tagInterracial LoveGwen Masturbates by Moonlight

Gwen Masturbates by Moonlight


The clock showed 3:24 AM. I lay in bed trying to decide whether to get up and take a piss or try and fall back asleep. After weighing my options I figured emptying my bladder was the best course of action. I got up and left the bedroom but instead of going to the master bathroom I went out into our backyard to "water the grass". There was a full moon out and the trees and bushes glowed in its silvery light. I gazed at this scene as I peed. Soon I shook the last drops from my cock and headed back inside, using a rag to wipe my feet in the mudroom before going back to sleep. At the bedroom door I saw the bed was empty. I assumed Gwen had heard me get up and got up to take care of her own business. I sat down and waited for her to return. One, two, three and more minutes passed, and no Gwen.

I was curious where she might be so I left the bedroom to find her. She wasn't in the master bathroom or the living room or the kitchen. I continued my search and eventually came to the door leading to the screened in porch. I quietly opened the door and went through. There was Gwen, naked as the day she was born, sprawled on an old sofa, her right leg up on the seat back, her left foot on the floor and both hands feverishly working her pussy. Gwen was facing away from the door but I imagined her eyes were closed as she took rapid and shallow breaths through a slight part in her lips as she concentrated on her act. Her tits and thighs jiggled as her fingers went over, around and inside her womanhood. The moonlight bathing Gwen's body with a heavenly glow. Her skin had the hue of dark chocolate, and her nipples were like morsels of the blackest licorice. Gwen's short Afro was like a tuft of dark wool. Small beads of sweat had formed on her upper lip and in the moonlight they resembled tiny crystals.

Gwen had no idea I was on the porch watching her. I silently crept past and sat down in a well-worn armchair which faced the sofa. On most occasions I'd sit there and be able to talk with Gwen or guests who were seated on the sofa. But tonight there was no talk, just me marveling at her long, slender fingers gliding up and down her vaginal lips, with occasional excursions to stroke her clit or to plunge deep into her hole. Her facial reactions alternated between a look of great intensity, relaxation and surprise. The whole scene got me worked up and soon my right hand was pumping my cock to erection.

"Do you like what you see?"

The question startled me like a gunshot. I snapped out of my trance and looked up at Gwen. Her eyes were focused on me.

"Do you like what you see?"

she repeated with a bit more emphasis.

"Yes" I replied.

She smiled and sighed,

"I really think you do. Your cock is all big and hard and wet. For a white guy you got a nice dick!"

She should know, I've been her 'dick' for a long time and she was very happy about it!

All the while Gwen continued touching her pussy while I slowly stroked my dick. After a time, she adjusted her position on the sofa and brought her left hand to her vaginal opening. Two fingers disappeared inside. Soon a third finger joined them, all moving in a circular motion. Soon she pulled her fingers out and showed me how wet they were. Then Gwen moved her hand toward her face and sucked those lucky fingers into her mouth. Gwen made sure to watch my expression as she carefully licked up any stray cunt juice caught from between her fingers.

When she was done she looked straight at me and purred,

"Ummmm, that's good! Do you want a taste?"

I nodded that yes, I very much would! She smiled and reinserted those three fingers into her honeypot. In and out, twisting to the left and right they moved. All the while, the fingers of her right hand were busy pulling and pinching alternating nipples. She had me sit next to her and with mock concern asked,

"Are you sure you want to taste me? You know what they say, 'Once you try black, you'll never go back!' Can you deal with that?"

I assured her I could and was definitely up to her challenge (pun intended). Gwen smiled at the play on words and held her fingers up to my face. I turned to get closer and gently took hold of her hand. I inhaled deeply; the aroma of her pussy juice was like nothing else in the world. I couldn't get enough! Sometimes I'd go down on her and then go run errands or even sometimes go to work with my face smelling of her sex! I took one finger and slowly drew it to my mouth. I ran my tongue from the base to the tip, making sure no part was left dry. After finishing with the first finger, I repeated the process on the second and then the third. Her free hand was busy pulling on her nipples.

Gwen was quite agitated by then, squeezing her thighs together and moving her hips in a fucking motion and I was leaking precum in copious amounts. She looked up at me and said she wanted me to come in her hands. Gwen took her hand from mine and held it palm up next to my cock. I jerked off another minute before alerting Gwen to my pending climax. She joined both hands to form a cup to capture my jets of semen. When I was done I collapsed backwards onto the sofa. Gwen smeared my sperm all over her cunt. Two fingers found her clit and within seconds her muscles tensed and her back arched a bit and Gwen let out a long, loud exhalation of her breath. Moments later her muscles relaxed and her orgasm was complete.

We remained on the sofa for a few more minutes recovering from our climaxes. A glance out the window revealed the moon had set and dawn was fast approaching. I stood up and looked at Gwen. She was still out of it. I carefully picked her up in my arms and carried her to bed. I lay Gwen down and stood there looking at her for quite some time. Gwen and I had been together for many, many years and I couldn't imagine ever being without her. What a lucky guy I was! I smiled at the thought and left the room to let her sleep.

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