Hairy Fun At Home...


"And me too on my hairy underarms!" says Helen when suddenly the door swings open.

Clista, the 53 years old mother of Carol, comes over with a plate full of cookies for the family. When she opens the door she first smells the heavy sex aroma of the room. This odor is done by the mixture of all the sperm of three generations of males, her husband, her son-in-law and her grand son, with the pussy cream of her daughter and her two grand daughters. And then, she can't believe what she is seeing! Hairy bushes and big hairy cocks all over the place! With this she drops the plate of cookies and starts to undress, ready to expose the biggest darkest thickest fucking bush you've ever seen! And tits the size of water melons! That's she is thinking.

Clista is now in her 50's and has a stunning figure for a woman her age. Harry has watched her often as she visits his family. Now, what really turns Harry on is her furry black bush sprinkled with little wisps of grey hairs throughout. As he looks her wide and compact treasure trail between her pubis and her navel, Harry says : "Now, I understand why Mom and sisters have a so exciting treasure trail!" So he wants a face full of this mature and hairy muff. But Clista has another idea, she wants to have her anus licked and not by her grand son!

The family sat transfixed by Clista's salt-and-pepper bush for what seemed like hours as she put on a show for them and they rubbed themselves raw. Walter says : "Clista, your underarms are hairier than my wife's and my daughters's! Can I lick them?". Clista answers "Not yet" and took his hand and ordered him to shove his head between her cheeks and says : "Walter, lick my hairy anus, it's clean so you can securely taste some real sugar!"

With his face close to Clista's ass he can see great ragged tufts of hair stuck out the side of her cheeks, and that there were little black curls all down the inside of the upper part of her thighs. "Clista, during the past eighteen years i don't know that you have a so enormous black jungle of hairs on your sex and a terrific amount of black hairs on your armpits!" says Walter. "Yes, my hairy armpits and pussy had always excited my husband. And don't forget my hairy asshole!" says Clista. Walter, ultra excited by Clista's words, starts licking her hairy anus. The smell of his so close mother-in-law's hairy pussy is intoxicating. Walter loves the way her black and grey hairs tickle his nose as he darts his tongue and lips playfully rool across her anus. "Oohh! You lick my anus as good as my husband" says Clista. "Hummphh! It's because I lick your daughter's asshole each day since 18 years" answers Walter.

"Grandma, your pussy is hairier than Mom's and my sisters's!" says Harry.

"Thanks Harry. Maybe you want to feel my pussy cream on your prick?. I can't wait to drain your nuts in my hairy cunt" answers Clista. Harry, mega excited to hear his grand mother hot speaking, buries his big cock, with only one stroke, inside his grand mother's hairy cunt. "Oohh!" groans Harry as his young cock enters inside her old vagina for the first time. Clista lets out a long, loud moan of satisfaction and extasy as her grand son's dick finds its mark. Harry feels his big cock slide into his grand mother's hot, black haired bush and feels her pussy lips wrap around his shaft. Having her vagina sucking her grand son's cock as her son-in-law's tongue licks her asshole is very exciting for Clista. Harry pumps his tool in and out of her hairy cunt at a fever pitch. He is close to coming, he could take no more. "I'm straining not to blow my sperm too quick" Harry thinks, but the thought he is fucking his grand mother in front of his mother, his sisters and his grand father as his father licks her anus was too exciting for him.

Seeing all the family looks at the fuck session between the oldest female and the youngest male, eg. herself and her grand son!, is so exciting for Clista that she contracts her pussy muscles on her grand son's cock. So, after only one minute of savage fuck, a groaning Harry ejaculates his incestuous sperm deep inside his grand mother's tight vagina as she moans loudly, mixing his "young" sperm with her "old" cream.

"Two days ago I was a virgin, and now I ejaculate my sperm inside my grandma's vagina!" says loudly a satisfated Harry to be sure that all the family heard him. "I love you Harry! With your grand father, you are the second man which have the pleasure to ejaculate his sperm in my vagina!" answers Clista. Proud to be considered as a man by his grand mother, Harry answers : "I'm sure that Dad will be quickly the third. And, I love you too Grandma!" These words increase Walter's erection as he continue to lick Clista's asshole. But, contrary to his thoughts, he will ejaculate in his wife's vagina and not yet in his mother-in-law's. After a few moments, savouring the pleasure to have his now half erected prick deeply impaled inside his juices coated grand mother's vagina, Harry withdrews his cock with a wet slurping sound. Hearing this incestuous sound is a pleasure for all the family. Walter, ultra excited to see his son withdrews from his mother-in-law's massive bush, says : "Clista, you have the fullest bush with the longest pussy hairs I had ever seen!" Seeing that his grand son's sperm leaks outside his wife's vagina as her ass's hairs are wet by his son-in-law's saliva increases John's erection.

