tagInterracial LoveGym Teachers Want to Play, Too

Gym Teachers Want to Play, Too


People think I'm dumb, but I'm not. I don't do too good in school in any class, but I don't fail, neither. The problem is that I'm shy, so with that plus my low grades, everyone just thinks I'm stupid. It can be a burden or a blessing, because some people treat me nicer, which can even be annoying, but other people try to take advantage of me.

I don't know which one of those things had just happened to me, but I came away enjoying it anyway. This girl in my school, the one I like the most but am way too scared to talk to, brought me down into the locker room during lunch break when nobody was there and gave me a blowjob. It was awesome. I've had a few before, and she was definitely the best. Even let me cum in her mouth, which was a surprise because I have a big dick and a lot of cum.

But as soon as I came she wanted me to leave so we wouldn't get caught. But I think it also had something to do with her not wanting people to know she'd been with me. It was kind of insulting, but I wasn't about to go on telling people to get back at her. For all I knew, she would do it again if I kept my promise to keep it a secret.

I was leaving the locker room when I realized the secret was already out. I'm a big guy. Not to brag, but without me, our football team's undefeated record would probably be without a single win. We wouldn't be going to state, for sure. But, man, I was so scared when I saw Ms. Brawn come around that corner. Me and the girl had gone to the locker room because there were no gym classes at that time, and nobody was supposed to be down there. But I guess Ms. Brawn wasn't having lunch with the other teachers. She must have been in her office, next to the girl's locker room. I hoped I was just in trouble for being in a restricted area, but her face told me that she knew what I'd done.

She led me quietly into her little office. She was the gym teacher, and so while the other teachers in our school had to do all their work in the classrooms, Ms. Brawn actually had her own private office there in the basement. I'd never been in it before, and it was scary, especially since I was expecting to get expelled. Being kicked out of school didn't really bother me, but I wouldn't get to play football, and that really worried me. I needed to play football so I could get a scholarship.

"Danny..." she said, like she didn't know what else to say. She shook her head like she was very disappointed. I started to shake I was so scared. Besides people thinking I'm dumb, they also thought I was really nice and innocent since I never caused any trouble. But now I was caught doing something as bad as anybody had done in my school before.

"This is a very serious offense, Danny," she said.

Ms. Brawn is a little scary herself, so that wasn't helping. She has a nice, friendly face when she's smiling, but when she's upset like now, she looks like another person. She's also bigger, like me. Not really fat, but built strong and tall. She has very dark skin, and even though she's a gym teacher she dresses nicer than any of the other teachers; very professional when she's not dressed for class. She wasn't very talkative except during class, and when she did talk, you listened. She also had a reputation for being very by-the-book in terms of discipline.

I tried to act like I didn't know what she was talking about.

"Don't lie, Danny," she said. "You're in enough trouble already. If I tell Principal Bell about this, you'll be expelled. Do you understand that?"

My body tightened at the word "if". Was she really considering on letting me go? I saw the conflict in her eyes, and tried to see things as she was seeing them. As a teacher she was obligated to report what I'd done. But Ms. Brawn was also new to the staff, and most people knew that she didn't get along with the other teachers. She could pretend enough to get by, but I think even the teachers were scared to get to know her because she was so big and strong looking. And if she told on me, and I got expelled, then people would kind of blame her for ruining our chances at winning state. She was already unpopular enough, and I had accidentally made things worse for her.

Voices outside the office interrupted us. More students were down where they shouldn't be. I looked to see if Ms. Brawn was going to do anything about it, and she saw what I was hoping for.

"If I go out there," she explained, "then people will know I was down here. And I won't be able to convince anyone that I didn't know what you and that girl were doing."

"So you're not going to tell?"

"It's just that easy for you, isn't it? You get a blowjob from some girl at school and get away Scott-free because I don't want to be the one to break up the football team and ruin your chances to get in college. But I have people to answer to, Danny."

"Like Principal Bell?"

"And God, honey. If I tell, then I might as well start to look for a different job in another city. But if I don't tell, I'll never forgive myself cause God will know. Things are a little bit more difficult when you have Him to answer to, Danny. I can't just let you go."

