tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGuilty Pleasure Ch. 08

Guilty Pleasure Ch. 08


Disclaimer: I don't own the Dukes of Hazzard, not making any money, just cheap thrills

Warnings: Slash, Incest, Angst

Rating: FRT

// indicates thoughts

{ } indicates Bo's pov


{The first thing I was aware of was pain; biting back a moan, I slowly opened my eyes. When I finally managed to open them, I saw that I was in the hospital. Looking around the room, I was surprised to find myself alone, then I heard a noise from the bathroom. Smiling, I waited for Luke to step out of the bathroom so I could let him know I was awake. The door into the bathroom began to open and I turned my head towards it, "You, what are you doing here?"

"Why Bo, is that any way to talk to your girlfriend?"

"What are you talking about Sherry? You ain't my girlfriend and ain't never gonna be either."

"You might want to wait and see what I have to say before you say something like that," Sherry replied in a cold voice.

"There ain't nothing you could say that would make that happen," I told her firmly. I couldn't believe she was here and acting like this. Reaching for the button to call the nurse, I froze when Sherry spoke again.

"Push that button and I'll tell everybody about you and Luke."

"What...what about me and Luke?"

"Why that you're lovers of course, oh don't try to deny it Bo. I heard you and Daisy talking outside the Boar's Nest earlier, that's why I ran you off the road. Though I admit, I didn't really expect you to end up in the hospital, I just wanted to get you alone so we could talk. Why aren't you just the least little bit curious about what I have to say?"

"Not particularly no," I told her, determined that she wouldn't see any fear from me.

"Well I'll tell you anyway, darlin. Oh you don't like that Bo, is that what Luke calls ya? I can see you're getting impatient so I'll cut to the chase. I want you in my bed Bo Duke, I'll have you there too or I'll make sure you and that cousin of your's are driven out of town." Sherry spoke softly, and without emotion as she reached down and began to rub against my cock with her hand.

Shaking with anger and revulsion, I jerked away from her touch, "Don't touch me. Why are you doing this Sherry? Can't you get a man into your bed any other way?" She slapped me with enough force to turn my head to the side and I was sure I had a nice mark on my face. "Truth hurt?" I couldn't resist the question, furious that she was trying to blackmail me into her bed.

"You keep that up and you'll soon find out. As to why I'm doing this, it's really quite simple, it's about the power. I can't help getting turned on at the thought of being able to order a man into my bed, whenever and wherever I want. And just so we're clear Bo, you will come to me whenever I tell you to and you will make love to me, or..."

"Or you tell everybody in Hazzard about me and Luke," I finished her sentence, not bothering to hide my anger from her.

"And everybody says you're just a dumb blond," Sherry said with a smirk. "I'm going to leave now, I'll call you in a few days Bo for your answer. Oh and by the way, you might want to call your family and let them know where you are," she said, just before walking out the door.

Lying there in that hospital bed, I'd only ever felt this helpless a couple of times in my life. I didn't like it any better now, than I had before. Not knowing what else to do, I reached for the phone and called my family to tell them I'd been in an accident. "Uncle Jesse, I..."

"Bo! Where are you? Are you okay?" my uncle asked, interrupting me before I could tell him anything.

"I'm in the hospital Uncle Jesse," looking down at the phone I saw the room number and hospital name. "I'm at Tri-County, room 118. Can you come get me Uncle Jesse?"

"Of course I can, we'll be there soon Bo."

He hung up before I realized what he'd said. I tried to call him back, knowing I wasn't ready to face Luke, but they had already left. Lying there, all I could think about was Sherry's words, and I didn't know what I was going to do.}

When Uncle Jesse called me on the cb, the worry I heard in his voice sent fear down my spine. Even without the worry in his voice, I would've been afraid when he asked me to come home, with no explanation. Telling him I'd be there soon, I ran outside and jumped into the General. //Calm down, you ain't gonna help nobody if you have a wreck,// I reminded myself. Taking several deep breaths, I forced myself to calm down before I tried to drive back to the farm.

Pulling into the drive the first thing I noticed was that the pick-up wasn't there. Climbing out of the General, I ran inside calling for my uncle. Seeing my uncle with the phone in his hand, and the fear on his face, I began to hammer him with questions. "What happened Uncle Jesse? Where's Bo? Why did ya call me? What's wrong?"

"Luke!" Uncle Jesse yelled, grabbing me by my shoulders and squeezing firmly. "Calm down and I'll tell ya what I know."

