tagGroup SexGuy Time, with a Girl Ch. 5

Guy Time, with a Girl Ch. 5

byBlue Rose©

Shelly knew that she had to do something to keep these guys ready for sex, or they would get limp and lifeless, and it would be a while before she would be able to witness Rob fucking Peter. She was really looking forward to being on the bottom of the pile. She got up and walked into the kitchen. She looked around for something to aid her in her plan. When she found what she wanted, she collected all her supplies, and made her way back into the living room.

They looked at her in surprise as she entered the room carrying a tray of snacks. She had fruit, grapes and cherries, and chocolate sauce and whip cream. She set the tray down on the coffee table, and then sat on the edge of the table herself.

“Is anyone hungry?” She asked. She picked up a cherry, and dipped it in the chocolate before sensuously sucking it. She sucked all the chocolate off before she bit it off the stem.

She gingerly removed the pit from her mouth, and placed it in the empty bowl she had brought for that purpose. She took a grape into her fingers, and licked it. Their eyes watched as she slowly lowered her hand to her pussy and inserted it between her lips. Using one finger, she pushed it in a little.

“Anyone want a grape?” Shelly licked her fingers.

“Oh, yeah!” Rob had his mouth on her pussy in a flash. His tongue delved deep into her cunt to dig the grape out.

Peter pulled her away from the table and laid her on the floor. He picked up the chocolate, and held it close to her breasts. He dipped two fingers in the sauce and allowed it to dribble on her nipple. He dripped some on her other nipple and then put the sauce back. He picked up the whip cream and sprayed it all around her breasts. Then he took two cherries, and dipped them in chocolate before placing them on the mounds of whip cream. Rob watched intently as Peter prepared this feast.

When Peter had her breasts prepared, he dribbled more chocolate down her belly and to her pussy. Rob grabbed the whip cream and topped it with that. Then they sprinkled her body with grapes, ending with one in her pussy again.

“You sure look tasty,” Peter said, looking her over.

“So eat me,” she challenged.

They began with one on each breast, licking all the whip cream off the tender flesh, leaving the cherry on top for last. Shelly shivered under the onslaught of their tongues. Rob sudden pounced on her nipple, and bit it gently as he took the cherry into his mouth. He raised up to look at her as he pulled the cherry out of his mouth. He licked all the chocolate and whip cream off before holding it to her lips. She obediently took the cherry between her teeth and he pulled the stem away.

Shelly chewed the tender fruit off the pit before removing it from her mouth. Rob licked the remains of the sweet mess off her left boob and worked his way down her belly. She felt her pussy muscles clench around the cold grape.

Peter ate his cherry and tossed the pit toward the bowl. He continued his way down her belly alongside Rob. Shelly writhed under their combined tongues assaulting her sensitive flesh. Her hips thrust up, as if begging them to hurry their journey to her hungry cunt. Rob reached it first, and licked all around his side, teasing her without touching her clit at all. Peter did the same thing on his side. When they had all the surrounding area clean, Peter took the first plunge at her cunt. His tongue slathered all around her outside pussy lips, exploring every last fold before he thrust it into her opening. He wiggled his tongue inside her pussy before he pulled the grape out. Then he pulled back to let Rob have a turn.

Rob attacked her cream covered clit. He sucked it into his mouth and sucked hard on it. Shelly groaned and thrust her hips up. Their tongues licking all over her body had her in the throes of orgasm right away. She ground her pussy into Rob’s face as her body shuddered in release.

When Rob pulled away from her pussy, she rolled over on all fours with her ass sticking up in the air. She wiggled her ass suggestively. Peter quickly went to fetch the lubricant.

When Peter returned, he liberally coated Shelly’s asshole and his cock with lubricant. He handed the jar to Rob, who held it and watched for a minute.

Peter slowly stretched Shelly’s asshole by fucking her with first one finger and then two. When her ass was ready, he slowly inserted his cock. He gently worked it in a little a time, giving her time to adjust to the size of it. When his cock was in to the hilt, he leaned far over her back, putting his ass high in the air.

“Okay Rob, your turn.”

Rob coated Peter’s ass with the lubricant and then his cock. He used his fingers first in Peter’s ass, just as Peter had done with Shelly. Peter felt his cock twitching inside Shelly’s tight canal as Rob’s fingers explored his. When Rob pulled his fingers out, Peter’s asshole contracted in protest at the sudden emptiness. He shuddered and it forced his cock deeper into Shelly. She moaned and her fingers moved to her pussy.

Rob gripped Peter’s hips and held him while he slowly inserted his cock in his ass. Peter and Shelly held still until Rob’s cock was buried to the hilt. When Rob began to thrust in a rhythm, Peter matched his thrusts. Shelly had no choice but to be still and let them do the moving. Her fingers delved into her pussy, rubbing her g-spot to intensify the feelings.

