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Grocery Store Surprise


Hello and thank-you for taking the time to read my first of what I hope are many stories. Please let me know what you think of my first attempt at some erotic prose. Compliments are gladly accepted and hopefully complaints will be minimal.

I am going to ask you now to let me know if you feel what you are about to read is a true story or work of my imagination.

My wife and I try to share the jobs around the house. I vacuum, wash the bath tub and toilets, BBQ about three times a week rain or shine all year round and do the outside work except gardening. I also do the grocery shopping. My wife makes the list and because I finish work early in the afternoon, I get to shop when the stores are not so busy.

I really don't mind getting the groceries especially from the late spring to about the middle of September. You see I like ladies legs and especially feet. And because it's mostly women that do the family shopping this gives me a chance to enjoy the variety of footwear they wear to show-off their lovely tanned legs and manicured feet. I have to say that I prefer a woman that wears a nice pump that accents a nice pair of long legs. If I am really lucky I find a girl wearing a pump that lets me admire some 'toe cleavage'. Toe cleavage is when the shoe is so low on the foot that you can see were toes starts to extend from the main body of the foot. They remind me of tiny little boob cleavages. Seeing pinkie toe cleavage is the ultimate thrill for me. I also like open toe shoes that show off all those lovely little toes with various shades of nail polish. I really think that women like to show off their manicures to other women, I hope they don't mind if I enjoy them as well.

You can usually tell the stay at home moms from the working girls. The woman that stays at home and look after the kids, wear shorts or Capri style pants with either sandals or flip flops. While the working woman usually wears a business type of suit with or without a jacket over a blouse and a skirt with some sort of heeled shoe or pump. I have to say that I do prefer a nice high heel shoe with an open toe over a pair of sandals. Of course I am generalizing here about what the women wear and am not attempting to slot anyone into any kind of stereo type.

Anyway, one particularly hot August afternoon I had to go for groceries before I went home. After parking my new car in an isolated part of the parking lot so that some ass hole wouldn't hit my car and with armed with a shopping list I walk to my local Longo's (a nice grocery store near my home). Just before I walked into the store I notice a very large SUV type vehicle park right beside my car. I watch to make sure that they don't hit my car with their car door. Much to my surprise when the SUV door opens out pops two very long tanned legs that belong to a business woman that is wearing a dark skirt that ends just below the knee, a white sleeveless blouse and no jacket. My guess she is a Real Estate agent that is between clients and I sure hope she is going for groceries too. I went into the store and paused by the front door to read the store flyer to see what was on special this week. And more importantly, to see which store my future fantasy lady is going to visit. It looks like shopping today is going to be my lucky day as she walks, very well I might add right into the grocery store.

Just before she walks into the store, I go get a grocery cart and being the gentleman that I am I offer her my cart and get another for myself. While I gave her my cart, I noticed a very lovely pair of tanned and well toned legs that are not encumbered with pantie hose or stockings and a pair of pumps with an open toe. She has a lovely French Pedicure (white nail tips) that appears very fresh. I also notice a matching French Manicure and a very stunning wedding ring. She smiles when I gave her my cart and thanks me as well. She has dark hair, drawn back and in a tight bun and stunning blue eyes. She stands about 5-9 (with the shoes) and I can tell she works out as her legs are toned and she has some definition in her arms, again very sexy to me. I guess her age at about 35 to 40.

I watched her as she walked away from me and into the Produce section of the store. I try to keep a discreet distance from her while she shops but close enough to admire her with out creeping her out. I notice that she is finished in Produce and was about to start down the isles. Fortunately, I was also finished with produce but I lingered in the Produce Section for a few minutes so that I could go into the isles from the opposite direction from my dream girl. This way I go up one isle while she goes down the same isle and visa versa. This gives me a chance enjoy her walking towards me several times while I shop and also gives me a chance to make some small talk with her. After a couple of aisles of us meeting, I said to her 'That we have to stop meeting like this'. She laughed when I said it but she didn't respond.

I think she enjoyed our meeting on each aisle as she laughed every time we saw each other when we started up or down a new aisle. As discreet as I tried to be, I think after a two or three aisles she was on to me. The reason I say this is because I got the feeling that she went out of her way to pose or stand in such a way as to show off her legs and feet. And as an added bonus, I don't think she minded me looking. So after several aisles I took a chance and paid her a complimented. As I recall I said to her 'I hope you don't take this the wrong way and I mean no offence or disrespect, but you have the finest legs and prettiest feet I have ever seen'. She smiled and thanked me for the comment and just went on her way down the aisle like she hears compliments about her feet everyday, maybe she does. If she offered me the chance I would have loved to give her feet the attention that they deserve right then and there.

We got separated after my comment and I thought she may have been worried that I was some sort of whack job when I didn't see her around the next corner. I was very sad that she went a different way, but that's the way it goes.

I finished my shopping while imagining her feet in my hands and me sucking on anyone of those toes. While standing in the check-out line day dreaming about those feet, she came up behind me to wait in the same line that I was in. I said to her again that I hope I didn't offend her, but her feet were that pretty and that I was a foot guy. Again that little smile and maybe a slight blush on her pretty face. I said good-bye to her after I paid for my groceries and went to my car.

After loading my groceries into my car and returning my cart back to the one of the covered cart racks, I looked up and was very pleased to see my fantasy girl walking towards her SUV with her groceries. I was very happy I had a chance to admire those toes one more time and then she asked for my help with some of the heavier items that she bought. After helping her load her groceries I offered to return her cart to the rack.

When I returned back to my car she had her window rolled down and she asked me if her feet were really that pretty. I assured her that they were. She then asked me why I liked feet. I said that I really couldn't give her a proper answer other than the truth and the truth is I think that ladies feet that are well looked after and well manicured are both very sexy and exciting.

To my surprise, she opened her car door and after turning in her seat, she extended her left leg out the door high enough that I could see her bare foot from the driver side of my car. She asked me again if I really thought her foot was sexy. I just nodded and she asked me if I would like to take a closer look at her foot. Again, I just nodded. When I walked around my car I noticed that her right leg was still in the car and the hem of her skirt was well up her thigh with her legs more then slightly apart. While standing beside her car, she lowered her foot and when she wiggled her toes I thought I was going to kneel down and start kissing her foot right there. After what seemed like a long time staring at her leg and foot, she shifted in her drivers seat so that she could bring her foot so close to me that it almost was touching my thigh. She then asked me what I would do to her foot if given the chance. Now I was a little embarrassed because she had me totally in awe of her beauty. I have to say that the my shorts were more then budging in front but I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She repeated the question and this time she wiggled her toes while I watched. My eyes travelled up her leg from her foot and that is when I realized that her skirt was hiked high enough that I could see her white panties.

I took a quick look around our to see that no one was closed enough to see what I was about to do. I leaned up against my car while I cupped my hand under her ankle. Her skin was very soft and very warm to the touch. I knelt down and drew her foot closer to my face. I inhaled the sweet aroma of her foot, it had the unmistakable scent of perspiration and of a fine leather from her shoe. For me the scent from her foot was heavenly. I kissed the top of her foot and then the sole. I looked up at her face after I kissed the sole of her foot and I was pleased to see her eyes closed and she seemed to be enjoying the attention I was giving her.

I will leave the rest to your imagination.

Thanks again for taking the time to read my tale.

xoxo from Canada

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