I am David. I am thirty seven years old and I have been very fortunate in life. In addition to having a beautiful, dutiful wife and a wonderful son, I have reasonable security and prosperity due to the financial management business built up by my father and the close network of supportive friends and colleagues centred on my club.

We have a very nice house and my lovely wife maintains it to perfection as well as meeting my every need in a lifetime partner. I grew up in a disciplined household. My father sent me to a good school, taught me his business and guided me into the society which gives us such comfort and stability. My loving mother fulfilled the same role as my wife does now for me. There was never any question that she should work outside the home and I am quite determined that my wife will never have to do any such thing either. Of course I do not know how my parents conducted their affairs in the bedroom, but when I married, my father gave me his belt. He said that it had been given to him by my grandfather when he married my mother and that it had been an important part of their marriage throughout my life. I did not need to ask him what he meant. Being of such age, the belt is very soft and supple. It is a very high quality piece of leather. I suspect that it has had a great deal of use over the years, but apart from some wear at the edges it doesn't really show much and it should be able to do its job for many years to come. It is a wonderful thought that my family has maintained a disciplined household for at least three generations and we are doing very well.

Throughout our childhood, my brother and I had been required to respect the privacy of our parents for three hours every Saturday afternoon. Depending on our age, we would go to the cinema, play sport, go for cycle rides or be taken for a walk by our nanny or be sent to visit grandparents. We never knew what happened in these private times other than the little smile on nanny's face when questioned about it and she said that mother was being given a little help by father in remembering her wifely duties. On being presented with the belt by father, he simply said "remember the importance of a little private time each week to maintain your marriage" and I had been told all I needed to know.

It was a very conscious decision to leave marriage until I was well into my thirties. By then I had taken over the running of the business from father and I had explored the things that I wanted out of life. I have a strong sex drive and I seemed a sufficiently attractive proposition to women that I have been able to find out what I really like. I like to exercise authority and fortunately for me, I have discovered that most women I have encountered are very happy to be the recipients of my requirements. In my excellent wife I have a partner who lives only to meet my every desire and to exceed it if ever she can.

Recently it was her twenty sixth birthday and we celebrated it with a wonderful meal in an excellent restaurant before returning home. A few days before the celebration I told my wife that from now on we would review her performance in the marriage at each birthday and I would consider whether her maintenance should be varied in any way during the course of that review. My first contribution to the review was to congratulate her on the very great achievements of the preceding year and to reward those with the presentation of her birthday gift of a diamond necklace. Just the one diamond, but a beautiful setting. In the coming years she will be very well decorated if she progresses as well as she has done so far. And of course she will have some less permanent decoration for all of her failings!

She is now very accustomed to her maintenance and I am concerned that with time it will cease to fulfil its necessary purpose. The urinal and rimming duties have been very good extensions to our original regime and they continue to be effective. There will be no change to the number of strokes of the hand spanking, but this central part of the maintenance does not bring many tears to her eyes any more and there is a risk of it tiring me more than it hurts her. For this reason I have decided to introduce a new element that was suggested by one of the internet responders to my wife's punishment posting.

I must confess that I had never heard of figging until this writer communicated with me. He explained that shaving a piece of fresh ginger into a lozenge shape about two inches long and inserting it into the woman's anus before a spanking results in very much heightened sensation on her part. When I told my wife what was to be done and produced the piece of root ginger that I had bought she was quite surprised. I think she couldn't really see that this would do anything. Anyway. I gave her the diagram for her to carve out the little finger sized piece with a notch about half an inch from the end around which her sphincter would hold it in place. As instructed, she removed all her clothes and went into the kitchen to make the 'fig'. When she had done it I took her into the bedroom, and had her bend over the blanket box. It slipped in quite easily and I left it for a minute before I slipped off my own clothes and picked up a cane and my belt. I thought I would warm her up a bit with my hand, but to try it out properly we needed a bit more than that. When I turned back towards her she was very pink in the face and wriggling her arse beautifully.

"How does it feel?"

"Oh please take it out Darling. I can't bear it. It is making me all hot and strange."

I thought that was very good. This looked as though it could spice up a spanking very nicely. I gave her four good, hard spanks in quick succession while telling her that she shouldn't dare to presume to ask me to change what I was doing. She spluttered an apology, but what was most striking was that she was not clenching her arse cheeks as she would normally do when she was feeling the pain of a smack. As she told me later, if she tried to do it, the sensation of the the 'fig' was too great and she had to let go. With a rosy glow on her cheeks, I picked up the belt and gave her half a dozen with that. It was excellent. She wriggled, cried, moaned and displayed wonderfully.