Peter couldn’t believe the incredible sensations he was feeling. What a rush it was to be in the middle, fucking Shelly in the ass while he was getting fucked too. The pace of their thrusts gradually increased, until he was pounding his cock into Shelly as deeply as it would go. He could hardly move himself, sandwiched as he was between them. It was mainly Rob’s thrusts doing the thrusting for him too. He was bracing his body against Shelly’s shoulders, and she had her face pressed into the floor.

Shelly was the first one to cum, and she tightened her asshole around Peter’s cock. Her wild gyrations under his body soon had him nearing his own release. He felt Rob’s cock swelling inside his ass, and knew that Rob was getting close too. Peter tightened his asshole around Rob’s cock like Shelly had and heard Rob moan in pleasure.

Rob watched his cock sliding out of Peter’s well-lubricated asshole and couldn’t believe how incredible it felt. He had never imagined that fucking a man could be so enjoyable. Peter’s asshole was so tight, and when he clenched his muscles around Rob’s cock it was almost too much. Rob shuddered and groaned as he tried to hold off a little. He didn’t want to shoot off so soon. He realized when Shelly neared her second orgasm; she was thrashing around so much that she almost toppled all three of them. Rob braced his feet firmer into the carpet and pounded his cock into Peter’s ass.

“Aaaaagh,” Peter yelled. “I’m cumming!” He thrust his cock erratically into Shelly’s spasming asshole as he shot his semen deep inside her.

Peter’s asshole clenched Rob’s cock tightly as he convulsed in his orgasm. Rob couldn’t hold off against that onslaught and fell over Peter’s back as he shot his load. He shuddered uncontrollably, unable to hold himself up. Shelly bore the brunt of their weight as they both recovered. She couldn’t hold them long, and when she collapsed, they all fell in a heap.

Rob quickly pulled his spent cock from Peter’s ass and rolled clear so that Peter could move. Peter rolled to the other side of Shelly, and they gently rolled her over in concern. She was panting heavily from their exertions.

Shelly’s radiant face was all the reassurance that they needed that she was all right. They took turns kissing her rug-burned cheeks before they all snuggled together on the floor. Nobody spoke as they all struggled to regain their breath.

When Shelly began to breathe in the slow pattern of sleep, Peter smiled to himself. He raised his head to look at Rob, and almost laughed to see that Rob was asleep too. He gave himself a mental shrug and put his head back on Shelly’s breast and closed his eyes.


Shelly woke on Sunday morning feeling the combined weight of the two men snuggled against her. They were asleep in the middle of the living room floor. She slowly disentangled herself without waking them, and went to take a shower. She was covered in sticky goo from their play with chocolate and whip cream the night before.

She stood under the hot water in the shower, letting the water ease her sore muscles from sleeping on the floor. She was leaning against the wall letting the hot water massage her back when Peter joined her. He kissed her gently before he picked up the soap and lathered it up in his hands.

Peter thoroughly cleaned the front of her while she let the water pound her back. When he had her all lathered up, she took the soap and lathered him up. Setting the soap aside, she pressed against his slippery body. He hugged her tightly against him, and turned both of them into the water.

He kissed her and explored her body with his hands while the water rinsed the soap from them. His fingers found her smoothly shaven pussy, and he smiled at her. He explored her folds gently as he rinsed the soap from her pussy. She shuddered as he teased her clit.

Their idle play in the shower had them both hot and ready for more sex by the time they rejoined Rob. Rob had taken the opportunity to shower also, but had been quicker since he had been alone. He was sitting on the sofa sipping a cup of coffee when they returned.

They were all a bit subdued by the knowledge that their idyllic weekend was coming to an end. Shelly and Peter joined Rob on the couch, with Shelly sitting in the middle. Shelly reached a hand into each of their laps and took hold of their cocks. Peter rubbed her clit with his thumb while he explored her pussy with a finger. Rob caressed her breasts and her nipples quickly hardened against his palms.

“What could we possibly do now to top last night?” Peter asked.

“I don’t think we can top it, but we can create another memorable fuck,” Shelly said.

“What did you have in mind?” Rob asked.

“I don’t really know,” she admitted. “Except that I want to be outside. We won’t have much opportunity to fuck outside when we aren’t here at this cabin. So I don’t want our last time together to be inside.”

“Well, we’ve already fucked on the dock,” Peter said. “Where else is there?” They all three thought silently for a moment before Shelly began to giggle. The guys looked at her curiously.

“I just had a vision of myself flung over the hood of our car, with my head dangling off the side sucking Peter’s cock while Rob fucks me.”

“That could be pretty hot on your backside, darling,” Rob said when they had all finished laughing.

“Not to mention, is Rob supposed to climb on the hood of the car too in order to fuck you?”

“Well, I didn’t say my idea was practical.”

“I don’t know where we can do this, but I know what I want to do.” Rob leaned over and gave Shelly a little bite on her right nipple. “I want to see Shelly get fucked in the ass and the pussy at the same time.”

“Ooh, that sounds so good!” Shelly purred.

“I don’t think we can do that on the hood of the car,” Peter said, causing them all to laugh again.

