tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGround Force Ch. 1

Ground Force Ch. 1


Charlie and Alan had arrived early at the home they were going to make over and they were getting pretty tired of waiting for Tommy to turn up.

Alan showed Charlie the plan for the garden and decided that they could get their parts done while they waited and when Tommy eventually arrived they could then do the bits they needed him to do like the decking and the new fancy concrete path.

Charlie got her shovel out, and started digging the border, while Alan put in the new fence panels. Alan loved to watch Charlie digging away as she famously never wore a bra, and he was treated to a good look at her big nipples and soft boobs swaying as she jostled under the effort.

Usually, he was unable to watch her for too long as Tommy would be there too and if he caught him it might cause trouble. However Tommy's bad timekeeping was a godsend thought Alan, and he watched her bending over pushing her foot on the spade and her big tits wobbling freely beneath her vest. Alan was crouched beside her half watching Charlie, half painting the fence, with a big smile on his face at his opportunity for a private peepshow so close to the flame haired garden goddess.

His ogling lasted only around 5 minutes though as he finished painting the panel and anyway, she had turned the soil and was now beginning to set in plants, and in the crouched position her knees obscured his view of her ample charms.

"I'm just going next door to paint the other side of this panel Charlie", he muttered in disappointment as Charlie rubbed her hands in the mud to set in the roots of a large pot-plant.

"OK Alan!", she replied chirpily, not bothering to look up from her work.

Alan disappeared behind the fence and dipped his brush in the paint pot before applying a coat of paint to the particular panel he was re-finishing. As his brush moved across the timber he noticed a large knot hole in the panel next to the one he was concentrating on, and decided to take a peek through, to see if Charlie was in a position so that he could see her breasts, after all she would never see him watching from behind the fence and he bent down and put his eye against the hole.

He was disappointed to find that she had disappeared from view and he peered over the top of the fence to see where she had gone.

Just his luck!, she was kneeling just below the knot hole where he could not see her, and she had the watering can at her side as she watered the shrubbery she had just planted in the freshly dug border. "Shit!" muttered Alan to himself in frustration. Then he had a mischievous idea for a joke and he unzipped the fly of his jeans. When she went to get up, she would get a real shock!

Alan took out his penis and slipped it through the hole, which was just wide enough to dangle his flaccid cock into, and waited.

After a couple of minutes, he heard her moving behind the fence and new she must be getting up. Then he felt her hair brush against his dick, making him gasp as her soft red locks caressed his skin. Then he heard her laugh out loud as she obviously saw his little joke. After working together for so long, the whole team were really close and they often had fun at each other's expense. Although no one had quite gone that far, Charlie went along with it in the spirit of fun as it was intended.

"What's this little thing here?" she chuckled, "Looks like a slug after my plants already, or maybe a little worm." "It could even be a new type of exotic flower I haven't seen before!"

Alan stood behind the fence also laughing at her reply, answering back "Why don't you water it and see if it grows!"

Although meant as a joke, the joke was soon on Alan, as Charlie had he watering can to hand and was soon lifting it and positioning it above the isolated penis sticking through the fence in front of her. She tipped the watering can up, and drops of water trickled from the spout and splashed on the fence and on Alan's naked cock. As the cool water touched Alan's warm skin, he felt his dick stirring and realised he was getting hard. Charlie had obviously noticed something happening too, as she giggled girlishly, "Oh yes, you were right, I think it's growing!", tipping more water onto his rapidly swelling organ.

Alan could feel that it was getting harder and felt enough was enough, in order to save both their embarrassment and tried to remove his cock from the hole. As he tried o back away from the fence however, he felt stuck fast to the panel, and Charlie was continuing to pour on more cool water, despite noticing Alan's obvious attempts to free himself.

She heard him grunting and felt the fence shaking as Alan desperately tried to pull his semi-aroused cock from the hole, but still she applied water, as it grew bigger and bigger and fatter and fatter, until there was no way he could have pulled it out.

