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Group Lunch for One


I imagined taking you out at lunch, getting the car a short way from your office and telling you to put a blindfold on. Taking you into a room as I lead you by the arm, telling you it was time for you to have one of your fantasies & to trust me. Pulling your clothes off slowly as you stand there shivering, the sound of other people moving around us letting you know that you have an audience. Walking you over to a low table as I lay you down on the top, and whispering in your ear to relax and enjoy as I tie your hands and legs spread wide with soft rope.

Then you hear the people moving closer, and the touch of numerous hands starting to caress your body - I imagine that you would already be wet, just from knowing what's to come. You hearing me tell them that they can enjoy your body however they want, but they only have 30 minutes, and they must all cum inside you since I have to take you back to work straight after.

Fingers and hands teasing your nipples and breasts, rubbing your hips, and some of them starting to fondle your moist slit. Your moans as the first one touches your clit just right, your back arching. The sound of zippers around you as you strain for more contact, then the feeling of the first cock rubbing against your mouth - which of course you open wide, licking and teasing him. Another man taking his place between your legs as his prick rubs up and down your gash... your hips arching up as your need grows. A cock slowly sinking into each end at the same time as the men grow harder at your touch. The cock in your cunt starting to fuck you now, pushing in and out as the man up top holds your head in his hands and begins to thrust in and out of your sucking lips. One crotch grinding sweetly into your clit, the other bumping into your face as his stiffness pushes into your throat. Both men grunting and moaning as they fuck you, no teasing or preliminaries here.

I can hear your own moans as I watch, the way your body responds, the way you slurp at one stiff prick while another wetly moves in and out of your sweet hole. You know at least two other men are there, because other hands keep pinching your nipples or fondling your ass as you lay there opened wide and filled with cock. The men not speaking at all, but breathing faster and harder as they increase their pace. One set of fingers moving down to rub the lips on either side of a pistoning cock and tease your clit at the same time as you gasp and shiver in your first hot orgasm, your body quivering and shaking as your cunt gets even wetter and squeezes down. This drives the man fucking you over the edge as you feel him thrust all the way inside you, his cock swelling and throbbing as he empties his cum deep in you. Your own moans louder as you bob your head up and down blindly at the prick in your mouth, continuing to suck and lick him as the first man makes his last small thrusts of pleasure. A pair of hands tight around your head as he cries out and pulls your face all the way onto him, the head deep in your throat and his meet pulsing under your tongue as you feel him empty his sperm in shot after shot straight down your throat, gulping to keep up with the flow.

They both pull their cocks from you reluctantly, and you lay there panting in pleasure. Then you feel hands untying you and you remember that there are still others - before you can say anything they have you rolled over with your knees on the ground and your body bent over the table now. You strain to hear the men around you when you feel another cock rubbing against your cheek - already stiff from watching your show. As you turn to kiss the head, tongue running along the slit you feel another thick shaft rubbing along your slit from behind. Relying only on your touch you open your mouth further sucking the one in, while your legs spread inviting the other into you - his large cock easily sliding into your wet cunt. His hands grasp your hips as he starts to fuck in and out of you, the sounds and smells of sex filling the room again.

The man in your mouth is gentler than the first, letting you set the pace as you move up and down, teasing and licking and sucking; showing him just how good you are with your mouth as his hips pump gently. Other hands still continue to touch and tease you at random times, and your frustration grows along with your passion. Both cocks are nice and hard as they move in and out in opposition - one sliding deep as the other pulls back, then reversing. Your body moves back and forth to meet them, one set of balls hitting your throbbing clit, grinding against you; then the other your red lips and chin as you hold his meat in your sweet mouth. Then you feel the one in your pussy pulling out and you start to complain, only to feel his thick head rubbing against your little asshole. As you push back slightly, letting him know he's welcome, his cock enters with that slight pop and pain as he starts to push deeper - the mixed cum from your first fuck easing his path. This apparently excites the first man as well, as he starts to push in and out of your mouth faster.

The man in your ass moans at the tightness as you squeeze down, then he starts to slowly fuck in and out in time with the one fucking your face again, pushing deeper into you each stroke. Your own moans are getting loud again, letting everyone know just how much this is getting to you as your unseen lovers take your sweet body. Then, before you're ready for it, the man who's cock you're sucking suddenly gasps and pulls back, the head just inside your lips as his cock explodes. You gulp and suck wildly, not wanting any of his cum to escape as his hips jerk madly and he shoots again and again. The sperm sliding stickily across your tongue and down your throat as you clean him. Then you're forced to release his softening-prick as the man assfucking you reaches around to lightly pinch and rub your clit; your loud cry and moan letting him know just how it feels. You push back to meet his deep thrusts as his cock stretches your asshole, and you cry out again as you erupt together; his cock jerking and thrusting deep as hot cum fills your ass, and your cunt dripping as you grind back to meet his touch on both sides. All you can do is lean forward on the table and gasp for breath as he takes a last few feeble thrusts in and out, then pulls himself from you.

You lie there panting as you hear the men getting dressed around you, and my voice soft in the background talking to them as they leave. Finally you feel my hand on your arm drawing you gently up as I tell you it's time to go. You stand there still shivering from the aftershocks as I dress you in your skirt and blouse, still blindfolded, then lead you outside to the car and we drive off. Only when we're almost at your office do I finally take it off, the sun blindingly bright in your eyes after the past hour - I smile at the look on your face and tell you that we'll talk later about your day as I drop you off. You return to your desk on quivering knees, smiling at the memory and the wet tickle between your legs, the taste of cum still in your mouth. And you can't help but be curious why a few of the people in the office are giving you such strange grins...

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