I thought she was about to cry, but then her face took on a more angry, frustrated expression. I felt bad even though she wasn't crying. I could tell she didn't know what to do, and I felt awful for putting her in this position. Even though she was, even to me, kind of intimidating, she had always been nice to me and supportive.

"What if I confessed?" I said. "I could confess after the season. So you wouldn't have to do it."

"I don't think so. It's my responsibility, Danny." She slammed her hand on the desk, hard, but not as hard as I knew she could have. "Damn. And I was really starting to like it here..." She shook her head sadly, then reached into her drawer to find her paper pad to begin writing up the report. "You're going to have to give me her name, Danny. You I could recognize, but I couldn't see her face, being where it was. Whoever she is, I hope she's 18, too, Danny--"

"She is," I answered quickly.

"Okay. She better be. Because that is an awful risk to take. Even still, with all the rich kids in this school, when her daddy finds out, he's liable to sue you. Could get her to say you threatened to make her do it. And people will believe it because you're so big and so strong. They see what you can do on the field. Damn, boy. Why take a risk like that? You had the NFL in your future, you know that? Why go after a skinny little classmate like that?"

She began writing, still shaking her head. And then she said something that just about made my head explode. "Gym teachers want to play, too, you know."

At first I tried to figure out what that had to do with everything else. Maybe there was a point she was making that I didn't get, besides the obvious one. But I couldn't think of a damn thing. All I could think was, 'Did Ms. Brawn just make a pass at me?'

"What do you mean?" I asked, stunned. But she ignored me. Kept writing the report up.

As she continued, I thought about what she said. Looking her over, I was surprised to find that she actually did have a sexy body. It was just bigger than most. Like me. She actually was pretty, her clothes and hair were always nice. Every guy at school talked about how big her breasts were, but for the first time I realized they weren't just big, but very nice. Other guys would joke about how they were big and nasty, but they weren't the over-sized, sagging boobs. They were actually pretty firm. And her hips were wide and she had a big ass, but her waist was smaller. I doubt many people had ever looked at Ms. Brawn in a sexual way because she was so tall and, well, brawny. But she actually had a pretty awesome figure. Just a super-sized one.

"Did you finish?" she asked, breaking the silence.


"Did you cum, Danny? Did you cum in her mouth? Did she swallow?"

I thought that was a weird thing to put in the report. I nodded, then said, "I don't know if she...swallowed. I left right away."

Ms. Brawn just stared at the paper. Didn't write anything down. Silence again. My eyes wandered down to the heavy swell of her breasts. I was shocked to see hard, fat nipples denting against the fabric of her blouse. Those impressions weren't there a second ago.

"I only saw you two in the middle of it all," she said. "Didn't stay to see the end cause I was so surprised. So I don't know...did you have sex with her?"

"No, Ms. Brawn."

She gave kind of a sad snicker, then looked back to the report, but still didn't write anything. "You're probably too big for a little girl like that, huh? You probably would have hurt her."

"I don't know..."

"I never seen you cause you were facing the other way. So I didn't see if you were big or not..."

By now I was pretty hard, thinking and hoping what this was. I had never thought about Ms. Brawn sexually before, but now that was all I could do. I considered asking if she wanted to see me now, but I knew she'd have to say no. So I just unzipped my pants and took it out.

I saw her look at me for a half-second out of the corner of her eye. She didn't say anything at first. I watched her nipples get harder. We stayed still and quiet for a long time, and then Ms. Brawn spread her legs. She was wearing a skirt, and she slowly scooted forward until the skirt bunched up at her big upper thighs.

When she didn't make the next move, I decided to. I slipped my hand between her legs and under her skirt, then petted her there. To my surprise, she was wearing shorts under there, but no panties. I was so shocked when I felt skin and hair instead of the expected panties that I jumped a little. She was very wet, and she jumped, too. She didn't look up from her report or otherwise acknowledge me yet though, so I slipped a finger inside of her.

She tried to hide her moan, but I heard it.