Charlie emptied the last of the water from the can onto Alan's cock and sat back on the grass to admire the view. She sat, totally transfixed as she watched it grow and stiffen further until it had become fully erect and was jutting out straight, as if pointing directly at her.

As she took in the magnificent sight, she felt her pussy tingling in her jeans. She had never seen a cock that big before, it was 11 inches in length, and almost as thick as her arm, and she found herself unfastening her jeans and sliding them down over her thighs.

Alan had become anxious in the garden next door, at the sudden silence and nervously called for Charlie.

Charlie was otherwise occupied herself, as her hand had slipped inside her knickers and was rubbing frantically at her moistened cunt as she sat looking at her workmate's magnificent erection.

Just as she slipped her finger between her dark pussy lips, she was once again called for by Alan, this time with even more urgency in his voice.

Charlie was now freely fingering herself as her cunt was nicely lubricated and she slipped in a second finger from her left hand.

Alan was now sounding in pain as he called her name a third time. "Shit Charlie, this is hurting me now, can't you help me here?"

Charlie looked closely at his cock and could see that it was getting redder and looked very painful. "Hold on", she replied as she removed her fingers from her pussy "I've got an idea."

She got on her hands and knees and crawled over to where his erection was jutting out through the fence and put her right hand down the front of her panties and rubbed her smooth palm through her fiery red pubes and along the length of her dripping slit, liberally coating it with her sticky vaginal juices. Then she rose up onto her haunches and wrapped her long slender fingers around the shaft of Alan's fat cock.

"I'm going to have to wank you off Alan", she said, quickly adding, "This is strictly between me and you though, it goes no further understand?"

Alan quickly replied. "Of course not, I'm hardly in a position to tell anyone anyway am I?"

Charlie supposed he was right, and told Alan she was going to begin, saying she would be as gentle as possible so as not to hurt him any more than he was feeling already.

Lubricated by her pussy juice, Charlie slipped her hand slowly and deliberately along the entire length of Alan's cock. As she coated the entire length of his dick in her juices she felt able to speed up a bit and she slid her hand faster along his fat shaft.

Alan felt the pain subside in his genitals, the feelings being substituted for ones of intense pleasure as her warm hand lovingly caressed his engorged phallus.

Alan was really enjoying having her stroke his big cock, but felt he ought to try and lighten the situation with small-talk.

"What's that liquid on your hands", he enquired, his voice trembling slightly as he tried to control the feelings of excitement that her stoking was producing.

"Oh", she stuttered in reply, "It's er….nothing….just a special lubricant to help things, I made it myself."

She was getting aroused herself, and her technique became more sexual as her pussy burned. She yanked across the crotch of her panties and rubbed her pussy with her fingertips.

Then she reached down beside herself and grabbed the trowel which lay in the border between her and the fence.

Charlie was really rubbing at Alan's bloated cock head, as she did when she jerked guys off strictly for their pleasure, and Alan groaned with delight as her palm massaged her juices into his fat purple helmet.

"You're not enjoying this are you Alan, you bastard?" she yelled at hearing his soft moans. Her request was somewhat hypocritical in nature, as over the fence she was busily stuffing her cunt with the bulbous plastic handle of the trowel, really getting off on handling such a wonderfully enormous meaty hardon.

Alan's reply came with a hint on sarcasm and a touch of arrogance, although totally truthful as he responded, biting his lip "No more than you are Charlie!"

By this time the sound of a lorry could be heard pulling up outside the house and a big metal door slamming shut as a man emerged from inside. "Alan……Charlie……It's Tommy, sorry I'm late, the truck broke down."

In the garden at the rear of the house, Charlie and Alan were s involved in their sordid activities, they were totally oblivious to all external activity and never heard a thing. Assuming the pair had gone for an early lunch, Tommy decided to go round the back and see what needed doing.

He went down the path and entered the back garden.

His first sight was a view of Charlie, who had her back to him, and was bending over slightly seemingly tending to something on the fence panel. Tommy was just about just about to call over to her and ask if she needed any help, when he noticed she had taken off her pants and was kneeling there in her knickers and vest. "Maybe she's hot", thought Tommy to himself, and there's no sign of Alan anywhere."

