tagGroup SexGym Ratz, Round 04

Gym Ratz, Round 04


About time! That whore Wendy is finally here! Whew, I was beginning to wonder if I was going to have to work this shift alone! Dammit, Stop! That was the first thought that went through my mind, and totally unfair! Wendy is a nice kid, and she's only a minute or 2 late, as usual. But she's the best worker I've got and often stays a few minutes late if there's a rush. Give me more like that and they can all be a minute late!

The truth is, I'm jealous of her! She's only 21, but she has an amazing bubbly personality, and in a place like this that translates into a lot of attention from all the younger guys! Here she comes, and drapes an arm around me with a cheery "hello" and gives me a hug, wrapping her arms around me. Like always. Wendy's kind of like that with all the staff, even the guys, and of course they eat it up. Sometimes she seems to give me special attention though, probably just trying to brown nose the boss. When she's working she's good about being professional, but one way or another she's had a lot of dates with the "guests", as we call them. And she loves to talk about them! But at least she keeps it behind the counter.

At 25 I'm much older than the rest of the staff, and in fact, none of them even worked here when I got promoted to shift manager! Dammit, I feel like the old lady of the gym! And now I usually don't even get included in the parties they have on Friday nights. I feel like I don't fit in any more, and that's bullshit! Management isn't what it's cracked up to be, and everything about it but the money stinks. Sometimes I think I should give it up and go back to replacing paper towels and cleaning the machines.

Anyhow, none of that is the real problem I have with Wendy. Almost a year ago a young guy named Josh joined the club, and he's been a regular ever since. And he works out hard and it shows! He's a big guy, maybe 6'2", and now he's lean and hard. Once in a while he comes up to the counter and chats me up, giving me that big smile. And after a while I kind of got the hots for him! I've been around long enough that it almost never happens with the members, but I let my guard down with him. And I've been looking for a way to get to know him, thinking he might ask me out. Wishful thinking I know, I looked him up and he's just going to be 21 this weekend, and he probably looks at me like his mother! Dammit!

But the worst part is, a few weeks ago, Wendy told me she had a date with him! And they've been going out ever since! God damn it I hate that bitch! Oh fuck, of course I don't, it's just frustrating! GRrrrrrrrr!

After she gets the chores done, Wendy comes over and we BS for a while. I let her greet the members as they come in, she likes to do it and they all seem to like her. Naturally. But then she says, "Sheila, I have a question I need to ask you." Oh geez, probably something like, "How long before I get a promotion!" They all do it. She's a good worker, but not that good! Takes at least a few years, just like it did me.

But instead, she says, "Josh's 21st birthday is this Saturday, and we're going to the amusement park after I get off work. But we were talking, about the gym and some of the people that come in here and stuff, and then Josh asked me, how come Sheila never goes out?"

I look at her like she has two heads! What the hell are they talking about me for, and why would Josh ask about me? And I reply, "Why would he care about that?"

But Wendy says, "Well I told him you were really nice to me, and easy to work for. But I noticed that all you seem to do is work. Whenever we talk about what we're going to be doing, all you ever tell me is going shopping or there's a good TV show on tonight. And he said he didn't understand that because he thinks you're really hot!"

Oh shit, it's that obvious! But I am NOT going to tell her that it's not by choice. My social life sucks now. Like I don't have any. And it wasn't like this before I got promoted. Dammit! Only Wendy would even have the balls to bring that up to me! "You guys don't know what I do when I'm out of here," I lie. "Maybe I have a bit more going on than you think!"

The fact is, she's right on of course, but I can't admit that! Hell I work out a lot in off hours and I think I look pretty good. As good as Wendy even, and though I hate to admit it, she's a knock-out! She has a hard, athletic body and she's shorter than me, only around 5'3", with nice high, firm young tits and a solid round ass set off with a tiny waist. And a deep tan from all the time she spends in the booths. Of course I tell myself she'll probably be fat and frumpy in a few years. But deep down I know that if she takes care of herself and does her own work-outs, she's just going to get better!

