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Growing Pain


When it became obvious he couldn't work anymore, Dwayne took to simply sitting out on his porch all day lost in his daydreams. He enjoyed the sights and sounds of his back yard with the two cottonwood trees that seemed to always attract all sorts of songbirds. Why he could simply listen for hours to the birds singing, distracted only when the squirrels, running the electrical wires, would peer down and bark at him.

The weather had been nice that summer and he never got too hot because even on the warmest days a cool breeze gentle stroked him. It was fortunate for him that the weather stayed mild on into the early fall because, as time passed, he was forced to not only spend his days out on the porch, he had to sleep there too. Although by then just when it seemed things were coming to a head, he was still unable to move from his deck chair.

Day and night Dwayne had to recline in the chair with his pants left open and his cock simply hanging out for most everyone to see. He had been able to keep it a secret for a surprisingly long time as his organ slowly slid out into the lawn but, all too soon, it had reached the back gate and had nowhere to go but into the neighbor's yard. The shocked couple rushed over to confront Dwayne but immediately saw his ordeal and decided to help. At first they simply hid his cock behind a trellis but, later, they were even kind enough to keep the rose bushes trimmed back away from his blossoming member.

Things remained relatively calm for Dwayne for a while then, his neighbors extended the trellis as he continued to grow, and the winter was very mild. When the temperature did drop to an uncomfortable level, the neighbors carefully covered up his bare skin while they covered their more delicate plants. Out on his porch he would simply wrap himself in a heavy blanket and watch as the moon slid in and out of the clouds.

By the next spring Dwayne was beginning to get a bit horny and he spent some long afternoons calculating the square root of two out to the fifty-seventh decimal point over and over again. That intricate math problem kept him out of trouble until mid June when one evening he drifted to sleep and began to dream of caves. First they were of small caves, like the small gold mines that dotted the nearby foothills, but soon he dreamt of coal mines and then finally he dreamt of the Carlsbad Caverns.

Why a large dark hole just about the size of his cock might excite him is anyone's guess, but suddenly his cock began to grow. As he slept and dreamed of sliding in and out of the Carlsbad Caverns his cock rose up into the night sky. The moon wasn't out so his erection was concealed in the darkness until it began drifting into the cone of light his neighbor used to light up his fine oak tree.

At first it wasn't all that noticeable as Dwayne's cock hovered at the edge of the illumination but suddenly he shifted some and his cock leaned into the brightness, lighting the head of his cock up like some odd new blue moon. Immediately the neighborhood lit up with excitement as scientists, astronomers and all sorts of religious fanatics converged toward the newest heavenly body. Of course once they peeked over Dwayne's fence everyone dejectedly climbed back into their cars and went off chasing stars or UFOs or whatever they normally chase, everyone except for the fifteen couples who were married under the throbbing blue moon in an impromptu ceremony performed by, none other than, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon.

After that night Dwayne's neighbors helped him by devising a comprehensive system of stakes and ropes so whenever his cock got hard, it would still remain hidden behind the fences. He was fairly successful in keeping his mind from wandering too much, working a lot of math problems in his head, until that one day when things suddenly changed for him.

Looking over into his neighbor's yard, he noticed the wife in workout clothes and figured she finally decided to begin her workout program.

Carol was an attractive woman who during her active high school and college years had been very fit, but after settling down she began to gain some weight. Over the years she got fairly big and although she had twice lost a considerable amount of weight, recently she gained it all back.

Things had not been real good between Carol and her husband and Dwayne guess some of her weight gain may have been from the stress of their strained relationship. He often heard the arguing well into the night and couldn't help but feel he contributed to their problem. Recently he had even seen Carol's husband slipping into the house with another woman when she was away.

Anyway, Dwayne guessed the husband was inside watching TV or sleeping, so he casually watched as Carol bent and stretched a bit. Heavy as she was, Dwayne still found her very attractive so he enjoyed watching as her breasts bounced and jiggled as she exercised and several times when she bent over to try and touch her toes he got a nice peek as her shorts gathered between her legs.

After warming up for a while, she seemed to pause as if she just had an idea. After standing in the yard for a few moments she gazed over at Dwayne's cock and then walked over, peeking into her house. Apparently satisfied her husband was occupied she walked back into the back yard while pulling off her blouse. Dwayne watched in amazement as she then removed all her clothes except for her socks and shoes and then walked over to his cock. Stretching her arms wide, she grabbed his soft skin and quickly ran across her back yard with her arms still wrapped partially around him.

The sensation jolted Dwayne and he sat upright as his cock quickly got hard. He watched her stretch her arms out again, grab his shaft and then run across the yard immediately turning and crossing the yard once again. As the enjoyable sensations flowed up and down his cock he continued to watch as she ran back and forth, back and forth. Finally he could hold out no more and closed his eyes as the pleasure shot through him and he came, his cum arching over the neighbor's front gate and splashing all over Carol's minivan.

As he recovered from the pleasurable experience he watched as quick thinking Carol got dressed, grabbed some towels that were drying on the clothes line and was happily polishing her minivan with some odd new car wax when her husband peeked out of the door. She waved to him and only after he went back inside did she look over to Dwayne and blow him a kiss. Smiling, he waved back to her desperately hoping she intended to stick with her new exercise program.

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