Guilty Pleasure


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Warnings: Angst, Violence, Slash, Incest, BDSM, Non-Con, Voyerism, First Time

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Author's Notes: This story is a response to two challenges. The first challenge is the Addiction Challenge, issued by Peja on the WWOMB. The second challenge was issued by Ani, one of my readers. She wanted a slash story, using the line "Luke...teach me...". Hope this fits the bill ladies.


Chapter 1

He looked around the parking lot, searching for familiar faces before going inside. Satisfied that his secret was still safe, the young man walked into the non-descript building that housed it's own secret. Walking up to the long bar, he ordered a beer and waited. He had been here often and knew the wait would be a short one. Looking around the room, careful not to linger too long on any one face, avoiding eye contact, he searched for a likely candidate. The club was packed as it always was on a Friday night. Throughout the room, men sat at small tables and in booths, talking and arranging the details of their games. Though music played in the background, there was no dancing taking place, the men here came to this club for a different sort of dance. One the young man at the bar was all too familiar with.

Darkening his lights, the watcher parked across the street and observed his subject. *Why is he coming here? This doesn't make any sense, what could be inside that warehouse that he thinks he needs to hide? Damn it, what has he gotten involved with?* Waiting for the man to go inside, the watcher waited a few minutes before following. Stepping inside the warehouse, he was surprised to find himself in a bar. Looking around he saw the men at the tables and booths, heard the music playing in the background and the buzz of whispered conversations. There didn't seem to be much to the place. A long bar, covered one wall, a mirror matching it's length on the wall behind. Tables and booths crowded the floor, every table occupied, while those unable to find a table stood at the bar and around the room. The walls were covered with black paint, further enhancing the already dim lighting, none of this was making any sense to the watcher. Why drive all this way to go to a bar...staggering slightly with sudden realization the watcher began to understand. *A gay bar? This is a gay bar, but...he's not gay. Don't be stupid, of course he is, why else would he be here? * He was so lost in thought, he nearly missed it when the person he followed walked away from the bar with another man.

Following down the hall, he stayed back, not ready to explain himself. Hearing a door open, he came around the corner in time to see the man he followed shoved into another room. Running down the hall, he stood listening outside the door, unsure of his next step. His first instinct had been to protect, but what if his protection was neither wanted or needed? Standing outside the door, trying to decide what to do, he jumped slightly when a hand landed on his back.

"Were you asked to participate sir?" A man's voice asked.

Turning around, the watcher looked at the other man in surprise, "Participate?" he squeeked out, confused.

"You haven't been here before have you?"

" I haven't. What did you mean?"

"The men in this room are playing out a scenario. I'm afraid you can't enter the room unless you were invited by one of the participants. However the management does understand your curiosity and has provided observation rooms. We've found this to be especially useful for those who are new to the scene and haven't yet found their niche. If you'd like, you may make use of the observation room, the younger man is quite popular and I'm sure you'll be given a wonderful show." The man spoke to the watcher in a matter of fact voice, as though watching two men doing whatever it was they were doing, was perfectly natural.

Looking at the closed door, the watcher knew that this might be his only chance to find out what was going on. So, swallowing the bile he felt rising in his throat, the watcher nodded his agreement and stepped into the observation room. Surprised when the man from the hall followed him in, he was embarassed to think that this man would see him as he watched the others. He smiled weakly at the man when he simply turned on the intercom allowing him to hear as well as see what was happening in the next room. Returning the smile, the man left the room, closing the door quietly behind him. Turning to the window, the watcher was just in time to see the younger man drop to his knees and begin opening the other man's pants.

After a short conversation, the two men had left the main room and walked down the hall to one of the back rooms. Opening the door, the older man shoved the younger into the room. "Strip," he ordered in a commanding voice.

