Gwen Shows Off


My lady Gwen and I had a new adventure you might enjoy. Some of you may recall our experience exhibitionist/voyeur experience in "Watching her watching us". Well, we think we've done that experience one better.

It was Friday night. We were free from the cares of the office and had lots of pent up energy to release. Gwen and I decided to head downtown, have dinner, take in a movie, go to a bar or two and let things happen as they would. We went to a favorite Middle Eastern restaurant where we sampled the delicacies of that region. Then we strolled over to a movie house that ran hard to find flicks. We saw a very erotic Spanish film that got our juices simmering. I hardly understood a word of the dialogue, but the tone of the voices and the visuals made up for my lack of Spanish language skills. After the movie we stopped at a local watering hole for drinks. I could tell Gwen was in a state of arousal from the movie, and I reasoned a few drinks would help her get over the hump, so to speak.

We sat in the bar for about half an hour, sipping our drinks and enjoying each other's company and the general atmosphere of the place. Gwen was wearing an sapphire blue dress which enhanced her dark skin and emphasized the size and curves of her lovely 34-B breasts and her ample 40-inch bottom. She certainly turned a few heads!

It was after 11:00 PM when Gwen suggested we leave the bar and head back home. As we were leaving our seats, Gwen whispered in my ear how our server kept nudging closer to her and tried to get a good look at her tits. She obliged by adjusting the V-neckline of her dress to give him a better view. I chuckled and left our server a very generous tip.

Our car was a couple of blocks west of the bar. Gwen and I strolled hand-in-hand talking about the bar. I asked her if she'd let me look at her breasts. She stopped, looked at me for a few seconds, and opened the top of her dress. Gwen almost never wears a bra and that night was no exception. Those gorgeous black tits were revealed to me in all their glory. I lifted one in my hand and kissed it all around the nipple. Then I sucked that thick nipple into my mouth. Gwen moaned very softly. She was enjoying what I was doing. However, we were on a public street, so our show of affection had to end. She covered her breasts with the dress and recommended we continue walking.

We made it to the end of the block when Gwen pointed to a storefront across the street. It was a peep-show. Gwen asked if I'd ever gone in there. I said no, but that I had been in others in different cities. She asked what it was like. I told her the shop sold pornographic magazines, videos and DVDs and sex toys. It also may have a section devoted to "preview booths" where people can watch videos for several minutes at a time for as long as they had tokens or quarters. I also let on that there may be holes in the walls separating booths. These are called "glory holes" because some of the viewers may get a blowjob or a quick fuck through the hole from the occupant of the neighboring booth.

Gwen pondered this for a moment and asked if I'd mind going in. I said no, and we crossed the street and went in. Gwen was fascinated by the number and variety of the wares sold in that establishment. She was drawn to the sex toys and asked if men really buy rubber pussies or blow up dolls. I answered that some of them must, but I, for one, have no need for anything like that. She flipped through a couple of magazines and pointed at pictures of barely legal age teens surrounded by ten or twelve huge cum-dripping penises, or of someone's grandmother being mercilessly fucked by one or more crazed studs. She was the only woman in the store and almost every man had his eyes on her. One man was bold enough to brush up against her as he walked by. She froze in place, but the look on her face told me she loved the feeling.

It was then that she noticed a beaded curtain with a sign directing patrons to the preview area. Gwen looked at me and with her eyes asked if we would go in. I nodded in agreement and after trading in several dollars for tokens we entered the booth zone. Gwen was both scared and excited being there. She noticed a couple of men hanging out watching us; one of them was rubbing the front of his jeans with his hand. We chose a booth and I put in the tokens and we started watching the flick. I sat in the chair and Gwen was in my lap. I gently stroked her breasts through the material of her dress and soon removed them from their confinement. Gwen was getting really hot and was gyrating her bottom over front of my pants. I was becoming very excited as well.

We had been in the booth for about 3 minutes when we heard a light tapping from the booth to our left. Gwen was the first to find the source of the sound and audibly gasped at what she saw. A semi-erect cock was sticking through the glory hole. She looked at me and asked what should she do? I asked her what she wanted. She said she wanted to touch the stranger's cock, but wasn't sure about anything else. I said it was OK for her to do what she wanted. She looked at me again and I nodded to go ahead. Gwen got off my lap and knelt down in front of the unknown manhood. She touched it with the tips of her fingers and the cock jumped up on contact. She gave a giggle and touched it again. It had become noticeably longer and harder. Gwen grasped it in her hand and looked at me again. She wanted give it a kiss. I said to go ahead. She did just that, kissing the head of his cock. She kissed it again and then started kissing it all over the shaft.

I had dropped my pants to the floor and had worked my own cock up to an extra hard erection. As Gwen ministered to the stranger's cock, I lifted her dress to expose her ass and cunt. I couldn't decide which one I wanted, so I plunged into her sopping pussy, figuring I'll finish in her asshole. A funny thing happened as I entered her cunt. She was surprised by the force of entry and opened her mouth just as she was about to kiss the stranger's cock one more time. But instead of making contact with the tip of his prick, it was now firmly in her mouth. Like the trooper she was, Gwen figured since the cock was already in her mouth, why not suck it? I fucked her from behind and she sucked an unknown's cock.

The other man must have been really excited because he soon started to groan and buck his hips. Just before he came, Gwen took him in her hands and aimed his cock at her chest. Rope after rope of thick spew landed on and between her tits. She held him in her hands as his cum subsided and then gave the cock a final kiss before letting it go. Gwen turned to face me with a concerned look on her face. I guess she was wondering if she'd gone too far. My answer came in forceful jets of sperm aimed at her face and neck. Gwen moved her head to have me cum in her mouth, but I wanted it on her face.

After a minute my balls had nothing more to give. I pulled up my pants and tucked in my shirt. Gwen wanted to clean off her tits before fixing her dress, but I said not to and volunteered to take it to the cleaners in the morning. She shrugged her shoulders and straightened her dress. Within seconds cum, stains began forming at the bottom of the "V". We walked out of the booth back into the main area. It was now past midnight and there were very few customers. However, one of them was a woman who noticed the cum plastered over Gwen's breasts and face. She walked over and commented on how hot Gwen looked. She asked if she could lick the sperm from Gwen. Gwen softly said yes, and the woman stepped forward and started licking Gwen clean with long strokes of her tongue. Before long Gwen was almost completely cum-free. The other woman licked her lips and thanked Gwen for the treat. She then went back to whatever she had been doing.

Gwen and I left the sex shop and finally made it to our car. We got in and started the drive home. I asked Gwen if she had fun. She did and as a reward for being such a good sport, she unzipped my pants, took out my cock and gave me a blowjob for the ages. I don't know how many other drivers saw us and I don't care. Suffice it to say that Gwen and I never did get any sleep that night or the next day, either. We were much too busy playing out that's night's events and anticipating our next adventure.

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