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Guests at a Wedding


I had known Christine and Rick for a couple of years, but only met them a few times. We lived in different cities and only saw each other when mutual friends had big parties.

One day, as I was talking to Christine over IRC, we got to discussing the guys we knew and how "doable" they were. We both mentioned the other's boyfriend... and then each other. Still, it was just girl talk, so we figured nothing would come of it. However, I had recently been talking with my boyfriend Chris, and the idea of a threesome had come up. The idea was well received by him, to put it mildly.

After talking to Christine, I emailed Chris at work and gave him a vaguely worded message about how Christine might just be the player we were looking for. Almost immediately he asked if I meant what he thought I meant. When I confirmed this, he had a bit of a bulge to cover up.

But this isn't about us girls and Chris. It's about the two of us with Christine's boyfriend, Rick. The three of us were going to be attending the wedding of friends of ours (Chris wouldn't be able to come because he was working in another state at the time). After much talking, we decided we might as well be crazy (you're only young once) and just spend the weekend together. I wonder what the newlyweds would think if they knew?

The night before the wedding, the three of us checked into the hotel near the church, and were just hanging around chatting. We were really relaxed and just catching up on news, and I was surprised by my lack of nervousness, considering the circumstances (Chris is my first serious boyfriend, so I felt that I lacked experience). The night didn't really start until Rick excused himself to go to the bathroom. That's when Christine kissed me. And not just a peck, either. She just leaned over me and started frenching me, and after I recovered from my initial surprise, I found that I enjoyed it immensely. So did Rick when he came back to see us making out.

Instead of joining us, however, he lay down on the room's other bed and just watched as Christine and I kept up the conversation, occasionally kissing or stroking each other in the meantime.

Eventually we decided that we both had too many clothes on, and I took off my shirt and then hers, followed by our bras. After one more kiss that seemed to last forever, I bent my head down and started kissing her neck, slowly sucking the tender flesh into my mouth. Her moaning encouraged me to continue, and after spending some time on both sides of her neck, I made my way downwards toward her breasts. I stayed away from her nipples just at first, wanting to hear her ask me to suck them. It didn't take long, either. She was moaning and softly whispering "Oh fuck" over and over again as I got closer to her nipple, but when I stopped and started kissing the outside of her breast again she told me to stop being such a tease and give her what she wanted.

Ask and ye shall receive.

I lightly licked her nipples at first, just to be a bit of a bitch, and then I took as much of her tit as I could into my mouth and sucked... slow and gentle at first, and then harder, using my tongue to flick her nipple the way I tease the head of a cock when I'm sucking it. She proceeded to return the favour, pushing me onto my back and climbing half onto me so she could squeeze my tits together and suck on both my nipples at the same time. By that point, both of us were a bit past being able to take things slowly. Christine looked over at Rick and asked him if he'd like to join us, but he seemed content to watch the two of us girls playing with each other. At least, for now.

It was after I got back in the upper position that I put my hand into her shorts to reach her pussy. Instead of being coy, though, I just told her to take them off because they were in the way. She told me to do the same, so I did. Now Rick got to see both of us naked. Lucky boy. At this point, he decided that he really would like to join us, after all.

As he lay down on the bed, Christine and I did as we had discussed once, and both went down on him. As he looked down at us, we both licked his extremely hard cock, and then let our tongues run together. We kissed around his cockhead, and then Christine went back to licking whilst I took him into my mouth for a nice, long suck.

I really do love giving blow jobs. I know that a lot of girls say that, but I guess that there's just something about it that some of us like. I can swallow or not since the taste of cum doesn't thrill me to pieces or anything, but there's something nice about getting all messy (aka: cumshot)... especially since my boyfriend finds it really hot. But I'm digressing.

Between the two of us, Christine and I managed to suck his cock for almost an hour. I can keep going forever, personally, but I think Rick was getting to the point where he either had to cum or have a heart attack. Christine was taking him deep and I was sucking his balls when I requested that he cum in my mouth. Piece of free advice: don't say those words unless you plan on having your mouth around a cock in the next 5 seconds or so. I made it, but only just. And, since I didn't want to be greedy, I let Christine share her boyfriend's cum as I kissed her.

She and I then decided that we wanted to try going down on each other. I'm sorry to disappoint, but we didn't actually 69. We didn't even 96. There are some things that I think I should leave to the professionals (just for the sake of safety... I might break her neck when I cum). As she went down on me, Rick (with a new hardon in about one minute) started fucking her from behind. I couldn't tell if it was in her ass or not (I was curious, since I knew they were into anal), but I decided that I needed oxygen more than I needed to ask questions, since Christine had me right on the edge of cumming. As she fingered me and licked my clit, I pinched my nipples hard and watched Rick fucking her, and then suddenly I was thrashing around on the bed trying not to make too much noise (it was 4am and there was a room on the other side of the wall with more wedding guests in it).

After I calmed down, I returned the favour. Starting at her lips, I kissed Christine with all the energy I could muster. Then I went down to her breasts for another long time. They are just so perfect... large and smooth with cute little nipples... I could suck on them all day. Rick wasn't just standing around, he was giving me one hell of a fingering and a licking that was almost professional it was so good. He didn't fuck me, though, because we had agreed at the outset that that wasn't to happen.

By the time I got to her pussy, Christine was dripping all over the bed. It took about 30 seconds of licking before she was screaming her head off (she is just physically incapable of being quiet during orgasm, apparently), and I figured the other guests would be intrigued as to why she was calling out for "Heather" instead of some guy.

With the two of us completely drained of all energy, Rick was left with a hardon, poor guy. But while neither of us was able to expend the energy to suck or fuck him at that point, we decided that we'd give him the "infinite vagina" treatment. Christine grabbed the lubricant and poured some onto our hands and his cock and then we gave him a handjob where we just constantly went down his dick, hand over hand, so it felt like he was perpetually thrusting into a neverending pussy. Not bad, eh? After a while, Christine bounced back, and then bounced on top of him and rode him to their mutual satisfaction as I watched and masturbated.

By this time it was about 6am, and we had to wake up at 9:30 to make it to the ceremony. They went back to the room's other bed, and I slept in the wet spot.

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