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Greek Goddess Nectar


My family and I were traveling through Europe a few years ago when we decided to change our travel plans. We were in Greece at the time and the flight changes involved finding a travel agent who could speak English and make all the necessary booking changes. This is always my part in planning a trip, so my wife left it to me.

I got ready early one morning while the wife and kids fought about who would use the bathroom after me and walked into the travel agent's office next to the hotel. I was struck by the huge posters advertising the glorious Greek Isles, not because of the islands, but because each poster was graced by a gorgeous woman in a revealing bikini in various poses that aroused me. The poster for Santorini was a brunette in the blue strapless with her cleavage in the face of the viewer as she splashed out of the seawater. A blonde in a white bikini was lying on a beach on Crete and calling me to lie between her tanned thighs. Finally, just above the agent's chair were two women in mini skirts and very little else, sweating and grinding their way to seeming ecstasy with each other on some dance floor – the poster led me to believe that Corfu awaits me. Greece is an incredibly sexy place.

"Paragalo...may I help you?" the voice below the sexy twosome asked.

She was a dark eyed beauty with long, straight raven-black hair. Like many people in Greece, she could appear friendly without much of a smile. Her pouty lips were painted an inviting red.

"Hi, I was wondering if I could change my return flight to London with you."

Her fingers were already dancing on the keyboard before she said, "Let me see what I can do for you." The nameplate in front of her told me I was drooling over Tania.

She typed for a while and then asked me for my current tickets. As I handed them to her, she reached over her desk and I was given a generous hint of the most eye-catching cleavage ever. Tania was wearing a black suit jacket, but I could not see any hint of anything else as I saw nearly half of both her luscious breasts. They were tanned like the skin of the Crete woman on the poster to her right. I quickly lost myself in the poster again to avoid seeming like the leering lech this trip to Greece was making me into.

"For your family? You are married then?" she asked and appeared a little disappointed. I nodded and said they were upstairs in the hotel room. I hoped I sounded more like the family man I was and less like the boob-crazed pervert I was becoming.

She typed some more, turning her flaming, dark eyes to me every now and then. She stood up to look at some of the discount offerings she had on file. Her skirt came to the middle of her thighs and her legs were the same color as her delectable tits. Her ass was perfectly rounded, with no sign of panty lines. I wondered how much of her ass was tanned golden when she came back to her desk. She did not sit down. Instead she leaned over her desk to talk to me. I must have missed much of the dialog, because now I could see straight into her suit jacket. I could see the halves of her globes, juicy and firm like the breakfast grapefruit I had devoured this morning. I could even see past her cleavage to her taut belly. She was clearly wearing no bra and I could not imagine how she could keep those appetizing spheres aloft without the help of one. I tried to focus on her full lips instead. A slight overbite was visible through her pout

"I should be able to do it. Why don't you leave the tickets with me and will work on it this afternoon. You enjoy Athens."

"Thanks Tania, when should I come back to get them?" I asked hoping to see this Greek Goddess again.

"Why don't I bring them up to your hotel...maybe tomorrow. How is the afternoon at around 2?"

"Sounds perfect?" and it did. That was a time I could disconnect from my family, leaving them to buy souvenirs in the old Plaka market. I left her my room number and I walked out of the office with the same vision that I held for the rest of the day. My mouth on Tania's golden delicious boobs. Not that I had any real plans to do anything with her, I just wanted another opportunity, this time in private, to look at this paragon of Aegean femininity.

The next afternoon worked out well. My birthday was coming up soon after this trip so my wife actually asked me to leave them for a few hours in the afternoon so they could buy me a surprise. She never knew that those 3 hours were the best present she ever gave me.

I rushed back to the hotel room and waited for my sexy travel agent. I heard a confident knock on the door just before 2. I opened the door in a second and Tania stood there wearing almost an identical outfit to the one that had me up all night. In fact her jacket was open a little wider at the chest revealing the twin globes I lusted after. She followed my look down her chest, smiled and held out my air tickets.

"They are all done and ready."

"Thanks, come on in – you look warm." And she did. There was perspiration running down her throat and onto the smooth skin of her breasts. I wanted to catch that drop of sweat on my tongue.