By this time I had become quite aroused so I changed to the cane and gave her a final four strokes hard across both buttocks. By now she was crying freely and her arse cheeks were fiery. I pulled out the 'fig', got down behind her and slipped my prick into her sopping cunt. I gave a couple of thrusts to get myself well lubricated and then started fucking her arse. It was the usual good, tight fuck and I didn't feel any effect of the ginger myself. Her scorching buttocks against my belly were excellent. After giving her a good pounding for about five minutes I started to feel myself wanting to cum and sat her up so that we could both watch her in the mirror as she sucked me to completion. She said that she thought that she had a faint taste of ginger when she was sucking, but she could not be sure because of all the other sensations rushing through her at the time.

Figging is now a part of every maintenance session and I am well pleased with it. She buys the ginger fresh every week and prepares the fig just before the session is due to start. I have experimented with leaving it in after the spanking is finished, but its effect ceases after about twenty minutes. Once or twice I have knocked it right in past her sphincter and been unable to remove it. In that case I just leave it there to come out naturally. I did once fuck her arse with it still in and it was not a success. It was hard and unpleasant against my prick so I switched to a throat fucking instead.

Shortly after my wife's birthday I received the honour of being elected President of my club. This office lasts for one year and it is very important to me. My business and the club are very closely connected. The majority of my clients are club members and a great deal of our income is dependent on the connections made through the club. The most important thing is that I should have a very good working relationship with my Secretary and Treasurer throughout my year of office. It is customary for the President to entertain these officers to dinner a short while after the election and I determined to make this a dinner to remember.

I talked it through very carefully with my wife who fully understands the vital part that the club plays in our prosperity. We agreed that the dinner party would be at our house. All the food would be provided and prepared by professional caterers, but they would leave at the arrival time for our guests and my wife would do all the serving. She would eat separately before our guests arrived.

For her duties I bought her a party type French maid outfit. It had an extremely short skirt to be worn without knickers and her breasts would be well displayed above the frilly white apron front. She would be in very high heeled shoes and the obvious nature of her display would be certain to provoke comment from my guests.

On the appointed evening, William and Thomas arrived together by taxi at exactly the right time. I welcomed them and introduced my wife as our maid for the evening. She curtsied, and with their eyes riveted on her magnificent cleavage and visible nipples, she asked to take their coats. As she hung up the coats she bent to smooth the fabric and displayed the rest of her attractions.

I invited my guests to the lounge while my wife went to pour our aperitifs. William, the Secretary, is in his late fifties and a quiet dependable, family man. I have known him for many years although not closely. He has met my wife on a couple of occasions. Thomas is a very old and close friend who knows my wife fairly well although he has never stayed with us. Neither of them had ever seen her as she was today!

As you might imagine, there were a couple of "phews" and I explained that my wife had offered to serve us this evening and I hoped that her service might meet with their approval. Before either could reply, she came and served the drinks before returning to the kitchen. We drank to each others health and I got us into some general chat until we went into the dining room. The meal went perfectly. As the wine flowed and we were getting to the final stages there were more requests for my wife to lean across the table with the bottle, condiments and other excuses. At one point, Thomas dropped his napkin while she was right beside him and he leant over to pick it up so his face was almost touching her bald cunt. I wonder how he resisted popping out his tongue and licking it?

After dinner we returned to the lounge with brandy and cigars while my wife cleared the table. Both men were profuse with their thanks for the meal and said how wonderful the service by my wife had been. I said that her service to me was of a far higher order than this and she would like to serve them rather more before their evening was over. I pointed out that their trousers betrayed some degree of arousal on both their parts and my wife came in at that moment to refill the brandy glasses.

"You are ready to provide extra service to our guests aren't you darling?"

"Yes Sir. Of course. It would be my pleasure."

She curtsied as she said this.

"Very well. Go and remove that outfit and return to us."

She curtsied again and said "Yes Sir."

By now my guests had raging stiff pricks pushing their trousers out like tent poles and they obviously needed attention quite quickly. I took a blindfold from my desk. My wife returned to the room entirely naked and I told her to kneel. She did so and I placed the blindfold on her.

I turned to William and invited him to allow her to relieve him with her mouth. My wife opened her mouth to show her willingness to comply and, seeing his reticence I took his brandy glass from him and assisted him to his feet. With a hand gesture I signalled that he should undo his trousers and make use of the facility without delay. He undid his zip, moved aside his underpants and his excited member flipped out. To avoid any more uncertainty, I took my wife by the hair and put her mouth on him.

She knew that she should work hard at this and my wife immediately set to work sucking, licking and pushing her face forward to receive as much of William as she could. Unsurprisingly, he came in her mouth within a quite short space of time. She swallowed and ran her tongue round her lips to collect every drop.

William sat down and took a deep swig from his brandy. I motioned to Thomas to take his place and he did so without any hesitation at all. He was very hard and a little larger than William. He placed his hand on my wife's head when he put himself in her mouth and he worked her head a little as she sucked and licked on him for all she was worth. Despite having had to wait, Thomas lasted rather longer than William. He had an ecstatic look on his face as he smiled at me. I could not resist saying "she does a good job doesn't she?

