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Guardian Wolf Ch. 02


Author's note: This story is a complete work of fiction. Any reference to any actual place or location is purely coincidental, references to anyone living or dead is used in a fictional or literary manner only. I would like to thank everyone who left comments and voted for the first chapter; the warm reception is most gratifying. I would personally like to thank an anonymous user known only as 'Kathy'; and no, I do not take offense. She pointed out a historical error in the story. The council of Nicaea was called by Constantine, not Charlemagne; he came nearly 500 years after Constantine. If you see any more errors of note, please let me know; I appreciate everyone who helps improve my writing. Again...this story comes from the deranged depths of my fractured psyche. Please do not take offense at anything written below, it is simply the ramblings of a crazy person. I tried to personally make the dialogue as if I were truly speaking, modeling after some of my own speech patterns. So if some of the speech seems just a little too weird or goofy, it's just me shining through. Also of note, anything in italics is usually being thought between characters.

WARNING: some of the sex is WAY, WAY over the top and the language is quite extreme for some. There is no SM or any weird fetish...at least I don' think so; you be the judge. But the sex can go far beyond simple love making. My style of writing is often outlandish and uninhibited; those who are offended by my often crude style of writing may wish to seek out another story. For those offended by my language, I do apologize. Frankly...Rachel in these stories will come across as down right slutty. I do this because she is accepting James as her mate and protector; she is free to let go of her fears and inhibitions and just be in the now. It comes out as raw sexual emotion. That is what sex can be ...there is still love and respect between my characters...but sex can also mean wild abandonment and losing themselves in the moment.

I plan to further explore some of my own secret desires as our characters come into their own maturity and take on responsibilities that are beyond your normal eighteen year old teenagers. These characters are supernatural and extraordinary, mature far beyond their years...I want their experiences to reflect this. The life of fantasy is beyond human inhibitions and constraints, one must look past the tunnel of human perception to seek a much larger horizon.

Thank you...Despair Eternity

Chapter 5 - Rites of Ascension

October 3rd, 2006

Rachel awoke to the warmth of the fall sun grasping at the last days of an Indian summer. She could not remember a more relaxing or recuperative sleep. She had always feared the shadows and the unknown secrets of the darkness. She had actually slept with a small night light at the foot of her bed until only recently; a small sliver of light that would help keep the invisible monsters at bay; it was a safety net for her own unfounded insecurities.

She stretched languidly as she wallowed in the warmth that now wrapped around her like a cocoon. Rachel was broken of her day dreaming when a low rumble emanated from the furry pillow beneath her. James lifted her to a sitting position as he lazily stood in wolf form and stretched in a long, drawn out canine fashion. He yawned loud and Rachel could not help but giggle at the situation. James sat back on his haunches and eyed her curiously.

Something amuse you sweetheart?

"You just look so adorable, like a large dog after a particularly good nap," she said with a silly grin pasted on her face.

It was the best nap I have ever had and I look forward to many more with you by my side.

Rachel blushed furiously at this comment as it flittered through her mind. His comment forced her to think back on the reason for their afternoon reprieve and she blushed even more, the color rushing all the way to her ears.

That is adorable how red you get when you are embarrassed. But you should know I feel no embarrassment and neither should you. Our actions were merely a physical manifestation for our bond that runs soul deep.

"Do you always wax so poetic? Or does an earth shattering orgasm just get your creative juices flowing?" she said with another half smile.

Hmm...don't know. I believe many more experiments must be performed before a satisfactory conclusion may be reached on the subject. You up for some serious test tube related tumbles? All in the name of science, of course!

"And just when I thought you were getting sexy, your inner dork has to rear his goofy, Vulcan eared head," she teased.

Hey! We Dorks may not be at the top of the social food chain, but I can damn sure testify that we are better lovers. I plan to make love to you so much, so often you will be reduced to a pile of warm, orgasmic jelly!

"Promises, promises Skippy!" she said with another giggle.

