tagSci-Fi & FantasyGuests Cum First Ch. 03

Guests Cum First Ch. 03


"Mmmmm... you remember that little idea of mine. How delicious." Amber Eyes mouth never left the highly sensitive skin of Mikal's back. "That alone gives me a starting place." Almost lazily Amber Eyes ran his tongue across the back of Mikal's neck. "Oh yes... before you start screaming, let me give you a name to scream..... Xanthus."

Mikal's skin quivered under the meticulous tongue of Xanthus, but he managed to keep from loosing it completely. He still had some control, despite the almost purred words against his skin. Mikal knew that as long as he held onto some tiny shred of control that he could ride out damn near anything. It didn't surprise him that his thoughts were transparent. He'd expected that, as his mental shields were pretty much quivering jello, save for the one that encased his life-bond with Wind;that shield was solid and impenetrable regardless of anything else.

Everyone has a super sensitive place on their body that just makes them crazy when touched. For some it's feet, or the backs of their knees. Just the simple act of caressing or kissing it makes their head spin and renders them a quivering puddle of pliability. In Mikal's case that spot was the back of his neck. Most of the time, in most situations, it never came into play. Certainly not in a true teaching situation, as Mikal would have control. Rarely with Wind, though he knew exactly where it was; save for the handful of times that Wind had warned him beforehand. Wind learned to warn after the first accidental time of finding it. Mikal's reaction had been the equivalent of shoving a vibrating cattle prod up his ass.

Mikal's reaction this time wasn't quite as dramatic, thankfully. Xanthus's name and the sensation hit simultaneously, wringing a hissing indrawn gasp from Mikal, and a noticeable change in body language. A single name, a simple touch and Mikal caved like aged sandstone. In the blink of an eye the last traces of lingering stubbornness and control were swept aside, replaced with need, blinding, almost whorish need.

"Xanthus..." The name slipped from Mikal's lips in an anguished, half whispered plea for something he himself wasn't consciously aware he begged for.

For his part, Xanthus arched a brow at the instantaneous change in Mikal then smiled an almost feral smile, before relaxing his grip on Mikal's wrist and running his hand down Mikal's back. This was going to be a very interesting four days indeed. He rarely traveled, but when he did, he did so alone. He had his own reasons for doing so, however it did mean he needed to find "playmates". It was pure luck he'd chosen to stay over here while the infamous and delicious Mikal DeVey happen to be around. The rumors did abound about him, but Xanthus paid those little mind, preferring instead to answer his questions his own way. Apparently he'd found the key to this controlled man. Xanthus chuckled softly, releasing his grip on Mikal's cock slowly then bent in to begin a methodical exploration of that fascinating outline on Mikal's back.

Mikal felt the hands release him and started to almost whimper. He could feel Xanthus behind him, feel every single, golden, glorious inch of his body. The hot moistness of a tongue wrung a soft moan from the back of his throat. He was so beyond any sort of control now that contact and heat and hunger were all he was able to focus on, that and how much he needed that tongue to drop lower still. He could feel it caressing his shoulders, dancing down his spine, flicking teasingly along one hip. He knew the velvet heat of hands following in the wake, hands he craved would touch him anywhere. Mikal was rapidly becoming lost in a haze of pure sensation, arching and writhing slowly toward each new touch.

A brush of silken gold hair along his shoulder wrung a soft whimper from him. A firm hand caressing along a hip brought an half cry from the back of his throat. The subtle searing flick of a tongue at the top of the crack of his ass finally wrung words from him, words he was no longer conscious of saying.

"Xan..thus.... please.." Strangled, pleading words even as his body arched toward the sensations that it craved.

"Please what... Mikal?" Xanthus set one hand on Mikal's sleek hip and waited, his own breathing not quite steady. Exquisite was far to shallow a word for this man, he thought hungrily.

"Take... please.... gods... neeed.." Every single nerve ending in his body felt like it was on fire, achingly on fire.

Xanthus closed his eyes and shuddered at the raw lust in Mikal's words. Not trusting his own voice he took a deep breath and ran his tongue slowly down that oh so delectable heated crevice, even as he slid one hand up along the front of Mikal's body. He savored the tingling spicy tang from Mikal's skin as his strong fingers found and teased one of Mikal's pebble hard nipples. Slowly he brought his tongue back up, pausing to place a hungry, suckling kiss at the very top, just shy of the end of the dragons tail.

Mikal's world narrowed to Xanthus's touch. He wasn't aware of his hands curling against the door, nor of how his dark hair fell across his face, he could only focus of the building, growing hunger of draconian proportions.

Xanthus gave another deft tweak to the hard, sensitive fleshy pebble between his fingers and even as Mikal gave an inarticulate cry, stood and pressed his body the length of Mikal's, his heavy, hard glistening cock coming to rest just below the top of Mikal's ass. He kept a strong arm across Mikal's chest as he brushed his hair off of his face, those burning amber eyes drinking in the beauty of needful lust on Mikal's face.

"Is this what you are hungering for, pretty dragon?" Xanthus dropped a tortuous kiss behind Mikal's ear and gave a not so subtle flex of his hips, more of a tightening of muscles then true movement, but enough to make his point. He smiled when Mikal pushed back, almost grindingly with a moan.

Mikal heard the question, he felt the question but was beyond the ability to articulate. He let his eyes flutter open, blazing electric blue with hunger and barely human. Those eyes met ones of smoldering amber and held them for what seemed an eternity. Mikal couldn't remember the last time he'd been this hungry, nor did he care. Slowly some semblance of speech returned, enough to reply, even if it was monosyllabic.


Xanthus chuckled, running the back of his hand down Mikal's face. "Of course it is, but even I'm not such a fool as to rip that fuckable ass to shreds. Patience."

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