"I'd love a drink of ice water, if you have that in the room." I motioned her in. Her skirt seemed shorter than yesterday's, and as she walked past me, I shamelessly admired the curve of her bottom and her tapering, golden-brown thighs. Tania's long, black hair, ran down to the center of her spine.

"Do you have any ice?" she asked accentuating her pout as I handed her the water. The ice machine was in the hallway, so I dashed out to get some in another glass. I had visions of returning to the room to find her sprawled naked on the bed running her hands under her stupendous tits, offering them to me.

I was almost disappointed to find her standing by the window when I returned. So much for being offered her breasts.

"You have a lovely view from here," she said admiring the streets of Athens.

"I sure do," I replied, never letting my eyes leave her shapely ass. She turned around and saw me staring at her body. She gave me a hint of a smile and sat down on the armchair by the window. My eyes never left her thighs that were even more exposed as her skirt ran up almost to where they met. I could see no hint of underwear.

She looked up at me staring at her body. I tore my eyes away from her curves and our eyes met. She reached one hand into the glass of ice water and picked up an ice cube.

"It's so hot in Athens this summer," she purred languorously, "I am so wet with the heat...I am melting." At least that is what I think she said because my mind shut off the moment she said that she was wet.

Tania held the cube between her forefinger and thumb and ran it from her forehead, down her straight nose to her red lips. Her tongue curled out for a split second and she licked the ice. She then opened her lips and sucked it, before running it down her chin and back up each of her lovely, lovely high cheekbones.

"See how hot I am," and I did, "the ice melts within seconds of touching my skin."

She then grabbed yet another ice cube and this time, after sucking it briefly, ran it down her neck. I could see goose bumps forming on her chest. I could see the trail of water from her neck, down her chest, as she took the cube on a tour I wanted to be on. She first ran it as far down her majestic cleavage as the suit would let her. Then she wet every square inch of exposed flesh.

Needless to say, by then my cock was standing straight up in the confines of my pants. A damp spot was forming through my boxers on the front of my khakis. My breathing was ragged. She looked at my crotch and placed the ice cube in her mouth to suck on.

With her free hand, she opened one more button of her jacket. Then, looking me straight in the eye, she opened the last button holding her top together.

"I think my whole body needs to touch the ice. I am hot everywhere," she sighed, leaving no doubt about her intentions.

She ran a new ice cube down her front, again down the cleavage, but this time she opened her jacket to expose her magnificently round breasts to my eyes and to the ice cube. She ran the ice cube around those luscious hills, before sliding it around her left areola. The nipple jumped up like an aroused wild cat. She did the same on the other side as my jaw dropped.

Each breast was tanned all over with no sign of bikini top ever having been worn. Her areolas were nearly the same color as the rest of her golden boobs, now glistening with the melted ice. Her nipples stood up like fingertips asking to be sucked and nibbled. I just watched as the ice cube moved all around them, and then down to her belly.

When it had melted completely, she ran her hands under her tits and squeezed them together before motioning me over.

'You look like you need some cooling off too," she said, reaching for me, "why not let me help with that." She ran her hand down the front of my pants.

"So hard and ready...and so wet!" she exclaimed as felt the wet spot. Her able fingers went to work on my belt buckle, and within seconds, my pants were around my ankles. She played with my cock through my boxers. I was already making small thrusting movements as if I was already fucking her. She inserted one hand into the slit in my shorts and eased my fully erect cock out. I moaned as she grabbed it and gently exposing my cock head.

"Greek men do not have this," she said licking my foreskin so that it pulled back even more. My head looked like an inflated pink bubble at the tip of my rock-hard dick. Tania licked the smooth head, first tentatively, and then with greater fervor once she was accustomed to its taste. I was soon leaking precum and she noticed the beads of white fluid build up on the tip of the pink bubble. She caught each new droplet with her tongue, never stopping her licking action.

My hands went through her hair and I held her head still as I started thrusting my hips toward her face. She opened her mouth and took me in. At first she just held me inside her warm mouth, but when she started sucking me, I screamed out in ecstasy.

