tagSci-Fi & FantasyGuilty h. 01

Guilty h. 01


She felt guilty being there, in his home, a guest of his and his engaged, but she had to see him again, so when the invitation came she could not resist packing and coming right away. They were having a festival to celebrate the land being saved. So here she was, walking alone, feeling guilty. Arora looked up then, feeling that someone was watching her. In the window above stood Travis. She couldn’t read the look on his face but their eyes met and held. Just the eye contact made her shiver from head to toe. A blush colored her cheeks as she realizes she was just staring at him, she lifts up one gloved hand and waves with a smile. He returns the smile and waves back but this does not make her feel any better, his smile only made her body ache more. Turning away she walks deeper into the garden needing to be away from him yet wishing she was closer.

It was a terrible time, just a few months earlier; he had come to her little village seeking the emerald pendant of demon keeping. At the time her village had been all but burned to the ground by bandits. Only a few buildings stood. Arora had managed to move all the sacred objects deep into a cavern where they were safer and so the bandits had moved on after finding little of value. Arora had taken him into the forbidden cavern where the pendant was kept and both of them had nearly lost their lives there. Arora was knocked into a wall and on to a ledge that dropped into the abyss. Travis had helped her out and then he himself nearly fell off a rope bridge into a river of lava when the ropes broke, but that’s to Arora’s fast reflexes she managed to pull him to safety.

Once the pendant was secured Arora felt it was her duty to be sure that Travis fulfilled his quest. They rode many weeks, endured many sneak and head on attacks, and even escaped from a dungeon of a madman together. When Travis was hit by a poison tipped arrow it was Arora’s healing herbs and skill that kept him from death.

The final confrontation with the half demon had been terrifying. He had immense power and even Travis could barely take the spirit attacks the demon used on him, just as Travis felt his will slipping to almost nothing Arora had come up behind him and wrapped her arms around him and held the pendant with him. Their power combined was too much for the demon and he was soon trapped within the pendant.

Arora shudders and sits on a stone bench, a light rain had begun and it brought her back to the present. She liked Travis’s loyal fiancée Nera, she learned the king had actually paired them together before the threat to the kingdom and Travis had liked her a lot and agreed to marry her. She was the king’s niece and had a lot of money and power in the noble house. She felt jealous…

She was not poor but neither did she have a lot of money. Her father had left her his apothecary (herb) shop and it had made her a good living. She was quite shocked when Travis had ordered her several new gowns and had them sent to her along with an invitation to the festival. She was wearing one of the gowns now; it was a beautiful black silk with golden trim and a gold belt for her waist. She felt like a princess and it made her feel even guiltier that her feelings for him were so strong.

Why and when had she fallen for him…fallen in love with him…. Arora puts her head down into her hands and tries not to cry. Even now the images were in her mind. How it would feel if he kissed her with that handsome mouth of his. Arora told herself to stop this insane thinking. But it was so hard….

Arora glances up hearing a noise and sees Travis coming towards her. She stands nervously and curtsies to him. “Your highness I….” Travis takes her hand in his and kisses it gently. “Please come and talk with me a while Arora.” A rumble of thunder rolls across the sky followed by large drops of rain.

“Ok…” Arora reply’s softly. Travis tugs lightly on her arm leading her into the gardeners shed just as the rain begins to pour down. Arora sits on the dusty old cot and smoothes out her skirt intently, trying not to look at Travis. The thunder booms loudly outside and the rain falls in sheets.

“Arora… “ Travis had sat beside her on the cot and was looking at her like a man obsessed. “Do you enjoy my company? You have been avoiding me since you arrived.”

She looks up at him with surprise in her eyes. “Yes.. It’s just… well nothing really.” Arora starts to put her head back down but Travis catches hold of her chin softly. Their eyes meet and lock and neither of them dare to even breathe for a moment. “Travis…what are you doing?” His arms go around her then. She feels herself being pulled close and tilted back, she sees him looking down at her with such desire it makes her wet and torments her body, he leans down and begins to kiss her, her arms go around his neck and her mouth meets his eagerly, lips caressing lips for a moment and then she is in his lap, his hardness against her hip and ass as he deepens the fevered kiss, probing her mouth with his tongue, her tongue meeting and melding with his, she enjoys this moment fearing it will be the last.

He lays her back for a moment and lays partly on top of her, kissing her passionately, his hands touching and molding to her body, setting it on fire, wanting her to feel the same feelings that he does for her. She feels as though she is going to die the pleasure is so intense and so overwhelming, her hands rub over his well muscled chest through his shirt as he continues to kiss her lips and touch her body. He reaches down and pulls the top of her dress down, his kisses moving from her lips down her neck a bit as he kisses and sucks and then moves over to her breasts and begins to suck upon the nipples and takes one into his mouth, as his other hand begins to caresses her other nipple.

Arora moans and whimpers, her body throbbing hard for his touch, making her feel feverish, his mouth sears over her flesh and she bites her bottom lip lightly to keep from crying out, her fingers run through his hair, gripping his head lightly to encourage him to continue his lavishing her body. He raises up off of her for a moment and then takes his shirt off, he looks down at her and pulls her dress completely off of her and her under garments, he gets back on top of her continuing to kiss all over her body, his hand travels down her flat stomach and moves between her legs as he touches her clit and feels how wet she is, he has become very hard for her.

The thunder and lightening is still very intense outside, as well as the rain, it seems to be coming down in sheets of pure water, her body trembles beneath his fingers, he can tell that even his slightest touch makes her weak for him, her eyes burn with purple fire, she gasps when he touches her clit. “Travis... w...wait. We can’t.”

Lost in his passion for her Travis can barely answer, but he manages to pull back slightly. “Why my love? I have dreamed of this every night since we met.” His fingers work their magic against her clit. Two fingers slip into her damp sheath causing her body to arc up against them.

“Mmmmm ohhh…. Travis.” Her breathing becomes shallower as her body loses control. Her hands move up his firm chest, rubbing passionately. He pulls her completely underneath him and thrusts his hard cock inside her enjoying the feel of her tight hot sheath. His eyes widen in surprise as he realizes she was a virgin. His eyes immediately reflect concern as he looks to her face.

As he plunged into her body she willingly accepted him. She cried out as he tore her but it was both from the pleasure and the pain. Then he stopped and looked at her. She felt embarrassed then at her inexperience. “I….I am sorry I did not tell you.” A tear slips from her cheek then.

Travis kisses the tear as it falls and holds her close. “Don’t be sorry Arora. I promise it will not hurt anymore after this.” He began to move within her again slowly. Hearing her whimpers and moans his body returns to steady thrusting. He feels her grip him hard as her orgasm came and then he released his wad in her sweet innocent body at the same time.

They both lay there afterwards listening to the rain falling in each other’s arms. It felt so right.

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