tagRomanceHades and Persephone Ch. 04

Hades and Persephone Ch. 04


"You're wrong!" the flaxen-haired girl said. "I know all about the act of love."

She was met with a sardonic laugh, tenor and melodic, coming from behind her as a hand brushed over her exposed breast. Its owner circled her and spun around, a chlamys draped across one shoulder, his only garment. "Oh, Elektra..."

"Voleta," she pouted.

"Voleta. My apologies," he said, pulling the fibula pin from a brooch with a stylized theta etched on its surface. It clanged on the floor like a bell. The black fabric followed it, slinking off his shoulders to revealing his pale, smooth frame. His black hair was cropped short on his head and between his legs. Piercing silver eyes stared out of a flawless, angelic face. "You know nothing about the act, other than which parts fit together. It's why you came to me so readily. You're curious."

"But, the Great Lady—"

"Yes, yes... Hecate sent you to some village or another for the great rite of hieros gamos," he finished for her. "And then some noble youth climbed up your body and squirted inside you to bless the planting of the fields, or founding of a city, or what have you..."

Voleta gaped up at him, shocked at his flippancy. He ignored her and continued.

"And because of this, you think you know anything about the act of love," his smiling face came within inches of hers. He slid a finger under her chin and pushed up. "The first thing I'm going to teach you is to never open your mouth like that unless you intend to use it."

"I came to you because I saw you and wanted you," she said indignantly. "Our Lady said that after the rites we could have as many men as we like as long as we are mutually fulfilled."

He laughed again. "And do you have the faintest idea what she was talking about?"

Voleta bit her lip.

"Well despite your ignorance, your Lady is at least right about that," he said, pushing Voleta back against the sheets with a finger, "and I intend to make good on it. Allow me to educate you."

"And what is it about you that makes you such an expert on something meant to create life, anyway? You're—"

Voleta's breath hitched as the beat of large, black-plumed wings guttered the flames of the oil lamps and fanned her hot skin. She saw them in full for the first time as he stretched them, their span spreading into the darkness of his room, eclipsing the lamps. Voleta suddenly felt very small.

She wavered again. "Y-you're..."

"Death," Thanatos finished for her. "Very clever. But consider this..."

He folded his wings back and knelt in front of her. Thanatos kissed her on her right foot, then her left.

"There isn't anyone I cannot have, the old, the young, maiden or youth..."

He placed a kiss on her right knee, then her left.

"...because in the end, I take them all."

He planted a kiss on her womb and slowly, deliberately thrust a finger into her, curling it upward, beckoning her in pleasure. Voleta wriggled on the bed, her breath catching.

"The occasional young man is quite fine, but I prefer the maiden when I come for her."

He placed a kiss on her right breast and on the slow withdrawal of his lips, teased the nipple to a point. Thanatos added another finger inside her and curled them in a fast cycle, brushing a spot she didn't even know she had. Voleta gasped as he smiled up at her.

"Sometimes, she pleads to go; other times, she pleads to stay. But out of the scores I send every day to the shores of the river ..."

He kissed Voleta's left breast, sucking the nipple upward with a nip of his teeth as his mouth came away. He stroked his fingers inside of her, then added his thumb over her nub to rock back and forth across its swollen surface. He watched intently until her breath became ragged and her eyes glazed over.

"...there is at least one..."

He pecked a kiss on her lips.

"...who pleads for me."

Thanatos pushed the pads of his fingers up into the secret spot and Voleta screamed out loud, her back arching and falling as she came, fingers gripping the sheets. Liquid coated his hand. The smirk never left his face.

When her paroxysms had ceased and her breathing had settled, Thanatos slowly withdrew his fingers. Voleta opened her violet eyes wide and stared up at him. "What was... How did you—"

"Make you come? That's my trade secret. Tell me— that sniveling mortal boy who took you maidenhead— did he do that for you?"

"No," she panted. "Wait— was that the Five Fold Kiss?!"

He smiled at her, showing all his teeth. "You are a clever girl. And yes, it was. I figured I'd start with something you were familiar with before moving on."

"You profaned it!"

"I enhanced it," he shrugged. "Which brings us to our next exercise..."

Thanatos knelt down between her legs and ran his tongue through the wet lips of her vulva. He firmly pinned her thighs to the bed beneath his sinewy arms, and pressed down on her mound with both hands.

