tagLoving WivesGreen Light, Fuck and Go!

Green Light, Fuck and Go!


A complex chemical reaction or simple unbridled lust? Whatever it is, it has been my constant torture since he stepped into my life 12 years into my marriage.

I never once seriously considered cheating, until his presence sparked something deep within my sexual being. Awakened and acknowledged, I cannot go back to pretending. He fights against it too, he must also betray another to be with me. But how can you refuse, when your sexual soulmate slips into your life an "I Do" too late...

He rushes into my office and locks the door, my mercurial man. I reach directly for the prize not wasting a single second and chide about his hardness. He smiles 'that smile' and says "I just got here." His presence, that look and every inch of me is on fire.

He caresses my full breasts over the soft purple sweater dress, then traces my hour glass shape and along the side that is so sexy. He reaches to check the status below which is already at Damn Wet!

Out comes Captain now at attention and I immediately welcome him with my tongue. That perfect 7 inch extra thick cock with its beautiful head saying more to me than mere words. He wants me here, now and he can't wait another second.

I am still not sure how far we'll go this time, when he whips me around and plunges into me from behind. And he is so right it's like coming home. We are a perfect match! This feeling of him inside me is exquisite and I understand more why I'm so obsessed to feel it.

I want more, deeper and I turn and move to the edge of the desk. He plunges in again and I raise up to pull him even deeper. Our eyes meet for a second and there it is that electric thing between us. It flows through me like a current.

I pull up my black skin tight boot to just behind his shoulder to gain that extra inch. I love being limber. Oh the things I could do with a bed...

I lay all the way back, and the view must be spectacular because he exclaims "Fuck Yes!" And I feel myself juice again, as his pleasure excites me even more. I close my eyes and luxuriate in the feeling of him filling me up.

He pulls almost out and rims me, pulls all the way out and rubs his magnificent cock over my clit. He rims me again hitting the G Spot. Tantalizing and teasing such intense pleasure, he plunges in again and again. I'm going to lose it. I suddenly pull up, so I don't shout out.

I see Captain engorged and looking so delicious, I lose how much I want to fuck and ask him if I can suck. The epitome of a dumb question, but my inner vixen is suddenly being polite.

Down I go to his glorious cock. I slowly trace it from bottom to top and lightly circle the tip with my tongue, my favorite move. I feel the responding pulse in his shaft as I do. Oh Damn! How much I love the feel of his cock, even in my mouth!! If only I could get a nice squeeze of the balls to make him really quiver.

I make quick work topside, even sneaking a glance up at him as I do. He starts fucking my powerful sucks and I know it's building quickly. He gives me his gentle warning he's coming. I do an extra suck just at the right moment as he's exploding and I feel his cock double react. It is so warm and sweet with just the hint of tang, simply perfect.

He asks something about "Did that improve my day?" That would improve anyone's day!

He nods and says "continue" as he makes his way to the door. I don't remember anything I said, because I am wonderfully dazed by the elusive Green Light, Fuck and Go! YES! YES! YES!

I'm so ready to take that glow and feed off it for where I'm going next. Where's that blanket? I'm about to majorly combust!!!

I lean back, close my eyes and find my sweet spot. I slip into my glorious hole and feel my soft warm folds brimming with my natural silky lube. I dip in to transfer to the sweet spot. The memory of his cock rubbing across it so fresh, it is like he is still there. The taste of him lingering on my tongue sends me higher.

I replay the whole scene in my head, as my hand almost has a mind of its own. Knowing exactly which way to move and in perfect rhythm to my memory, I feel it building in me. I know immediately it will be a rare squirting orgasm.

I relinquish myself completely to it. Nothing in the world exists in this moment but this extreme pleasure and the images taking me there. I am lost to it, as it builds higher and higher until everything in me explodes. I come in multiple convulsing waves, as it escapes me in a flood. The feeling is beyond any words or description.

Everything stills, while the surreal floating sensation takes over and I again delight in all things that are this thing between him and me. How it drives me to reach that rarest of all orgasms, still in awe at my violently intense reaction to him.

His email in the last minutes of the day says simply "Thank You." But from me, he has to know something of the orgasm I just had. "Likewise, I'm glad I triple folded the blanket after you left or else I'd be looking for a mop. Incredible, it does this to me".

I am once again at peace with all parts of me. Vixen is floating above cloud 9 already repeating her favorites scenes over and over and can only manage a "Fuck Yes" in his same intonation. This should keep her content for a long time.

It is hard to be upset with Vicky getting her way when it feels this amazing. She whispers to me again that I am a greater source of pleasure than angst. At this moment, it is hard to argue with such a fantastic fuck now on file.

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