Guardian Wolf Ch. 07


Finally his orgasm ceased and he looked down at his wife to assess the carnage his lust had wreaked upon her body and senses. Rachel was kneeling on the shower floor in complete submission, breathing heavily as her face rested against the tile floor in forced exhaustion. James's cum had covered her from neck to ass in massive streaks of lusty white goo. The shower water was only helping to spread his semen around her body in uniform perversity. His lustful needs now sated, James picked up the offending luffa and reapplied it with generous amounts of body wash. He proceeded to gently rewash his mate, ensuring that his evidential lust was washed away. James lovingly kissed and caressed his wife's skin as he cleaned every inch of her flawless body.

After successfully rewashing his wife and ensuring that she was indeed breathing, James picked up his pliable mate in his massive arms, cradling her to his chest in reaffirming adoration. He placed her gently down on a wooden bench installed in the bathroom beneath a cabinet that maintained a selection of towels. James selected a large white towel and continued in his post-coital ministrations. Rachel looked up and smiled weakly at her mate; she could do little else as her body required time to recover after such a devastating fucking. Satisfied that Rachel was sufficiently dry and wouldn't fall out her current position on the bench, James concentrated on his own wet body.


Rachel awoke a short while later, lying comfortably on the bed in a large, warm hotel robe. The soft terry cloth felt magnificent against her smooth skin. She raised her head in search of her mate and found him quietly dressing on the edge of the bed next to her. She placed a hand on his massive back, assuring herself that he was indeed real and not a figment of her imagination.

"Afternoon sleeping beauty. Feeling better?" James asked as he turned to lie next to his mate.

"What happened?" Rachel asked. She was confused how she got from the bathroom to the bedroom without memory.

"Oh nothing much. I simply fucked you into unconsciousness...again," James chuckled lightly. His mate's orgasmic reaction to their physical love making was nothing if not ego boosting. James felt infinitely more masculine and Alpha-like each time he brought his beloved Rachel to a screeching orgasm.

"I'm going to start calling the orgasms you bring me 'mind-erasers'. They erase all communication from my brain to the rest of my body. I don't remember a thing after my poor pussy and asshole clamped down on you," she said in astonishment. James laughed in agreement to her sexual classification.

Rachel reached between her legs and fingered her tender pussy, expecting copious amounts of fluid to be leaking from her vagina.

"Did you cum in me?" Rachel asked. She was a little confused; she was quickly becoming used to feeling very wet and sticky after one of her mate's power fucking's. To feel herself relatively dry between her legs was a little...disconcerting.

"I came on you. And let's just say my orgasm was epic. You were a vision of angelic cummy goodness," James said as he finished lacing up his combat boots.

"Vision of angelic cummy goodness? You making up words on me now baby?" Rachel asked. A curious grin played across her face.

"Hey! Okay, I don't always come up with the best descriptive adjectives. But that was exactly how you looked. Your sweet ass was waving in the air as you sat slumped on your knees with cum covering your back and ass. You were my little cum angel fallen from heaven, or at least fallen off my dick," James said with a chuckle.

"There's a difference?" Rachel cooed as she reached around her mate to fondle her favorite anatomical appendage. Heaven and her mate were one in the same.

"That's sweet of you to say baby. Compliments like those will get you everywhere," James chuckled as he jumped up from the bed.

James went over to a chair next to the hotel dresser and retrieved articles of clothing for Rachel to wear today.

"I took the liberty of picking out your clothes," James said.

Rachel laughed at her mate's desire to play dress up. She was oddly flattered to feel like his personal Barbie doll. It made her feel completely feminine and ensured of her mate's love. She looked up to see the shirt James was holding up for her and she nearly fell of the bed laughing. He was holding up a black baby T-shirt with a pair of eyes that covered where her breasts would be. Below a caption read 'Hey! My eyes are up here!'. She thought it was hysterical.

I hoped you would enjoy it. Marcus and I were shopping at Spencer's a few weeks ago and I saw this T-shirt. I knew I just had to buy it for you; even if you only wore it for me," James said.

"I love it!" Rachel said ecstatically. One of her favorite pieces of apparel were printed T-shirts.