"Oh, baby, suck me, suck me harder...take me as far as you can...suck my cock," I pleaded with this raven-haired beauty. I was soon fucking her face and she seemed to enjoy it, moaning each time my cock rubbed against the back of her throat. Those vibrations from her sounds was driving the cum out of my balls. Her teeth were gently scraping my dick as she moved her mouth along its length

She took me out of her mouth when I began to throb. She eased my boxers over my cock and I kicked them away. I stripped off my shirt and stood before her naked.

"You like that? You like fucking my mouth?" she asked unnecessarily. "I think what you really want is to fuck these."

She held my cock at the base and ran the smooth, but painfully sensitive, head around one of her nipples. I could still feel the coolness of the melted ice on her tits as she pressed my cock against her soft boobs. She then placed my pillar between her mounds and pushed them together.

"Fuck them, baby, fuck them hard and cum on me," she moaned, rubbing her fingers around her hardened nipples. The feel of her firm, glistening boobs was too much for me. I could sense my orgasm boiling over in my balls. I could see my pink head disappearing and reappearing with every mad thrust of mine.

"Cum on them, baby, paint them with your white cream, now baby, now!" She stuck her tongue out so that with every up thrust of my fuck action, she could lick the swollen head.

"Ooooooh, Tania," I moaned, as a warning, "here I..." and I felt my juice run up the length of my trapped cock. A ribbon of cream spurted out like a mighty geyser and hit her juicy red lips. She ran her fantasy boobs up and down my throbbing member as my jizz squirted, flowed, shot and dribbled out.

My knees gave way as the last of my cum dripped out of my slit. She leaned over me so I could see my white cream staining the precious gold of her smooth, round and very suckable tits.

I sat at her knees as she stuck her tongue out to lick my goo off her tits. I sat up and held her breasts for her so that she could reach every drop of my salty juice. She reached down, grabbed my face and kissed me. Her soft lips pressed against mine as her tongue snaked into my mouth. My hands squeezed her boobs until I heard her moan into my mouth.

"Suck them, baby, they need sucking after that kind of fucking," She rhymed.

I knew that a woman this gorgeous must be used to getting her way. So I decided to torture her a bit. I reached for the glass of ice water and retrieved the largest ice cube I could find. I took it in my mouth and held it between my teeth. She looked at me with widening eyes, as I kneeled, naked at her feet, with half the ice cube sticking out of my mouth. Her lovely kips parted in anticipation, and she ran her tongue over her sexy front teeth.

I ran the ice cube from her neck, down between her waiting boobs to her belly and back. I traced this path until she grabbed my head and aimed the cube onto her breasts. I used the ice to wet the bottoms of her sag-less tits. Finally, when she had started whimpering, I ran the ice around her dark, wide areola.

"Ahhhhhhh" she screamed as the cold hit her sensitive titties, "Fuck, baby, that feels...," but she never got to finish her statement as I did the same to her other nipple. She swore in Greek as I placed the ice cube back in the glass, and blew on her nipples. Both nipples were now standing up, hard as rock candy, and ready to be sucked.

I took one in my mouth and held it there motionless, allowing her to enjoy the sudden warmth of my mouth. I could taste the salty remains of my own orgasm on her skin. Only when Tania started moving her hands to the back of my head, did I open my mouth wider and take as much of her massive globe as could fit into my mouth. I moved my head back and forth allowing her to fuck my mouth with the hard nipples as I had fucked hers with my hard cock.

"Oooh, you are letting me fuck you...oh! This is what it feels like. I now know why you men like to fuck us in the mouth...so warm and wet...so powerful, so vulnerable."

I had been told that Greeks could philosophize anywhere, anytime, but I had not expected to be sucking the boobs of one at the time. I sucked harder and harder, using my tongue to run circles around her heaving tits. When I moved to her other tit, I spent some time, squeezing them together so I could lick both her nipples. I nibbled on the second tit, still pinching the first one with a finger. Finally, with one wet breast in my mouth, I grabbed the ice and froze the other one. The thermal gradient between her boobs made her shriek out loud. She thrashed her body in the chair, before I felt her body go stiff for a second.

I could not be sure, but it seemed like she had a mini-orgasm with my tit sucking.

"Ohhhhh...baby, your mouth...sooooo good," she sighed, "I want to feel that mouth everywhere on my hot body."