He grinned slyly to himself and silently crept up the garden, hoping to surprise her. As he took a few more steps forward however, it was him who was to be surprised, as he saw a yellow tool disappearing and re-appearing between her legs. He took a further step forward and studied hard between her legs.

He was now able to see that she was actually inserting the implement in her pussy, and she was using it to masturbate. Then he noticed her other arm moving, and her hand wrapped around something on the fence.

He looked up and saw that she was wanking a big hard cock and his own began to stir in his shorts.

After watching her hand slide effortlessly along the massive beast, Tommy's cock was as hard as the one in the fence, and he wanted a piece of the action himself.

He unfastened his shorts and slipped off his shirt until he was naked apart from his boots. Although not quite as big as Alan's monster, Tommy's cock was much bigger than average, and as he strode manfully towards Charlie it swayed from side to side as it was pushed by his big bulky thighs.

Not wanting to disturb her from her actions, namely the masturbation of Alan and her own hot cunt, he crept stealthily towards her, but as he got a few feet away, his heavy boots gave away his presence, and Charlie looked round to see who was behind her. As she turned her head her eyeline was filled with another big hard cock jutting out towards her. She traced her eyes up along the man's stomach and chest and up to his head, where the owner was finally revealed to her. As she saw Tommy watching her wanking Alan's cock (he assumed the owner was Alan due to his absence), and her stuffing her cunt with the trowel handle her jaw dropped and her big blue eyes widened with shock.

Tommy put a finger to his lips and whispered as he lowered himself down to the ground behind her. "Shhhhhhhhhhhh" he whispered, as his hands grabbed a palmful of her fleshy white ass cheeks. He desperately wanted to feel his hard dick inside Charlie but as her pussy was already occupied, he decided his only option was the "tradesman's entrance"-well he was a builder!

Before her tight little anus could accept such a fat cock however, she required a little lubrication, and Tommy lowered his head to her bottom, and prising her cheeks apart with his hands, jammed his face into the cleft between her buttocks. Tommy opened his mouth and flicked out his tongue. He licked eagerly at her buttocks, slobbering all over like a St. Bernard dog as he ate her sweet asshole out keenly.

After he felt she was ready for his entry, he moved his face away and knelt behind her, holding his rigid pole firmly in his hand. Charlie bent over and presented her big round behind to him, and he rubbed his cock tip along the crack of her ass to coat it in his saliva. Once it was glistening with lubrication he released the grip on his cock and grabbed her hips firmly, All the while, Alan was blissfully unaware of the goings on over the fence, instead concentrating on the waves of pleasure rushing through his body. Charlie had been stroking his dick for a good 10 minutes now, and her technique was so good that he felt he would soon be ready to cum, wondering if she would take him all the way to orgasm.

Tommy's entry into Charlie's ass was imminent and she was noisily panting in anticipation of having her tight rear roughly violated.

Alan could hear her panting, and assumed she was getting turned on by his cock. "Mmmmmmmmmm yeah baby, you like my big cock?" he arrogantly hissed, giving his identity away conclusively to Tommy, who smiled, knowing her lust was for him.

Just as Charlie opened her mouth to offer a reply though, Tommy pulled her back, as he thrust forward, burying the entire length of his hard cock in Charlie's restrictive colon, stretching her asshole wide open like never before.

Alan was still unaware of Tommy's presence, let alone his dick up her ass, and she wanted to keep it that way. However, the sheer surprise of being intruded so suddenly would have made her scream, arousing suspicions in Alan's mind for sure. To pacify herself the only the thing she could do was to open he mouth as wide as it would go and sink her mouth over as much of Alan's schlong as she could fit in there, clamping her lips firmly around his thick veiny erection.

Although just intending to hold him in her mouth, Tommy was banging hard into her from behind making her jerk forward as his massive body thrust against her slight frame, causing her head to bob up and down on Alan's dick as though she was deliberately giving him a blow-job.