“Bring a blanket, and we will do it on the beach by the lake.” Shelly jumped up and began collecting everything they would need. She made sure to grab the lubricant they had left on the coffee table the night before. Rob got a blanket and they were on their way out the door. They would have been quite a sight to see as they made their naked way down the path to the beach. Rob and Peter’s cocks were pointing the way for them as they walked. Shelly occasionally slowed to allow Peter to press his hard cock into her bottom. The cabin was quite isolated so there was no one to see the spectacular parade.

Shelly selected a nice smooth spot on the sand for their blanket, and Rob spread it out. Shelly lay down on the blanket, and was immediately flanked by the two men. It seemed this was their standard position for this weekend. She knew she could get used to being in the middle between these two men. They both immediately zeroed in on her jutting tits and sucked the hard nubs of her nipples into their mouths. She moaned as she reached for their cocks with her hands. Peter cupped his hand over her pussy before he slowly glided one finger into her juicy depths. She raised her knees and spread them, opening her cunt wide for his hand. Rob worked his hand between her legs also, and gently teased her clit while Peter fucked her with his fingers.

Shelly writhed under all the stimulation they were providing. Peter slipped his hand further back and nudged her asshole. She felt it pucker at his first touch and shivered. His finger was wet from her pussy fluids, and slipped into her ass easily. Her ass eagerly lifted off the blanket to allow him better access. Rob slid a finger into her pussy, and she could feel him probing against the thin membrane of her pussy wall that separated her asshole from her cunt. Peter rubbed against the inside of her asshole, as if he were trying to feel Rob's finger through it.

At some signal they gave each other, they both removed their fingers. Shelly cried out in disappointment at the emptiness they left behind. Peter lay on his back on the blanket and pulled her on top of him. Rob adjusted her position over Peter with his hands on her ass.

When she was on her knees above Peter’s cock, he gently guided her down until his cock was entering her dripping cunt. When his shaft was completely in her pussy, he held her still while Rob inserted his lubricated cock in her ass. She gasped at the tightness of it. Rob paused to give her time to adjust. When she was ready for more, she pushed back on his cock. When he was completely in, they held the position without moving.

“I’ve never felt so full before,” Shelly gasped. She slowly began to move up and down on Peter’s cock, and nearly screamed as she felt Rob’s cock begin to move with her. She shuddered and moaned in ecstasy as they began to increase the pace.

“It’s incredible to feel your cock moving inside her, Peter,” Rob managed to gasp. “I don’t think I’m going to last very long.”

Rob reached around Shelly and grabbed her dangling boobs in his hands. He pinched her nipples as he held on to them to help guide her movements. Shelly moaned and shuddered, and if it hadn’t been for Peter’s hands on her hips and Rob’s on her breasts, she wouldn’t have been able to maintain her balance above Peter.

“I didn’t know it would feel this good,” Peter said. He could feel Rob’s cock sliding in and out of Shelly’s ass as if there were no barrier between them. It was almost like both dicks were in her pussy side by side.

When Shelly began to cum, her pussy spasmed around Peter’s cock and her asshole clenched around Rob’s. Her body shivered and shook uncontrollably as her orgasm seemed to continue on and on. Her wild erratic thrashing combined with her clenching pussy and ass muscles spelled the end for both men. She felt even fuller as their cocks swelled in preparation to shoot their loads deep inside her body cavities. Rob was the first to shoot off, and plunged his cock deep into her ass and held it there while he pumped his semen into her. Peter wasn’t far behind, and when he thrust deeply into her for the last time, she clenched her pussy tightly around his cock to hold him there. Both cocks were thrust as deeply into her as they could go, and she was impaled in the middle.

Rob kissed her neck and ear, holding his cock in her ass to savor the feeling. Peter pulled her head down and kissed her lips while they recovered from this mighty experience.

Rob finally pulled his softening cock from her ass, and sat back on his heels between their legs to watch the cum leaking out of her asshole and dribbling down on her’s and Peter’s joined genitals. The sight was so erotic that his cock twitched yet again. Peter’s cock was slowly slipping out of her slippery pussy, and his cum was leaking out to join with Rob’s. Rob watched her pussy contract as Peter’s cock slid all the way out.

Shelly raised up on her knees and thrust her ass out to afford him a better view. He watched as a big glob of cum dripped from her body to land on Peter’s balls. He reached out a hand and massaged it into the soft wrinkly skin.

“I need to jump into the lake to clean up,” Shelly told them. “Do you guys want to join me?”

The cool water of the lake revived their flagging energy enough that they were able to pack up their belongings and load up the two cars. Shelly and Rob covered the furniture while Peter turned off all the utilities. It wasn’t long before they had the cabin back in order and ready to be closed up until the next fishing trip.

It was sad good-byes they exchanged before going their separate ways. None of them were eager to end their weekend in spite of their exhaustion and soreness from such a sexually exhilarating weekend. Fortunately they only lived a couple of hours apart, so they would be able to recreate the weekend almost anytime they wanted.

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