Besides you have no room to talk missy. You forget about my superior intelligence sources. I know all your deep, dark...or should I say DORK secrets. Like an extensive and quite impressive anime collection that you keep squirreled away in that hope chest at the foot of your bed so your bubble brained 'girlfriends' don't discover your geekier side.

"Damn it! What else have my parents blabbed about me? This is no fair that you know everything about me and I know virtually nothing about you...well...almost nothing. You do have the most gorgeous and delicious cock my dark, perverted mind could ever conjure," Rachel said as she licked her tongue slowly over her lips tempting James into action.

"Do we have time for some more...um...experiments?" she asked with a wicked grin on her face.

Damn woman! Even if you don't know me, you sure as hell know where and how to press all my buttons. Speaking of which...what time is it?

Rachel quickly collected her pants from the forgotten pile of clothing next to the oak tree and bench. She managed to squeeze her butt back into the pants as she fished her cell phone from her side pocket.

"It's almost 5:30. Didn't you say this little shindig of yours was starting at six?"

Fuck me!

"Is that a request?" she asked giggling.

Seriously! We are going to be late. The compound is almost two miles from here and we still have to get cleaned up and ready for the party! Um...we're going to have to improvise. Do you see a small knot in the oak behind the bench? Take my wallet and cell phone out and toss my clothes in there please. I'll have to come back for them later.

"You're going to strut into the house naked? This I have to see." Rachel could not help it; this was too delicious a conversation.

Baby, as much as I love where your mind is now situated, you need to pull your head out of the gutter for just long enough so I can get you home. Otherwise we will never get out of the forest and I will take you in a way I know you won't be comfortable with. Now put my phone and wallet in your pocket please. We're going to take the express bus home.


You trust me right?

Rachel nodded even though she was now completely lost at sea.

Climb on my back and hold on for dear life. I'm going to be breaking some land speed records getting back to the compound in time.

James trotted over to Rachel and shoved his muzzle into her hand and licked it quickly before he lowered himself to his belly to let her on his back.

Hop on! And hang on tight! Just try to keep your hands from around my throat. I don't want both of us going down and taking the chance of getting you hurt.

Rachel slid onto the offered back of the large wolf and buried her head in his pelt as she steadied herself with her thighs and locked her arms securely in his fur beneath his throat. Before she could voice her concern about this whole operation and the lunacy of what they were about to do, James was off like a shot. James was not kidding when he said they were going to be moving fast. The forest flew past them and before she knew it they were breaking from the tree line and entered a valley clearing beneath a large hill. James increased his speed as she strengthened her grip on his chest and dug her thighs deeper into his sides. They crested the hill in nothing flat and raced towards a large walled compound with massive iron gates.

One of the guards on duty noticed the black wolf and rider as they sped towards the compound. Luckily for James the guard was family and recognized his cousin long before they reached the perimeter. He opened the gate and James broke through without even slowing down. They came to a halt not five minutes from leaving the clearing. Without a word, James nudged her through the front door, following closely. The front foyer of the Wolfe mansion was large and spacious but quite tasteful in decoration. The Wolfe's did not believe in flaunting their wealth before others. People knew who they were and what they represented, no need to rub it in their faces.

A young woman came to the front and without a word James issued a command with a low growl and a yip.

This is Katy. She'll take you to your room where you can shower and get into a fresh change of clothes your parents brought for tonight. Once you are out of the shower there will be others to help you with your hair and make-up. Don't argue with them, just let them help you. They are happy to do it. Get going. I'll meet you back down her in twenty-five minutes. Hustle your butt!

Before Rachel had could protest, James nudged her butt with his muzzle and bit her rump gently with his teeth. Katy just laughed and grabbed Rachel as they sped upstairs to the bathroom. Rachel was too shocked after getting her ass bit to vocalize a complaint. She simply allowed her body to follow the arm that was now tugging her up the stairs and followed her feet when Katy pushed her into a large room on the left and shut the door with a resounding thud. Satisfied that Rachel was in good hands he raced upstairs to his own room and shower to get ready for the ceremony.