"Thanatos... what are you— oh!"

With his hand gripping her mons, Voleta couldn't squirm out of reach of his mouth. The universe tilted over again for her. Words disappeared, lost in her cries as he extended her pleasure, chasing her long climax from peak to peak. Thanatos kept drilling the sensitive bud with the tip of his tongue. Voleta spasmed and cried out as every touch became a little death. He paused for a moment, giving her a small reprieve from his torment, then dove in once more, drinking her, and sucked the hooded nub hard into his mouth. He quickly pushed three fingers into her and curled them around to just the right place. She bolted upright and screamed, eyes rolling back in her head, finally forcing Thanatos to lose his grip on her.

He rolled back onto his haunches to admire his handiwork as Voleta fell limp against the bed, gasping for air. Standing up, he picked her discarded chiton off the floor and wiped her juices from around his mouth. "I couldn't let you get up without at least having a taste. I take it he never did that to you either."

She shook her head and reached out to him with one hand, eyeing his fully erect cock hungrily. Her tongue was thick in her mouth. Slowly, words started to form again. "Do I get to taste you?"

He thought about it for a moment, cocking his head to the side. "No. I don't think so."

"Why not?"

Thanatos sat next to Voleta and traced a finger along her trembling lips. "Because— and this is impatient of me, I'll admit it— you don't have enough experience to pleasure me with those lips."

Her face fell. He ran a fingernail between her breasts and across her stomach before clamping his fingers on her mound, his palm squeezing and massaging her wet flesh. "But these lips on the other hand..."

She stared up at him, wordless and wide-eyed as he rose above her and moved between her legs, spreading her knees apart. Thanatos craned her ankles up over his shoulders.

"And since there's no hymen to worry about anymore, thanks to the goddess you serve and that idiot who had you..."

Thanatos spread his black wings with a shake, startling her, and held Voleta at an angle so she could watch him enter her. Voleta winced once, expecting pain, until he moved his hips around in a circle, stirring her insides with his cock, working his way into her depths. Her soaked and quivering channel offered no resistance. Voleta's face and shallow staccatoed breath told him all he needed to know— he was filling her far deeper than what she had experienced in the rite. She was expecting him to stop, to be at the hilt much sooner, and opened her eyes wide to him as he continued to drive into her in slow methodical circles. He finally settled into her as both looked down to see short black hair touching short blonde where they were joined, his length sunk all the way inside her.

"With that wretched barrier gone, I don't have to worry about preventing pain. Only giving pleasure," he said, withdrawing all but the crown. Voleta whimpered at his absence before he thrust in again and she rocked her head back. Thanatos pushed in deeper and stayed there.

"Please..." Voleta whispered.

He cupped his free hand to his ear and leaned in close to her face. "What was that?"

"Please..." she said louder, trying to breathe around the word.

"Please what?" Thanatos pouted his lips with a sarcastic smirk. "'Please stop'?" he said as he slowly withdrew.

"NO!!" she cried.

Thanatos returned her ankles to his shoulders and held only the tip of his cock steady inside her. He came down an inch from her face and smiled, wings outstretched behind him, blocking out the lamplight. "You want me to fuck you, don't you?"


"Before I do," Thanatos said against her whimpering protest as he came back up, "I'll ask you again. What is it you know about the act of love?"


"This isn't about love, is it? This is about you craving my touch; craving my cock."


"This is about this one moment, with you and me in it. This is about you wanting me, and you wanting me to fuck you as if nothing else in this world exists."

"Gods yes! Please!"

"Then say it," he growled.

"Please fuck me!" she screamed, "Please fuck me, Thanatos!"

He grabbed her hips and drove into her as she sighed in ecstasy, feeling the relief of him filling her once more. He withdrew and pushed back in hard, withdrawing his length fully then entering to the hilt, Voleta's gaze drifting from his eyes to his cock and back again as he penetrated her.

Thanatos let her anticipate each thrust as he slid in and out of her, her sheath learning how to grip his shaft. As soon as Voleta had measured his pace, he quickened his tempo. He grasped the top of her mound and circled his thumb over the top edge of the hood as she cried out again.

He rocked forward faster, pumping into her, listening to her wordless pleas. Voleta's high-pitched moans barely drowned out the slap of wet flesh echoing throughout the room. He could feel himself getting close, but not before he could make her come one last time...

