Growin up with the Martin Girls Ch. 04


The camera followed the dancing couple to a red corvette, and the boy opened the driver's door for the young lady, helping her into the driver's seat, and then the boy ran around the car to get in the other side. They drove through traffic, then into the hills, and then stopped at a large secluded home nestled among pine trees. The house had a few lights on inside, and as they approached the door the girl said, "My parents are away for the weekend, so we have the whole house to ourselves."

The boy looked a little fearful, "My mom told me to be home by midnight...even though I just turned 18 years old."

"I've called your mom and told her that you could stay over in a guest room at my house, and she called my mom who assured her everything was fine, so she agreed. You can stay here tonight, Billy," the girl grinned as she put the key into the door and ushered her date inside.

It was clear that the girl, or woman really, was being dominant to the obviously younger boy, who didn't look older than 16, but was an 18-year-old actor with a young face. My sore penis couldn't help but throb a little in anticipation...

Inside the house, the girl tossed her purse and keys on a table in the entry, took the boy by the hand and briskly pulled him along as she headed for the kitchen and got them each a drink. The camera showed that she slipped some kind of powder into the boy's soda and stirred it before handing the glass to the boy and grinning as she watched him drink.

In the next scene, they were in the guestroom, and the girl told the boy to leave his clothes in the room and meet her in the hot tub in the back yard. He protested that he had no swimming suit, and the girl went to her room to get him one. She opened her drawer and looked at several items of swimwear, choosing a small pink string bikini bottom for her date and returned to him.

She handed him the little ball of silky pink fabric and assured him it was the best she could offer, and that he'd look just fine in the slinky bikini bottom. She turned and left the room, leaving him to get changed.

The next scene was the girl in her room, in a black thong bikini with a flimsy top that did little more than cover the nipples of her large breasts. She was whispering into her cell phone, "Yes, we'll be ready in about 10 minutes. Yes, I gave him the powder. No, he doesn't know. Ok, see you."

The next scene showed the girl in the large hot tub, sipping champagne and grinning happily as the bashful and obviously embarrassed boy walked out into the soft summer evening wearing the tiny pink bottom with his hands demurely trying to cover her crotch. He stopped at the edge of the tub and the girl motioned with her hand and said, "Come on, Billy, move your hands aside and let me see how the suit looks on you. I'm sure you'll look great!" she smiled warmly.

The boy carefully moved his hands to his sides, losing his modesty and revealing a rather large and clearly outlined genital bulge, barely contained in the thin pink fabric that was only designed to accommodate a female shape.

"Turn around," she said, and the boy slowly turned, revealing a boy-shaped bottom, barely contained in the Brazilian-cut back panel. "Outstanding," she said.

Just then, two smiling older girls who looked to be at least 20 years old appeared at the back door. They must have let themselves in unannounced. They were wearing bikinis under bathing robes, but quickly dropped the robes on a nearby chaise and walked to the tub.

The girl in the bubbling water said, "Billy, you remember Candy and Tara from school when you were a freshman don't you?"

The two girls each held out a hand to shake, and Billy complied, obviously blushing and embarrassed for wearing the little pink thong bikini that barely covered any of his genitals.

One would think this was a real situation, because I didn't know actors could blush. Perhaps the boy playing the part of 'Billy' was doing this for the first time... I couldn't help but be aroused by the plot line, which was getting more exciting by the moment...

After the greeting, the three girls and the boy were in the hot tub together, and the boy started looking funny with a hazy vision and distorted sound technique to indicate that the drug he had been given was taking effect.

The girls teased the boy about his 'first date' and the excitement of 'prom night' and all the titillations of youthful sexual discovery. Soon the girls were taking turns kissing the boy with increasing passion, each having a turn and demanding that Billy tell them which girl was the best kisser.

Then the girls started comparing their swimming suits – which one is prettiest, Billy? The poor boy had to choose. But he wasn't an idiot and always picked his date as the best kisser, sexiest body, nicest ass, prettiest bikini, etc. The girls flaunted their bodies in front of the poor boy, making him blush and stammer his responses. Finally, the girls demanded to know which of them had the nicest boobs.