She took a second look at James's outfit and noticed he had a printed T-shirt with its own caption; it read 'I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every second of it.' Rachel laughed for several seconds.

James proceeded to show Rachel the remainder of her outfit which consisted of a black thong with matching bra, and a pair of low ride hip huggers. He completed the outfit with a pair of sensible, yet oddly feminine black combat boots.

"What's with you and the butt floss underwear? You know this stuff is not always the most comfortable to wear," Rachel said in slight annoyance.

"It offers me the easiest access to your pussy without you being completely naked underneath. If you have a problem with them, you are more than welcome to go sans panties," James said wiggling his eye brows.

"That's okay. The last thing you need right now is more access to my pussy. I'm still trying to recover from the shower. If you continue to 'access' my pussy like that I'm afraid the damn thing will just plain fall off. There is such a thing as too much pleasure, you know?" Rachel said.

"There is? Well I think we may have to explore the limits of your sexual threshold later tonight. I haven't forgotten about your little episode with Jessica last night. I fully intend on carrying out your punishment when we get back to the hotel later tonight. Your ass and pussy will be so sore tomorrow, the shower will seem like a sensual massage in comparison. I intend to give you so much pleasure you will be begging me stop. But that's where the torture and discipline come in, because I won't stop until you pass out again...and maybe even a little bit beyond that. If your pussy does fall off we will just have to sew it back on," James said as he advanced on his mate as she laced up her new combat boots. The fit was exceptional.

Rachel looked up at her mate with a combination of expectation and fear. She had hoped he had forgotten all about his promise to discipline her ass for her little tirade last night. She was certainly regretting her actions last night; they were going to cost her body greatly tonight. The thought of being totally immobilized and helpless to her mate's advances started her kitty purring again. Damn! She was quickly becoming a sexual nymphomaniac; everything seemed to turn her on lately.

"And that's a bad thing, how exactly?" James said as he read her thoughts.

"It just means I will be hopelessly addicted to your touch and I will never, never be able to go long without needing your cock between my legs," Rachel said as she reached up to her husband to capture his lips. They kissed passionately for a few minutes but James refused to let it go any further; they had much to do today. Rachel pouted just a little bit. It was ever so much fun to be so naughty.

"Guess what baby? That's exactly the way I want you. I want you treating me like a junky treats her next fix. I want you practically itching and begging for my cock before too long," James said, a fiery passion ablaze behind his emerald green eyes.

"Guess what baby? I'm already addicted to you, so mission accomplished," Rachel said with a similar fire ablaze behind her pale jade eyes.

The mated pair wanted desperately to say 'fuck it' to everything else and spend the rest of the day lost in carnal decadence. But they both knew they had a few errands to run, including a stop at Thumper's tattoo parlor. James had called him to confirm his availability and to expect them this afternoon. He wanted to minimize the chances of Amy going into labor prematurely and Thumper rushing to the hospital instead of completing the tattoos as promised. Rule number one: mates and children always come first. James had also spoken to him about a little extra work he wanted done. Thumper said it was no problem and it wouldn't take that long.

As Rachel was fixing her hair and makeup with the provided utensils, she admired herself in the mirror. A few weeks ago, Rachel thought she had found happiness. She was part of the 'in' crowd; she was a cheerleader and was dating a football player. Her own personal place in the high school social pecking order was assured. Rachel laughed derisively and shook her head; she was a fool to think that was real happiness. This...this was true happiness. Just the thought of waking up each day next to her mate sent her heartbeat sky rocketing. The thought of carrying his young in her belly made her warm with pride and happiness. James was everything in a man and mate that she could ever ask for. He truly was her other half, her soul mate, the one intended just for her.

That knowledge almost made her skin glow in happiness. There truly was something to being said that a woman in love had a glow about her.

But now how where they ever going to convince Jessica Hamilton of the same truth? Rachel had a small epiphany last night after listening to James's phone conversation with her father: Jessica Hamilton was miserable in her life. No amount of expensive gifts could disguise the truth to those who looked hard enough. She hated her existence to this point in life; things needed to change, and change drastically for her.