Katy was helping Rachel undress quickly and guided her into the bathroom and the oversized shower that could fit four people easily. She pressed a few buttons on the computerized console next to the shower setting the temperature at a steamy 99°. She was shoved into the shower without further ado when a pair of hands grabbed the soap and started to lather her body and hair, letting the suds build up. Rachel was turned around and led under the warm stream of water to wash the soap and grime from her body. When she could see again, she opened her eyes to a nude copy of Katy. Her hair was a gorgeous blonde like honey with large breasts and a downy patch of love covering her sex. Rachel was confused...she hadn't seen Katy disrobe with her. Sensing her confusion, the nude newcomer spoke up.

"I'm Katy's twin sister Abby. It's nice to meet you finally Rachel. James has told us...and everyone else who would listen to him...about you. We are so excited to welcome you into the family. We are Marcus's older sisters. Do you know Marcus?"

Rachel simply nodded. She did remember another male sitting next to James earlier today when their argument drew her,and everyone else's attention, to the pair. She instinctively deduced that this was Marcus and assumed that he was Were as well and somehow related to James.

"Okay. Time to dry off sweetie! Katy is everything ready and laid out for us? We're coming out." Abby yelled to her sister in the other room.

"Yeah everything is setup and we're ready for our victim...I mean mistress." Katy said with a giggle.

Abby rolled her eyes at her sister's comment and whispered in Rachel's ear, "Ignore my sister. She is a bit of an airhead and a space cadet. It seems I was the only one that got any brains."

"Hey! I heard that sis. Super hearing, remember? Your ass is grass later tonight girly" Katy spat.

Rachel was suddenly worried about Abby's safety.

"She isn't really going to hurt you, is she?" Rachel asked with real concern in her voice.

Abby just laughed. "No. Our idea of 'punishment' is to see who can bring each other the most orgasms with our favorite dildo tonight after everyone has gone to bed. She is just blowing smoke up your ass. She hasn't been able to beat me yet. We have been playing with each other for years to take the sexual edge off each other until we are properly mated."

There is always a first sister dear!

Abby heard in her head and smiled. They have always been able to communicate telepathically since they were toddlers. It is a rare gift that twins only share and they had used it often to get into all sorts of mischief.

You know you say that every time, don't you Katy?

Yeah. But I have been playing too nice with you lately; you are starting to forget your place you little slut. I have a new dildo for us to break in and I think your tiny little asshole needs to see the first test run.

Okay baby! But remember, turnabout is fair play. I'm going to ream your own tiny little asshole until you can't sit down comfortably.

The girls continued to banter at each other playfully in their heads, while Abby finished toweling off Rachel and steered her into the other room. The twins had discovered early on in their sexual explorations that they had a little fetish for anal play. The whole idea of taking it up the ass was extremely dirty and naughty and turned the pair on immensely. The men they would eventually mate with were in for many pleasant surprises.

Katy was sitting there with a full array of makeup and accessories to put up Rachel's hair. Katy decided to go simple in elegant with the time constraints and simply helped Rachel's naturally girly hair into ringlets with frizzing. Abby did her magic on her makeup. Rachel was one that seemed not to need much makeup. Just some eye shadow, a little powder, and some lip stick. The girls made quick work of Rachel's hair and makeup and then pointed her to a gorgeous silver evening dress that was practically sinful.

"Isn't it gorgeous?!" Katy beamed.

"It's elfin silk. They make the best dresses in this world or the supernatural. Saks has nothing on this quality. The material is so light and it conforms naturally to the wearer's body. You will love it. It will fit practically like a second skin. James had it order months ago with the help of your parents. He must really love you. Elfin goods are not easy to come by sometimes. There is so much demand there is something like a two year backorder. His father and yours must have called in a favor. Gods! I hope my mate shows me that much love and devotion when I meet him."

"You guys aren't marked like me and James? I thought everyone would have a tattoo and at least one party would know of the other one." Rachel asked this with true curiosity.