One said, "I think it's impossible to properly judge a pair of breasts without considering the nipples." Another said, "I agree. Nipples are a very important part of a girl's boobs." The date said, "Do you think we should take off our tops so you can judge us properly, Billy?" as all the girls giggled.

Before the shocked boy could stammer an answer, all three girls whipped off their tops, revealing beautiful breasts of different sizes and shapes, and each girl had unique areolas and nipples, some large, some small, some light, and some dark. They each flaunted them in the boy's face, and put his hands on the offered softness so that he could consider things like "fullness", "perkiness", and "firmness".

The boy was obviously excited, since he was so inexperienced, and admitted with slurred speech that he'd never seen naked breasts before, let alone touched them.

The girls settled back into their seats topless, and started to chat among themselves. They determined that since they had each taken off an article of clothing, it was only fair the Billy do likewise. He looked shocked and protested, but the girls easily overpowered him, and pulling the strings of his little pink bikini bottom undone, they were easily able to take it from him and play 'keep-away' in the large hot tub. This was a wonderful chance for the girls to jump and wiggle and jiggle their beautiful breasts for the camera.

Billy, now completely naked and fighting to get his hands on his only chance at modesty, had to stand and move around the tub, exposing his large erect penis and big swinging testicles. In his weakened state, not only was he unable to retrieve the garment, but the girls again overwhelmed him and soon had used the string bikini bottom to secure his hands behind his back.

"Get used to it, Billy," said the date, "You're ours for the night now..."

The topless girls led naked Billy out of the tub, dried him off, and led him back into the house while each girl took ample opportunity to grope and feel his bottom and genitals. They led him to what must have been the date's room, and tied him spread-eagled to her queen sized white 4-poster bed.

The boy's genitals were fully displayed to the camera. They were large, pink, and dusted with just a little blond hair. The gleeful topless trio produced shaving cream and a razor and denuded him completely of pubic hair as we watched. They cautioned him not to struggle, given that there was a razor stroking against his very delicate parts.

Once he was 'truly and completely naked' the girls put a sheet over his face and began taking pictures of him with their cell phones. Each one in turn 'posed' between his spread thighs, their smiling faces next to his turgid erection and dangling testicles. Then another with their hands feeling his penis and testicles, and each girl took at least one picture with the head of his penis in her mouth. He squirmed against his bonds, but finding no weakness, he was forced to surrender control and simply wait for what they would do next.

They took the sheet off his face and all took pictures that made sure to show his naked and shaved genitals in the frame with his fearful face. "These are so that you know you'll have to obey us all summer, Billy, otherwise we'll email some pictures to your mom, sisters, teachers, and the principal."

He moaned in torment, completely trapped now by his captors, and he knew it.

The girls proceeded to take turns playing with his big penis. It became clear that they were teasing the young but well-endowed boy to the brink of ejaculation and stopping, over and over again. He bucked and writhed against his bonds, squirming to either get away or to increase the stimulation so that he could cum, but the girls were skilled and merciless.

The film was a primer for teasing and denial, showing every technique clearly, and multiple times. The boy was shaking and moaning and begging for a long time before the date took another turn and the other girls got all three of their cell phones ready, one girl with a phone in each hand.

The girls took video of the date's technique, long methodical strokes with one hand and testicle fondling with the other. Soon the boy was wracked with spasms, and he shot enormous spurts of semen all over himself and the date, all of which was captured on video by three cell phones. The date continued to milk the boy, expressing drop after pearly drop to dribble from the slit of his penis onto her hand as she smiled for the cameras.

Once the boy was completely spent, and his penis was going soft in her hand, she laid his still-big member onto his hairless pelvis. The two guest girls then set about taking turns rubbing their beautiful breasts all over his semen-messy genitals and chest as the date licked her hand clean of his boy-juice.

