Guardian Wolf Ch. 07


You will need the instincts and knowledge that your wolf will provide for you to be a successful mother not only to our own children, but to the entire pack. And because you are having such strong feelings about being pregnant and motherhood in general, I know you will be a fantastic role model for our own children and the clan. You must learn to trust your instincts. Don't allow your human side to fight against them. This is one of the things I will show you when we reach the cabin. Once you have gone through the transformation I will show you how to find balance between your human side and your wolf. Always rely on your instincts, they will serve you well," James said as he stroked his mate's back.

"Okay. It's maddening sometimes. My human side is telling me to freak out about all of this; but I can feel my girl soothing me, telling me everything is going to be alright. She feels so close to me now, as if I could almost touch her. But every time I reach out to her in my mind, she skirts away, not allowing me to touch her. What does that mean?" Rachel asked a confused look across her face.

"You will not be allowed to touch your wolf until you go through the transformation for the first time. Afterwards it will feel like you have known your girl all your life. You will become inseparable. What you know she will know as well. Just like you and I as mates, you and your wolf are two halves of one being. Trust me and allow me to show you these things," James said as he continued to massage his wife over her back and buttocks. There was nothing overtly sexual about his touch; it was only a reassuring caress that connected James with his mate.

"Will the change be painful?" Rachel asked with some trepidation.

"The first time is always painful. That is why we never let a new wolf go through the change alone. The funny thing is, the younger you are the easier it seems to be. It is critical that you embrace your wolf and her primal essence, binding yourself to her. If you struggle or are afraid, changing from one form to the other will always be difficult for you," James said in warning.

"Tell me about it please," Rachel pleaded.

"Tuesday, the day you change, your whole body will be hyper sensitive. Touching, eating, and sex will be beyond a level that I can't explain. It's like you are experiencing the world around you for the first time. When I went through the change for the first time, it felt like I was experiencing life with every nerve in my body. The food I ate was more delicious, the smells around me were more pronounced, and everything was brought into such clarity.

The newly mated humans go through a much more dramatic transformation. Mom said the day she changed her body was on fire for most of the day; your body temperature raises dramatically right before the change. She also said her hormones were completely out of whack; she said she wanted to rape Dad one moment and kill him the next. Her appetite for food and sex was ravenous. You will experience the same thing. Your body needs an enormous amount of calories to help during transformation; the first time you change is very taxing on your body. You need the sex to equalize your hormones and to release large quantities of endorphins into your bloodstream to help with the pain during transformation. Dad told me if you are able to experience orgasm right before you change, it will be less painful," James said, trying to remain as objective as possible. Every transformation was unique for the individual; there was little comparison from one person to the next. Only one thing was a constant: pain, lots and lots of pain.

"But just how painful is the change," Rachel asked.

"For me it was like my body was gripped in a massive electric shock. My muscles locked and I could feel my bones and muscles as they changed and became more canine. My skin was on fire as my fur came in and my ears and tail appeared. But as soon as it began, it was over. The faster you meet and bind with your wolf, the less pain there will be. I was prepared from birth for the change; our mates, unfortunately, do not have that luxury. We can help to prepare you for the change, but it is up to each individual how quickly he or she accepts their wolf. Seeing as how you are feeling your wolf so strongly, I would suspect that your change will be painful, but very brief. Don't be afraid of your wolf, accept her and embrace her as part of your new existence," James advised. Rachel nodded her head in agreement.

"Thank you baby! Just knowing a little about the change helps take the fear out of it," Rachel said in gratitude.

"You're welcome sweetheart. Now weren't we talking about me having some pussy to clean somewhere?" James asked as he smiled lewdly at his mate, raising his eyebrows lasciviously.

"Damn straight buster!" Rachel said as she moved her body towards her mate's hungry mouth.

Instead of simply raising her hips and moving to offer her pussy to James's mouth and tongue, Rachel decided to slide up his body, one agonizing inch at a time. With every incremental slide of her pussy, Rachel left a trail of cum and pussy cream along his abdomen as she scraped her tender labia against his rock hard muscles. When she finally settled her leaking pussy onto James's mouth, there was a long, perverse trail of sexual fluid leading from his chin down to a cooling pool of lust that had formed earlier at the base of his cock.