On the other hand I'm much taller than Wendy; at 5'7' I feel big next to her. And I have my Irish heritage going for me, with flaming orange-red hair that I keep short, just brushing my shoulders, long, well-toned legs, and a firm ass from the glute exercises I do. And my tits aren't second rate either; large and slightly pendulous, with cherry red nipples to go with my pale pink skin! The only thing is, I just can't tan. If I try the only thing I get is freckles, so she's got me there. Oh, but did I mention I have the red thatch between my legs to prove it's real? And I just love a nose buried in it. Mmmmmmmmm, the thought makes me shiver! But dammit, that hasn't happened in a long time!

I come out of my private thoughts when Wendy puts her arm around my shoulders and starts talking again. I shudder at her touch, because one of the things she doesn't know is, I long ago realized I'm as bi-sexual as they come! I love men, but I like girls too, and their soft touches really turn me on. It's been years since I've made out with a girl, actually two, on the field hockey team in College. But the thought of burying my face in a wet pussy just makes me ... well, wet! And I've already thought about Wendy's little snatch. In my fantasy she just has to be delicious! But dammit, I can't think like this! She's my employee!

"Anyhow," she goes on, "Josh finally suggested that I ask you to come with us to the park. I told him I didn't know if you would, but I'd ask anyway. And I know it would be fun! We'll just go on a lot of rides and stuff, and it will give all us a chance to get to know each other and give you a chance to go someplace besides this gym and shopping! So if you want, we'd love to have you!"

My face immediately turns red; it does that a lot anyway. And I kind of stammer my answer. "That's very nice Wendy, but you two don't need me. I'd just be in the way! A threesome doesn't make a very good date!"

But she says, "Aww, come on, break down and have some fun! It's not like we're going to a club or something, it's just an amusement park! Rides, cotton candy, hot dogs! And that giant coaster if you aren't too scared! I promise, we won't leave you out. Just come and have fun with us!" And she giggles and adds, as an afterthought, "Gee, who knows, a threesome might be fun!"

Little wise-ass. Oh damn, I really am tempted, but the relationship thing is a killer. How am I going to feel, out with two people that kind of turn me on, when they're with each other? So I'm searching for an excuse when the card reader beeps, and we both look around, to see it's Josh coming in! And of course, he comes straight over to us!

And the first words out of his mouth, "Hey Wendy, did you ask her yet?"

I stare at him as Wendy says, "We were just talking about it, but I think she needs to be convinced."

"Come on Sheila, come with us! We'll take care of you, I promise! It'll be great!" And he winks at me!

If the words didn't do it, the wink does! He seems so eager I just can't say no, even though I haven't a clue why they want this. "I'd really like to if you want me. But if you change your minds, it's ok. I guess you get to celebrate your 21st birthday any way you want!" I add with a giggle.

Josh laughs and gives me that smile again, "We were hoping you'd say that, really! Now we get to see what the real Sheila is like!"

At that Wendy suddenly giggles, but I reply, "What makes you think I'll be any different then?"

"'Cuz then you won't be "the boss" and you can just be our friend and have fun with us," Josh says.

And Wendy adds, "You're a really good boss, Sheila, or we wouldn't be asking you, but we both kinda' feel there's more to you than just behind this counter. And now we'll have a chance to find out!"

Damn! I don't know what's up with these little shits, but I'm dying to find out now. This is strange, but they're being really nice and I have to admit I'm flattered. And the worst that can happen is that I'll go home early and sulk if it doesn't work out. And I'm already used to that.

It's finally Saturday, and as the week has gone by I've become more eager to do this! Partly because I just really need the chance to go out for a change. Anywhere! And partly because Wendy and Josh have been reminding me about it all week, teasing me about setting a record for coaster rides. I do like the coaster, but I don't know how much my stomach can take. And Wendy has been more friendly than ever, coming over and draping her arm around me, brushing my neck and sometimes giving me a back rub, and once she even playfully gave me a kiss on the cheek. I can't let her know but it turns me on, dammit; both the attention and the touching. This will be an interesting evening, even if it ends badly.

By six, closing time on Saturday, Wendy and I have the gym all cleaned up, paper towels filled and tanning rooms spotless. And Josh came in for a work-out and just now got out of the shower. Wendy changes into a T-shirt and shorts and I put on a white tank-top, which shows off my tits, and a pair of cut-offs, which are about as short as they can be. I love showing off my long legs, even if they are sort of a candy pink. And we head out for the park, which is only a mile or so from here, in Wendy's car.