Keeping his eyes averted, the younger man slowly began to open the snaps on his shirt. Sensously sliding it from his shoulders, he allowed the shirt to fall to the floor. Toeing off his boots, he simultaneously reached for the buckle of his belt. Unsnapping the tight jeans, he slowly pulled the zipper down and pushed the jeans down long legs, followed a moment later by his boxers. Casually stepping out of the puddle of clothes, he stood awaiting the next order.

"Service me bitch."

Dropping gracefully to his knees, the young man carefully opened the other man's pants, freeing the older man's cock. Placing his hands behind him, the young man leaned forward and tentatively licked at the drop of pre-cum glistening on the other man's cock. Slowly drawing the head into his mouth, the young man began to move his head up and down on the older man's cock. Swirling his tongue around the man's cock as he sucked, the young man felt himself becoming aroused. Flushing in shame, hating himself for what he was doing, and yet, he continued to service the man in front of him, unable and unwilling to stop.

Feeling himself about to cum, the older man looked down at the man kneeling in front of him, contempt in his eyes. "You better swallow every drop bitch," he growled out a moment before shooting his load into the waiting throat. Pulling his cock from the moist heat, the older man stepped away, smiling in satisfaction at the bowed head of the younger man. The man stood admiring the young man who had so expertly sucked him off, looking closer he couldn't help noticing the partially aroused state of the man before him. "Oh my, it seems you enjoyed that a bit too much. Stand up!" Walking over to a cabinet near the bed, he pulled a small device from the drawer. Coming back to the younger man, he showed him the device, smiling at the look of surprise on the beautiful young face. Reaching out he roughly grabbed the younger man's dick and none too gently applied the cock ring he had taken from the cabinet. "You cum when, and if, I say you can, do you understand?"

"Yes sir," came the meek reply, the younger man making no protest at the rough treatment.

"Did you speak? Did I give you permission to speak?"

Shaking his head in the negative, the young man trembled in fear knowing he had messed up.

Stalking to the wall, the man pulled open a hidden closet and removed a short whip. Returning to the younger man, he began to whip the trembling young man. "You will speak only when I give you permission, do you understand? Speak!"

"Ye...yes sir."

"Very good, but I think you need a lesson about who's in charge. Kneel!"

Dropping to his knees the young man trembled with fear and excitement, his partially erect cock now completely full, he moaned softly with need. Suddenly his head was jerked backwards by a hand in his hair. Looking up, he saw the older man staring at him in anger. *What did I do? Oh no, I moaned didn't I?*

"You want to cum bitch?" The man softly asked, his voice deceptively calm. "Maybe...if you provide enough entertainment. I'm having a party and I always wanted a pinata, guess what bitch? You get to be the pinata at my party, my friends will be here soon and we're gonna see if we can break my pinata. Trembling with excitement already? Or is it fear?" Looking into the eyes of his victim, the older man leaned down, "No, I think it's excitement. You want this don't you?" Pausing to glance at his watch, the man released his hold, allowing the younger man to look away. "Well pretty one looks like my friends will be here soon, I think it's time to prepare you for the party." Walking to the closet, he removed several items and returned to the young man kneeling on the floor. Stepping behind him, the older man attached cuffs to the young man's wrists, cruelly tightening them. Following this up with a slave collar around the neck, he stepped back to admire the view while he waited for his friends.

In the observation room the watcher fought down the urge to vomit. He didn't understand any of this, why was he allowing himself to be treated like this? The man he knew would never let somebody humilate him and use him like this. At least he had never thought he would, maybe he didn't know the man as well as he had thought. The door in the adjoining room drew his attention, he saw three more men entering the room. Looking back at the man he had followed, he was surprised to see that a blindfold now covered his eyes.

Inside the room, the older man heard the latch on the door begin to click. Reaching forward he quickly placed a blindfold on the younger man, covering his eyes. "Sorry play pretty, my friends are shy so I'm afraid you won't be allowed to set your eyes on them. Come in gentelmen, come in. How do you like my pinata?" Seeing the looks of lust on the faces of the other men, he motioned one of them forward. "Would you like to be the first to see if you can break the pinata?"