"Bon appetite baby," Rachel said with a giggle.

James ignored the feeling of his and Rachel's cum cooling and congealing down his chest and stomach and set about his sworn duty at cleaning his wife's delectable snatch of their combined orgasmic offering. James was licking furiously, enjoying the taste of him mixed with his wife. The more he licked, the more he liked it. Soon the viscosity and flavor of his meal changed, becoming much thinner and increasingly sweeter as the supply of his cum was overcome with that of his wife's. Before he could continue, Rachel shifted and oriented herself in the sixty-nine position so she could lap at the trail left by her journey from cock to mouth.

James continued to drink from his wife's well like a man dying of thirst. He licked and prodded her clitoris from behind its protective hood and latched onto it like a starving infant to his mother's teat. Rachel began to grind her hips sensually against James as he drove her to orgasm. She continued to lap at his cum like a kitten with a bowl of cream. She cleaned her mate all around his cock, but never directly assaulted the mountainous mound of man flesh as it began to resurrect before her eyes. She would suck and nip at the sensitive skin around his pelvic bone, forcing James to moan then snarl as he renewed his own attack on her defenseless pussy. Soon the sensations James tongue was causing her poor clitoris became too much and Rachel sprayed her lover with a shriek of orgasmic delight.

"Now who needs to clean whom?" James said as he wiped Rachel's pussy juice from around his eyes.

"Oops! Give me a second and I'll be right with you," Rachel said as she scrambled to kneel above her lover's rejuvenated cock, readying her pussy for another Orgasm Olympics.


Their next love session was much more relaxed and sensual than their earlier frantic race towards mutual orgasmic destruction. Rachel poised directly above James's cock, barely allowing the massive purple head to part her labia. She concentrated on flexing her pussy muscles to massage and temp her lover's turgid flesh. Rachel heard James gasp and thrust upwards intending to bury himself deeply in his mate's heat. Just as James was gaining purchase to his wife's treasure Rachel pulled away, denying her Alpha entrance. She wagged a finger reprovingly at her mate. She was in the driver's seat now; he would receive his pleasure at her discretion.

Again Rachel lowered her hips and used her labia to massage and tease James's cock; the purplish head was now slick and shiny with generous amounts of precum. Once Rachel was satisfied that he was sufficiently lubricated, she lowered her hips a little bit more allowing the head of her lover's invader to cross her hallowed gate. Rachel concentrated once more, working on massaging James with vaginal muscle control alone. Both gasped aloud as she worked to control her muscles while denying a growing instinct to plunge his massive cock deep within her and ride him furiously to completion. Rachel wanted this to last.

With aching slowness that caused both to moan and grunt in frustrating pleasure, Rachel slowly slid up and down James's cock, careful to work her pussy muscles as she used her hips and knees to move up and down his considerable length. She watched as the eyes of her lover rolled into the back of his head as he growled deeply in pleasure as she worked to sensually masturbate her mate with her silken sheath. Rachel leaned down toward her mate and captured his lips in a gentle kiss before proceeding to lick his face clean of her previous ejaculation in sweet sensuality. The salty sweet liquid coupled with the erotic act of cleaning her mate caused Rachel to moan and for a moment she lost control of herself and began to work furiously up and down her Alpha's cock. But remembering her desire to draw out their pleasure, she resumed her sensual cadence of love making.

As she finished cleaning his face, Rachel noticed James's countenance; his eyes were closed in concentration, his nostrils flared with each respiration, and his teeth were clenched as he tried to run away from his impending orgasm. Rachel smiled as she kissed her mate forcing his attention on her and away from the pressure now building in his testicles.

Time seemed to stop for both of them as their tongues made sweet love to each other. They forgot about their immediate pleasure of rutting and concentrated on the simple pleasure found in each others' mouths. Both enjoyed the feeling of completeness as they basked in the simple knowledge of their coupling. Rachel did however continue to gently massage James's cock as she sat impaled upon his staff.