And we do have fun! We hit a lot of the adult rides, like the Chair-o-plane, little seats attached by long cables to the top of the ride which spins and wobbles up and down at the same time. And there's the pirate boat, which swings back and forth, threatening to dump everybody out. And Josh wants to do the bumper cars, so we spend time laughing like crazy and chasing each other around, trying to crash.

The one that almost gets me though, is the Drop Tower, with the big gondola that free-falls down the tower until it almost hits the bottom, before braking and coming to a smooth stop. I get off holding my stomach, and I know I must have turned green, but Wendy sees me and puts her arm around me, giving me a big hug, and pressing her cheek against mine. But Josh says, "I don't know Sheila, do you think you can take the Coaster?"

Immediately I forget about the queasy stomach! I KNOW I can take the coaster! It's my favorite ride! With my hands on hips I tell him, "Well let's find out right now! But I want the front car, and the outside seat! We'll see who can ride no hands the longest!"

And off we go! The Coaster is a "super" roller coaster, with a modernistic car that looks like a rocket, and in addition to drops and turns and climbs it has 3 spirals that spin you completely upside down and around 360 degrees! The only thing that holds you in is the shoulder harness and lap belt, and it feels like you are being thrown right out of the seat unless you hold on like crazy. And when you're in the front seat there is nothing in front of you but space!

Being a Saturday the park would normally be crowded, but a threat of thunderstorms seems to have kept the crowd down a little, so we have no trouble getting the front seat, which makes a lot of people shy away. Of course, after my brag I take the end seat, and to my surprise, Josh gets in the middle and Wendy the other side.

And as soon as we reach the top I look over at them and yell, "Hands up!" And we all put our arms over our heads as the car plunges down the big drop. I am determined to outdo them, on this ride at least, and although I usually end up grabbing the bar, it's not going to happen this time! As we near the bottom I do scrunch up my eyes though, knowing what's coming, and when the car roars through the bottom and goes up into a tight 90 degree turn, tilting sideways, I hear Wendy suddenly scream, and Josh growls, "Oh shit!" But I open my eyes and look over to see that they both still have their hands up!

Of course, there's a lot of yelling and screaming coming from in back of us, but when the car levels out for a moment, Wendy looks over at me and I just smile back. And the next moment, we are slammed into the seats by centrifugal force, and the three of us all scream together as the car enters the first "death spiral".

But I force myself to keep my eyes open, and I see that both Wendy and Josh start to bring their hands down, but then bravely throw them back up. Of course I make sure my arms stay above my head, although they are pushed to the side by the spin. We go through a series of drops and turns, and all of us are smiling and looking over at each other, laughing, until we hit the next big drop followed by the second spiral.

This one is a little tighter and faster, and Wendy starts really screeching, and I pry my eyes open to see that one of her hands is on the bar. But Josh mutters, "Motherfucker!" and manages to keep his hands high. I have to admit my stomach is flipping a little, but I'm determined, and never let my arms drop an inch. But I can't hold back a scream when we come out of the spiral and the car immediately flips over the other way into another vertical turn. And of course, without holding on we have all been slammed back and forth, bouncing against each other.

The ride is nearing the end, and the only big thing left is the third spiral, but this one's a killer! It's tighter than the others and goes 360 degrees around twice! The G-forces must be something like those on a fighter pilot! I take a deep breath and lock my elbows, determined that I will make it through. But as the car slams into the first turn and everybody screams I see both of Wendy's hands grab the bar hard! And then Josh yells, "Oh Jesus Christ!" and one hand comes down to the bar. But without thinking I lower my arm and grab his hand, pulling it loose and up again!

Taken totally by surprise he screams again and lurches against me hard, and slams me against the side of the car. Of course I scream too, but partly because it hurts! But I make it! I'm shaking like a leaf but my hands have never touched the bar! The only time I've ever done it, and maybe the last. But I've had the wind knocked out of me by Josh, and when we finally stop I have tears streaming down my cheeks.

Along with everybody else we stumble unsteadily out of the car, and then they see my wet face. And Wendy comes over and wipes the tears and puts her arms around me, squeezing as she kisses my cheek and says, "Oh baby, you were so brave!