Stepping in front of the young man, the large man looked down at him. Looking to the other men in the room, it was soon apparent he was the one in charge now. Motioning to the man who had first accompanied the young man into the room, he waited while the man retrieved one more item from the closet. Waiting patiently, he could hardly contain his excitement at the thought of what was to come. When the other man returned to stand behind the younger man, the large man nodded for him to continue.

"There is a man in front of you whore, open your mouth and service him."

Opening his mouth to obey, the young man began to panic when a ball gag was shoved into his mouth. Struggling against the hands that were suddenly clamped around his head, he was helpless to prevent the straps from being attached. This wasn't the way it was supposed to go, they weren't supposed to use the gag! He had only agreed to being a slave to this man and his two friends, but he had to be free to use his safe word. With the gag in place, he wouldn't have any way to tell them to stop if the scenario became too intense. He was surprised again when the blindfold was suddenly ripped from his eyes. Before his vision could adjust, the man in front of him leaned down and whispered in his ear.

"Hello pretty, I told you nobody turns me down," the large man snarled into his victim's ear. Straightening to his full height, he laughed maliciously at the look of terror in the blue eyes of the man before him.

*No, you can't be in here! No don't touch me, you bastard let me go! * The young man shook his head violently in denial, trying to back away. The other men in the room surrounded him, blocking his escape. Completely helpless, he couldn't prevent the large man from attaching a leash to the slave collar and forcing him to his feet. Jerked across the room, he was forced onto the bed by the other four men. Feeling the bed sinking down with the added weight of the large man, the young man desperately tried to crawl away. Fighting vainly, he tried to contain the sob when he felt hands grabbing roughly at his hips, jerking him to his knees. Struggling helplessly, he felt the other men putting their hands on him, holding him in place. Hating that he was at the mercy of these men, he shuddered in revulsion when he felt hands parting the cheeks of his ass. He couldn't help screaming around the gag as the large cock was shoved forcefully inside him, making him feel as though he were being ripped in half.

In the observation room, the watcher stood, sickened by what he was seeing. Startling slightly, he turned towards the opening door. "You're telling me he asked for this?" He asked the man who had originally shown him to this room.

"I know it's hard to believe, but I have learned over the years that there are as many different needs as there are people in this world." The man answered, stepping further into the room and glancing towards the window, eyes widening at the sight before him. "Shit!" Keying the mic on his walkie-talkie, he called for security. "Code red, room 13A. Code red, room 13A." Letting go of the mic, he was barely in time to stop the watcher from rushing into the next room. "Sir stop! Let security handle this, it's what they're trained for."

The watcher's eyes narrowed in anger at the words he heard the man speaking into his radio. Realizing that the man he watched was in fact being raped, that he had actually watched it happening without intervening, he rushed for the door. Struggling against the hands that held him, he was surprised that even though the man in front of him was several inches shorter, he had no trouble holding him in place. Unable to help, the watcher could do nothing but continue observing through the window as security rushed into the room.

Rushing into the room, the security guards arrived just as the large man pulled from the body in front of him. Quickly subduing the four men, the guards attached handcuffs to the assailants, preventing any further resistance. Before any of them could approach the young man lying on the bed, the owner of the club stepped into the room.

Surveying the scene with distaste, Madame Rochelle motioned for the security guards to remove the four men from the room. Stopping one, she took possession of his handcuff keys and quietly shut the door behind the men. Taking a deep breath, she cautiously approached the bed and knelt beside it. "It's alright now honey, you're safe." Reaching out she gently caressed the young man's cheek, waiting for him to open his eyes and recognize her presence. "I'm going to take the gag off now, okay?" Carefully removing the gag from his mouth, Rochelle gently massaged his aching jaws, stopping only when she could no longer feel any knots of tension in them. Carefully removing the slave collar next, she slowly freed him from the restraints which had held him. Taking the keys, she next released the cuffs that cruely bit into tender flesh, again massaging sore, aching muscles and speaking softly to the young man before her.