Rachel's orgasm was unexpected as it crept up behind her and zapped her with a cattle prod. Their kissing had taken on a new level of intensity as they forced pleasure orally upon each other. Rachel raised her hips to gain leverage on her mate to force her tongue deeper down his throat when her orgasm struck. She started breathing heavily into James's mouth then screamed down his throat as the full force of the orgasm shook her tiny body. She shook for several seconds like a dried leaf on a windy day until she collapsed exhausted, removing her mouth from her lover for a breath of much needed oxygen. Her body continued to shake with aftershocks as she fought to get fresh air into her burning lungs.

"What the hell was that?" James asked in complete surprise at his mate's sudden orgasmic release.

"I have no fucking idea," Rachel swore as she fought to bring her rebellious body under control.

"I was getting so turned on by the kissing. When I raised my hips to kiss you more it felt like I had been zapped with a tazer directly on my clitoris. I couldn't control my body. That orgasm was huge and all I could do was hold on for dear life. Whatever we did just now sent my body into orbit without a pilot," Rachel said as she looked at her mate with a mixture of love and trepidation.

"Do you think we can duplicate it?" James asked. He was more than willing to give his mate another jolt to see her body to THAT again.

"Gods I hope not! I loved it but it scared the shit out of me! It was like my brain was getting tired and bored with our slow love making and said 'fuck it' and decided to hit ever synapse in my brain with electrical current at once. I imagine it must feel like when a fuse burns out," Rachel said as she gingerly and carefully lifted herself off of her mate.

"Gods! You drenched me, my little super soaker!" James laughed as he lifted his upper body to examine the vast quantities of pussy cream around his crotch and on the floor beneath him. Rachel's face turned a deep crimson in embarrassment at this new term of endearment.

"I'm sorry! I can't control myself. My pussy just opens up the flood gates whenever I cum," Rachel excused herself for such excessive ejaculation.

"Sorry? I love it when you come like that. It is such a freaking ego boost to know that I bring you pleasure like that," James said proudly, his chest puffing slightly as he stood. He was careful not to slip in his wife's puddle.

"Baby, you make me cum in spades! I honestly don't know where it all comes from. I really must have a dam up my pussy to be flooding you like that," Rachel said with an amused grin.

"Well I guess the only solution is to plug your hole with my cock to prevent your dam from leaking all over the place," James said, his raging erection still bobbing in front of him like some perverse divining rod as it searched out her watering hole.

"Isn't your cock the cause of my leaking?" Rachel asked, her eyes hungrily gazing at her mate's meat stick.

"Uh...oh yeah," James said in parody of that stupid cartoon teenager.

Rachel giggled and shook her head. Her mate may be gorgeous and all that jazz, but he was still a total dork on the inside. But she couldn't fault her husband; she loved everything about him with every fiber of her being.

"Let's get in the shower. We're all sticky and we need to get cleaned up before we head over to the hospital," James said as he mopped up their spent lust with a towel from the bathroom. His little mate was definitely not shy with her waterworks.

"Hospital? Are you sure it's a good idea for Jessica to see us right now?" Rachel asked with concern.

"She will have to face us sooner or later. And maybe if we confront her now we can save ourselves a bigger headache later. All we can offer her right now is some real friendship. She may not really want it now, but it is something she desperately needs," James said.

"I doubt it, but I won't let my petty jealousy cloud my judgment again. I've learned my lesson about Jessica Hamilton. Any negative karma will be strictly on her shoulders from now on," Rachel said as she made her way into the bathroom to start the water running.

"We'll make an Alpha out of you yet honey," James said as he turned around and smacked his wife soundly on the ass. Rachel yelped then hurried to get away from her husband before they started another round of 'plug the leaks'. At the rate they were going, they will never see the cabin until after they graduate. And that's if they even make it out of their hotel room.


James and Rachel were mostly successful in expediting their exodus from their hotel room...mostly. Their shower together started out innocently enough. James took great delight in washing his little mate's body and helping to wash and caress her dark, curly hair. His caresses remained mostly innocent...mostly. However, when Rachel bent over and presented her ass and pussy to be cleaned, James lost it. He started by grabbing her shoulders and rubbing his engorged cock against her delicious butt cheeks and between the crack of her ass. The bizarre feeling was new and exciting to Rachel, causing her to moan in apprehensive anticipation. She didn't know exactly what her mate was preparing to do. She hoped he wouldn't try to stick his monster killer in her virgin asshole yet; she needed a lot of preparation still before they crossed that bridge.

