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Guide to the Zodiac Master


All references provided in this article are based on consentual adults intended for entertainment purposes only.

Guide to an Aries Master

The Aries Master illuminates the room with personality and style. Submissives and slaves tend to be helpless to his charismatic flair when he turns on the charm to overdrive. He is dominant by nature. He expects everyone to recognize his power almost to a point that he may not realize his excessive demands have exhausted those that adore and worship his power. Yet something about him makes his magnetic attractiveness and that wicked glimmer in his eye hard for almost any submissive to ignore or resist his will upon them once he has snared them. He's a spirited hunter type that spots what he wants and almost always gets it.

He likes his submissives to be creative and energetic to match his limitless vitality. He likes to experiment and try new things. He will always push if not blast boundaries to the next demension. Even if he is the calculating kind of Aries Master, he will always want to step it up and take things to the next level. He likes a submissive to be his partner in crime, open to any spontaneous game he may want to partake. He can bore easily with the same old play that was amusing yesterday, and today is repetitious and tired. At such point, the Aries Master has no qualms about pursuing his next target without missing a step, and if you can't keep up that will be your loss.

If he is an unrefined Master, the Aries Master can be quite insensitive to the needs of his subs, which can cause somewhat of a disconnect. When a submissive has crossed the line of the Aries Master, punishment can be swift and severe. Where an unsuspecting submissive may not know why things have changed so suddenly before they have been struck. Overall, the Aries Master is good natured, alert and has no problem asserting his dominance with a straight forward in your face approach. He's the BOSS!

Guide to the Taurus Master

Taurus Masters love luxury. They have an natural affinity for the good life. They tend to work for everything they want and have. As for their submissives, they prefer a slave that has some usefulness in their lives. For this reason, Taurus Masters understand the pimp mentality. If the sub is worth it, they just seem to have a knack for work ethics and transforming effort into cash over time.

A Taurus Master expects every comfort and sensual delight to be supplied by a submissive. The way a slave looks, smells, sounds like, and gives pleasure, especially oral pleasure is of great importance to the Taurus Master. He makes it clear to his subjects that they are his property. It is not a complex philosophy to them. In so many ways a Taurus Master's submissives are aware of his sense of possession over them. A submissive may be a prized possession held on a pedestal for others to admire from a distance, but he makes sure it is understood that he holds the keys to the gilded cage.

Taurus Masters have no problem spoiling their submissives, especially if they plan to keep them. It is not uncommon to find a penthouse pet locked in its beautiful cage until Master returns for familiar comfort. The Taurus Master can be very firm about his decisions. When he has his mind made up, the submissive better make sure that they don't push their Master too far. First of all, he will not negotiate when he has put his foot down about something. No amount of coaxing, begging or pleading will move him to do otherwise. His punishment can be slow and relentless. It can start with making a slave stand in the corner for hours, then gradually building up to a furious beating. The Taurus Master seeks quality, rarity and uniqueness in his submissives. He appreciates stability and generously rewards constant obedience.

Guide to the Gemini Master

The Gemini Master will have wildly varying expectations from day to day. A slave with a Gemini Master will be required to stay on their toes to really please him. He prefers his submissives to have acute mental dexterity in order to keep up with him. He has very little real interest in a mindless zombie submissive. Yes, he will have the final say, but he enjoys the exchange of dialogue and banter to get to that point. Duality and transformation are features of his style of domination. A submissive may not really know what is expected of them with each new day, and the Gemini Master likes it that way. He can be thoughtful and benevolent and at a moments notice, despise a subject.

He has a an amazing ability to adapt to his surroundings. A submissive must also be keen to making adjustments in tuned with their Master. For this reason when two Geminis can resolve the power exchange of Master and submissive, they bring out the best and worst in eachother, yet maintain an understanding that outsiders can't quite decifer. Gemini Masters often enjoy polyamorous relationships with submissives. Twosomes, threesomes, foursomes and moresomes are not uncommon to the sweet and spice of a Gemini Masters multiferous palet. Gemini Masters also tend to enjoy experimenting with unusual sex contraptions found in their toybox or private dungeon. Anything that can create a new experience and even better if it has more than one purpose sparks the Gemini Master's sense of novelty in BDSM.

