tagNonHumanGuardian Wolf Ch. 03

Guardian Wolf Ch. 03


Author's note: I would personally like to thank all those that took the time to vote and leave comments. They help me improve my writing and give me the necessary alcoholic stimulus my inebriated Leprechaun needs to keep turning this stuff out. I am currently working on Part IV and hope to have it done in the next couple of weeks. I hope to make it a bit longer, because it will involve the remainder of Kyle and Amber's story. I also plan on introducing some genealogy of the Wolfe clan and how the Alpha is chosen. There will also be a concert with one of my favorite bands, of which the lead singer is a vampire. I hope everyone is enjoying my stories. I have a lot of ideas that will involve James and Rachel, but I'm not sure how far I want to take it. Also, I know the time frame of the story is pretty slow, three chapters and it only covers two days. I plan to get things moving much faster after I get them to the cabin. So please be patient as I try to organize the chaotic mess that is my mind and sober up that damn Leprechaun.

Warning: This chapter involves sex scenes that involve dominance and submission play. There is no bondage or anything, just James and Rachel role playing. If you are offended by such subject matter, please feel free to skip this chapter. However, I must warn you that I introduce quite a bit of the main story line here. Please read at your own risk. Thank you.

Despair Eternity

Chapter 6 - The First Night and a Little History

October 3rd - October 4th, 2006

The party had gone on well into the morning. The majority of the time was spent introducing Rachel to several pack members and getting to know them a bit. Several members congratulated the happy couple and spoke briefly about their own mating. James introduced Rachel to several of her new brothers. She was introduced to Brent and his wife Stephanie; despite James's earlier objections, she found Brent to be quite handsome. Lacey and Davey were passed out in his arms, snoring soundly; Davey had shifted sometime during the night and was blissfully naked as he slept in his father's arms. Brent explained that most of his children were grown and already mated. His five eldest were already producing grandchildren; and the eldest granddaughter would give them their first great granddaughter next month.

"I'm almost 75 years old but this is the first time I actually feel my age. I thought once I became a grandfather I would feel the need to slow down. But it will be Rebecca's daughter that will make me feel truly ancient," Brent said with a laugh.

"Too bad grandkids can't make you any prettier you ugly mule!" James responded.

"You're lucky I have kids in my arms or I would be showing you ugly, you insolent little whelp! Rachel, honey? As your first official act as part of the Wolfe clan, would you please kick his ass for me?" Brent pleaded.

Rachel was more than happy to oblige her new brother. She reared back and planted her foot swiftly between James's cheeks. This forced James to yelp like a startled puppy and grab his stinging ass cheeks in complaint. He started to reach for Rachel but she dodged his arms and stuck her tongue out at him. Brent was laughing so hard he had to pass Davey off to Stephanie before he dropped the comatose boy.

You'll pay for that baby.

Game on big boy!

She next met the twins Adam and Douglas, whom everyone simply called Digger. The twins explained they were named after one of their father's favorite authors. They in turn introduced their mates. Adam's mate was a tall Nordic blonde named Ilsa Köpman (Swedish for 'Merchant') Wolfe, who looked like she just stepped off the plane from Sweden; in fact, she was a really distant cousin of Rachel's from Gothenburg, Sweden. She was nearly six feet with ice blue eyes, a DD bust and an ass that would put J - Lo to shame. At first, Rachel feared she would be haughty and condescending; she surprised Rachel by warmly welcoming her to the family and embracing her as a new sister. She explained their kids, which neared a dozen, were spending a few weeks in Sweden visiting their grandparents.

Adam and Ilsa's oldest was nearing the age of Ascension. They explained his mate was a petite little Japanese girl from Okinawa; they began their relationship as pen pals at fifteen. Despite the long distant relationship, Bradon Wolfe and his little Kimiko-chan were quite in love and were planning on meeting each other in Tokyo for their 18th birthday. Mr. Shōten-shu (literally translated as 'Merchant' in Japanese) was 'most honored' to be bound to the Wolfe clan. Bradon was furiously studying the Japanese language and culture for their meeting in six months; he wanted to make a good impression on his future father-in-law. Adam was also proud to announce that Ilsa was expecting again and this would make it an even dozen. They both agreed this was the last of them, but no one seemed to believe them.

