tagSci-Fi & FantasyGrimoire Ch. 08

Grimoire Ch. 08


It had been a long time since Helaine Morris had felt the touch of another human being's hand on her body and the touch of The Great One was beyond compare. Electrical volts seemed to feed from her fingers, leaving streams of tingles in the wake of each stroke she gave. Helaine's body seemed not to be her own. She watched from outside her body as she removed her clothing, taking a long time to let her shirt slide off of her shoulders, her skin feeling the rough texture of the cloth. Her bra went next and then her pants and suddenly, she felt as if she was in a romantic novel, wanton and needy.

Morris' hands roamed her own flesh, stroking and pinching, raising her sexual and physical temperature. She had never felt something as glorious as her own flesh and her honest reaction showed it. The Great One watched the human with great amusement and even greater jealousy; it had been eons since she had been able to respond as openly as Morris was. Sex was a chore, a job to her. It was not enjoyable but maybe this time, it would be different.

She spoke a few words and the detective came to her, nearly floating on the strength of her lust. The Great One bent and took her nipple into her mouth, pulling Morris' body against her body and quivering with the energy that coursed through them. It was so pure and it startled The Great One to realize that the detective had never had sex with a female. She thought that all humans were depraved and the beauty of the woman's response spread through her like butter on a hot surface.

Helaine's mind reeled with the sensations she was feeling. It no longer mattered that she was being ravished by a female. The way her tongue was wrapping around her nipple was making jolts of electricity run down her legs and her pussy was growing wet. She ran her hands through her hair and pulled her mouth down, crushing her breast in the process and quivering over the seductive mixture of pain and pleasure that rocketed through her body.

"So, you like a little pain?" The Great One bit down on one nipple and the detective howled, throwing her head back, her breath coming in loud pants. "You are turning out to be quite a surprise. I wish I could keep you." The words didn't pierce the spell she'd weaved on the human and she placed soft kisses across her belly, tasting the flesh that quivered beneath her lips and tongue. "Now it's time for me to feed, my lovely. Maybe we'll meet in the next life."

Detective Morris tried to make a noise but the scream was caught in her throat. She felt The Great One's mouth on her pussy and she instantly came, her juices flowing into her mouth. Helaine had never cum so hard before and she pushed her creaming cunt against The Great One's mouth, desperate to have the experience again. She didn't have to wait long. Her tongue curled inside her juicy twat, licking the walls clean as she urged the human on to a large climax. That climax would release the essence that she needed to feed upon and in turn, she could cum, increasing her hold on the human world and further eroding the Legacy's hold.

Cum. Helaine heard the word deep in her brain as she rocked against the woman's face, rubbing her pussy toward a sensation that was so warm and sweet that she was breathless, waiting for it. She wanted it so badly. Cum. Her hips moved faster, flexing in an up-and-down motion. The feelings started from deep inside her, working their way out to her pussy and she gasped, feeling it come closer and closer ...

A roar split the air and Morris screamed. The Legacy had entered the room and was standing directly behind The Great One. The man she knew as Jason Lively had vanished. In his place was a god, a powerfully-built man with dark blue skin and piercing black eyes that bore tiny stars. The Great One tried to stand but it was too late. The Legacy was already naked, his huge penis hard and encased in the item that Lively had stolen from the oddities shop: a soft leather casing that had a blue diamond point on its end. His hands gripped The Great One's shoulders and he pushed his cock into her virgin pussy.

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