Slaves are tested and punished like a school master with a pop quiz. The Gemini Master really wants to be impressed, yet when a submissive fails to demonstrate their alertness to facts, a sadistic Gemini Master can think up a million ways to torture his pet. He will use every advantage where verbal assult is often his weapon of choice. Slinging humiliation like icy rain, his submissive better know which game it's going to be right now, or else!

Guide the the Cancer Master

There are typically two types of Cancer Masters. Both want, expect, demand complete, undying submission even if they do not ask for it directly. The first type can be very dangerous, more so found in the exchange between an immature dominant male Master and a female submissive. This Dom has a love hate relationship with most women and has not reconciled security issues. Submissives under this type Master are bound by the soul of this man and will endure years of emotional debasement. The other type wants a mother and whore submissive, who will give him a well rounded sense of his dominance.

Those who submit to this type Master more often see his gentle protective side, where he is more of a Daddy figure. His authority is assured by the return of graceful submission of his subjects where he takes pride in training submissives to be just the kind of slave that he requires. Those that are in the inner circle of a Cancer Master's world know that the outside world is just that. Outside! It's what goes on usually behind close doors is where the real Master is revealed. Cancer Master's can have strict sensibilities about how they want their submissives to live. They will take the time to carefully mold a submissive into their ideal slave, pet, or student. Submissives who belong to a Cancer Master are not easily disgarded if not from their bed, then in their mind. Cancer Masters have no problem with a family style of polyamorous living as slave sisters bound only by what he means to both women, sometimes even to the point where female submissives may be expected or desire to breed where he will control how the youngsters will be expected to be raised.

Cancer Master's often prefer tradional forms of punishment with his subs, like over the knee bare bottom spankings with the hand, belt, slipper, or hairbrush. Sophisticated Cancer Masters may enjoy the use of different kinds of whips, crops, and floggers to maintain discipline and order when his submissives disobey. He is highly intuitive and can be a very caring Master who knows how to soothe away trauma from punishment.

Guide to the Leo Master

The Leo Master takes his job seriously. When he knows he's desireable. He knows he's powerful, however it is important for everyone else to acknowledge that he is a Dominant King among commoners. In his full glory, the Leo Master wants the spectacle of mastership. Entrances at BDSM lifestyle clubs and events where beautiful subjects follow their Master. Demonstrations, exhibitions or private audiences at the lair are some familiar themes for the active Leo Master. He expects worship in any form from his submissives. He is more inclined to strong figures where he has topped them with his forceful, captivating style of taming the challenging admirer and drawing out the lamb of submission for him to chose to sanctify or to sacrifice. The latter type of submissive doesn't stick around for long.

The Leo Master likes ultra sexy slaves under his supervision. He prefers exotic slaves that evoke envy from others. It's ok for a Leo Master's submissive to have a fiery side, but they better know how to turn it down, better yet, off when their Leo Master requires their attention. The Leo Master can never have enough submissives. He knows how to keep subs falling to the ground without even the slightest command. It's his way of offering something special and different to each submissive within his domain. For this reason, he is has a very generous spirit that elicit incredible loyalty from his submissives. Hardcore Leo Master often favor extreme statements of belonging from submissives.

He prefers branding, tattoos and slave contracts as the testiment of servitude and gifts from subs. As magnamous as he can be, he can also demonstrate a fury that is downright frightening. If a submissive makes it through the consentual punishment without needing special attention, the Leo Master will display a rare affection that true submissives melt for everytime. The Leo Master wouldn't have it any other way.