I jump again because my side is still tender, and try to smile as I say, "I'm ok, it's not the ride, I just got bumped pretty hard and it hurt." Then I turn to Josh and give him a playful whack in the ribs and say, "Next time, stay in your own seat, you animal!"

Of course he had no clue what happened, and suddenly has a look of real concern, and wraps his arms gently around me and pulls me against him. "Oh honey, I'm so sorry," he says quietly. "I didn't realize I bumped you that hard!" and he bends down and kisses me on the forehead.

I really like the feel of his arms around me, and I decide to play with him a little and make the most of this. I look up at him with a pout and whine, "Well you'll just have to make it up to me!" And before he knows it I push up on tip-toe and kiss him, right on the lips! But he does me one better when his arms tighten and he kisses back, grinding his lips against me a little, and I know he can feel my boobs flattened against his chest.

Oops, it suddenly occurs to me that Wendy might be really pissed! After all this is not exactly eating cotton candy! And I push back from Josh, but I see Wendy giggling! And then Josh goes and gives her a kiss too. And after, she gives me a smile and says, "See, a threesome isn't so bad!" I just smile back, but I'm silently agreeing with her. And I'm just hoping they don't notice that my nipples have gotten a little hard, all of a sudden. But from that look on Josh's face, I know he has!

We decide it's time for a break from the rides, and Wendy says, "Let's go get some hot dogs." And with a giggle she adds, "And we can buy him his first LEGAL beer." We head to the food tent and get dogs with kraut, and of course, three large beers. And Wendy can't shut up about how scared she was on the Coaster. Seems she's always had her hands tight on the bar before.

Then Josh says to her, "Did you see what she did to me? I finally wimped out and put a hand down and she grabbed it and jerked it back up! I thought I was gonna fly right out of the damn car! But all I did was slam into Sheila! Well at least it didn't hurt me a bit!" And he laughs, but then bends over and gives me another little kiss. Right on the lips! But when he goes to straighten up, I hold on to him a moment and lick the mustard off his cheek! And all three of us are suddenly laughing!

We are having a great time, but the little tented area is like being in a subway station, people everywhere, and finally Wendy says, "We could go back to my place and have another beer. It's only a little ways, and a lot more quiet and comfortable than here."

Oh shit. Now I'm feeling uncomfortable again, like I'm intruding. And I start to say that if they want to go they could just drop me off at my car. But Wendy says, "No way! We've had a great time all evening, no reason to stop now, c'mon and we'll have a little party!"

What can I say? I have been having a good time, and they have been very friendly to me, more than I expected. They're nice and fun to be with, and it feels good to have people to pal around with. I don't feel like the boss or like an old lady at all, just one of the bunch. And it turns out to be a good decision to leave, because it starts to sprinkle as we head for the car.

Wendy has an apartment right around the corner from the gym, meaning I could walk to my car, no problem, so I'm comfortable now. We'll see how the evening goes. Wendy heads to the fridge for the beer and Josh flops down on the couch, so I sit in the easy chair across from him. Wendy hands me a beer and settles down next to him and I pop the top and say, "Happy 21st birthday!" And I giggle as I add, "You're all grown up now!"

But Wendy says, "Believe me, he was all grown up already," and with a laugh turns to him and gives him a birthday kiss, complete with some tongue and a little moaning and sighing.

I begin to have that feeling I'm intruding again, but Josh says, "Don't I get one from Sheila too?" Wendy looks at me with a big grin and beckons with one finger, so there's no way that I can refuse, not that I really want to. I put a knee on the couch and lean over to kiss him politely, but he reaches and pulls me down and I end up flopping on the couch next to him, opposite from Wendy. And when I feel his lips on mine it's only a moment before I feel his tongue run across them.

He doesn't let go, and when the tongue comes back again I figure, what the hell, and part my lips just a bit. And sure enough, the tip of his tongue is in my mouth, and I just can't hold back a little sigh of pleasure. Oh shit! Now I KNOW Wendy will be pissed, and I don't blame her, and I don't want a scene, and I really want to keep them as friends.

When Josh lets go I'm trying to think how to apologize, but I see Wendy smiling, and she giggles as she says, "See what I mean? All grown up! Did you like that?"

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