The last scene was of the two female guests, being filmed and photographed on the cell-phones by the date as they kissed passionately and rubbed their semen-covered breasts together. They slipped off their bikini bottoms to reveal pretty shaven pussies and got down onto the floor. Facing each other, they wrapped their legs around each other so that their pussies touched, and began kissing again.

Eventually, they both leaned back on their hands to concentrate on the melding of their naked genitals, passionately rubbing their moist vulva and labia together and making wet squishy noises. They began to moan and writhe as they battled, clitoris against clitoris, to see who would climax first. It was a long and enormously erotic tie as both girls shook and screamed their way through what must have been multiple simultaneous orgasms, before falling back exhausted and breathing hard in satisfaction.

The date was next seen licking what was left of the boy's messy semen from his soft genitals and shaven lower belly. Then she smiled at the camera and said, "Wait until you see what we do tomorrow will be a long weekend!" Then she took the boy's penis in her mouth and began to coax him to another erection as the credits began to run.

Beth broke the spell by looking across the sectional and saying to me, "This is disc 1 of a 5 part series, Jeffrey. If you're a good boy, perhaps you'll get to see them all, but that would be up to Kate..."

Kate whispered in my ear, "I'm sure eventually you'll be good enough for me to see them all."

Needless to say, neither mine nor Andrew's teased and unsatisfied erections had subsided during any part of the film.

I watched a secret glance occur between Patty and Beth, and they nodded imperceptibly. Beth said to Kate, "We're going to put Andrew to bed now, and call it a night."

"Ok," said Kate, "I'll take care of Jeffrey..."

Beth and Patty each took an arm and led Andrew from the room as they smiled at each other knowingly. Kate pulled me up from the sofa and led me to the living room to find her mom sitting in a chair and reading a Playgirl magazine.

Laura looked up and smiled, "Did you see this article about examining your boy for testicular cancer?" she asked Kate.

"Yes," said Kate, "I did just today, and while we were playing with the boys, I gave Andrew a checkup. I'll be sure to give Jeffrey an exam before I put him to bed." She smiled at me and then asked her mom, "I was just wondering about the phone call you made. You said it would be quick, but you never came in to watch the movie."

"I spoke at some length with Jeffrey's mom Carol and then with Ellen too. We've been making some plans since we sort of 'found' each other. It's nice to know that the Martin clan has so many things in common with our family, don't you think Kate?"

She looked at me and my still-erect penis and testes hanging out of the front of my briefs and smiled. "I sure do," said Kate happily.

"Well," Laura said, "It seems that the elder Martin boys, Wes and Tom, are coming to visit next weekend with their wives and daughters, so there's going to be a big get-together, and Carol has invited our family to attend. She's very nice."

"I didn't know you had uncles, Jeffrey," said Kate.

"Sorry, it just never came up," I said.

Laura said, "I'm looking forward to meeting them. It's going to be a big swimming party, of course in full Martin Family Tradition," she smiled at me, "and by Carol's count there will be 7 boys and 16 girls to feed and house for an entire weekend, so there's a lot to prepare for. Carol and Ellen have also decided that to make things simpler, they've declared the weekend to be CFNM. None of the boys will wear any clothing all weekend, while we girls of course will remain clothed. That way, the boys won't have to keep dressing and undressing during swimming time and off hours."

Oh, my, I thought, that's going to be quite embarrassing. I hadn't seen Sarah, Mia, Leah, or Jenna in at least four years. They were all around my age, but I remembered my mom saying that it was Mia's 18th birthday next Friday – the day everyone was going to arrive.

Laura said, "Kate, you'd better take Jeffrey and put him to bed in the guest room, and then come back out here and we can chat about the party preparations. We need to be good friends and help with everything since Carol is so kind to include us."

"Ok, mom, I'll be back quickly."

Laura looked at me and said, "Good night, Jeffrey," she said nicely, "Be a good boy and have sweet dreams..."

"Good night, Mrs. Sinclair," I said. "Thank You for letting me sleep over tonight."