Her entire life was nothing more than a carefully constructed façade to hide her true feelings. Behind Jessica's haughty, indifferent exterior was a scared and very lonely little girl. Just from listening to her father's voice she could feel the cold callousness the man truly felt towards his daughter; there was no love in either her father or her mother's heart for Jessica. She wasn't a daughter to either parent; she was a beautiful inconvenience that mandated they care for her. For the second time in so many hours, Rachel felt truly sorry for Jessica Hamilton. But for the first time, Rachel Wolfe sincerely hoped that they (James, Marcus, and She) could bring a measure of true happiness into her life. If they could not, Rachel feared that Jessica was not long for this world.

Rachel heard James speak in her head.

Jessica will find happiness with Marcus baby. She will need a lot of convincing and, if necessary, a lot of coercion to make her realize that Marcus is the man and mate for her. Her heart and body will recognize him immediately; it is her mind and stubborn nature that will require the extensive emotional overhaul. It will be up to Marcus to convince Jessica she belongs with us. We are only offering her an olive branch; a chance to see true happiness in work and an offer of friendship. This is something she has never had before; she will be very suspicious of our intentions. Jessica is alien to the idea of give and take; she has only known take. Don't be surprise when our overture is rejected.

Rachel spoke to her mate as she finished curling her hair.

I know baby. I'm afraid that she will require more patience and time than either you and I or Marcus are prepared to give. What then? I know Jessica, if she thinks she is getting played she will not be cooperative. I still am not certain how our going to the hospital will help at all. We are probably the last two people she expects or wants to see. If her parents are as bad as you say they are, she will need a LOT of convincing. Gods! To have those two as parents? It gives me the shivers just thinking about it.

She heard James chuckling in her mind.

Then don't think about it. Are you about ready in there yet? I've been waiting so long I'm starting to gather dust in here.

That set Rachel off and she told James to shove it.

Fuck you wolf boy! I am doing this to look good for YOU. You can just sit on your sculpted ass out there for as long as is needed and like it.

Rachel heard James openly laughing in the adjacent room as he conceded to just let his mate be. Rachel checked herself in the mirror one last time. She had to admit, she looked hot. The baby doll T-shirt came down to just above her navel and her boobs filled out the tiny T-shirt very nicely. The hip huggers were doing exactly as advertised and were clinging to her hips and ass as if they were made specifically for her. Yeah! She was ready now; ready to take names and kick ass! She walked out confidently to their bedroom for her husband's perusal and approval.

She didn't have to worry about her mate's approval. The moment she came into view, he was eying her like a fine cut of meat. She watched his cock harden and lengthen burrowing further down his right pant leg. Rachel smiled. Her mate's arousal was the sincerest form of flattery. She spun around once to give him an eye full of the entire package.

"You like baby?" Rachel asked in a seductive voice.

James was upon her and kissing her passionately before she could form another sentence. He reached out and grabbed her left hand and helped migrate it to the front of his jeans. His cock was as hard and long as usual; it throbbed at the slightest touch of her hand. She began to instinctively rub and caress her lover's cock through his pants; she could practically feel the burning lust radiating through his jeans. James had to close his eyes, growling in frustration. He gently clasped his mate's wrist and moved her hand away from his cock before he lost complete control. Rachel made the cutest pout as she was denied her favorite toy.

"I think you know exactly how much I like it sweetheart. But I have something else to give you. It is supposed to be really quite cold today. You need something warmer than just your smoking hot body. My mom and I took the liberty of buying you a new winter coat. Come and try it on," James said as he produced a hooded leather jacket with a sable lining.

Rachel squealed loudly at the sight of her new coat. She practically ran to her mate and allowed him to help her into it. The look of satisfaction on James face told her he was pleased by her reaction. Her mate had done well; he had done very well.

"Oh James, I love it! It feels so warm and soft against my body. It's a gorgeous coat baby. Thank you so much!" Rachel gushed as she reached up to capture her husband's lips in a kiss that left both of them feeling dizzy.

"You can thank me like that any time you like baby," James said with a dreamy, goofy look on his face. Rachel giggled at the look of contentment on his face.

