tagSci-Fi & FantasyGryphon Keep Ch. 02

Gryphon Keep Ch. 02


Dreama carefully set the platter down and closed her eyes. At once, the cone opened, spreading its silvery shimmers into the dark recesses of her mind and Lieutenant Clawson's voice came through loud and clear.


"Yes. I'm in."

"I've found the gate." Everything stopped and she jerked her eyes open, waved her fingers across the landscape, commanding time to stop. In every room of the palace, life came to a standstill, the blood skating to a skittering halt in the hundreds of hearts that beat within her circle of coercion. "Captain?"

"Yes. You can go on now."

"It's still closed."

"Look to the left. There should be an obelisk ... "

"Yes, Captain. Part of it seems to be buried."

"Uncover it and do it very carefully."

"I will, Captain."

"And make sure you're very discreet about it."

"I came alone, Captain. Just as you told me to do."

"Fantastic, Lieutenant. When you've finished unearthing it, take digitals and send them over. They'll have to be translated if we're going to get it open."

"Yes, Captain. Will do."

Captain Dreama Thurin released her lieutenant and dissipated her will to allow the others to move about freely. She was lucky in this instance; no one had seen her use her magic and if she had her druthers, no one ever would. It was extremely important that no one know of her abilities. At least not yet. She picked up the platter, tugged at the hem of her servant dress and moved quickly down the hallway toward the royal suite.

She heard a noise and nearly stumbled when she realized that it was coming from the bedroom. A quick glance on either side told her that she was alone in the long, marble hallway and she quickened her steps, switching into warrior mode and employing light steps as she approached the portal, noticing that one door was slightly cracked open. She set the platter onto the side table and edged closer. A deep voice reached her ears and she recognized it as that of Maxy, Princess Coleta's official scholar.

"Feel that?"

Coleta certainly did. His thick fingers played a teasing tune as they gently traced the edges of her outer labial lips, then slid between, tickling the inner lips. She shivered, biting her bottom lip as a thin sheen of sweat broke out across her body, a ball of fire building in her belly. "Yes." Her response came out in one long hiss as his fingertip flicked at her already weeping hole. "Gods! Why are you teasing me so?"

"That's part of the education. If I just did what you wanted, you wouldn't learn anything."

Coleta moaned, watching him through heavy-lidded eyes as he moved between her legs, pushing her knees farther apart. "So what am I learning from this?"

"Patience. Learning to wait is half the fun."

"I don't want to wait."

Maxy touched a finger to her lips. "Time to grow up, princess. Leave the petulant child behind." His hand moved away and he sat back on his haunches, gazing down at her. Her black tresses spread out across the pillow behind her and her indigo blue eyes were soft and slightly hazy with the promise of pleasure. He went down on his belly, closing his eyes as he inhaled her musk and his mouth watered, seeing the clear honey that was oozing from her nearly hairless pink snatch. "Time to become a woman."

His words sent a shiver through Coleta and Dreama could barely contain her own moan as her body reacted to the promise in his voice. The strict rules of being a Sentinel denied her the pleasure of physical sex but self-satisfaction was allowed and she couldn't help but touch herself. A thrill raced through her as her finger pressed on her clit and tingles coursed up and down her legs.

She felt something. At first, it was light, then harder and when she felt the tip, Coleta's body arched so hard that she could barely breathe. Maxy's tongue weaved into her folds like a python, seeking shadow and shade as it wound through her. She'd heard tales of the maids servicing the royal family members but she could never bring herself to do that. It seemed much too sordid to stomach. But with Maxy ...

"Oh, yes." Dreama gasped lightly, plastering herself against the wall as she pushed her hand deeper into her panties. Her long-nailed fingers breached her pussy lips, pushing inside and finding her hot, wet core. "Oh, gods, yes!"

Maxy forgot that he was an employee of the crown. He forgot that he was a subordinate. He even forgot that he wasn't Coleta's lover. Once he tasted the princess's sweet pussy, he was lost in the delicious flavor and the response of her young, untried body. He licked, stabbed, swabbed and sucked, committing each reaction to memory and secretly smiling at his prowess.

When she came the first time, he hummed in appreciation and pushed his fat tongue into her honeypot, slowly sawing in and out as her juices filled her clutching pussy. The second and third times, she nearly shouted in glee as his finger first pressed her asshole, opening her ass muscles, then his tongue slipped next, roughly laving her as his fingers gently pressed inside her hungry cunt, careful not to move past her shield.

Dreama heard the princess moan and she closed her eyes and let her release overcome her, gasping and giving her nipples a stray pinch as she struggled to recover. Silence pervaded the hall and the warrior captain inched back to the door, watching as Maxy arose, wiping his face before dropping a kiss on the back of Princess Coleta's hand.

"Rest, princess."

Maxy pulled the sheets over the princess's perfect body and stole out of the room, seeking the privacy of the side room. The Cone of Consciousness poured into his mind, sparking sparkling lights that brightened the darkness behind his closed eyelids.

"I've found the missing piece to your puzzle."

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