I slowly began fingering her, but she was so wet and I was going so deep that I didn't stay slow for long. In a few seconds I had two fingers in her, and her pussy made a wet sloppy sound as I fucked her with them. She started breathing hard, and finally she gave in and sat back from the desk and pushed her crotch against my hand. I didn't even realize she was reaching for me with her own hand until I felt her fingers slide up my thigh and tighten around my big dick. She started stroking me immediately.

Her eyes closed, Ms. Brawn started whispering to herself. I could only make out an occasional word, like "cock" and "fuck". And then her words started getting clearer. "We can't do this, Danny. We can't do this. This isn't right." But she still kept stroking me, and she was still breathing hard as she let me finger fuck her.

"I bet you think you're going to blackmail me, don't you?" she finally asked, ruining the moment.

"No," I said, and in all honesty, the thought hadn't entered my mind.

"Well if that's what you're going to do, you better make sure you get me good." And with that, she looked me in the eye for first time since this all began. "And you better lock that door."

The door to the small office was right behind me. I had to pull my fingers out of her so I could lean back and reach the knob to lock it. As soon as I did it, I felt an incredible surge of pleasure, warm and wet, envelop my cock. I knew even before looking that Ms. Brawn was sucking me.

I looked down and saw the back of her head bobbing up and down in my lap. I moved a little in my seat so I could see her lips actually sucking me, and what a sight it was. She sucked me hungrily, and made loud slurping noises. As big as I am, she had most of my dick in her mouth and/or throat, and she never slowed down.

When she finally released me, gasping, she said, "Damn that's a big cock you have there, Danny. Such a big damn cock." A string of saliva dangled from her lips. "Now I bet you want to see my tits, don't you?"

I gulped before I could answer.

"I don't care if you want to or not," she said, unbuttoning her blouse. "Because I want to show them to you. And I want you suck them. Get them real wet before you put that big white cock between them."

Ms. Brawn took her blouse off and dropped it on the floor. Beneath she was wearing the school uniform grey gym shirt. Now the mystery of how she changed so fast was solved. She just wore the gym clothes under her regular clothes. I had seen her wearing this shirt before at all my gym classes, but now I was looking at her with a new pair of eyes. Though the shirt wasn't tight and revealed nothing, I found it very arousing. She reached beneath it and undid her bra, then pulled it off without raising up the shirt until last. She stretched it up over the top of her breasts and let it sit there without taking it off.

I had marveled just minutes ago at how firm her huge breasts were, but I had thought a big reason they looked that way was because of a good bra holding them up. Boy was I wrong! Her boobs had to be DDs, maybe even Es if that's possible, and like any boobs that big they hung down, but not nearly as much as they should have. Her chest stuck out strongly, only barely affected by gravity and their heavy weight. The nipples were a darker brown than the rest of her, and the areola was surprisingly small. I leaned forward to take one of these miracle tits in my mouth, and Ms. Brawn pushed her chest forward to meet me.

Somehow the dark chocolate nipple seemed to have a sweet, chocolate taste to it, and I sucked and licked and nibbled eagerly. Ms. Brawn was too excited to let me continue on my own, so she grabbed a hold of the breast I sucked and moved it up and down, rubbing it against my face and making me chase the nipple with my tongue. I lathered her up good, and then she had me do the same thing to her other giant breast. Once both tits were glistening and dripping, she lay back in her chair, pulled me over the top of her to straddle her, and directed my cock to her chest.

I was fucking her chest instantly, letting my own spit lube me up and relishing the feeling of my balls rubbing against her skin. Ms. Brawn pushed her big breasts together until I couldn't even see most of my dick as I fucked her cleavage. I didn't have a lot of sex experience, but even still, her tits felt better to fuck than any pussy I'd even been in. I felt myself about to cum.

"Ms. Brawn," I said, trying to hold back but knowing it was useless.

"You call me Ms. Brawn when I'm your teacher," she said. "You call me Georgia when you rub that big white cock on me."

"Georgia, I'm gonna cum," I groaned.

"That's okay," she said, instantly grabbing my cock with her hand and pulling me from her chest to her face. She jerked me and rubbed my fat, throbbing cock all over her face as she licked me and talked to me. "That's fine as long as you fuck me afterward. You can cum on my face, but then you better cum in my cunt, Danny."

