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Green Panties


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I went to my massage thinking about our conversation...with your question looming over me... was I ever aroused by a woman's touch...

I was aroused by the conversation... my nipples hard and was put face down on a warm table with a sheet and a velvet throw on top of me. I kept my green panties, your favorites, on below the coverings. With a softly aromatic lotion, the lady massaged me with particular attention to my neck... my eyes closed...I thought of sitting in a corner of a hotel room...watching you on the bed sliding in an out of a beautiful woman on all fours. She mmm'd and oh'd and you watched me play with my pussy...moving the green panties aside and sliding in slow, languid strokes between the lips...

When the masseuse flipped me over to work on my chest and neck... I was a bit short of breath, well into my mental fantasy... both you and I had cum....you whispered to the woman and reached for my hand...I moved and stood face to face with her...she motioned her hand for you to sit where I had just been...

She spoke softly, soothingly...asking if I had ever been with a woman...I said no. I hadn't realized I'd ever been aroused by one... but I was aroused-at the two of you together, in front of me...she asked me to close my eyes and she caressed my body, moving evenly over each part...stroking the skin...moving in such a way as to keep my body warm all over...keep my pussy hot with the need that still sat deep inside. She slid my green panties to the floor and circled my clit with her fingers until I gasped and gripped her shoulders.

When she finally moved away, I opened my eyes and looked at you, stroking yourself...pre-cum sliding off the tip of your cock...the woman asked me to kneel on the bed with her...and know her body as she had mine.... I ran my hands across her shoulders, up her neck...down between her breasts...cupping one, then the other...playing with the nipples...I heard her breath catch, so I leaned in and tickled a nipple with my tongue...she let her head fall back, pressed her hands to my head and pulled my mouth over her...her nipple was responding to my tongue, and I liked it. I kissed and suckled it-playing with the other in my hand, then swapping sides.

My masseuse had finished, but she told me to take my time getting up...I ran my hands under the sheet and began pinching my nipples and running my hand over my green panties...rushing back to that fantasy...the beautiful woman took one of my hands and ran it down her body to her mons...I maneuvered my middle finger between her lips and stroked her there as she pulled my mouth to hers in a deep, penetrating kiss...I could hear you moaning from the chair in the corner...

She moved to the edge of the bed and hung her ass off just so, dangling my green panties off her toes...I kneeled on the floor and placed a hand on the inside of each of her legs...'wait' she said... and motioned to you...she told you to lay on the floor and she had me move my own legs apart, resting my pussy on your mouth...I kissed her legs and moved everywhere I could reach while you made my legs shake with pleasure, licking and fingering my pussy...

At the spa, I got dressed, mentally letting my tongue discover this imaginary woman's clit, her lips, her wetness, and finally the openness of her cunt...

All of us came, one after the other... shooting and gushing in uncontrollable spasms. You and I lay in tranquility as she showered, got dressed, and left.

At the spa, I got in my car and was exhausted from having done nothing but imagine...

I went to a nice dinner, had a glass of wine, got in the tub and fondled myself...thinking of your tongue....

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by Anonymous

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by rod4303/27/15


I'm a massage junky too and was delightfully aroused by this fantasy.
To hear your voice for the first time made it even better.
And the way you whisper "cunt" mmmmmmm

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