Both men agreed with that enthusiastically and I am sure that she worked her mouth just a little harder as she heard this word of recommendation. Soon the moment came and Thomas steadied her head as he shot what looked like a lot of cum into her mouth. We never saw it because she contained the lot and swallowed it quickly.

When Thomas withdrew his softening prick from my wife's mouth I replaced him immediately, having got myself out as he came. I am a larger man than either of my guests and to their gasps I thrust my full length immediately down her throat. I gave her a full force throat fucking until I shot a torrent into her that had been built up during the long evening of development of this climactic moment. As the last pulsations of my prick could be seen moving her throat, I held her face tight into my groin and I only withdrew as I softened. my two guests spontaneously applauded and I raised her to her feet to show off once again her lovely body and naked cunt.

I sent my wife off to the shower without removing her blindfold and then chatted happily for a few minutes until the taxi came to collect my guests. Both expressed their astonishment at the ability of my wife to take such a pounding in her throat and I intrigued them by stressing that this was just one of her talents. Their thanks for the evening were profuse and they were most insistent that I should pass on their gratitude to my wife. Who knows what they may have hoped for in the future.

We have all worked extremely well together since, but we have never discussed my wife in any way.

Very shortly after the dinner party I told my wife that things were looking very good for us and I thought that it was time for us to try for a second child. She was very happy with that suggestion. We waited for the point of her peak fertility and then I came in her cunt for four nights in succession. We never miss her taking a mouthful so I had to produce extra for nearly a week. Quite an effort, but that is the duty of being a husband. Seriously though, the birth canal is really designed with that mostly in mind. As far as I am concerned I prefer to fuck a tight female arse or a well trained mouth. It seems that we are both very fertile, because her pregnancy test was positive at this first attempt.

Now that my wife is pregnant, looking after our growing son and maintaining her household duties to the very highest standard is more than I want her to have to deal with. I have decided that we should have some help in the form of a sort of combined au pair and nanny. I discussed this at the club with Thomas. He does a great deal of work in French speaking Indochina and I know that he has some sort of Cambodian domestic helper. He said that there would be no trouble at all in finding me the right sort of person and that people from that part of the world were always pleased to come and work in an English family. After a few weeks he told me that he had identified two or three possibles and he was about to make a business trip to Phnom Penh. He suggested that I should accompany him, do a little business, have a few days of relaxation and select the suitable employee. So that is how it was.

The woman I chose is about the same age as my wife. Small. slim and pretty, but she has had a hard life. She has been married and has a daughter of five, but her husband beat her badly. She left him when he started mistreating their daughter and now she is dependent on her parents who barely have enough to keep themselves. The arrangement is that her daughter will stay with the grandparents and she will send money home from her wages to cover her upkeep as well as helping the rest of the family out a little bit. Thomas has explained to her that she is coming into a disciplined household and she is quite happy with the terms that I proposed to him. She had a talk on the telephone with Thomas's girl so she was not at all worried about coming to England.

I discussed with my wife how this new family member would be handled before I went to make the selection. She will have weekly maintenance, just like my wife, but it will be given with a paddle rather than my hand. She would wear a thong provided by us for her maintenance and any punishment, but no other clothing. Punishment could be with paddle, belt or cane, but only on her backside. My wife will be present during her maintenance and whenever she is punished. When we met her I made sure that she understood all this and accepted it. She has some English and my French is good enough to talk to her. She made it clear that she had a naturally submissive nature and the she was only comfortable when she was given clear instruction and had proper correction for any failings. When she was first married she had been disciplined very hard and she was happy with that, but then her husband had taken to drink and become uncontrolled in his behaviour. She longed for a structured environment in which she knew she was safe, but also that she had a firm 'Master', as she called me from the very beginning. Her name is Ma Thi Su and she is Vietnamese. The Vietnamese are not very popular in Cambodia and that is another reason why she was anxious to go somewhere else.

We had an excellent and enjoyable time in Cambodia while I finalised the difficult process of getting a working visa for Su, as I had already decided to call her. It gave me the opportunity to do some business which is very worthwhile and has closened my ties with Thomas. We took the opportunity to enjoy a few Cambodian ladies. They were very good and just another little something between Thomas and I that we would not choose to disclose to others. We have now become relaxed enough for us to share a particularly talented young woman for a couple of nights. Some hard currency was enough for her to want to do just about anything! I introduced Thomas to some things that he had never done before. Our little Cambodian whore had us both in her mouth, cunt and arse, but she also took the contents of our bladders and had her tongue up our arses until her jaw ached too much for her to speak.

We got a visa for Su to travel with us back to England and Thomas now has a bond with me that must never be broken.

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