And suddenly I was cumming, shooting a big, thick load of cum that spilled and sprayed all over Ms. Brawn's, I mean Georgia's, face. She moved my dick all over her, making sure the cum didn't go neatly into her mouth, but that it smeared and dribbled over her tongue, lips, cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. She even sucked on my balls as she jerked me off some into her hair. All the while she moaned and "mmmed" like she was enjoying the best meal of her life. Even when I finished cumming, she rubbed my dick and balls into the mess on her face, spreading it around.

And then suddenly she stopped. "You better get down there and suck my cunt, Danny." She pulled her skirt up, then grabbed the gym shorts beneath them and pulled them down and off. I kneeled before her, and found that Georgia's pussy was also intimidating. The only pussy I'd ever had were the tight, trim little mounds between the legs of small white girls. But Georgia had a big, furry, dark cunt, and the lips were fat and protruded. Still, I didn't waste a second burying my face between her legs, munching on the hair and the slick flesh. She bucked against me and held my head to her with both hands, moaning all the while. I could also hear her smacking her lips as she continued to lick at the cum I had left within reach of her tongue.

I gobbled up Georgia's sopping pussy for only a short time before she started directing my head, I wasn't sure where. Then I found her hard, fat clit, and I sucked on it gently. She moaned in approval and shuddered before panting my name.

"Danny, Danny. You ready to put that big cock in me yet?"

I was. So much so that I didn't even bother answering. I licked her sweet taste off my lips as I got up and leaned over her. But Georgia had other ideas. She motioned me back, got up off the chair and then leaned over the backrest, presenting her big brown ass to me. I quickly mounted her doggie-style, having no trouble slipping my huge erection into her soaking, quivering, bushy cunt. She grunted and groaned with every thrust, but she also thrust back against me, taking me all the way in, which I'd never done with a woman before.

"I bet you've never had a woman take you like this," she said, as if reading my mind. "That little brunette in the locker room couldn't take your big cock like this. Not like I can."

I could reply only with grunts of passion.

"You have to earn a cock this good, Danny," she said. "Am I earning it? Am I earning your big white cock, baby?"

She might have kept talking, but I started thrusting harder and deeper and faster, and sweet Ms. Brawn couldn't control her tongue enough to form words. She just groaned and cried out. And then her thrusting against me grew wilder and more passionate. She screamed as loud as she dared, and her pussy grew increasingly wetter. She was climaxing.

Her sounds started to get repetitive, and finally I realized she was saying something over and over, with gradually increasing clarity. "Give me that cum. Cum in me. Give me that cum. Cum in me."

I cried out. I was cumming again.

"Fill my pussy," she demanded, holding back her own scream.

I shot into her hard, my load surprisingly large considering it was my third time in under an hour. Her pussy convulsed around me, eating up my sperm and milking my cock for the last of it. I collapsed forward, laying against her black, sweaty back. My arms draped around her, unconsciously seeking out and finding her huge, hanging tits, also wet from sweat and my saliva. I squeezed and massaged her as we both took a few minutes to calm down. Somehow my dick was still semi-hard when I pulled out of her, though I felt weak and very drained.

"Okay," Ms. Brawn finally said as we cleaned ourselves up and got dressed again. "So you're blackmailing me."

I was about to protest, and then I understood.

"I can't tell anybody about you and that girl in the locker room, or you'll tell on me about how I made you fuck me. So I guess you don't have to worry about anything."

We didn't say much else in the next few minutes as we made ourselves presentable. I finished getting ready before she did, and I stood there in awe, waiting and watching her continue to wipe my cum from her face. I understood the deal now, but I still thought she was taking a big risk. I could get in big trouble if she told on me, but she would go to jail if I told on her. Plus there was more proof to back up what happened in this office than what happened with the girl in the locker room. I couldn't believe Ms. Brawn would let herself get in this kind of position, so vulnerable and powerless. If I wanted to, I could destroy her, nobody would believe her accusations about me, and I'd have nothing to worry about.

I was still wondering about all of this when she opened the office door to let me out. She handed me a tardy pass so I wouldn't get in trouble for being late for my next class. Funny thing, because I'd been so overwhelmed by everything that I never even heard the bell ring.

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