"Everywhere?" I asked pulling away from her boobs that had in one afternoon been wet by ice water, jizz and saliva.

In response, she spread her golden thighs wide open. Her skirt was already pulled up high enough so that from my position, I could now see her gaping pink pussy. Did Greek women wear no underwear at all, or did she take hers off earlier. She ran one hand under between her thighs and used her fingers to tug apart her outer labia. She looked at my face as she ran her other hand around the mound around her pussy. I could see that she had trimmed her pubic hair to only leave a small, dark tuft above her slit. She was so ripe to fuck that I could smell her.

"You look delicious, baby!"

"Then eat me because I am so hot, I am melting, see my juices come out of my..." and she ran one delicate finger over her slit and held out its glistening tip toward me. I leaned in and sucked her pussy-drenched finger. She tasted as good as she smelled.

I kneeled between her thighs and ran my tongue up her thighs to her slit. I let my tongue lazily wash her pussy and her very high mound. I licked her tasty fingers and I ran my nose through the soaked hair and relished the smell of sweat and arousal. I then allowed my tongue to touch her clit before diving into the pussy she was still holding open for me. I could feel the heat of her cunt, as I could taste the depths of her. My cock was rapidly getting hard, less than fifteen minutes after it had spewed its contents on her full tits. Forget Viagra, they could make pills out of Tania's pussy juices to keep men hard.

"oooh, yessss, lick me there, lick me...yes," but I noticed that she was playing with her clitoris. I removed my long tongue from inside her and licked around her strumming finger. She soon gave way and allowed me to tongue her very swollen nub. It resembled her nipples in arousal and very soon, she was moaning with increasing volume.

"Oh suck it please, suck my clitty...like you sucked my titties, suck me, suck me, SUCK ME!"

She kept up this refrain as I continued to play with her gumdrop with my tongue. I let one finger curl its way into her pussy, and then another. It felt like she had room for my entire hand inside her wet cunt. By now she was screaming loud enough that I feared the hotel would report us for disturbing the peace, so I took her clit between my lips and sucked.

"yessss!" was all I heard as I felt her abdomen contract and her pussy walls squeeze my lost fingers. My mouth was treated to a gush of sweet fluids that ran out of her slit, and into my mouth, before running down my chin.

"Oh, you made me orgasm twice with that mouth of yours. And you haven't even fucked me yet," she said, standing up shakily, and leading me to the bed. She climbed on so that her ass was toward me. She lay down on her stomach, and lifted her buttocks in the air. I could see her pussy lips, swollen red with lust, between the rich, golden roundness of her ass. Between her luscious butt cheeks, a small, tight ring indicated her asshole. I ran my tongue down her cleft to her rear opening. She moaned and pressed her body against me. But I was too aroused to spend time tongue-fucking her ass. I knew I had to drive my cock into her open pussy now.

I stood up at the edge of the bed and positioned my swollen head against her pussy lips. She dropped her face into the bed and lifted her ass high in the air. Before I could even ask her if she was ready, she had grabbed my cock and manipulated it into her drenched twat. I could feel the heat emanating from her core as she clamped her walls around my throbbing rod. I started thrusting in and out of her with a wild abandon I had never experienced before. I was fucking her hard and she loved it.

"Yes, fuck me hard...let me feel your cock rip me apart...faster, baby," she moaned into the mattress. Each thrust took me higher into her. I could feel my balls swing into her crotch as my cock tip touched her cervix.

"Look at you fucking my ass, baby," she indicated the mirror with her head. I could see her massive globes hanging down so that her erect nipples were streaking the bed with every thrust of mine. Her eyes were shut in pure pleasure as I stroked her deep inside. I was fucking her like a wild animal and soon we were both making the sounds to accompany the sights in the mirror. She threw her head back, as I grabbed her long, black hair, and she yelped with pleasure. My own noises were punctuated with the rapid thrusts of my rock-hard cock. I reached around and grabbed her tits. She sat up to give me easier access to each nipple. Her own hands were busy as well. With one, she reached around and grabbed my ass. The other moved down her belly to play with her pussy, her clit...and my balls.

While I loved the feel of her boobs in my hands and the tight space between her ass and my cock, I knew I needed more space to really fuck her.

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