"It's our pleasure, I'm sure," she said with a twinkle in her eye as she grinned at Kate.

Kate herded me back down the hallway toward the guestroom at the back of the house. As we passed Andrew's room, which had no door, we looked in to see him lying on his bed and his hands were obviously still tied. Poor Andrew, I thought.

As we passed Beth's room, it was impossible not to notice the gasping and moaning sounds of pleasure. The door was slightly ajar, and Kate let me look in for a moment to see Patty and Beth, naked on the bed, with their thighs entwined like the girls in the movie. They were pleasuring their pussies by rubbing them together. Now it made more sense the way Patty and Beth were 'sharing' Andrew. It was really sexy to see the two girls with their pretty young breasts jiggling as they writhed against each other in rapture.

Kate pinched my bottom to urge me onward, and as we walked away, I heard Patty moan, "Oh, god...I'm comminggg... agaiiiinn!" and Beth responded with, "Yeah, that's right, come for me honey, be my good girl!"

It seemed to me that Beth was the dominant partner; again, no surprises there.

Katie shooed me into the guestroom and laid me down on the bed. She gently took my briefs off and sat again between my thighs. As she gave me the promised testicle exam, she said, "Jeffrey, what if I secretly made you spurt? Would you like that?"

"Oh, yes, please Kate!" I moaned, "I need to spurt so badly..."

"Well, if I was to do that for you, don't you think you should do something for me too?"

"Oh, yes, Kate, anything you want!" I whispered.

"Your testes check out just fine, Jeffrey, but your testicle health is something that I'll be keeping a sharp eye on."

She smiled and slipped off her bathing suit bottom and climbed around to get her hips over my face. "Now show me what you have learned, and what a good boy you are, Jeffrey. I'm horny and jealous that Beth is having fun with Patty. If you make me come really hard, I'll let you spurt."

I started licking her pussy like it was the last sustenance on earth and I was a starving boy. She wiggled and rolled her hips to guide my tongue playfully as she licked the head of my penis like a lollipop to remind me of my possible reward. I licked and sucked and made love to her with my mouth with all the enthusiasm I could muster. I did so well that she was having a hard time attending to my penis, and was mostly writhing and panting and making pleasure sounds in her throat.

She began to tense her body and said, "Yesss.... right there....harder!..... ahhhhhhh!!!"

I sucked her clitoris into my mouth and flicked my tongue against the tiny nub quickly, pushing her right over the edge and into a loud and long orgasm.

"OOoohhhh..... gahhhhhh...... yessssss...... I'mmm..... comiiiiiiinngg!!!" she hollered as she ground her pussy against my face as I dutifully continued to lick and suck for all I was worth.

Finally, she pulled her pussy away from my face and said, "You be silent, Jeffrey," and then her mouth gobbled my penis harshly and she stroked me hard and fast. It took less than 20 seconds for me to erupt into her greedily sucking mouth and she swallowed every spurt as it came and she kept rubbing and sucking my penis, demanding more. I bit my tongue to keep from crying out with release, knowing that this must be our secret.

She finally gave up when I could give her no more semen and I was trying to wiggle free from her since my glans was now over-sensitive. She crawled off of me and turned around to lie against me and snuggle as she licked her fingers and her lips.

"It's important to leave no evidence," she said grinning deviously. She settled her head on my shoulder and snuggled for a while.

I almost fell asleep, finally relieved of my semen, but I kept being jarred awake as she would pull away every so often and give my soft penis a couple tugs and then lick the little pearl off my slit. After the third time she had milked me she stood up and said, "There, I think that does it. Now you won't leave any evidence of leakage during the night, honey. I think our secret is now safe. Be sure not to tell anyone that I made you spurt, ok?"

"Yes, dear," I said sleepily.

She kissed me and said, "Now sleep well, honey, and I'll come get you in the morning."

I slept soundly, wondering what the big party in a few days would bring.

And I really wished Kate had untied me...

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