tagSci-Fi & FantasyGrimoire Ch. 07

Grimoire Ch. 07


Pain flooded every inch of Morris' body and she whimpered in awakening. She slowly opened her eyes, blinking at the harshness of the bright light that assaulted her. The impossibly beautiful black woman arose from her seat on a throne-like chair, lights swirling in her eyes. Morris remembered Lively's warning not to look at her but felt her eyes drawn to the perfection of her naked body.

All at once, she knew what a lesbian felt. The Great One's legs were impeccable. Smooth muscle linked hip to knee to calf to ankle and every inch was covered with toned, unblemished flesh. Her hips were small, not really suited for childbearing but wide enough to differentiate them from her torso. Her flat stomach stretched elegantly upward, dimpling under heavy, large-nippled breasts and her shoulders spread softly into two arms, elbows and hands. But it was her face that had Morris mesmerized. She had never seen a face as lovely as hers.

"Like what you see?" Morris shook her head and cast her eyes down quickly, realizing that she had been staring. The Great One just laughed, moving around her and touching her hair. "You have beautiful hair. You should wear it down." Morris shivered with terror. What should I say? She had never talked to a god before. "Hello would be nice."

"You can read my mind?"

"Of course." Again, that playful chuckle. "I am a god, you know."

"No, I didn't know."

"My, my. Jason is slipping. He usually tells his protégé the history of the Legacy."

"I'm not his protégé."

"No? Then what are you?"

"A police officer."

The Great One thought about that for a long time. "I'm sorry. I don't understand how a police officer fits into this."

"Neither do I. You should just let me leave before things get any worse."

The smile the Great One gave her was benevolent with an underlying stench of evil that made Helaine's stomach twist. "You can't leave now." Morris wrenched her eyes away, suddenly terrified. "But then, you knew that."

"Look, why hold me? I'm not involved in this. It's between you and Jason."

"You should have thought about that before you interfered in our Mixing." She closed her eyes and pressed her hand into her pud, pushing against her clit. "I'm hungry again. And you're going to feed me."


"Jason didn't tell you that I feed?" She continued to rub herself and the scent of a woman's sex pricked Morris' nostrils. "He really did royally fuck up this time."

Morris sat up, deciding to take things into her own hands. "Listen, I don't know what you're talking about but I have to call in or ... "

"Or what? I already called in for you. Your precinct thinks that you're feeling sick and that you'll be in tomorrow."

"You didn't call in for me. Herv would never accept anyone calling in for me."

"He would if it was you." The Great One grinned like a mischievous child and placed her hand on Morris' shoulder, seeming to channel something from her. When she spoke, Morris knew. "Hello, Herv, it's Morris. Yeah, I know I'm late calling in but I had a flat tire. I told you that I needed another back tire. Anyway, I'm not feeling so hot and I'm going to sleep in tomorrow. I'll be in on Tuesday. Great. See you. 'Bye."

Morris stared at the woman, stunned at hearing her own voice issuing from The Great One's mouth. "How ... how did you do that?"

Her dark eyes blazed with red fire for a moment and the detective gasped. "I am a god, remember?" She stretched her lovely body, diddling herself while gazing at the detective's body. "Take your clothes off. I'm ready to feed."

"I'm not into girls."

"Well, that doesn't matter." She moved nearer to the detective, the swirls in her eyes suddenly moving and hypnotizing Morris. "I need to feed and to do that, I need you to eat my pussy." Morris just stared at the woman. "Detective Morris, will you eat my pussy?"

"Yes, Great One."

A surge of power went through her as she looked down at the puny human, watching the woman remove her clothes. This one wasn't bad, she thought. She was short but the combination of red hair and green eyes had her intrigued. And then, there were her breasts. The Great One would never have imagined that the voluptuous flesh that Detective Morris uncovered was hidden under that plain grey poplin suit.

"Come here, my lovely. It's time to feed."

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