Seeing this hot fuck between her mother and her son is very exciting for Carol. But, most of all, seeing her son's cock covered up by her mother's pussy cream is too much. So Carol says : "Walter and Dad, please, double fuck my hairy pussy! Harry, my son, lick my hairy asshole!" Walter and John start to double fuck Carol, their, respectively, wife and daughter, in her hairy pussy as their, respectively, son and grand son, starts to lick his mother's hairy anus! Walter and John plug together their big pricks in Carol's vagina in one common stroke because it's so relaxed and wet by all the others copulations.

Walter and John, with the strange feeling to have another wet cock pressed against their owns, yell together : "Aaghh, Carol!, your vagina is very very tight!" "Uuuhh!, it's normal with two big cocks in my hairy pussy" answers Carol as they start to ejaculate their sperm creams simultaneously inside her hairy hole, mixing their loads in her vagina. They feel the contractions of the other cock as they ejaculate! Carol moans loudly as her husband unloads his legal sperm and her father ejaculates his incestuous load.

During this fuck, Helen licks alternatively her mother's brown hairy armpits as her father licks her own right blond hairy armpit and her grand father the left one. At the same time, Helen masturbates her brother's cock as he licks his mother's hairy asshole. And Helen sees with pleasure her hand full of her brother's sperm. During this hot incestuous fuck, Harriet and her grand mother lick alternatively each others hairy armpits without forget to play with each others huge tits. As Walter and John pull out simultaneously their cocks from Carol's hairy cunt, all the family sees with pleasure that the two cocks are equally covered up with her vaginal mucus and by a part of each over ejaculation!

After only five minutes of pause, Harry fucks slowly Carol, his mother. As he fucks her, Harry licks alternatively her sweaty hairy armpits and sucks her tongue as Carol contracts her vaginal muscles for her son and herself pleasure.

"Ooh! It's so exciting to see Carol's hairy cunt devouring Harry's prick" says John to his son-in-law. "Yes! And it's so exciting to see my wife's hairy pits wet with my son's saliva!" answers Walter. "Aaghh! Harriet, Helen, look how your brother's hairy big cock shines because all the pussy cream of your mother's hairy cunt" says Clista to her two grand daughters. "Yes Grandma! But look how Harry and Mom devour each other mouths" answers Harriet. "They synchronize theirs groans and look how their two sexs look like one!" says Helen.

Harry plowed his mother's furry furrow for what seemed like days to feel a such good pleasure, in fact, only ten long minutes of sweet copulation, when he finally sensed himself about to shoot off. Carol feels the first pre-ejaculating contraction of her son's penis deeply embedded inside her wet, tight and ultra hairy pussy. So she says : "Aaaghh! Son, this time you MUST ejaculate your incestuous sperm cream inside my hairy cunt!" as she contracts at the maximum her vaginal muscles on her son's big cock. This last contraction of his mother's vagina on his penis is too much for Harry. So he says : "Uuuhhh! Mom, take all my sperm juice in your hairy pussy NOW!" as he ejaculates his hot sperm inside his mother's beautiful and hairy pussy, mixing his sperm with his father's and his grand father's, as she gushes her female cream on her son's big cock for the first but not the last time of her life.

"Ooh Mom!, it's so good to fill your hairy cunt with my incestuous sperm" says a groaning Harry as he finishs to ejaculate. "Aaghh Son!, it's like my incestuous pussy cream on your big hairy prick" says a moaning Carol. "Inside my wife's hairy pussy; among my son, my father-in-law and myself sperm juices, only mine is not incestuous" laughs Walter as his wife and his son cum in a simultaneous big orgasm. All the family, John (Grandpa), Clista (Grandma), Walter (Dad), Harriet (Sister) and Helen (little Sister) applause this fantastic incestuous hairy fuck. "Now, my son, your sperm is mixed with my cream inside my hairy cunt. So you are a motherfucker!" says Carol. "Oh, thanks Mom. I want to be a motherfucker, to fuck your ultra hairy pussy, since I was less than 13 years old!" answers Harry. For one minute they don't move, savouring the pleasure to blend not only their genitals, their abondant pubic hairs, their sweats, their tongues and their salivas but son's sperm and mother's vaginal cream as one odoring liquid. Ultra excited to see and, most of all, to smell this forbiden fuck between her daughter and her grand son, Clista says : "Carol, how is it to feel and to smell the mixture of your father, your husband and your son's sperm creams inside your hairy cunt?". "Oh, Mom! It's fantastic. On and inside my body I have now the odor, the sweat, the saliva, the sperm and some pubic hairs of the three men I love : Dad, Walter and Harry" answers Carol.