"You're not going to stick your massive baby maker in my tiny asshole, are you?" Rachel said in a small girl voice with a hint of trepidation.

"Not yet baby. I need to start working on training that asshole to take something my size. But I fully intend to tap this delectable ass before we go back to school. I will own every part of you: mind, soul, and body," James said in a deep, husky voice. He slapped her ass for good measure and watched with enjoyment as it jiggled slightly. Rachel gasped and shivered involuntarily in a lust filled haze as she imagined James sticking his massive cock up her tiny rear end.

"But in the interim I have your delicious pussy to sate my sexual needs," James said.

Without invitation or notification James reared back his hips and parted Rachel's meaty pussy lips, driving his cock deeply into her cavernous warmth. Rachel gasped and whimpered in painful pleasure as his intrusive organ invaded her snug love tunnel. Not taking a moment in hesitation, James arrested Rachel's hands behind her back, effectively immobilizing her body, enslaving her to his sexual whim. James began to thrust in and out of his little mate with earnest strokes. Rachel looked back with fire and lust in her eyes, daring her mate to make her cum.

"Fuck me you bastard! Shove that massive baby maker up my gash and flood me with a gallon of your virile baby juice. Fuck your little love slave and make her squeal," Rachel screamed, actually grunting a little like a pig as James continually assaulted her passage from behind.

James continued to fuck his mate hard, inspired by her filthy mouth. The sounds of their frantic love making echoed off the shower walls as the hot water cascaded around them, bouncing droplets of their heated bodies like rain on a rooftop. James spied the synthetic luffa hanging on a hook from the shower head, still sudsy and soapy from the fragrant body wash. He reached out and grabbed the spongy cloth with his right hand, making his fingers slick in anticipation of his next move. When his fingers were sufficiently lubricated, James began to massage and tease the crinkly star of Rachel's asshole. Rachel gasped and began pushing back with greater insistence, her body begging James to invade her nether regions with his massive digits. James would have to be daft to ignore her body's obvious invitation.

James proceeded to work his index finger covered in soapy lubrication up to the transverse metacarpal ligament (that's the tendon that connects the finger to the metacarpal bone and the rest of the hand). He added his middle finger a few moments later. He began to finger his mate's asshole with leisurely strokes that counter mandated the rhythm of his hips and cock as they battered his wife's submissive pussy. The heterogeneous rhythm of fingers and cock was driving Rachel out of her mind. Her brain's receptive neurons were having trouble processing such counter intuitive sensations at the same time.

"Oh Gods! Finger my dirty asshole, you bastard! Gods! That is so nasty, putting your fingers up my butthole. I can feel your fingers brushing against your cock as it batters my poor little....little...pus...pussy," Rachel stuttered the last part of her curse as her brain was diverting considerable computing power to correctly catalog and classify all the sensation the nerve endings in her pussy and ass were now sending it.

Quickly becoming overloaded by the sheer volume of pleasure, inundated in continual neurological sensation, her brain was shutting down; before her brain lost complete control of itself, it sent orders out to any extremity that would listen to alleviate the pressure building in Rachel's loins. Receiving their orders from the brain, Rachel's pussy and asshole clamped down tightly on the invading appendages, painfully squeezing them as her orgasm proceeded to devastate her poor body. Rachel screamed in a feral growl, scratching and clawing at the manacle of flesh and blood that so cruelly imprisoned her hands.

A quick and determined thrust from James's put an end to what little resistance remained in her body. After her orgasm had sufficiently berated and tortured her tired body, Rachel's body hung limply in defeat; only James's iron grip on her body prevented her from falling to the floor in a crumpled heap. Sensing the end to this journey and the impending inferno now boiling in his loins, James allowed his wife to slip safely and gently to the floor. James now grabbed his cock and fisted it in a frenzy of grunts as he propelled his orgasm to the forefront. Feeling the impending explosion, James pointed his weapon at his mate and with a primal roar unleashing a full barrage. Rope after rope of creamy white cum proceeded to mark his mate as he expelled his lust all over her tiny body. His orgasm seemed to continue endlessly as he spent himself all over his mate.

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