The moment he was able, the young man pulled away from Madame Rochelle, curling himself into a ball, attempting to hide himself from her eyes. Flushing with shame, he clamped his eyes tightly shut, refusing to look at the woman in front of him. A few seconds later, he relaxed slightly when he felt a soft cover being laid over him, tensing again at the fingers on his chin.

Covering the young man with a thin cover, Rochelle sat beside him on the bed and reached forward. Taking his chin in her hand, she gently tilted the handsome face towards her. "Open your eyes," smiling at the instant obedience, she felt a wave of sadness at the fear and shame she saw. "Are you going to be okay?" Receiving a hesitant nod, Rochelle went on. "I'm sorry that you were put through this, and I promise those men will never do this again. They will be kept in our holding cell until you are safely away from the club and they will never be allowed in this establishment again. I am concerned about you though, and not just because of tonight. I've been watching you come in here for months and frankly, I was afraid of something like this happening." Gently covering his mouth with her hand, stopping the apology before it could be uttered. "No, you have nothing to apologize for. I only meant that I've seen you choosing companions, each one more domineering than the last. You seem like a decent young man and I'd hate to see something like this or worse happen to you again. I don't know exactly what demons you're running from.... However, I think you should consider the possibility that facing them might be safer than the way you're dealing with them now. I can't force you to face your fears and I won't ban you from my establishment. Even though I think you are playing a very dangerous game, I know that you're safer here than you would be elsewhere." Combing fingers through his hair, she hated the trembling she could feel beneath her hand. "Now, you stay here just as long as you need to, take as much time as necessary. We will keep those men locked up until thirty minutes after you leave so you needn't worry about them. You rest honey, know that you're always welcome here, but please consider what I said." Giving his cheek a final caress, Rochelle stood and walked to the door, leaving the young man to rest.

He didn't know how long he stood watching the man lying in the bed. He was so afraid of what would happen, should he look away, he didn't dare to check his watch. Leaning against the window, he couldn't prevent the tears that streamed down his face in pain for the man he watched. Finally the man in the other room, threw back the cover and gingerly climbed to his feet.

Carefully removing the cock ring, he reached with trembling hands for his clothes which lay on the floor. Slowly pulling them on, the young man shuddered at the feel of the blood and cum running down his legs. Resigning himself to the fact that he could do nothing about it until he was home, a choked sob escaped his throat at the thought of home. Not knowing how he could face his family after tonight, but knowing he couldn't stay here forever, he fought back the tears and slowly left the room.

Waiting a few minutes, the watcher slowly made his way outside to his parked car. Looking at the parking lot, he was surprised to see the man he had followed was still there. Sitting in the car he'd borrowed from their mutual friend, the man he followed leaned forward, resting his head on the steering wheel. Wondering if he should go to him, not at all sure how he would react to his presence, the watcher was relieved when the decision was taken from him. Before he could make a move towards the other car, the man he watched sat up. With a look of sadness on his beautiful face, he started the car and pulled out of the parking lot, unaware of the man who followed.

A couple of hours later, they were nearly home when the borrowed car turned away from the main road. A few minutes later the young man brought the car to a stop and climbed out. Walking away from the car, he made his way to the cemetary that held his parents. Kneeling down between the graves, he fell across the grave which held his mother, "Mama please help me, I don't know what to do anymore. I can't tell them the truth, they'll hate me if they know, especially him. But I can't go on like this, can't keep going there and letting those men hurt me. I'm sorry mama and daddy, I know you're probably ashamed of me. I don't blame ya none, you should be. I've always missed having you here, but I'm glad you're not here now. I'm glad you aren't here to see what I've become, what I've let happen. I made a decision on the way home tonight and I had to come here before I carry it out. I need to tell you...that I love you and I'm sorry that I won't get to spend eternity with you. Mama, daddy, I hope y'all can forgive me, but I can't keep living like this." Shoving himself to his feet, the young man started back to the car, jumping in shock when a voice spoke from the shadows.

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