As Harry pulls out his cock from his mother's hairy pussy with an audible wet sound, all the family sees with a lustful look that Harry's penis is coated with an incestuous mixture of pussy cream made by all the females (Grandma, Mom, Sister and little sister) and that a small part of the ejaculation is oosing outside Carol's ultra hairy pussy. This creamy sperm is the incestuous mixture made by all the males (Grandpa, Dad and Son) during their ejaculation inside their, respectively, daughter, wife and mother.

After a big meal including Clista's cookies and a good night sleep, the incestuous and naked family wakes up to finish, only for this sunday!, this hairy family orgy. John is stroking his hard cock, his balls are tight as he gets behind Helen, his youngest grand daughter, and feels her ass cheeks. He inserts his cock into her hairy tight pussy, her cunt lips encircle it tightly. He begins to stroke her slowly when Helen contracts again her pussy lips and says : "Uuhh! Grandpa, please, ejaculate in my pussy, I can't stand anymore!" . To do that she wants, she squeezes his glistening cock very tightly at the base. Her vaginal muscles starts to suck the tip of her grand father's cock, applying a great deal of pressure to start an incestuous ejaculation inside her ultra hairy cunt.

All the family sees this hot fuck between the youngest female and the oldest male as John and his "little" grand daughter say simultaneously "Aaagghh! I love you!", the "old" male mixing his sperm with the "young" female's cream for the first time. "Uuhh! I was only 18 years old and your grandma also, like you now, when we take each other virginity" says John as he finishs to ejaculate inside his grand daughter's hairy cunt. "Oohh Grandpa! Like Dad and Mom! And it's so romantic." answers Helen as her vagina swallows the last drops of her grand father's sperm.

Carol, very excited to see her father fucks her little daughter, calls her son. Harry went over to the bed. As he approaches his mother, he realises the fantastic smell coming from his mother's hairy armpits. He adores women not using deodorant and, after having smell all the females of the family as he copulate with them, he knows that they don't use deodorant and wear only their own womanly underarm perfumes. All the women of the family use only shampoo to clean all their hairs : head, underarms, bush and ass.

With a moan Carol pulls her son down by his hand and lifts her right arm. Her body perfume almost drives him mad, and he sighs deeply. As she realises, how much this turn him on, she pushs her son's face into her hairy pit. He sniffs and rubs his nose through the fine hair, before he begins to lick her pit clean.

"Yes", she sighs, and her sweaty body winds like a snake under his caresses.

"Oh god, yes!" she moans, as he turns his face towards hers to kiss her. Carol could smell and taste her own sweat on her son's face and kisses him deeply and thurstily. Then she grabbs his face and says : "Now I have something even more spicy for you!" She pushs her son's head down her body and between her spread and pulled-up legs. "Smell me! Lick me!" she plead. Between her wonderful, soft thighs Harry could smell another odor, the most adorable smell he had ever met. It was a perfect mixture of her pussy juice and all the family's males sperm, including his own one, forming a bouquet, which almost made his prick explode. Slowly and carefully he tastes the bitter sweet nectar on his mother's swollen and hairy pussy.

Very excited to see their, respectively, brother and grand son eat their, respectively mother and daughter, Harriet, Helen and Clista say together : "We want to suck Harry's sperm on his mother's hairy anus!" Hearing this was too much for Carol and her son. So, Carol cums, because of her son's lick as Harry, turning his mother, ejaculates his incestuous sperm on her hairy asshole.

Harriet, Helen and Clista start to suck Harry's sperm on Carol's anus, duelling with their tongues. Very excited to see this family sucking session, John says : "I want to ejaculate my legal sperm inside my wife's hairy cunt as Walter ejaculates his also legal sperm in Carol's mouth!" Carol knelt down and on her hands and knees and start sucking her husband.

Harry could take no more of abstaining from his mother's monster bush. The sight of her on her hands and knees with the wiry tufts of hair that framed her winking asshole was too much for him to resist. He squirted some saliva on his purple-headed cock, bent his knees, and sank into paradise. Carol's sphincter was so relaxed and her son's shaft so well lubricated by all the family's vaginas that Harry quickly plunges in her bottom. The hairs of her ass and vulva joining his own substantial pubic hairs, forming a compact block of hairs that delights Harry as his cock fucks slowy his mother's anus. Harry loves the sight of his mother's full breasts sway as he fucks her ass from behind.

