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Growing Romance


How your body has changed since we first met.

Just over a year ago, I placed my hands on tight hips that led down to a pert bottom, and slim, seemingly endless legs.

Just over a year ago when I kissed a trail down from your face to your neck, and then between your breasts to lightly graze your stomach, I would only feel firm, toned muscle under my lips.

Just over a year ago, your toned arms would gleam with sweat when you twisted your fingers inside me to hit that perfect spot and I kissed the glass-sharp angles of your jawline.

I remember how your body changed, gradually at first.

Do you recall the first time your clothes started to cling a fraction more than you were used to? Shirts started falling differently and you started sucking in whenever you zipped anything up. One of my favourite images was the time you were dressing to go to the post-exam barbecue at Emma's last June. You wore those skinny jeans and a white, lacy top. I never told you, but I caught a glimpse of you hopping about to pull the jeans on, to get them over your thickening thighs and much fuller bottom.

It took so much self control to not just rip off those skinny jeans and go down on you right there in the middle of Emma's garden. You'd just finished that absolute mountain of wings and potato salad and your body was just starting to blur with the thinnest layer of fat. It was my turn at the grill and I think you were talking to Peter and Jane? Anyway, you reached up to brush your hair out of your eyes and that movement lifted your top just enough to see the bottom of your stomach perched over your unbuttoned jeans. I can't believe you ate so much you had to undo your jeans. Just the way your belly was pushed up and out got me all hot and bothered, although everyone else thought it was the heat from the (accidentally overdone) steaks.

When you finally decided that there would be no more half-hearted calorie counting and portion restriction, your body just took to the new weight so beautifully.

Half a year ago, I'd grasp significantly rounder hips (that were rapidly growing into good-sized love handles), then move my hands down to the peachy softness of your bottom. Your legs were still slim, but they lacked their former sharp muscular definition.

Half a year ago, the well-travelled trail from face to neck to stomach ended with my teeth biting into the soft pudge just below your belly button.

Half a year ago, your arms were just starting to jiggle as you plunged your fingers in and out of me and licked me to completion and after I was done, I noticed the start of a double chin when you moved up to look at me.

Unsurprisingly, you probably gained the most weight at the end of the year. Between the new term, birthday parties, holidays and January exams, there were just so many excuses for you to eat a lot of very fattening foods and not move around a lot.

I remember when we started our final year in September - so many of our friends were talking about how much weight you'd put on. Mind you, you did start off incredibly slim and athletic, so even a little bit of extra weight would seem like much more. I think when we walked into the first party of the new term, most people would describe you as curvy.

By the time we got to the end of term parties though, you were definitely beyond curvy and well into chubby. You stubbornly refused to accept social conventions that said you had to cover up your soft curves and instead insisted wearing any old clothes that still fitted reasonably decently ('decent' was a subjective term), including that yellow Angry Bird T-shirt you stole from me.

I loved undressing you at that stage because at the end of the day you were always fully stuffed and as I removed each layer of cloth, it almost looked as if you were expanding even more. It was such a turnon to feel the larger handfuls of flesh in my hands and looking at your skin peeking out temptingly through button gaps over over waistbands always got my pulse racing. The softer lines of your face were so similar to the face I fell in love with, yet at the same time so different.

But as much as I loved the physical changes in you, the thing I loved most about your weight gain was how much happier you were. Unlike me you don't enjoy sports and I know you hated the classes you used to go to. Every time you ate anything even slightly decadent there would be a moment of sheer joy, followed by days of agonising over calories and exercise.

Now you ate whatever you wanted and whenever you wanted to. You grew to love eating morsels of various sweet things from my fingers, teasing me when you licked up stray crumbs and then leaned in to give me a sugary kiss.

We had so many memorable times over that term and the next, but one night in particular stands out to me.

We'd just taken a taxi back to mine after your twenty first birthday party and we were both tipsy and full of good food, you more than me. You wobbled up the stairs in front of me, voluptuous bottom lifting the skirt of your dress provocatively. We were barely in my room before you pushed me up against the wall, skimmed your hands under and up my skirt, pulled my panties down and rubbed your hand hard against my clit.

I was overcome with arousal when you rubbed your full belly against my firm stomach. The contrast of soft and hard was breathtaking and I vividly remember grabbing your hips and thinking oh my goodness, you're really chubby now!

Then you leaned in to kiss me and the rest of the night was a blur of kissing, and licking and sucking, culminating in the moment when you fucked me on my back with the strap on, your belly crushed against me body, one of my hands gripping the tiny roll of soft fat on your back and the other where my fingers dug into your thickening hip.

It was definitely one of the most memorable birthdays.

Just last night I rested my hands on a thick muffintop that led down to a large and incredibly round bottom, with the cutest dimples. Your soft thighs straddled me as you sat back on my legs and teased me with the little vibrator I'd bought you as a joke present.

Just last night I flipped you over onto your back and tasted my way down the side of your round cheek, nibbled on your double chin and paused at your full breasts, teasingly brushing a lick at the pert nipples before moving down to bury my face in your plump belly, my hands just enjoying the feel of soft, supple fat.

Just last night I pushed your plump arms over your head and watched your eyes flutter as I pushed my fingers inside you and twisted them just so. Your breaths grew faster and deeper as my movements sped up.

Just last night you arched your body in orgasm and I remembered the first time I saw your writhing on my bed in pleasure, such a different body, but still the same beautiful woman.

Just last night, I fell in love all over again.

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by mistyfdfa03/14/18

Exactly What I Was Looking For

Wow, I loved this.

I would not consider weight gain one of my normal kinks, as far as writing or reading goes, but this story really helped me see some of the fetish's appeal. This was a big help in gettingmore...

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