"Oh! No! Only the direct alpha bloodline is marked with the sacred markings. Our mates are out there somewhere. We will find them, I'm sure of it in my heart. Our wolves will know each other when we meet. Only the alpha line breeds with the human guilds. The betas and the lower orders always find mates within their own packs or within other clans. It's just the way the Fates have set things up. It is meant to help strengthen inner clan ties and relationships. Even in romance there is always some politics. Believe it or not it has avoided some serious feuds and arguments. The love and happiness of your children should always out-weigh simple pride or jealousy. No offense to you and the Alpha, but sometimes the leaders let their positions and egos blind them to what really is best for everyone." Abby said as she finished placing some small touch up on Rachel's makeup.

"Time's a tickin' kids," Katy said, "we need to get our future madam Alpha downstairs to James in the next five minutes."

Rachel was full of questions that she wanted answered. She never liked being left without answers but she didn't want to keep James waiting. This night was supposedly very important to him...to both of them. She couldn't help but feel a certain excitement and pride as she was helped into the gorgeous dress. The twins were right. The silk fit her like a dream and it felt so soft against her naked body. The girls said underwear was not necessary as she wouldn't be staying in the dress for long. When Rachel tried to ask what that meant, the girls just glanced at each other and giggled.

"Oh! You'll see!" they giggled in chorus.

"What about shoes?" Rachel asked.

"Nah! You won't need them. James has a big surprise for you later tonight and you won't be needing them until later." Abby said with another giggle.

Without further comment or question, Rachel was whisked down the stairs to find James waiting patiently in the foyer. When Rachel reached the foot of the stairs, James rose quickly to greet her. She was confused to find James was only in a bathrobe, like he had stepped right out of the shower. She was a little put out to think that she had dolled herself up for him, but he had the nerve to be dress so casually.

Nice duds! She thought with only a lot of sarcasm.

James could only smile, "I will be transforming into werewolf in a few minutes. Clothes seemed superfluous and I have already ruined more than one outfit because of it. I must say the twins did exceptional work. You look absolutely ravishing. And I intend on doing just that later on tonight baby. You like the dress?"

"I absolutely adore the dress. It fits perfectly James. I don't know quite what to say. It really means a lot to me that you went through so much trouble to get this. The twins told me there is quite a waiting list for elfin fashion." Rachel said.

"Our dads called in a couple of small favors to the Golden River Coven that makes the clothing. They are old friends with one of the elfin managers there. We gave him some great deals on a line of our electronics a couple of years back at less than cost in anticipation of tonight. He was more than willing to do this for us. His name is Night Wind. You will meet him in a few months. He sends us his congratulations and his regards." James said matter-of-factly.

There was a sudden flash of blinding blue light and a loud crash that sounded like thunder. There was a knock at the door and then the door was swung open as three very elderly, but extremely lively and happy ladies glided in noisily.

"We're heeerrrrre!" screamed Lacey.

James just grinned and shook his head. He offered his hand to Rachel which she firmly clasped. He gently guided her over to introduce her to the recent arrivals.

"Rachel may I introduce the three Fates." James said with no small sense of pride and love.

He turned to the shortest of the three who was beaming with a large toothy grin from ear to ear.

"This is Atropos. We all call her Grandma Atty for short."

Atty turned to greet Rachel and embraced her like a long lost daughter. "It is great to see you again finally dear. We have been watching you mature over the years. I dare say you are lovelier than we predicted. James should count his blessings you are mated to him. You are everything he has ever wanted in a mate." Rachel blushed heavily at this comment.

"It's nice to meet you Grandma Atty. I hope to get to know you better."

"Oh you will dearie, you will. But time is short. On with the introductions!"'

James turned to the next and said, "This is Clotho. Better known as Grandma Chloe."

The round woman turned gracefully to embrace Rachel in a strong embrace, belying her years. "Love it is so good to see you again! I can't tell you how happy I am to see you with James at last. You two are going to do great things for this clan, I can see it! By the way, has James mentioned the twins yet?"

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