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Gym Shower Show


My name is Scott. I had been going to the gym for over a year. I'd tried out a two-week trial period and decided to work out regularly. I'm 28 years old, 5'11'' with longish brown hair, green eyes, and now an athletic build. I'm not huge, but I'm defined. I've got light body hair, but wouldn't be considered hairy by any means.

Anyway, over the last year I had become friends with one of the trainers at the gym. Jake had worked there for two years. He was only a couple of years older than me, but his body was phenomenal. He was ripped. I mean the whole package, broad shoulders, nice pecs that tapered down to a narrow waist with six pack abs, and a lower body to match. I'd seen him in the locker room and shower and it really motivated me to keep working out. I also noticed how all the girls at the gym acted around him.

Heather, who'd been working the front counter for the past few months always seemed to find an excuse to step away from her post and flirt with Jake. She was hot. I mean, you really couldn't take your eyes off her when she walked into the room. She had long wavy brown hair, blue eyes, supple and perky breasts, a tiny waist and curvaceous hips. She always wore tight tank tops and bicycle shorts even though she sat at the front desk.

I can never get my ass out of bed early so I usually work out pretty late. It's also good because it's less crowded. So the other night, I was the last one to leave the gym. I said goodbye to Jake in the locker room and headed for the exit. Just before I left the building, I realized I forgot my keys in the locker. So I headed back.

The lights were dimmed in the locker room. I walked over to my locker and found my keys on the floor under the bench. I could hear the shower running. I knew it was Jake, and for some reason, I thought I'd take a look. I never shower at the gym, because I'm not really comfortable with the communal shower set-up. I also like to jack-off in the shower and I couldn't do that here. As I walked towards the shower, I heard Heather's voice.

"Hey you." I froze. Then I realized she wasn't talking to me.

"Hey." I heard Jake reply.

I knew it! I knew those two were screwing around. As I walked over to the last row of lockers, I peeked around to the shower room and saw Jake and Heather in the shower together! I couldn't believe it. I could feel my cock hardening as I watched them kissing, naked and wet. Jake started kissing his way down to her breasts and kissing and nibbling on her erect nipples.

"Uh, yeah... yeah, baby" Heather moaned as Jake fingered her soaking wet pussy. She in turn was stroking his huge dick. Man, I had never seen him hard, the guy was hung. Heather stepped back and licked his hard nipples and slowly kissed her way down the trail of hair leading to his cock.

Jake closed his eyes, and whispered "Oooh, suck it, come on, baby, put it in your mouth." Heather obeyed and slowly bobbed her head up and down on his dick. She couldn't take it all the way.

This was more than I could take. I put my gym bag down and slowly slid my sweatpants and underwear down. My dick popped up. I slowly started stroking it as I watched.

Jake had one hand on her bobbing head and the other running across his chest and abs. His hand continued in a large circle from nipple to nipple and down over his tensed six pack. He was rocking his hips forward, slowly fucking her face.

All I could think about was how lucky he was. I wished I were him. I slowly stripped off my shirt and stood completely naked as I watched and jerked off. I ran my free hand across my own pecs and down my abs. I also slid it up and down my inner thigh. I closed my eyes for a moment and a grunt escaped my lips.

When I opened my eyes, I saw Jake looking straight at me. I was mortified. But he just looked at me and smiled. He winked and gave me a thumbs up.

Heather didn't see me. She got up off the floor and mounted Jake's throbbing dick. She pressed her breasts against his chest as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Jake lifted her up and down his shaft as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

"Ahhh, fuck, yeah! Yeah, yeah..." She started screaming as she bounced up and down on his dick. Jake just stood there holding her by the waist and bouncing her on his dick like she weighed nothing. He turned to give me a clear view of his cock sliding in and out of her pussy. She had a great ass too and I was just mesmerized by it.

It wasn't long before she began screaming and throwing her head back in an orgasm. Jake stumbled back against the shower wall. He pulled himself out of her and let her down. She quickly got down on her knees in front of him and grabbed his throbbing penis. She jerked it hard.

Jake glanced over in my direction discretely as he rubbed his nipples and abs. He threw his head back. " Oh, fuck! Yeah! Oh yeah! Fuck!" He shot his load and it was incredible. The first shot flew over Heather's head and across the shower room. The next shot landed in her hair, and the following streams of cum landed on her face and breasts. She licked the last of his cum off his dick and rubbed his semen all over her breasts.

Then she got up and kissed him passionately. Then she abruptly turned around.

"Scott!" She was shocked. I was so busted.

"All right buddy, we've given you a show. Now you've got to give us a show." Jake said as he and Heather walked toward me. They were both still soaking wet and she still had cum on her cheek and breasts. Jake slowly stroked his dick as they both sat down on the bench in front of me.

I was so shocked I stopped stroking.

"Come on, man, we want to get out of here TONIGHT!" Jake teased.

I decided why not.

I leaned back against the lockers and started jerking off. I rubbed my abs and chest as I continued to pump my large shaft. My breathing got really shallow and I knew I was about to blow. Heather leaned over toward me and that was all I could take.

"Ahhh yeah" I moaned as I shot my cum all over her face. She opened her mouth and I tried to aim for it as I wildly jerked off in her face.

"Wow, Scott, that was hot!" she said. Then she got up and walked away. "I'll see you guys tomorrow."

Jake and I just watched her ass as she walked away. Jake's dick was hard again.

"Fuck, man, what a tease!" Jake said as he lay back down on the bench and jerked off until he came again all over his abs and chest.

"Look, I'm sorry man, I just forgot my keys...", I explained.

He said, "Forget about it. Honestly. It was a real turn on being watched."

"You are one lucky bastard, you know that!" I said.

"What can I say?" Jake said with a smile.

I started to feel awkward, so I turned around and started putting my clothes back on.

"Well, thanks for the show. I guess, I'll see ya." I said as I picked up my bag.

"Yeah, you too." Jake turned around and walked away.

What a night.

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