Guide to the Virgo Master

The Virgo Master is so very hard to please. They expect purity in the expression of submission form their slaves. Every detail will be under scrutiny. Submissives to the Virgo Master have been selected for a very specific function, which they will be made aware of very early on in the exchange between Master and slave. They will be expected to perfect a technique, specialize in a narrow form of BDSM or adhere to a strict regimine that may make no sense to anyone but the Virgo Master. As a dominant, the Virgo Master is inclined to varying degrees of torture tactics, including mental torture for the willing submissive. These Masters make the best Bondage Masters.

They may have been boyscouts when they were young, but they have transformed the skill of rope ties, and knots to a very grown up game of Master and slave. Virgo Masters have a tendancy for the extreme. They can construct super nasty scenes beyond most imagination where the sub is the star. Intense, over the top sexual stimulus or deprivation just to see how a slave will react is not out of bounds for the Virgo Master. There is a very dark side lurking beneath the cool exterior of the Virgo Master. Not everyone will be aware of this level of dominance surging through his veins. The Virgo Master wants them to think that he's a simple man with a simple life.

For those who know that there are more layers to this onion, know that the Virgo Master wants to be the chameleon so he will not draw attention to himself when an unsuspecting submissive lands in his web. Submissives of the Virgo Master often become experts in areas of the forbidden arts due to the meticulous training of Master Virgo. Virgo Masters rarely have to administer punishment because their expectation are more than clear to the slave, yet when they do, a slave might wish for a flogging instead of the creative torture that this Master will inflict.

Guide to the Libra Master

The Libra Master rides a counterbalance between two very distinct worlds. One moment the Libra Master could savagely rape a willing submissive and the next gently caress the slave with equal conviction and passion. They are part beast and part angel. They can't decide which pleasures them more, so they do both. The Libra Master often prefers one slave at a time. They really look for the connectedness and relationship even within the bounds of a Master and slave relationship. The 24/7 live in slave is ideal for the the Libra Master. There may not be a wedding, but there will most likely will be a collaring cermony for the cherished pet.

When the submissive accepts the collar of this Master, which those in this position would generally beg for the chance because he's ultra charming and equally dangerous. They will get their gentle Master and their cruel Master all rolled up in a rather dashing package. The Libra Master appreciates beauty and grace. They have very little tolerance for overly damaged goods in a slave. They demand refinement, so they can be the one to defile their property. The mature Libra Master leans toward a tendancy for benevolence and fairness. Submissives are punished for legitimate injustices. The Libra Master needs a calming energy from their subs to feel grounded.

Guide to the Scorpio Master

When a submissive leaves or is dismissed from an encouter with a Scorpio Master, they usually either depart permanently scarred, or permanently loyal to their Master for life even if they are apart and live different lives. As for the permanently scarred sub, no one trifles with a Scorpio Master. They can be so enchanting. The Scorpio Master literally puts a spell on his submissives with his gentle form of mind control. Once the Scorpio Master penetrates his will in every area of a chosen submissive's life, the submissive will either be scared out of their wits or be very brave to allow a complete envelopment of control by their Scorpio Master.

The Scorpio Master most definitely prefers the latter. He likes for his slaves to demonstrate a high tolerance for pain and torture and, emotional and sexual endurance if he is deep into the BDSM lifestyle and culture. He appreciate one of a kind qualities and features in a slave. Things that no one else can do or has done. The dragon tatto that starts at the neck and runs to the sole of the feet. His subs must possess something special. He expects his submissives to be real, with emotion, and laughter, and real tears, not a robo model slave that has never experienced terror and bliss in the same room. Not that he's not open for inexperience in a submissive, he just requires the authentic person requiring his domination. The punishment for a sub could be withdrawl of sex, play, and attention time with Master. Eager submissives might find his rejection a much harsher form of punishment and discipline then the sting of the lash from his whip. The Scorpio Master in his highest form has the ultimate control over any personal situation, and most people he may encounter give him high respect.

Guide to the Sagittarius Master

The fun loving Sagittarius Master may demand submission from a sub and in no time have no use for them, therefore rendering the helpless sub totally confused. This Master prefers the hit and run approach to the BDSM scene. Indeed, he likes variety and knows just how to mix it up by attending slave resorts, nude beaches, and big sex conventions for sinful excursions. The Sagittarius Master wants intelligence and character in a submissive.