Digger introduced a fiery redhead with emerald eyes named Mary. She hailed from Dublin, Ireland. They had met quite unexpectedly when Digger was in Ireland on Holiday as a post-graduation present from his parents; yeah, right...Digger had been setup by both sets of parents from the word go. They met at a local tavern where Digger was enjoying his first taste of underage 'legal' drinking. He said when their eyes met it was instant love. They spent the next three weeks with each other until the night of Ascension where he and Mary's father finally spilled the beans. Robert and Maggie were right behind him smiling widely, knowing they had pulled off their little stunt. Mary was a lovely 5'6 with a healthy bust and long, coppery locks that fell around her pale, freckled complexion. She was also very, very pregnant with triplets. She looked like she would pop any second now. Mary said there was still three bloody weeks to go before she got the 'little bastards' out of her. Everyone laughed and ribbed Digger until he was crimson with embarrassment.

Finally there was Kyle. His twin sister Kelly was not able to make it tonight. She was with her husband on a Cherokee reservation in Montana. They owned a large Mustang ranch on the reservation that was in severe negotiations with the government at the moment. The government was trying to convince Kelly and her mate, a man named Three Bears - a giant Cherokee Indian chief and Alpha of the Hunter clan, to sell the land and move the herd a few hundred miles away. It turns out the land the herd was on had recently been part of a national geological survey. A petroleum company had discovered a rather large deposit of oil beneath the reservation; the find was reported to be the largest in Montana's history and would mean several billion in state and federal revenue. Apparently a Montana congressman had sat on the petroleum company's board of directors and owned several shares in the company; he was now lobbying hard in Congress to force the sale of the land. It wasn't necessarily legal, but when has that ever stopped a politician from getting what he wants.

Kelly and her mate were working just as furiously with the Cherokee nation, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and several state and national groups opposed to the sale and exploitation of the land. A national campaign for 'Save the Mustangs' had taken root and was quickly becoming a thorn in the oil company's side. Robert had set a team of his best lawyers to file an injunction in federal court on behalf of his daughter. The petroleum company and the congressman were fighting real dirty and had already filed suit against them. Last week a group of men were arrested on the reservation trying to kill several Mustangs. Kelly told her brother Kyle and their father they had evidence the poachers were employees of the petroleum company and were hired to make trouble against the Cherokee. The petroleum company flatly denied the allegations and was working furiously to get the evidence thrown out of court. Kelly and Three Bears were working overtime to protect the herd and their reservation, but were supremely confident they would win in the end. They too could fight dirty if necessary. Kyle simply laughed and explained his twin sister was one you never wanted to fuck with. The oil company was in for a cluster fuck and a shit storm rolled into one if this thing continued into a full court battle. He didn't seem too worried about her.

Kyle was a mountain of a man at nearly 7'2 and somewhere in the vicinity of 350lbs. He was built like an NFL linebacker and had wild, unkempt hair that feel where it may. Amber was his polar opposite. She was not only petite, she was tiny. She stood at 5' flat and was barely 100lbs. She had long strawberry-blonde hair that was very straight and braided down her back. Her small pert breasts stood free without the cumbersome irritation of a bra. Amber was also very pregnant with twins. Kyle was beaming like the sun. He explained this was their first children after the incident two years ago. Rachel caught a hint of sadness as Kyle said this, but James quietly told her not to question it; he would tell her later what happened. Rachel simply embraced Amber gingerly and wished many happy congratulations for the couple. She threw her arms around the human tree that was her new brother-in-law; Rachel caught a look between the two brothers that showed Kyle was proud for his kid brother and happy to have a new sister.