Breathing deeply, I clamped down on the horrible fear that I was feeling. "Alright, I'm calm."

"Cooter called me earlier, he found my pick-up near the beginning of Mill Pond Road. It was upside down and there was blood on the steering wheel."


"I don't know son, there wasn't any sign of him, but Cooter said there were some tire tracks nearby. I knew Bo was going to the Boar's Nest, so I called and asked. Daisy said he left at least three hours ago, and before you ask, Cooter found the truck about thirty minutes ago."

"Have you checked the hospitals?" I asked, a little more forcefully than I meant to.

"I know you're worried Luke, so am I, but don't you use that tone with me."

"I'm sorry Uncle Jesse."

"I called Rosco and reported Bo missing, not that it did any good. I just got off the phone with Captial City hospital and was about to call Tri-County. Now you..." Uncle Jesse started to say, only to be interrupted by the phone ringing. "Duke farm, Jesse Duke speaking...Bo! Where are you boy? Are you okay?" I heard him ask and then he was telling Bo we'd be there soon. "He's in Tri-County and wants us to come get him," Uncle Jesse told me as though I hadn't been standing there the whole time.

I knew I was probably wearing the same silly grin on my face as Uncle Jesse, but I didn't care. Bo was alive, and if he was calling then he wasn't hurt too badly. Outside, I helped Uncle Jesse into the General, not even caring when he gave his usual complaints about the doors. Racing towards Tri-County Hospital, I started to worry again, wondering why it had taken so long for us to be notified. Forcing my mind away from that line of thought, I focused on my driving. Twenty minutes later I was pulling into the parking lot at Tri-County and climbling out of the car. After helping Uncle Jesse out of the car, we hurried inside to the information desk. Getting directions to room 118, we walked down the hall as quickly as we could. Pushing open the door, I wasn't sure what to expect, but I hadn't expected this. Bo was lying on the single bed, an i.v. running into the back of his left hand and a bandage on his forehead. What worried me though, were the tear tracks I saw on his beautiful face and the fear in his eyes when he turned towards me.

"Bo, what is it? What's wrong?" I asked, sitting down on the bed and pulling him into my arms.

"Luke, oh God Luke I'm sorry...I'm so sorry," Bo mumbled into the side of my neck, the tears still falling down his face.

"It's okay Bo, whatever it is, we'll work it out," I told him. I looked at Uncle Jesse, but he only shrugged his shoulders, so he had no idea what this was about either. "Bo, darlin..." I broke off when he suddenly began to cry even harder at the term of endearment.

{I had laid there in that bed, waiting for Uncle Jesse and Luke to arrive, with no idea of what to say. Sherry's threat kept replaying in my head, the longer I lay there the more afraid I was becoming. I wasn't really afraid for myself, though I hated the idea of having to leave Hazzard, Luke was the one I feared for. I knew he could handle leaving Hazzard, but he had already felt guilty for loving me, if we lost our home, what would it do to him? Would he blame himself? Would it drive him back to that club? As I remembered what I'd seen that night, the tears started to fall. The longer I had to wait, the more time I had to think, the more afraid I became. So by the time Luke and Uncle Jesse arrived I wasn't doing well. Luke must have seen something in my eyes when I looked his way, he rushed to my side and pulled me into his arms. I was trying to get myself under control, but all I could think of was that my mistake was going to costs us so much. The worst was knowing what it would do, might do to Luke. I was just beginning to calm down when he called me darlin and I completely lost it.}

"Bo calm down, please you're scaring me," I begged, rubbing soothing circles on his back. At some point, Uncle Jesse left the room while I kept trying to calm Bo. Finally after what seemed like hours, his tears began to slow down, I continued to whisper soothing words into his ear until the tears stopped flowing. Pulling back from him slightly, I looked into his deep blue eyes, "Better?"

"Yeah, sorry about that," he apologized, obviously embarassed.

"It's okay Bo. Can ya tell me what happened now?" I gently asked him, hoping the question wouldn't uspset him.

"I had an accident, but it's not that simple."

"Never is," I told him, earning myself a light chuckle.

"Guess not, I was at the Boar's Nest earlier and Sherry Wilson was there. She tried to get me to go somewhere with her and I turned her down. Must've made her pretty mad, cause she slapped me and left. I ain't got any idea why it made her so mad, like I told Daisy I ain't never encouraged her."

"Bo what's this got to do with your accident?"