He fondles her tits and plays with the thick patch of fur under her arms. Harry begins easy his way past his mother's sphincter muscles. He bottoms out in her furry ass and then begins to invade her nether hole with more urgent thrustings. He is just establishing a steady rythm in the tightest thing he had ever felt, and after less than one minute of raming his cock in and out of her sucking, vice-like bowel, Harry is ready to ejaculate a huge load of sperm up there when his mother says : "It starts to burn so good". Overcome with pleasure, Carol contracts her sphincter muscles on her son's cock as he ejaculates a big load of incestuous sperm deep inside his mother's tight bowel.

The three males simultaneously ejaculate their last sperm creams of the day on all these holes, drained by all the ejaculations they give to their women. John is the first to pull out his penis. "Oohh John! It's very exciting to make love with you in front of all the family. And as I can feel the big load of sperm in my hairy cunt, it's turn on you too" says Clista. "Hummphh, same for me Mom, but in my mouth" answers Carol to her mother as she finishs to swallow her husband's sperm. "Uuhh Mom! It's fantastic to fuck your bowel" says Harry as he starts to pull out his spermy coated mother's asshole. "Oh Harry! You are the second with your father to have this particular pleasure to ejaculate in my furry ass" answers Carol as her husband's penis pulls out her mouth with a slurping sound.

"I'm drained now, but next week I will become the third man to sink my cock in my daughter's hairy ass tunnel to the hilt!" says John as he looks his penis covered up by his wife's pussy cream. "Ok, John. Next week you can ejaculate in my wife's asshole, you will discover that the pleasure is fantastic as my son say. But I want to ejaculate in my mother-in-law's hairy pussy!" answers Walter as he looks his prick covered up with his wife's saliva. "Yes Walter. You will discover how Clista contract her vagina around your penis. Is'nt it Harry?" says John. "Grandpa is true Dad. Fucking Grandma's vagina was fantastic!" answers Harry as he looks his penis finishing to pull out his mother's hairy anus with an audible incestuous sound.

The next week, John and Walter take three days of vacation. So, the saturday morning, all the family is in the same room, naked, the males showing their erections as the females show their huge tits, and their hairy pussies. Theirs hairy armpits are wet with sweat and their pussy creams ooze outside their hairy cunts because of their sexual excitation.

During these five days, all the males ejaculate in all the holes (vagina, anus and mouth) of all the females in single (John's cock in Helen's vagina for example), double (Harry's cock in Clista's anus and Walter's penis inside her vagina), triple (Walter's cock in Carol vagina, Harry's cock inside her bowel and John's prick in her mouth), quadruple (Harry's cock in Carol's vagina, John's prick inside her asshole, Walter's penis in her mouth and Harriet's tongue on her right underarm), and, even, quintuple (John's cock in Harriet's vagina, Harry's penis inside her asshole, Walter's prick in her mouth, Carol's tongue on her right underarm and Helen's tongue on her left armpit) fuck!

They don't forget to play the tits fuck game and to ejaculate on the face and on the hairy armpits of each woman. And to prevent jealousy from Clista and her two grand daughters about Carol, they receive also from their men a double fuck of their hairy pussies. But all the females prefer the classic double fuck : one cock in the hairy asshole and one cock in the hairy pussy. To feel both of their hairy holes full of sperm is so fantastic!

At the end of this week, Harry says : "My dream is done! I ejaculated my incestuous sperm inside hairy pussies, hairy asses and on hairy armpits of all colors : Grandma's black hairs, Mom's brown, Harriet's red and Helen's blond."

"In which hole do you prefer to ejaculate?" says John to Harry. "Yes, son, in which hole?" says an excited Walter. "I prefer Mom's vagina for the standard copulation, Grandma's ass for the anal, Harriet's mouth for the blow job and Helen's underarms for the armpit fuck" answers Harry.

"Grandma, I say that my dream is done. Have you also a dream?" says Harry.

"Yes, but about hairy big cocks" answers Clista as she rises her arms, showing proudly her black hairy pits. "What is it?" says the rest of the family as they look lustfully her sweaty ultra hairy armpits and the sperm creams oozing outside her hairy cunt and her hairy ass. "I want to do an hairy family fuck orgy in only one session. So, Walter lay down on the bed" answers Clista as she looks his big prick shining with all the females's pussy cream. "Uuhh!" they say together as Clista impales herself her hairy cunt on her son-in-law hairy cock, her compact pussy hairs rubbing deliciously against Walter's balls hairs.

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