They can be very adaptable to different customs often seeking submissives who are from other countries than their own. The Sagittarius Master likes to be entertained, only because they can be so entertaining and engaging himself. The Sagittarius Master can be very harsh and abrupt with the things that they say whether intended or not, and he does not have the patients to suffer extended displays of a submissives emotions.

The Sag Master likes independent people and the challenge which they offer him to express his dominance simply by topping them. The mature Sagittarius Master constantly juggles his higher and lower selves. BDSM gives this Master the outlet, yet he will have to find a self defined spiritual connection with his activities to be an Awesome Master that other Doms and subs always remember and respect. He will be an afficionado in various forms of control, domination and punishment. Doing what he does, only better than the rest.

Guide to the Capricorn Master

The Capricorn Master prefers to have submissives of means and wealth. Not that he won't deal with a sub with no money, he just operates more comfortably knowing that his worth is not wasted on garbage. It is most delightful for him to have a sub with money that can have anything in the world who only wishes to serve him and please him. This Master often has a taste for sex slaves with domestic abilities as well. There will be no lazy slaves trained by Master Cappy. His submissives will be expected to demonstrate excellent serving skill.

The Capricorn Master wants documentation of his Mastership. Things like provocative video and pictures of his subs, slave contracts, or standardized responses from greeting him to what a sex slave will say when being punished give him great satisfaction in his ownership. Finances are of great importance to this Dominant type. He may have a demanding job, and expect his sex slave to create a comfortable home and bed to enjoy after work hours, or he may integrate the service of his submissive into something useful. Capricorn Doms usually are big on the technique of punishment. Certain favorites become an artform as they not only want the best from their subs, they also expect the best from themselves.

Guide to the Aquarian Master

The Aquarius Master already has it in his head who his ideal slaves are. He is very specific about what he likes and what he will and will not tolerate from a submissive.

This Master operates from a very logical place most times, therefore because of his cool exterior, a more sensitive sub may feel that Master disapproves or that he does not want their service and obedience to him. This could not be further from the truth. The Aquarian Master rations his emotions as a form of control over his subjects. He will use a submissive's insecurity to cruelly torture and relentlessly test his subs. It's his own little private game that often take a very long time until a sub is let in on what he really thinks. It is worth the wait!

Submissives will enjoy a Master who will teach them well. If not through life lessons spent with this Master, then from the gems of wisdom and the personal challenges he presents to his submissives to overcome and grow. Similar to the Leo Master, the Aquarian Master is quite comfortable with communal servitude. No two Master/submissive relationships will be the same with the Aquarian Master. Submissives will report quite different experiences with the same man.

There are sadistic Masters of this sign, however the Aquarian Master tends to punish slaves in the context of the submissive's desire to experience pain. Let it be understood though that if a wanton sub requires a firm hand, this Master is not short of ways to help the submissive to correct their behavior. The Aquarius Master provides a one of a kind gift to every new slave in his world that no other can fit that mold.

Guide to the Pisces Master

The Pisces Master usually spots his next slave even before they are aware of what this man will mean to them. Once a submissive becomes hooked on a Pisces Master, there is no turning back. He may be emotionally removed or distant at first when interacting with subs, yet those that wish to be claimed by him will draw deeply to him still and sincerely try to please him. His acute sensitivity to his surroundings make him prone to projecting his feelings onto his subjects. When life is good, there is no better Master.

His strong sense of compassion truly wish happiness for those that love and worship him. However, when things are not so great, this man can become easily aggravated therefore targeting his submissive as an outlet for misdeeds whether real or percieved. The Pisces Master has a rich fantasy life in his mind where he effortlessly is the maestro of his personal utopia. There is no greater turn on for the Pisces Master when a slave gently gets in on the act to join the two worlds of fantasy and reality.

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