"I'm getting to that Luke, just bear with me please. I decided to leave right after that and went outside. Daisy followed me and she told me that Sherry's been saying stuff about us acting like a couple. Daisy wanted to warn me to be careful, in case she tried to follow one of us or something. I was on my way home, when this car came out of nowhere and I swerved to avoid it. Front tire on the truck blew and the next thing I knew I was hanging upside down. I don't know how I got here, but when I woke up Sherry was here and..."

"And what Bo?" I asked him, getting a very bad feeling about what was coming.

{I had thought about it while I was waiting, and even though I knew it would upset him, I knew I had to tell him. Now though the moment was here, I wasn't sure I could, didn't know if I should. Looking away, I closed my eyes and tried to stop the thoughts of that club. //Lord, please help me. Tell me what to say, I don't want to drive Luke back to that place. I can't be the cause of him getting hurt, what do I do? Please God tell me what to do?// I silently begged, as I fought the tears, and tried to make a decision. As I lay there, I could feel Luke's hand on my arm, could hear him telling me that whatever it was we could handle it together and suddenly I knew what to do. As clearly as if I were sitting in church, I heard the preacher reminding us all that with faith all things are possible. Opening my eyes, I turned back to face my lover and best friend. "She's the one that ran me off the road Luke."

"What?" he nearly yelled. "That little wit..."

"Calm down Luke, there's more. She...she wants me in her bed and if I don't, she'll tell everybody in Hazzard about us."}

"That's why you're so upset? Why you were saying you were sorry?" I asked him, thinking that he was afraid I'd blame him. "Did you think I'd be mad at you?"

{"No, I just, while I was waiting I kept thinking about what she said and remembering that club, I was afraid..." I broke off, not sure what to say.}

"You were afraid of what?"

{"I was afraid that you'd start feeling guilty again and go back there. I can't stand the thought of you letting them hurt you Luke, especially on my account." I told him, almost in a whisper, as though saying it out loud would make it happen.}

"Aw Bo, look at me darlin...what?" I asked when the tears started welling up in his eyes.

"Sorry, she was calling me that, when she touched me and..."

"Damn her! You didn't tell me she had touched you, what else did she do?" I asked, hating the suspicion that had crept into my voice.

{ "Nothing Luke, I pulled away from her as soon as she touched me. I ain't hiding nothing from you Luke, I swear, I honestly didn't realize I hadn't told you." I assured him, hoping that he trusted my love enough to believe me.}

"I'm sorry Bo, I didn't mean to sound like I was mad at you. I sure ain't blaming you for what she did, which reminds me. I understand you being worried about me going to the club, but this is different than before. Bo, when I went to the club before, it was because I felt guilty for being gay and for loving you, but things are different now. First of all, I know that you return my love and second I know that Daisy and Uncle Jesse are okay with my being gay and us being together. I didn't move out because I doubted your love, or their acceptance. I moved out to prove to myself that I was strong enough to resist temptation without using you as a crutch. What that little witch is pulling though, I ain't gonna blame myself for her actions and I for damn sure ain't gonna let you give into her. So if you were planning to give into her, you can just stop even thinking about that." I told him, making sure he knew I meant it.

{"Luke if I don't, she'll tell everybody in Hazzard and there's some that ain't gonna like it. We might even get run out of town, have to leave our home. If having sex with her will keep you safe, I can handle it. Heck, it ain't like I've never had sex with a woman before," I reminded him. Though I had tried to hide it, the revulsion I felt at the thought of sex with Sherry Wilson must've come through.}

"I'm sure you could Bo, and what about afterwards? Bo we haven't really talked about what happened at the club, the way it made me feel when that man raped me. I know it's not really my fault, but that didn't stop me from feeling dirty, feeling like I deserved what happened to me. There is no way I'm going to stand by and let you be put through the same thing, we'll figure something out but not that." I told him, letting him know for the first time just what I'd felt after the rape.

"I'm sorry you went through that babe, sorry I didn't realize sooner what was happening. But this is different, it wouldn't be rape."

"Don't kid yourself Bo, that's exactly what it would be. You don't want to have sex with her, you'd only be doing it to keep her from telling about us. If you give into her, do what she wants it would be rape, just as sure as if she'd held a knife to your throat. Now when does she expect you to come to her?"

"She said she'd call in a few days, why?"

"Perfect, that gives us time to come up with a plan. Bo, we're gonna beat Sherry Wilson at her own game." I told him, a smile on my face as I began to work out a plan.


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