A loud knock at the door startled Voleta, accidentally driving her to another screaming crest, her body rising and reaching for his. Thanatos rolled his eyes back, holding still for a moment to relish in her muscles squeezing and fluttering around him, reacting to their interruption.

"Just a minute!!" Thanatos yelled behind him before gripping her hips and making his penultimate thrusts. He roared triumphantly as he came, the last thrust slamming his cock hard into her and raising him up on the balls of his feet as his knees buckled. His clenching fingers drove deep impressions into the flesh of her hips, marking her.

He withdrew from her with a long, hard exhale and stumbled backward, before stopping with his hand on his knees, the muscles of his stomach clenching as his wings curved over his shoulders.


He hushed her with a glare, holding a finger outstretched toward her. Thanatos gasped for breath and turned his head toward the door. "Who is it?"

"Open the door."

Thanatos spun back toward Voleta and smacked her lightly on the rump. "Get up."


"Do you have any idea who I'm making wait outside that door right now?" he whispered to her. "Lord Hades Aidoneus."

Her eyes grew as wide as the full moon as she scrambled off the bed, picking up her soiled chiton and wrapping it around her. Thanatos slung his chlamys over his shoulder again, pinning it in place.

The door finally opened. Aidoneus watched a blonde woman dart past, barely nodding her head to him, a quick 'milord' escaping her lips as she ran. He heard her bare feet pad down the stone hallway as he entered his minister's chamber. Aidoneus closed the door behind him, wrinkling his nose at the heavy smell of sex hanging in the air.

"My lord," Thanatos said with a slight bow, adjusting the draped fabric under the base of his wings. "I would apologize—"

"I don't expect you to," he said. Thanatos lit a censer next to his bed and sat down to catch his breath. The smell of pennyroyal and wormwood started to cover the scent of the Minister of Death's latest conquest. "Who was she?"

Thanatos looked at the ceiling, mouthing names as he thought back. Phaedra, Elektra, Voleta... "Voleta," he finally said.

"One of Hecate's Lampades nymphs?"

"I think so," he said with a shrug.

"Thanatos, please tell me she wasn't a new initiate. That you know a little more about her than barely remembering her first name," Aidoneus said as he looked for a place to sit. He squinted at the surface of a chair near the bed, making sure it was clean before he leaned back into it.

"I'm not an idiot," he laughed. "The only ones I take to my bed have already undergone the hieros gamos. The white witch would make my cock disappear if I touched any of her virgin initiates."

"Hecate's none too happy with you having them once they return, either."

"They come to me willingly, and she's none too happy with me in the first place, whether I fuck them or not." He leaned back with a smile and a sigh. "I swear by the Fates, Aidon, I found this one already standing in my chambers when I got back. It was almost adorable how she tried to seduce me. She just looked at me and pulled the pins on her chiton before I even shut the door," he guffawed, then grew quiet, watching Aidon blush. Thanatos leaned in closer to him. "Now that's new!"

"What is?"

"In all the aeons I have known you, the only reaction you ever had to hearing about the women I've fucked has been disapproval."

"It still is," he said, cocking an eyebrow at his minister's vulgarity.

"Yes, but there's more now! Your chief concern was always about how my behavior might cause problems with Hecate. I couldn't even get you to blink when I talked about sex. But now," he said with a smile, "our new little queen has changed you."

Aidon's lips thinned and he looked at the ground. "I suppose."

"And that's not a bad thing." Thanatos grew serious, the constant smile finally leaving his face. "I take it you didn't come here to talk about Voleta or Hecate?"

Aidoneus shut his eyes. Every day at dusk he had come to Persephone as she looked out over the shifting colors of the river. Each time, he would take her to bed, reenacting their night three weeks ago. When he made love to her, he would extinguish the lights and just feel the press of hot skin, listen to her ragged breathing and sharp cries of pleasure as she held him ever closer. Tangled together in the dark of her room, he could feel passion and joy. But as soon as their embrace ended, her fear and sadness would return with a shiver. When it was over, he knew it wasn't love she felt for him— just a potent mix of desire and fear. With the lamps doused, at least he couldn't look into her eyes and know it.

"Aidon?" Thanatos said, watching sadness wash across his friend's face.

