tagSci-Fi & FantasyGrimoire Ch. 03

Grimoire Ch. 03


She must have been crazy. That was the only explanation. She must have been crazy to have done what she did.

"Dr. Chalkey?"

"Yes, Detective Morris?"

"May I see the text he was looking at?"

"It's being cared for right now. You don't understand what the oils and dirt of human hands does to ancient paper like that … "

"Do you have a copy of it? Something that scholars can look at?"

"I do have a special print of it but it's reference only."

"I don't intend to take it out of the library, Dr. Chalkey, but if I do, I'll ask for a copy, okay?"

Dr. Chalkey nodded and disappeared for a minute, returning with a book, containing several specially wrapped pages. Morris signed for it and opened the cover, almost gasping at the beauty of the colors. Golds, purples and reds popped out from the creamy paper, surrounding calligraphed letters that flowed so naturally on the page.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" Morris nodded to the librarian. "That's why we are so protective of these texts. We will never see their like again."

"I understand. Thank you." Morris closed the book and headed back to where Lively was obediently sitting. "Here."

Lively took the book and Helaine could have sworn that she saw a circle of light arise when he opened the lid. He looked up at her, his dark eyes seeming to find something inside her that made her feel comfortable. "If you are going to trust me, you have to leave the reality that you know behind."

Morris wasn't sure what that meant but she nodded and took the chair next to him when he gestured her over. He looked down at the first page of text and whispered words that sounded like a foreign language to her. The light brightened, enveloping the table and Morris gasped. The painted pictures on the page had come to life. A man in a brilliant red robe with a halo over his head lounged in a gilt window, cooing to a dove that had been drawn perching on his finger.

The words sharpened and transformed into legible text. Morris would later learn that the text had been written in Latin and the spell that Lively spoke performed a visible translation. Even though he had already read the page prior to her arrival, he treated each page as if he was viewing it anew. Women in iridescent gowns danced in the corners and sparrows, cardinals and doves frolicked up and down the edges as he ingested the words, his expression stony and serious.

On the final page waited the most shocking image of all. She looked like a combination of Japanese anime and Alberto Vargas' zaftig artistry. Her skin was the color of tempered chocolate, her black hair coiled in braided ropes around her head and her body unfurled in sensual splendor, chocolate-tipped breasts and luscious thighs. Morris stared at the woman, unable to tear her eyes away. So when the drawing sat up from her chair, the detective could do nothing.

The Great One stretched, her spectacular body drawing attention as she caressed her own body, her hands gliding over rounded brown planes and drifted into deep valleys. Her eyes closed when her fingers made contact with her hidden pussy but the passion was evident in the shape of her mouth and the arch in her back. Her liquid brown eyes turned back to those of the detective and for a moment, Morris could swear that she heard the sound of a woman's passionate whimper.

"Don't look at her, detective." Lively's voice barely pierced the veil the drawing had weaved over her but she snapped her eyes away, breathing deeply with the effort. "Very beautiful, isn't she?"

"Yes." Morris whispered, chancing a quick glance back at the text. The woman was still there, cupping a breast in her hand and pushing the nipple into her mouth, her dark eyes sucking energy out of the detective's body and making various parts of her anatomy tingle.

"She is the one I must slay. She is the one I must find."

"How are you going to do that?"

"This grimoire tells me how to divine her location."

"And you really have to kill her?"

"It can't be helped. She cannot be allowed to live."

"Mr. Lively … "


"Jason, you know I can't just stand by and watch you kill someone. I'll have to arrest you."

"That's fine. Just do me this favor. Let me go. You can follow me and arrest me once I kill her."

Morris took a deep breath, her mind ruminating on the things that she'd seen thus far. This was nothing that she'd ever be able to relate to paper. Her fellow colleagues would never understand and she wasn't sure that she would, either. "Do you know what you're asking of me?"

"Do you understand how much trust I'm putting in you?"

Detective Helaine Morris watched him close the book and the surrounding light dissipated like fog before the sun. Either she could lock him up, along with all the other crackpots of the city, all telling her tales of being kings and aliens or she could follow what she felt in her heart, that he was real and that it was important that he be allowed to continue his task.

"All right, Jason. As soon as you're done, I take you in."

Lively shot up out of his chair, the book forgotten now. "Then we are running out of time. Can we go?"

Morris returned the book to Dr. Chalkey and grabbed Lively's arm, jerking him along as they made their way to the exit. Quietly, she murmured, "Okay, let's go."

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