get the feeling people are talking about you? I had that feeling all day long! Eyes were watching me constantly and I couldn't tell if it was a good or bad thing. But other than that it was a typical waitress job, it was something I was good at. Andrew spent most of his time laughing and joking with the customers. When the place finally cleared out I started washing tables. Andrew came over and placed a green dry erase marker on the table.

"You have to write down how you felt about your 1st day in one sentence or the comment you heard the most from the customers. It's like tradition." He pointed towards the white board in the back of the kitchen. I read the random writing on the board.

'Those shorts make you look fat' 'He said this would be easy' 'I'm pretty sure there's gum in my hair' 'My mom made me get this job' 'Can I get your number?' 'You guys were lucky to have me'

'I'm not even fuck buddy potential' is what I wanted to write but it was clearly inappropriate. I picked up the marker, found a small spot in the corner of the board and wrote 'I get to do this everyday?'. The sarcasm didn't transfer well.

"At least 3 times a week." Andrew gave me a look. I walked back to the tables I was previously cleaning.

"So, on your first day here I've had six people come up and ask me if you had a boyfriend." Andrew sat his ass on the table I had just cleaned.

"Really?" That kind of caught me off guard.

"Yeah. Allow me to read off your options. The first one was Mr. Alexander. He's 63 years young with a heart of gold. Then there's Dorian, 15 years old, in my personal opinion he's a bit young for you."

"Are you serious?" I felt like he was reading off profiles from a dating site.

"There's more. Hector is 29, been to jail 3 times and has 4 kids, none of which he takes care of. Lucas is 42 and still lives with his mother, not because she's sick or anything but because she does his laundry and cleans his room."

"How do you know all this?"

"I know everytihing" He winked at me. "You want to hear about the other two?"

"No thanks."

"Do you want the phone numbers of any other these people?" He arched an eyebrow trying to figure out what I was thinking.

No thanks. They aren't really what I'm looking for."

"What are you looking for?" Suddenly the room was closing in on me. Why didn't I see the conversation turning on me like this? I should have expected it.

"I'd just like my man to be close to my age, independent and without a record." Now and days that might be asking for too much.

"Well, my name is Andrew." He stuck his hand out to shake. "I'm 22 years old, never been to prison and I have my own place." Damn he is smooth. "So I'm you're type?" A cocky smile spread across his face. Hell yeah he's my type but he's arrogant enough without me adding to it. "I'm pretty sure I fit the profile."

"It covers a wide range of people" I said as I grabbed a broom and started sweeping the floor.

"Well then narrow it down for me." Everything about him screamed 'fuck me', but I was trying to stay at a distance. From the way he was looking at me I could tell that if it were up to him he'd have me on the counter top screaming his name. He was hard to resist.


"I went to college. I have a degree in computer science." He shrugged.


"A nun, a priest, an Irishman, a Scotsman, a rabbi and a blonde walk into a bar. The bartender looks at them and asks, is this some kind of joke?" I rolled my eyes at him.


"I did some community service. Helped out at a soup kitchen."

"No crazy ex-girlfriends or baby mamas." I'll bet he has both.

He shook his head no.


"Honestly... you just may be the most beautiful woman to set foot on this island." The room was silent for a minute. What do you say to that? "Face it, I meet all the requirements. You never answered the question."

"What question?" I swept up invisible dirt trying to make my way to the other side of the room.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" I wanted Basil. I wanted him the minute I laid eyes on him. Andrew crept closer to me.

"No. No boyfriend." That damn smile spread across his face again. The one that said he was going to get what he wanted. "My shift is over. I'm gonna get out of here, Leo and Galen are probably waiting for me."

"So I'll see you tomorrow?" He asked hopefully.

"Most likely." I shrugged. Heading towards the door I couldn't wait to see Leora.

"Hey!" Andrew called out to me before I got out. "Could you come in early tomorrow?"

"What for?"

"The menu has to be changed" He pointed to the chalkboard on the wall. I wanted to ask him why he couldn't do it himself but instead I just nodded my head.


The next morning I made a mad dash for the café. I wasn't up for awkward walks with Basil today. Andrew was already there he had taken the chairs down and was waiting for me.

"So you have a thing for Basil huh?" Andrew stood beside me as I sat on the floor and scrubbed the board clean. He didn't waste any time getting answers.

"It's that obvious?" Jeez, I was too easy to read.

"Actually Leo told me. She said you get this goofy look on your face whenever he comes around. It's kinda cute actually."

"Glad you're getting a kick out of it."

"That's not what I meant. Are you two going to get together?"

"No he just wants to be friends." I rolled my eyes not even hiding my annoyance.

"Just friends! With you? He must be crazy." Yeah that's what I thought. "How could anyone want to be just friends with you?" I heard him say in a low voice.

"Guess I'm just not what he's looking for." I shrugged my shoulders. I was going to get over this rejection eventually.

"Maybe he just doesn't know what he has sitting right in front of him. You should show him what he's missing out on." That smirk again.

"Care to elaborate?" I stood up with my hands on my hips.

"Make him jealous. Get a guy and parade the relationship around. Knowing you have other guys wanting you will make him doubt his decision but showing him that another man can make you happy will make him jealous. Sweetie he'll come running to you."

"And where exactly will I find this guy?" I knew exactly what he was getting at.

"I would be happy to volunteer." He said as if he was answering the call of duty.

"And what makes you think you're qualified?" I crossed my arms

"For one, I have tons experience making guys jealous because of the women on my arm. Also," he took a step forward "you're attracted to me. That REAL attraction is only going to make Basil even more jealous." Ok I can't even lie to myself about that. The man is beautiful. "Look you don't have to figure it out now just think about it." It could work. I could make Basil want me. That sounds insane really but I wanted that man and damnit I was going to get him... or at least make him feel like shit for being so flaky. Alex would be perfect for the job, his sex appeal was undeniable. He could totally pull it off. This could work.

"You would do that for me?" I mean what's in it for him? Shit nothing is free.

"Sure. Everybody should at least try to get what they want."

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