"It's becoming unbearable," he started slowly. "I love her."

Thanatos snorted and shook his head. "If you're coming to me for advice on love, I'm the wrong person to give it."

"My experience with women begins and ends with her. Yours, however— Honestly, Thanatos, how many have you had?"

"Gods, I don't know. How many days has it been since Prometheus handed fire to those fools?"

"You mean to tell me that you've been with one woman each day since..."

"At least, if I can help it; and you can't blame me for trying! My job isn't exactly pleasant, you know. I need diversions, and you don't allow wine down here. Or ergot kykeon— a barley mead hallucination would do me good, just once in awhile." Thanatos cleared his throat. "So when someone sees through that hideous shell I become in the mortal world, and wants me all the same, I give them what they want. It's only fair if it's someone's last request. Wouldn't you agree?"

Aidon narrowed his eyes. "No, I wouldn't. These women throw themselves at you thinking that you'll find it in your heart to save them from... you."

"Entirely untrue. I tell each of them plainly what is about to happen to them and why I'm there. They know there's no going back; I only show them how sweet death can be," he smiled.

"All the same, I don't understand the appeal. I thought you would have gotten bored with it and settled down by now."

Thanatos laughed. "You're talking to me, remember? It's hard to settle down when you make a habit of never fucking a girl twice. Believe me, I only had to make that mistake with the one."

"Dare I ask who?"

"Eris," he muttered.

Aidon curled his lip. "Eris?!"

"Multiple times. Sometimes I still— I can't help myself. She's just..." he looked off into the distance and whistled low, running his hand through his hair. "Look— crazy women make for an amazing lay."

"I wouldn't know."

"My dalliances aren't what you came to talk about, in any event," Thanatos said, "This is supposed to be about you. Now, my king, what advice could you want from your humble minister on matters of love, knowing full well that I'm only interested in love's counterpart?"

He was silent for a moment, deciding whether or not this was even a good idea. Thanatos waited.

"Sex itself is hardly a problem for us," he said quietly.

"Really!" Thanatos smiled and leaned forward, his wings relaxing and spreading out behind him. With a glare from Hades they snapped back. "I mean no disrespect to our queen, of course. I'm just glad for you."

"This isn't easy for me to speak about," he said, looking away.

"The door is shut, and nothing will travel beyond it. You can speak plainly to me, Aidon," he said seriously, the smile gone from his face.

Aidoneus squeezed his temples with his fingers and began again. "That part of our lives is... it's wonderful. Incredible, really. But it's all we have right now."

"Then keep it as it is," he said with a shrug. "So many men would dream to have even that."

"But that's not what I want. I can't keep doing this in perpetuity."

"So what is it that you want from her?"

"I want her to want me to be more than just her lover." Aidoneus paused, frowning. "I want to be her husband. I want her to be my wife; my queen."

"Well, sorry to say, you can't will her to love you, or make her love you with what both of you are doing right now."

Hades looked down and ran his hand back through his hair once more.

"Aidon, it's not as dire as you seem to think."

"No?" he snapped. "I know I can't make her love me, or trust me, but Persephone can't bring herself to do either." He stood up and turned toward the door, muttering to himself. "This is foolish. I should just take your advice, and enjoy the way things are now. She is my consort; she's ready and willing for me when I go to her, and I should just be content with that."

"Wait," Thanatos said. "Stay. You just said 'trust'. How much trust do you put in her, exactly?"

"I don't understand."

"Well, from what I hear, our little queen has been wandering in circles around familiar parts of the palace for the last few weeks, either with Hecate, or to the garden with Askalaphos and Cerberus. Where were you?"

"This realm doesn't run itself—"

"Except for at night when you're with her, you mean."

"What is your point, Thanatos?" he bristled.

"That it's hardly a question of her trusting you. How much do you trust her? How much of our world has she seen?"

Aidon sat down again. "The last time I took her anywhere, she ran away from me and straight into the Lethe. I almost lost her."

"She'd only been here for a matter of hours, and from what I heard from Menoetes, your big black three-headed puppy gave her a bit of a scare."

"I keep her in the palace to protect her."

"Like Demeter did?"

Aidoneus glared at him.

Thanatos stood firm. "Put some trust in her, Aidon."


"I don't know. I'm sure the situation will arise if you actually spend time with her outside her bedroom."

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