Finally after enduring the last goodbyes and several more cat calls and whistling, James and Rachel made their way to the front of the manor where a golf cart sat to take them to their new home. James explained the residential area sat in the Northern corner of the compound that bordered another forest. It was quiet and secluded which allowed the pack members to run freely whenever they wished. The entire estate sat on several hectares of a pristine forest reserve that his family and another clan owned and maintained. It was also a great place to raise the young ones, helping them during their first shifting. They made their way slowly in the golf cart as James gave a cursory tour of what they could see by lamp light. It was almost two in the morning when they finally pulled up to a modest looking rambler style ranch home. The yard was fully enclosed and Rachel could hear the barks and yips of two very excited dogs in the back. James laughed and said he would make the introductions in the morning. He said right now was all about teaching a certain little cum slut her place in the bedroom. Rachel was ceremoniously carried across the threshold of their new home. After locking the door and setting the alarm system; James said this was more a precaution than a necessity with all of the external security. But it made him feel just a little bit safer knowing there was another buffer between Rachel and the bad guys.

After he keyed in the alarm code and briefly showed Rachel how to operate the system, James collected his blushing bride and made their way to the master suite. Rachel was astounded to see a king poster bed made of Brazilian rose wood stained a lustrous ebony. The headboard, footboard, and postings were intricately laid in a pewter color with Norse runes and Celtic glyphs. James explained how his father and he spent the whole of last summer in the pack wood shop cutting and shaping the wood. James had laid the runes himself using a traditional hammer and chisel. He proudly pointed out the intricacy of the craftsmanship of each post and explained the significance of the markings.

The first post was an ancient Celtic spell of protection upon the owners of the bed and the house it was contained in. The second post was marked in Nordic runes professing strength and prosperity for the house and its occupants. The third post was a wonderful Gothic love poem written in Gaelic, wrapping around the post like ivy. The final post, James explained, was a mark for fertility and child birth. The Nordic runes and Celtic glyphs spoke of supreme love between a man and woman was evident in the procreation of young. Rachel was overwhelmed by what she was seeing; she was almost afraid to sleep in such a beautiful work of art. James laughed heartily and said he and his dad ensured that the bed was 'reinforced'; it needed to be because of all the use it was about to receive. They quietly disrobed each other and proceeded to touch each other as they worked to bring each other pleasure. James had three fingers jammed in Rachel's cunt as he worked a calloused thumb over her distended clitoris. She in turn worked a tiny hand over his growing erection. James quickly stopped and proceeded to gently push Rachel to her knees, indicating exactly what he expected next. She was more than happy to comply.

Now my little cum slut. I expect you to take my massive cock in that slutty little mouth of yours and work that magical tongue over my hog until I dump no less than a gallon of fuck cream into your belly. Is that understood my little whore?

Oh yes master! It gives me great pleasure to feed upon your gigantic fuck stick. Your wanton little slut is unworthy to service suck a magnificent tool of manliness. Thank you for allowing your little whore to be your personal cum bucket. I desperately need to have your delicious spunk clean my throat and mouth. I have been such a naughty, naughty little slut. I have been teasing and caressing your cock all night long. I could feel how desperately you wanted to fuck my slutty little cunt. I am so wicked for teasing my master in such a matter; I need your cock to make me a good girl again. Would you do that for me master?

If I must my adorable little slut.

Rachel gave James a wickedly impish grin as she opened her mouth wide in preparation for James to shove his cock deep into her throat. All this dominance play was turning both of them on. With a growl James grabbed a fistful of Rachel's hair and proceeded to feed his massive length deep into her throat. James was stilled amazed she took him so deeply and as easily as she did. Rachel closed her eyes as she let James fuck her mouth. Her tongue continually working around his shaft as she worked her throat muscles around the sensitive head, trying to coax out the creamy treat she so desperately wanted.

Oh baby! This feels fantastic. You truly are my little cock slut aren't you? I know what you want and if you keep working your throat...you are going to get...it.

With a primal roar James allowed his orgasm to release the flood gates. His cock emptied its massive load deep down Rachel's esophagus. James was amazed as his orgasm seemed to go on and on; he released an endless stream straight down her throat. Rachel didn't seem to mind in the least; she simply continued to suck and swallow as fast as she could. Her throat continued to milk his seed from his massive balls. With a final groan of release James pulled his cock out of her mouth. He worked his cock briefly to coax a final stream from his cum cannon to coat his beloved mate's tongue. Rachel held the tasty treat in her mouth to show her lover and then with an emphasized working of her throat, swallowed the last of his spending to join the rest of her meal now settled in her stomach.