"You ready to go visit the wicked witch of the West?" James asked as he slid on his own leather jacket.

"Lead the way baby," Rachel said.


As James and Rachel walked hand in hand out of the lobby elevator, they were greeted by his cousin Gus. He had a smile on his face as he handed a package to them that Rachel recognized as the manila envelope Robert had given them last night. Gus also handed over the velvet box Robert gave her last night as well.

"We kept those in the hotel safe for you guys. I trust our staff implicitly, but I have strict rules about keeping valuables above a certain dollar limit in the safe. Oh, and speaking of safe, your mom called me last night. She says the jewelry arrived home safely via the courier we sent over to the house; everything is accounted for and you won't need to worry about them being outside the family vault anymore," Gus said reassuringly.

Rachel watched as James visibly relaxed hearing that bit of news. I guess he was just as nervous about having millions of dollars of priceless family heirlooms in his possession as she was. She let out her own sigh of relief knowing that the jewels were safe back where they belong. They were pretty and fun to wear but knowing their value was a nerve racking experience. Then Rachel remembered about the box Robert had given her; she never did take a look inside to know what her father-in-law had bestowed. Now the curiosity was killing her knowing there was something extremely valuable inside for her. She tried to reach for the box but James playfully slapped her hand away before she could touch the smooth black velvet surface.

"Not yet. I will give these to you when we reach Thumper's shop," James said.

Rachel pouted a little but said nothing. Thumper's shop, eh? It must be some kind of body jewelry if he wants to keep it from me until we get to his shop. Damn! Now it was making her all the more curious thinking about what kind of jewelry her husband and mate had picked out for her. James simply looked at his mate with a mischievous grin and winked at Rachel's annoyed detriment. Rachel stomped her foot petulantly and stuck her tongue out at James.

Patience baby, patience! All good things to those that wait! James thought reprovingly to his mate.

You're no fun! Rachel thought in reply. But her tone was becoming more playful. Rachel would allow her mate his moment; she would get him back...eventually.

"Now remember what I told you James. I don't need four hundred cops planning a frontal assault on my presidential suite all because my cousins couldn't keep their love making to a dull roar. There is still something called common courtesy around her and I hope you will extend it to the rest of our guests. And besides, having a few Beretta 9mm pistols trained on you will most definitely ruin the mood," Gus said in warning.

"Hey! Blame her! She is the one who is making all the noise! She is very vocal when she cums," James said, throwing up his hands in defense.

Rachel punched her mate hard in the shoulder at this comment, "and who is the one who makes me cum so hard every time? If it's anyone's fault, it's yours buster," Rachel growled.

James made a face and mockingly sniffed as if the punch actually hurt, "Did you see that? She struck me! Talk about spousal abuse," James whined to his cousin.

"Oh shove it up your ass and grow a pair you big wuss! I know you got your ass handed to you by my nieces but come on!" Gus said to his cousin with a smile. James always had a flair for the dramatic sometimes.

Rachel howled in laughter. James's family wouldn't put up with his bullshit either. She knew she would love being a part of this family. Everyone was so friendly and laid back; they let things come as they may. It did Rachel's soul good knowing that they could bullshit with each other without fear of reprisal or retribution. Rachel turned to her mate again to see him trying to hold his look of agony, rubbing his shoulder in an overstated fashion. He was unable to hold the façade any longer and broke out in laughter with his cousin. God's her mate was such a clown!

Rachel watched as a gorgeous woman with light olive skin and black hair come up and throw her arms around Gus; Rachel thought she almost looked American Indian. She briefly remembered that this was Tabitha, Gus's mate. Tabitha released her husband and came towards Rachel, enveloping her in a bone crushing hug.

"Seeing how you were so star struck with Peter last night, we were unable to make proper introductions. I'm Tabitha Eagle Feather Wolfe. Three Bears is my older brother and Alpha of the local Hunter Clan in Montana; he is mated to your new sister-in-law Kelly. On behalf of my mate and me, we would like to welcome you to the family dear. You sure have caught yourself a good man, even if he is a complete and utter dork," Tabitha said with a laugh.

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