Tommy reached round her front, and slipped his hands up her vest, roughly manhandling her infamous soft tits in his large powerful hands. He was rolling her nipples between finger and thumb in time to his fucking, making them hard and long. Then he grabbed the top of her vest and tore it open from the inside, freeing her boobs, which swayed like magnificent udders as he banged his pelvis against her peachy behind.

Then he slipped one hand down her smooth stomach towards her cunt, where she was still stuffing the trowel handle in an attempt to make her cum. Tommy took the handle from her grasp and she steadied herself by placing the hand on the ground.

Then, he took his other hand and grabbed a big handful of her long red hair pulling it tight so he was in full control of her head movements.

He started gently with the trowel, just slowly inserting the 4 inches at the end just as Charlie had been doing, then he quickened his frigging, forcing her head up and down on Alan's cock in the fence.

Then, all of a sudden, he felt he was going to cum, and he needed her to, and Alan for that matter, so he could finish off the way he had always dreamed of doing since the first day he had met her.

Without any warning, he jammed the entire 9 inches of his cock straight up inside her and held it there, while sliding the entire 7 inches of hard plastic handle rapidly up her cunt. He could feel the hard handle sliding in as the thin membrane of skin separating her entrances threatened to tear under the strain and the ripples on the plastic felt good along the underside of his cock. He knew his action would make her cum instantly, and he was right, feeling her body shaking as the intense ecstasy took over her body as she climaxed again and again. It was a silent orgasm however, as simulataneously with his double penetration, he had jammed her head down hard onto Alan's dick, pushing the head of it right against the very back of her throat.

Her orgasm had caused her to clamp her lips even more firmly around his shaft, and the stifled attempts to scream made her throat vibrate against his cock. Alan felt the cum rising from his balls and grabbed the top of the fence as he prepared for his own ejaculation. Shutting his eyes tightly and grimacing, Alan felt his cock pulsing and soon he was firing his cum into Charlie's mouth, where it slipped straight down her throat. He was cumming for a full 3 minutes, filling her mouth with his salty seed, forcing her to greedily gulp it down to prevent her choking on it.

Tommy was amazed he hadn't cum himself by now, and quickly slipped his cock out of her asshole to prevent himself shooting before he was ready.

As he pulled his cock out, the trowel slid out of her pussy and it lay glistening in the sunlight as her cum clung to its ripples. As he waited patiently for her to drain Alan's cock, Tommy picked up the trowel and lapped her cum off it with his tongue, gripping his hand firmly around his cock with his other hand to prevent his premature ejaculation. As she slipped her mouth over and off Alan's now soft cock she panted, and Alan was finally able to pull his cock out of the hole and pull his trousers back up. Just as he was buckling up his belt, he was alerted to another man's presence in the garden next door with Charlie, as a deep voice boomed out "So now you've both cum, it's my turn, roll over you dirty slut!"

Although a familiar voice, and it could only be him after all, the identity of the mystery man was revealed by Charlie as she responded "But Tommy, don't you want to cum inside me?"

If the opportunity had been presented to Alan, he would have jumped at the chance of shooting his spunk deep inside her dirty wet cunt, and he was curious as to Tommy's intentions.

He got down onto his knees and peered through the knot hole to watch.

He saw Charlie lying flat of her back with her top ripped open, her bare cunt gleaming as her juices continued to trickle out of it. Kneeling over her, Tommy was firmly gripping his hard cock, the tip directed at her chest.

It was then Tommy's intentions were made clear and Alan smiled. With just 2 strokes of his length, Tommy's cock jerked out of his hand and dumped a huge pool of thick white spunk over Charlie's fantastic freckled boobs. As she rubbed it into her tits, Tommy wanked himself until more and more was pouring out of his dick, completely covering her fleshy mounds with his milky white jism.

As Alan watched from behind the fence, he wondered if watering her tits regularly with spunk had made them grow so big.

Then he laughed out loud as Tommy made a final joke. As his cock went limp in his hand, he watched admiringly as the cum pooled in a puddle between Charlie's pale tits.

"Hey," he panted, gradually recovering his breath after his intense climax "I bet that's one water feature a few fellas wouldn't mind having a go at!"


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