Mmmm...Good to the last drop baby! Your spunk is so tasty. Your little cum whore hopes she can receive a daily helping of your delicious cream. You have to continue to feed me darling. You have to clean your dirty little whore's mouth everyday with your copious seed. Will you do that for me baby? Will you feed your beautiful mate your fuck cream? Shove that beautiful cock down my throat and blow a tasty load into my tummy?

James could only groan as her filthy mind continued to feed erotic words and imagery to the pleasure centers of his brain. It was better than the most potent aphrodisiac. James picked up Rachel and brought his lips to connect with hers. Their tongues dueled with one another, passing back and forth remnants of James's cum. Rachel groaned as James forced a sculpted thigh between her heated legs. Watching his wanton lover grind herself on his leg; copious amounts of girl cream dripping between them as Rachel tried to bring her own pleasure. She was almost there. Another few seconds and she would feel that little death she had been wanting all night. Suddenly James lifted her from his thigh, her pelvis still thrusting blindly, trying to gain the friction needed to orgasm. Rachel mewled in frustration as James continued to deny her release.

Baby! Please baby! James my gorgeous master...my masterful lover, I need an orgasm. I need to cum so fucking badly. Won't you let your little slut have her release, please? Dear Gods James! I'm begging you love, please!

Just a minute my lovely little nymph, I have to get some towels from the linen closet. With how much you orgasm I will be sleeping in a puddle, otherwise. Now don't get me wrong. I would be more than happy to wallow in your scent for the rest of eternity. But my wolf would never let me sleep. He would demand that I continue to fuck you until we expire from over-exertion.

James walked swiftly to the edge of the bed and threw her on the bed with another bounce and giggle. Gods! He would never tire of her laugh. He walked over to a small closet set near the master bathroom. Inside were several large towels; he grabbed four and brought them back. James laid them underneath Rachel. Ensuring that her love would sufficiently be absorbed into the terry cloth, James forced Rachel to her hands and knees with a gentle smack to her immaculate bottom.

Now my little slut, you are going to take me like the wanton bitch in heat we both know you are. Are you ready my little cum bucket? Are you ready for my godly staff to stab and skewer you in half?

Oh yes master! Plunge that massive meat into my tiny pussy. Pound that baby maker into me until I scream for mercy. I want it so bad. I need to feel your massive cock pounding me into submission. Please Mast...

Without further coaxing James plunged his entire cock into her unsuspecting quim. Rachel went off with a bang as soon as he entered her. She writhed and shook as her release racked her tiny body. But James ignored her release and pounded her relentlessly through her first until she screamed for mercy as a second, larger orgasm ripped her small form. He flipped her body over, still shaking in orgasm. He lifted her easily into the air and reseated himself deeply in her quivering heat. Three more times James repeated this process until the towels and mattress beneath them were soaked with their coupling. By this time Rachel was babbling incoherently and whispering occasional obscenities that made no sense. Her thoughts were a mixture of imagery and disconnected sentence fragments as she road from one peak to the next in a never ending stream of orgasmic bliss.

James chuckled quietly. His beloved little Rachel had most definitely been fucked into submission. Her body was now his to play with. He proceeded to search for his own release as he increased his speed to its maximum. His engorged cock slammed repeatedly against her abused opening. Her battered clitoris was repeatedly stimulated again and again, as James surged and retreated. He could feel one more massive orgasm in Rachel working its way to the surface. Her vaginal muscles continually captured and released his cock, milking and coaxing his cock to release its bountiful contents. With a final demanding thrust James held still as he felt his orgasm rip through his body. He emptied his massive balls' contents in a continuous stream of lust. With a tired groan Rachel also released a final orgasm, signaling her final 'little death' of the evening; her thoughts and actions were completely silent. She had once more passed out; released silently to an orgasmic nirvana. Despite James's best efforts, his side of the bed was still quite damp to the touch. Still connected he and Rachel snuggled closely in the middle of the bed and quickly felt fast asleep. Rachel never even budged as he wrapped his arms around his tiny bride. His cock still proudly buried to the hilt in her velvet glove.

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